CarMax, the largest U.S. used car retailer, is expected to report strong fourth-quarter results on April 4.REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni Reuters - CarMax Inc , the biggest U.S. used-car dealer, is rolling out a new online financing initiative that could help offset sluggish demand as cheaper gas prices and a stronger job market drive sales of new cars.The company is rolling out an online financing offering this year to customers at 10 stores in the United States to help them pre-qualify for a loan before a store visit, hoping to improve customer conversion rates.While it may be too early to gauge if CarMax can get enough benefit from the latest offering, Wall Street analysts have broadly welcomed the initiative.CarMax's shares were down 2.6 percent at $46.87 in late-afternoon trading on Wednesday.This story corrects to "rolling out a new online financing initiative" from "is banking on a new online financing process" in paragraph 1.
1190 0In a recent interview at the Code Conference in California, technology entrepreneur Elon Musk suggested we are living inside a computer simulation.As founder of a number of high-profile companies, such as Tesla and Space X, Musk s business interests lie firmly in leading technologies.Both consider the development of artificial intelligence AI to be a dangerous field of technology.These systems can be trained using existing data from stock trading to learn and identify patterns in live data streams that may indicate that something will happen.However, the father of wearable technology and AR, Steve Mann, promotes combining both technologies to benefit society.For example, one area of research looks at the creation of brain implants to harness electrical signals in the brain and stimulate movement in paralyzed limbs.
The ITC ruled in Arista s favor on two other features, finding that they don t infringe Cisco s patents.In February, an ITC administrative law judge ruled in favor of Arista on two of four features, a ruling that was subject to the final determination announced Thursday.Arista previously released a version of its software with design-arounds that it believes address the ITC s findings.Any exclusion order may be blocked by President Barack Obama or overruled by an appeals court.Cisco, the biggest maker of networking gear, accused Arista of violating its patents and copyrights in December 2014 in federal court as well as at the ITC.Some of the allegations involve the method used to type commands to program Cisco hardware—known as the command line interface, or CLI—that is used by Arista and some other competitors.
If you re Twilio, you build apps in real-time on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.During trading, two Twilio engineers and one stock trader built apps as excited investors rushed to snap up stock in the company.The trader, a 35-year veteran of the ups and down of the market named Kenny Polcari, built his app in six minutes.Here are the three apps, which you can try if you re so inclined:•Call 952 -260-0928 and Hodor from Game of Thrones will put you on hold.•Check Any Stock Price via text message 646 -918-1185•Kenny s app: A simple conference line 617 -396-3436There was also an SMS directory of state Representatives built using Twilio, which you can build for yourself or simply download from GitHub.Read next: Self-driving cars are going to save a lot of lives… by killing their driver
Twilio made its much anticipated public market debut on Thursday, jumping more than 70% from its opening price.Twilio's IPO is the first Silicon Valley VC-backed IPO of the year, and only the second major tech IPO we've seen in 2016.And to celebrate this milestone, Twilio is celebrating in style — with a live coding session on the NYSE trading floor.Twilio's Senior Developer Evangelist Rob Spectre, Dropbox's Leah Culver, and longtime Twilio developer David Huerta are currently on the NYSE floor live coding to build apps on top of Twilio's platform.Their goal is to build "as many apps as they can" build, since no company has ever done this before, Twilio's representative said.Twilio is the kind of software you've probably used without even realizing it.For example, the number you use to call or text an Uber driver is powered by Twilio's technology.The same goes for apps built by Airbnb, Lyft, and can watch the live coding session, streamed on Twitch, below:Watch live video from Twilio on NOW WATCH: Bumble founder: Here's what's seriously wrong with the growing trend in Silicon Valley called 'brogramming'Loading video...
Image caption Twilio's founder and chief executive Jeff LawsonSoftware firm Twilio has seen its share price rise more than 60% on its first day of trading on the public markets.Its performance has revived investors' hopes in the US tech sector.Twilio is a platform that enables developers to incorporate phone calls and text messages into their apps.Taxi app Uber uses Twilio software to keep the real numbers of drivers private when passengers call or text them.Market analysts believe that Twilio's successful entry to the stock market could be a positive sign for other "unicorns" looking to go public."Twilio's shares reached $25.50 in early trading, giving the company a valuation of over $2bn.
