Oleh karena itu kali ini, Pindah Lubang dengan memberikanmu jalan bagaimana menangani akun Instagram-mu supaya terlepas dari tenggang peretasan orang-orang yang tidak bertanggung jawab.Hal ini memang luar biasa penting, sebab peretasan merupakan suatu pelanggaran privasi.Karena kepopulerannya Instagram banyak dipakai oleh jutaan orang di seluruh dunia. kau mengetahui panduan Instagram gimana cara melindungi akunmu mudah-mudahan terhindar dari peretasan, sekutil informasi cara yang dijalani ketikan mengerjakan peretasan.Struktur yang payah akan menghasilkan akunmu damai terhindar dari orang yang berusaha meretas.Sifat ini menyampaikan perlindungan berlapis bagi akun kamu yang mana pada setiap ada login, kamu hendak menerima logat konfirmasi untuk kamu pati yang dikirim ke publikasi ponsel.Untuk itu pastikan nomormu tetap aktif.
Since our phones can’t swivel and follow our every move, Rimo, the “World’s First 360 Video Call Device” is launching on Indiegogo.Friends and family you’re talking to can also use hand gestures to move your phone so that they can get a better look at someone or something else in the room.The creators of Rimo say they were inspired by technology seen in Sci-Fi movies like Minority Report and Iron Man to create their new device.It does sound like something Tony Stark would come up with.Rimo uses visible light communication (exclusive patent-pending technology), so it doesn’t need Bluetooth or any other type of pairing.You just set your phone in the base and the device is ready to go.
Instagram is launching a new branded account today called @creators, which is meant to encourage wannabe influencers and content makers to keep creating for Instagram.The account page says it’ll address “tips, tricks, updates, IGTV, BTS (behind-the-scenes), access, insights, and tutorials.” Instagram-chosen creators, including dancer Susie Meoww and comedian Adam Waheed, will walk people through their process for creating content and offer advice that ranges from the equipment they use to the sound effects they like.Its first Story highlight answers basic questions about verification, the algorithmic feed, and comment filtering.The account unsurprisingly focuses on IGTV, the longform video arm of Instagram and a focus point for the company.Justin Antony, head of content and creator partnerships at Instagram, says the talent they choose to highlight “embodied best practices and creation on the platform,” especially around IGTV.So far, Instagram hasn’t given anyone a native way to make money on the platform, although Antony told The Verge in April that IGTV will be the first place the company monetizes.