Donald Trump the choice of the next president was confirmed last night.Trump wins the electoral college vote was generally considered certain, but in theory the situation could change if less than 40 electoral votes would have changed its position, telling The Business Insider.Completely without the gravel sound, the vote is still going, as two of the electors slipped out of the front.One of them voted for John Kasich and the second to Ron Paul.the Final vote was 304 votes Trump, 227 Clinton and seven votes for other Win the vote, Clinton would have needed a total of 38 electoral votes, the translation "unfaithful".
Photo: F-Secure Well-meaning hackers have attacked a couple of times Locky-tightening program is received. Ordinary computer users to protect hackers have Locky-tightening program bouquet network, security companies and Avira, F-Secure will tell. Now, F-Secure found responsible for another attack against Lockya, but this time the user sees the message is a little more elaborate. The hacker seems aimed at some sort of users' awareness. For your safety's sake, do not open unknown e-mail attachment, a Finnish translation of the bad grammar of the original text paraphrase. These attacks against Lockya not mean that the tightening program would become harmless.
The universal translator has long been a piece of technology present in sci-fi shows, the most memorable one being Star Trek.Now, thanks to New York-based startup Waverly Labs, a real-life version is making its way onto crowdfunding site Indiegogo next week.Other technical details about the Pilot are a little sparse right now, but more may be revealed when its crowdfunding campaign kicks off on May 25.Fans of the excellent The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy may find the Pilot brings to mind the Babel Fish featured in the novels – an animal placed in the ear that feeds on the brainwaves of those around it and excretes a telepathic translation of alien languages into the brain of the wearer.While the demo video does look impressive, we re still not at the stage where languages can be translated in total real-time.Waverly Labs product may not be cheap, but here s hoping it turns out to be worth the price and is the saviour of monoglots traveling abroad.
Waverly LabsNot understanding another language is one of the single greatest barriers we have in communicating to the global community.While translation apps have clearly come a long way they still feel like barriers to a fluid conversation.Well now a company claims to have built an earpiece that removes that barrier by translating another language in real-time.Waverly LabsIt s called the Pilot and it s being developed by Waverly Labs, a small startup with a very specific aim in mind.Sadly Waverly Labs isn t sharing much more than that at the moment, while some tech demos certainly seem to show that the product works it s in the real-world where it will be judged.If anyone has had to experience the awkwardness of trying to use a translation app to talk to someone then the potential relief that Pilot could bring is enormous.
The chip sped up the Go-playing software, allowing it to plot moves in the time-limited match and look further ahead in the game.Google, a division of Alphabet Inc., GOOGL 0.22 % has been using it for more than a year to accelerate artificial intelligence applications as the software techniques known as machine learning become increasingly important to its core businesses.Overall the chip, known as the Tensor Processing Unit, is 10 times faster than alternatives Google considered for this work, the company said.Whether it s a ton less than we would have otherwise, I can t say.It allows the company to process all the text stored in its massive collection of StreetView images—things such as street signs and address numbers attached to the sides of houses—in just five days, much faster than previous methods, Mr. Jouppi said.The chip also is used in Google search ranking, photo processing, speech recognition, and language translation.
The TPU is in production use across Google's cloud, including powering the RankBrain search result sorting system and Google's voice recognition services.Part of that has to do with the way application development is heading -- developers are building more and more applications in the cloud only, and don't want to worry about managing hardware configurations, maintenance and updates.Another possible reason is that Google simply doesn't want to give its rivals access to the chips, which it likely spent a lot of time and money developing.Analyst Patrick Moorhead said he expects the chip will be used for inferencing, a part of machine learning operations that doesn't require as much flexibility.Right now, that's all Google is saying.Holzle said that the company will reveal more about the chip in a paper to be released this fall.
A company called Waverly Labs claims to have developed a realt-time-in-ear translation unit.Just how the Pilot pulls of the trick hasn't been fully explained on the company's site or the saccharine video that purports to show the device in action.Translated text reaches your ears a few seconds after speech is uttered in a language you don't understand.The device will initially translate between English and European based Romance and Germanic languages , with other world languages, including Slavic, Semitic, Hindi and East Asian to follow.The product's being crowdfunded, at US$299, with cash sought in this quarter and a mobile app offering the basic phrasebook for translation while traveling delivered in the Northern summer.And there's a fair bit of bait-and-switch about its website, which is full of inducements to either promote the device to your friends or sign up for special pricing.
The Play Store is coming to Chrome OS, Google announced at its I/O developer conference today — and with that, you will soon be able to install and run virtually any Android app on your Chromebooks and Chromeboxes.Same for Google Play Music, Spotify, Adobe s Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop Express for Android, Microsoft s Office apps for Android and any other similar app but because most Chrome OS devices only feature limited amounts of local storage, you probably don t want to go overboard with downloading your Spotify playlists .Because of ARM s dominance on mobile, most Android apps have been optimized for that platform, but Android includes a built-in translation layer for x86 chips anyway, so that s typically not an issue — and most Android apps are written in Java, too, which is cross-platform compatible anyway.Indeed, as Liu stressed, the Chrome OS team was responsible for much of the work on multi-window support in Android N.Liu tells me that the update cadence for Android on Chrome OS will follow that of the six-week cycle of its host operating system.What we want to do here is keep all of the great features of Chrome OS and bring all of the best parts of Android over so our users get the best of both worlds.Bringing Chrome OS and Android together, he said, is just a very pragmatic way of sharing more stuff.