One of the biggest tech IPOs of the year is shaping up nicely.Twilio, which provides phone and messaging support services, opened at $23.99 a share, a 60% jump from the $15 a share at which it was priced yesterday.Shares were initially expected in the $12 to $14 range, so the firm is exceeding expectations.While this is an encouraging sign for the overall market, it is partially disappointing since it shows that the IPO could have priced higher initially and the demand was underestimated.Twilio is only the second tech IPO of the year, though it appears to be much more successful than the first, SecureWorks.The company will begin trading on the NYSE under the ticker 'TWLO'.More to come...NOW WATCH: Here's what would happen to Earth if all the ice meltedLoading video...
It started trading today about an hour after the NYSE opened, at a price or $23.99 per share.And the price is still climbing.If the stock continues to do well, that could be good news for tech companies and investors, who are likely hoping that a strong showing from Twilio will pave the way for more tech IPOs after the disappointment of last year s offerings.The company, which offers a platform for developers to add voice and text messaging capabilities to their own apps, is not profitable — it reported a net loss of $35.5 million last year.However, it s showing strong revenue growth, with $166.9 million in 2015 revenue compared to $88.8 million the year before.Oh, and the company is hosting a code jam, with three developers building Twilio apps from the stock exchange floor.
From the Avid Media websiteOn the constantly evolving ad tech front: London-based Avid Media has announced what it calls the first demand-side platform DSP entirely devoted to native ad content, while supply-side platform Pubmatic in Redwood City, California, has expanded on its private marketplace portfolio.It can be used to address any other demand or supply platform, Chief Business Development Officer Lucy Hemming told me, and its user interface can be customized for the requirements of agencies, trading desks or advertisers.But, since it doesn t distribute content like white papers, and it does distribute sponsored content that is so marked but stylistically resembles the surrounding editorial content, the difference from native ads is hard to discern.Spartan can also automatically mine and reformat content from sponsor sources, such as webpages or YouTube, which is then manually checked by Avid staff before going out.Here s a screen from the Spartan guide:Meanwhile, over in the world of supply-side platforms for publishers, Pubmatic announced this week it is launching Private Marketplace Guaranteed PMP-G .The difference is that this one is for guaranteed buys in which the advertiser s spend and the publisher s impressions have already been set, and the details are being programmatically worked out.
Image copyrightBlackberry has reported a $670m £450m net loss in the last three months, almost triple the loss it made in the previous quarter.The heavy fall was due to restructuring costs and a write-down of some assets.However, it said losses for the whole year would be lower than expected, boosting its shares in trading before the markets opened.Chief executive John Chen said greater efficiencies and strong growth in software and services would trim its losses.He said losses would be around 15 cents per share, compared with analysts' forecasts of 33 cents per share.Blackberry is moving away from smartphone sales - in which it has less than 1% of the global market - and towards the device software used by companies and governments.
Twilio TWLO ended its first day as a public company with a bang.It currently has a market capitalization of $2.03 billion.Company chief executive and cofounder Jeff Lawson told VentureBeat, This is another major milestone for Twilio and a point in time in our long term plan.Soon after filing its S-1 statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC , it was estimated to have a price range between $12 and $14.Finally today, it opened at $23.99, a nearly 60 percent increase.As we ve mentioned before, Twilio took this opportunity to make its first day unique, and this includes taking a group photo using a selfie stick prior to ringing the bell to open the market and hosting a code jam on the floor of the exchange.The company had three developers on hand to code as many apps as they could, including one that allowed you to call Hodor from Game of Thrones , only to be put on hold by the giant himself; a number you can call to receive any stock price by text; and an SMS directory of your congressional representatives you can text.In an example of its potential, Twilio even had a veteran stock trader produce an app in just six minutes.Wall Street analysts have been keeping a close eye on Twilio s performance, as it could signal what s next in terms of tech companies going public.Will others follow in its footsteps or will they slow things down, fearing that the market might be too volatile?
