An exhaustive analysis of pixels and resolutions has found some bizarre inconsistencies with the 1080p browser output of streaming kingpin Netflix, with stats suggesting its 1080p output isn't actually 1080p when using some underground niche browsers like, er, Chrome and Firefox.The official stats are buried within a Netflix support page, which says that Chrome, Firefox and Opera can only support HD video up to 720p via HTML5 -- while Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge can push out 1080p resolution should your internet be fast enough.It's almost as is Microsoft has bunged an enormous amount of money at Netflix to buy some tech superiority to boast about, eh?Although perhaps it's not all an enormous conspiracy, as users of Safari through Mac OS X 10.10.3 or higher should also get full 1080p video as long as their roadside BT cabinet isn't too congested on the evening in question.That said, if you're broadcasting browser tabs to a TV, you're not really doing streaming right.A Roku or Chromecast or [Chinese clone of choice] ought to be able to handle 1080p streams if your internet pipe's fat enough, so it's only going to inconvenience pixel counters hooking up PCs and laptops through cables and full-screening the web player.
Miners dug hundreds, even thousands, of feet into the ground here, extracting one of humanity's most treasured minerals: salt.They've since left the mine, having extracted its treasures, but they left behind an incredible patchwork of passages as tall as cathedrals.Proponents claim the salt keeps the air inside the mines free of allergens, and low in bacteria.Nearly 1,400 feet underground, the potassium and stone salt mine near the town of Soligorsk, south of Minsk, in Belarus is a popular destination for medical treatments.The Republican Clinic of Speleotherapy says more than 7,000 children and adults go to the mine each year to relieve their respiratory illnesses.The US Food and Drug Administration has approved medications called mucolytics that can thin the mucus in the lungs in a similar way.
Forget everything you were taught in biology – plants don't need sunlight to grow.Growing Underground is a farm 33 metres below Clapham, south London, swapping sunlight for LEDs."Over the past three to five years, LED development has reached the stage where we can grow without any natural light whatsoever," says Steven Dring, who founded the project with fellow Bristolian Richard Ballard."You can even change the light spectrum to cater to the different plants that you're growing."Growing Underground's focus is on the leafier vegetables, from microherbs to baby leaf salad."What's new about the latest lights is that you can stack them very close to the crops, 25cm away, if not closer," says Dring, "so you can layer products and lights on top of products and lights."
These changes are especially apparent in archive photos recently uncovered by the New York Public Library.The collection contains prints from 1935 to 1936 by Berenice Abbott, a photographer who documented NYC's transformation over the previous century in her series "Changing New York."Comparing her photos to Google Street View images reveals how the city's public spaces have changed up to today."The bones of the city are still there, but we're good at adapting it for what we want."Jefferson Market Courthouse, 1935 vs 2014.Berenice Abbott/Google/Skye GouldIn 1939, the tracks in front of the courthouse migrated underground with the creation of the subway, bringing more light to the street and increasing the value of the nearby real estate.
Android Pay is now available in UK allowing you to complete contactless payments from your Android phone.We got the chance to test out the tech at a coffee shop in Central London as well as on the London Underground – and the tech works great.Sadly there's no word on Android Wear support for Android Pay yet, something Apple has managed to include on its Watch device.Android Pay allows you to make payments up to £100 as well, but anything above the £30 limit will require you to enter your pattern, PIN or fingerprint.It's currently trialling a feature called Hands Free where you can walk into a store and just say "I'd like to pay with Google" to make your transaction.Google is also launching Android Pay Day, a service that offers exclusive codes and deals to customers who use the service.