Only a full translation would make sense, says Cybart. If the extension of the range, the focus is lost, the importance of which the company Matra reiterates its way. Apple is currently building a titanium produced premises and infrastructure. Billions have been invested in the project, and by 2017 or 2018 the number is expected to rise by an annual 10 to 15 billion dollars before the line comes out of nothing. Now, ponder, whether the company manufactures cars, their parts, or perhaps both. Technology companies intentions to be found of course, makes false speculations.
State Treasury Finnish government's growing borrowing needs this year a little earlier envisaged. The government said on Thursday in connection with the second supplementary budget proposal that the need for government net borrowing will increase by EUR 89 million. At the end of that central government debt for 2016 is estimated at EUR 105 billion, which is about 50 per cent of gross domestic product. The Board of Directors proposes resulting from migration increase of expenditure of around EUR 230 million. Reception centers in allocations is proposed due to the end of last year, a large number of asylum seekers increase of EUR 130 million, as a result of increased costs as well as the reception of asylum investigation and -puhuttelun translation and interpretation expenditure. The actual income estimate will be increased by a net 222 million, resulting from, in particular corporation tax assessment increase of EUR 206 million.
Only a full translation would make sense, says Cybart. If the extension of the range, the focus is lost, the importance of which the company Matra reiterates its way. Apple is currently building a titanium produced premises and infrastructure. Billions have been invested in the project, and by 2017 or 2018 the number is expected to rise by an annual 10 to 15 billion dollars before the line comes out of nothing. Now, ponder, whether the company manufactures cars, their parts, or perhaps both. Technology companies intentions to be found of course, makes false speculations.
Chinese O2O healthcare services startup, Ping An Health Cloud Co. Ltd., announced a hefty round of Series A funding on Friday.The Ping An Insurance subsidiary raised $500 million USD, putting the company at a valuation of around $3 billion USD.The development of China s online healthcare industry is still in its early stages, said Tao Wang, the Chairman of Ping An Health Cloud, in an article by NetEase Finance  link in Chinese .This round of funding will help Ping An Doctor 平安好医生 open the era of internet healthcare 2.0′.Users can make doctor appointments through the app, pay for private online consulting, purchase medicine, find nearby pharmacies and hospitals, track how many steps they ve taken, post pictures of their gym workouts, and more.According to Ping An Insurance s annual financial report for 2015, Ping An Doctor has partnered with 40,000 external doctors and has about 30 million users.Last September, WeDoctor announced a $394 million USD round of Series C funding, following a $100 million USD round of funding from Tencent in 2014.Launched in June 2015, Ping An Doctor is just one piece of Ping An Insurance s internet finance ecosystem, which includes Ping An Haoche Ping An Good Car, our translation , an automobile e-commerce services platform, and Ping An Haofang Ping An Good House, our translation , a platform for crowdfunding, trading, renting, and obtaining loans for real estate property.These internet finance businesses are a way to boost Ping An Insurance s customer base and encourage customer migration across the company s various businesses, such as insurance, banking, and asset management.Ping An Insurance also has a venture capital arm called Ping An Ventures, whose investments include Chinese e-commerce app Mogujie in 2015 and U.S biotech startup 20/20 GeneSystems in January.A spokesperson from Ping An Health Cloud did not respond immediately for a comment.Image credit: Shutterstock.
Developer Mojang will be partnering with an affiliate of NetEase, one of China's biggest internet content providers, to create a version of Minecraft tailored for the Chinese market.The workload for localisation and translation is likely to be minimal, given Minecraft's scant use of text."We'll always embrace opportunities to bring Minecraft to new players around the world, widening our community, and giving us a new perspective on our game," said Jonas Martensson, CEO of Mojang, via statement on the company's blog.Official figures from the China Internet Network Information Centre show the country had 368 million online gamers as of 2014, with 47.8 percent of them playing mobile games.There are already servers for the game dedicated to the region, although these are unofficial, making NetEase's fully supported releases an enticing prospect.Mojang is owned by Xbox One maker Microsoft, which released Minecraft: Xbox One edition in China in September 2015.