Quake director John Romero looks back on Quake's 20th anniversary, releasing some of the game's earliest screenshots, messaging and other related information.Celebrating the 20th anniversary of iconic first-person shooter Quake, id Software co-founder and designer John Romero has released some of the project's earliest screenshots, messaging and other fascinating documents showcasing just how far the game has come since then."Just one month after this QUAKETALK 95 FAQ was released was our fateful, big company meeting that determined the final direction of the game into the Quake that was released.Romero also re-published some of the first screenshots of Quake together with its text file and some Quake-themed trading cards."Designed for people at all skill levels," the upcoming game will be a fast-paced, arena-based multiplayer shooter for PC."It's important to all of us at id Software that Quake Champions remains true to the Quake legacy, and delivers the speed and gameplay our longtime fans expect, while also pressing forward by introducing new gameplay opportunities with new Champions and abilities."
At $25.30 a share, Twilio has a market value of about $2.1 billion, well above where it was valued in its previous financing round at about $1 billion, or $11.31 a share.Its platform, for instance, allows Uber passengers to call or text their drivers by connecting the company s mobile app to the phone network.In recent years, many tech companies have steered clear of the public markets, in part because they were able to easily raise money at high valuations in private fundraising rounds, an environment that analysts and investors have said could be changing.Indeed, mutual funds that hold shares of private companies have marked down some of these holdings, including T. Rowe Price, which in the first quarter marked down many of its investments in private technology companies, including Uber Technologies.Some analysts and money managers looking at the Twilio IPO questioned how much the company can grow.Concerning some analysts is that WhatsApp has no obligation to provide any notice to Twilio if they choose to stop using Twilio s services entirely, meaning that 17% of revenue could drop to zero without advance notice, the filing showed.
LIsten up people, want to appear in our stores or website?CoughThe private equity profiteers behind Maplin Electronics have turned the screws on suppliers to hand over bigger rebates to help pay for physical and digital store improvements or risk having their kit sidelined.The geek fiddlers emporium was sold to Rutland Partners for £85m almost two years ago when the investor promised change, restructuring and investment following a period of shrinking profit.With money in mind, suppliers are being tapped to contribute to building a brighter future together or what buying buying director Ben Winter chillingly described as a true win-win situation .We are planning on investing over £10m in capital expenditure to improve our digital proposition over the next three years, he wrote, in a letter - seen by us - that was sent to manufacturers and distributors.The projects discussed will be rolled out over the next 18 months, which will take Rutland Partners even closer to a five year ownership of Maplin - when it will may to realise its asset, results permitting.
WhatsApp has announced that 100 million calls are made each day on its messaging app.Voice calls are relatively new to WhatsApp, having been added to its mobile apps last year.But in that time frame, the company said that people are using it to connect with their friends and family.What this highlights is further proof that people are moving away from traditional phone calls and are instead finding increased usage for messaging apps, specifically Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.In addition, this latest metric underscores how significant WhatsApp is to Twilio.As the cloud communication platform begins trading as a public company, one risk that it has shared is that WhatsApp accounted for at least 15 percent of its revenue within the first three months of 2016 — and no long-term contract exists between the two companies.The Facebook-owned messaging app uses Twilio s voice and messaging products to verify new and existing users.WhatsApp currently has more than 1 billion monthly active users, and it s pretty astounding to think how we ve moved away from traditional telephone numbers and phones to just using Voice over IP services as a primary mode of communication.