Your browser does not support HTML5 videoPlayPausePlayPauseMute0%00:00 / 00:00FullscreenSmallscreen GoPro footage reveals horrific reality of what it's like to fight for IsisIBTimes UKThe Islamic State Isis is promoting the hashtag alfurqan, named after its media arm, hoping to create hype about a yet to be released announcement.The hashtag actually ended up going viral on Twitter, but the reason for that was not due to interest in the matter, but due to Twitter users trolling the extremist group.Although the hashtag was used around 17,000 times in tweets between 21 May early morning to 22 May afternoon Raqqa time , it was discovered that of all those who used the hashtag, five Twitter users used it most, not in support but in opposition of Isis.All five users were found to have posted hundreds of tweets using the hashtag, while referring to the extremist group as "Daesh" – an alternative Arabic translation of the terror groups' title, which it allegedly detests.The five users also took to tweeting an endless list of the terror groups' failures, including posting videos of alleged air strikes that show Isis members being taken down, tweets about Isis losing the war in Iraq and other emerging reports about the numbers and strength of Isis being cut down.However, although the hashtag was hijacked by trolls, the unfortunate flipside was that its rise in use and ranking appeared to have provided supporters with enough cause for celebration, mistaken though it may be.
Waverly Labs has a very interesting product that may one day help to eliminate the language barrier between people around the world.Waverly Plans to raise money to build the Pilot via Indiegogo with its mobile app serving as a basic phrasebook for translation while traveling out this summer.Waverly Labs plans to sell the earpieces for $299 with select languages included.To start, supported languages will include European based romance and Germanic languages.As or writing the Indiegogo project to raise money for the headset hasn t launched.With spring nearly gone and summer right around the corner, it will need to launch soon to keep up with the promised timeline.
Machine learning is accomplishing Facebook s mission of connecting the world across language barriers.Facebook is now serving 2 billion text translations per day.And 800 million users, almost half of all Facebook users, see translations each month.Earlier, Pinterest s head of product Jack Chou revealed that just six months after launching its visual search feature, Pinterest sees 130 million visual searches every month.The product was built by a small team of four, and allows people to search using a source image instead of just text.In 2011, Facebook began using automated systems to translate users posts and comments in the News Feed.
Seattle startup Human Inc is working on a program called Sound, and it involves a pair of headphones that completely encapsulate the wearer s ears, blocking out the external world while providing one s self with a personal surround sound system.These won t be just any old pair of futuristic-looking headphones, though — the startup plans to have them function as language translators and portable speakers, as well.The Sound program headphones don t yet have a product name, but Human Inc. has been working on them for a while, and says they'll give the wearer manual control over the level of noise cancellation.As well, the headphones perhaps earphones is the better word will connect to a device wirelessly, and will be able to connect to a device that other Sound program headphones' users are also listening to.Expanding beyond the music capabilities, Human Inc is envisioning a pair of earphones that also facilitate language translation.Finally, the wearer will be able — the company hopes — to control the audio using touch controls.
Conflicting reports have been circulating as to whether Nintendo is working on a new handheld device alongside development and production of the Nintendo NX.The reports debate the meaning of an investor note reported by a Japanese stock market publication.If true, it would be the first mention of a second new piece of hardware being developed by via industry analyst ZhugeEX reported an investor note from Morgan Stanley which mentions a "next-generation portable game machine" given the tentative name "MH" while discussing Nintendo's falling stock price.A rough translation of the original report from Twitter user bk2128 reads: "By doing things like changing money order premises, forecasts from FY March 2017 to FY March 2020 are being revised downwards.The driving force for economic growth has been switched from previous new businesses like 'Health service, Theme park & Mobile games' to the next generation game console NX and next generation portable game console MH Tentative title .
Facebook is truly a global social network, boasting 1.65 billion users across the world.But the platform isn t letting native tongues stand in the way of its mission to connect users.Facebook claims that it is now providing 2 billion text translations per day thanks to its automated system.Additionally, close to half of Facebook s massive user base, 800 million people in total, now see translations each month.Facebook s present system took over translation tasks from the social network s crowdsourcing tool, which relied on its users in various countries to help with the process, in 2011.The large stores of data that Facebook has access to, which includes an archive of roughly 2 trillion posts and comments, are being used to teach its AI more accurate interpretations of global idioms and metaphors.
Francis Ford Coppola, The Godfather, The Godfather Notebook, Regan ArtsIconic gangster film director Francis Ford Coppola will provide fans with an insider s view of his most famous release, The Godfather, via a new 720-page book set to hit stores in November.The book will sell for $50 when it lands on shelves November 15, with a limited number of signed copies available for $250 from publisher Regan Arts.This notebook was my private work reference to The Godfather film, and after many years, I m excited to share it with those who may be interested, Coppola said to Rolling Stone.The annotated pages of Mario Puzo s original Godfather book, which Coppola used extensively in his direction of his screenplay, are perhaps the most significant aspect of the new written work.The famed director s legacy has been cemented in the work of his two surviving children: Both his son, Roman, and daughter, Sophia, have been nominated for Oscars for Best Original Screenplay, with Sofia Coppola winning for Lost In Translation she was also nominated for Best Director for the same film .Given the amazing success of both Coppola and his family in the world of cinema, the ability to read personal annotations and scripts, as well as other handwritten notes in the new book, should prove especially interesting to filmmakers themselves.