The company has issued 10 million shares of Class A common stock.To mark the occasion, Twilio held a code jam to celebrate the developers in its community.This live event was broadcast right from the floor of the NYSE on Twitch and featured the company s senior developer evangelist Rob Spectre, developer David Huerta, and Dropbox s Leah Culver all looking to create as many apps as they could.In May, Twilio filed paperwork with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC for a public offering.There s a higher bar today for companies to go public, but the best will certainly be able to do so, said Dave Yuan, a general partner at Technology Crossover Ventures.To date, it claims to have more than 1 million developers on its platform, one that includes a slew of features –including enterprise support for session initiation protocol SIP , MMS messaging features, Facebook Messenger integration, and, most recently, a programmable SIM, add-on marketplace, and a unified notification API.Although the company has clearly grown in the past eight years, it is also following the trend seen in most technology companies when going public.In other words, it s losing money.Some may also worry about Twilio s dependency on WhatsApp — the Facebook-owned messaging app accounted for 15 percent of Twilio s revenue in the first three months of this year.How will this impact the company should Facebook pull the plug on an integration?Twilio s offering isn t unique, and the company has faced competitors such as Nexmo and Tropo, both of which have since been acquired — the former bought by Vonage in May for $230 million and the latter picked up by Cisco in 2015.
First made Malmöbolaget Crunchfish it possible to take selfies with gestures.Crunchfish has developed a technology that allows the user to know which other users who are within a distance of about 70 metres.the App is meant to serve as a social tool, for example conferences or trade shows in order to get visitors to find each other and exchange contact information, or become friends on Facebook.the Technology could be embedded in any social network to create a närhetskluster with users , " says Karin Brits, marketing manager at Crunchfish.the Money will be converted into shares three business days after the company's shares were admitted to trading on Nasdaq First North in the second half of december this year, according to documents from the Swedish companies registration office.Crunchfish's technology makes it possible to control the mobiles and tablets with hand movements at several meters distance.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Cloud communications startup Twilio priced its shares above the expected range Wednesday -- a positive sign for analysts eagerly waiting to see if the company will reinvigorate the stagnant IPO market.Twilio, which provides communication technology to companies including Uber, is set to begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol TWLO.Bowden expects good news Thursday, anticipating Twilio's stock will pop about 30 percent.The lack of tech IPOs this year has created a pent-up investment demand, which will be compounded by the relatively low volume of shares Twilio is offering -- 10 million, with the option to add another 1.5 million.And existing Twilio shareholders already have expressed interest in buying 1.5 million more shares, which Chris Taylor, executive vice president of global research, thought leadership and partnerships for analytics company Ipreo, called a "very good thing.""I still don't think a successful Twilio IPO is going to open the flood gates by any means," Taylor said.
Twilio, one of the few tech companies testing the IPO waters in 2016, just priced its offering at $15 a share - above its previously targeted range.The company, which provides phone and text-message services to app developers, is now valued at $1.23 billion, beating the company's last private valuation of around $1 billion.That's an important milestone for the dozens of privately held "unicorn" startups nervously wondering whether their valuations of $1 billion or more will translate to the public markets.Twilio had previously said that it expected to price the offering between $12 and $14 per share, so it's already exceeding expectations.But Twilio will face another big test when its shares begin trading on the NYSE on Thursday, under the symbol "TWLO."Twilio says that it's actively investing in growth, with 28,000 active customer accounts in the quarter ending March 31st, 2016.Founded in 2008, Twilio has raised $233 million in venture capital in its lifetime, from investors including Salesforce Ventures, Amazon, and Chris Sacca's Lowercase Capital.Twilio had most recently raised $130 million at $11.31 a share in a July 2015 round led by T. Rowe Price.NOW WATCH: Cutting edge tech discovered a popular word inmates say during phone calls — and prison officials were surprisedLoading video...
With the pricing, the company expects to raise around $150 million, with an option for another 1.5 million shares to be purchased.Anxiety has gripped many startups that have hit unicorn status given the complete lack of tech IPOs for 2016 Twilio will only be the third one of the year .Investors have been very careful about investing in growth companies given that valuations have either stalled out, or even declined, among startups that focused heavily on growth over profitability.We ve seen a big shift in mentality among startups that are now facing the reality that they can t simply burn venture capital funding and expect public markets to respect their endless focus on growth rather than making money.But it s also going to be at the whims of those businesses, and whether or not they decide to stick with Twilio.Twilio is expected to start trading tomorrow, and we ll see whether or not the appetite for tech IPOs will be coming back with its performance.