By the end of the 90-minute special, it s really not clear what Geraldo believes is going on within the Satanic underground, or if he even believes it exists at all.Set in Charleston, South Carolina, Exorcism introduces Abby, a working-class loner who s befriended maybe even rescued by Gretchen, a too-sheltered rich kid who bonds with Abby during a disastrous early- 80s birthday party.A few years later, the now-teenaged chums find their long-time bond challenged after a one-off acid trip, during which Gretchen disappears into darkened woods.The corpse in question is that of a largely average high-school jock whose suicide upends a rural Pennsylvania town—but whose death also brings together the unadventurous Hannah with Lacey, a class-cutting, chain-smoking, Kurt Cobain-obsessed alternakid who draws Hannah out of her happily PG existence and into a dizzying spree-turned-spiral of drugs, parties and, eventually, some blood-drenched, semi-Satanic antics.It s a decision that leads to Lacey being accused of Satanic tendencies, and that finally brings all three girls, guided by sinister motivations, to the same woods where their former classmate turned up dead.Like Exorcism s Abby and Gretchen, Fire s Lacey and Hannah are outsiders whose relationship flourishes in an environment of latchkey laissez faire-ness and shenanigans-inspiring boredom.
Android Pay launches in the UK with support for MasterCard and Visa from at least eight banks and can be used anywhere contactless cards can.Not every Android smartphone supports NFC, however, but the contactless technology that also allows instant Bluetooth pairing with supported devices, is included on the majority of top and middle-tier Android smartphones sold in the UK.Photograph: GoogleVisa credit or debit cards and MasterCards from the Bank of Scotland, First Direct, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds Bank, M Bank, MBNA and Nationwide Building Society will be supported from launch, with London s Underground network also supporting Android Pay for travel in the same way it does Apple Pay.Google will also have a bespoke offer system called Android Pay Day, operating on the last Tuesday of the month starting in June when retailers including Starbucks UK and Deliveroo will have special offers.Samsung Pay, which uses both NFC and magnetic stripe for payments, has yet to launch in the UK, but is expected soon.Over 84m contactless credit cards have been issued in the UK as of February 2016 and over £1.3bn was spent using contactless payments in the month with usage growing 36.5% year-on-year.
Android Pay has launched in the UK GoogleAndroid Pay has finally arrived in the UK on Wednesday 18 May 2016 , meaning that you can now pay for goods and services using an Android smartphone using Google's contactless payments system.Working in much the same way as rival systems Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, Android Pay essentially a rebranded, much-improved version of Google Wallet allows you to carry out transactions at contactless NFC payment terminals by tapping your phone against them – provided you've first downloaded and installed the Android Pay app.Here's a rundown of what you need to know to get you up and running.After downloading the Android Pay app from the Play Store, boot it up and select the Google account you want to link it with.You can also use Android Pay to get around on the London Underground and buses.Bank of Scotland, First Direct, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds Bank, M Bank, MBNA and Nationwide are supporting Android Pay at launch, but Barclay's, NatWest and Santander customers are out of luck.
And now it s planning on an offshoot experience for Google s Daydream virtual reality platform.Today, the indie studio announced Underworld Overlord, a Dungeon Keeper-style game where you manage a dungeon, plotting traps and monsters, to keep a group of adventurers from plundering your underground home.It s part-tower defense, part-god game, something we haven t seen yet in virtual reality.The potential market for VR is $30 billion by 2020 on all platforms, advisory firm Digi-Capital forecasts, and it s important that Google has quality software to go up against Samsung s Gear headset and platform.So far, GamesBeat hasn t found any other such game in development for VR.OtherSide creative director Paul Neurath hasn t, either.We re not aware of any VR dungeon sim/god games as yet, he said over email.Overlord shares creatures, characters, and lore with Underworld Ascendant.The Underworld franchise has a history of pioneering immersive video games, so bringing it to VR is a natural fit, Neurath also said in an earlier canned statement.OtherSide started with a Kickstarter campaign for Underworld Ascendant, the spiritual successor on Ultima Underworld.
SAN JOSE -- In a major milestone to bringing Google Fiber to Silicon Valley, city leaders next week will sign off on the tech giant's construction plan to install fiber cables across San Jose -- a final step in launching the lightning-fast Internet service here.During construction, Google will also provide public outreach to communicate updates -- targeting areas with schools, hospitals, businesses, public transportation areas and event centers.The outreach will launch two to four weeks before construction begins.Google estimates 60 percent of its work will be underground while 40 percent will be aerial, using existing overhead utility poles for attachment of Fiber cables.The council will consider that agreement this summer.Follow her at
They find that we split the task into a hierarchy of different jobs, with different elements apparently handled in different parts of the brain.Particular parts of the cortex, for example, show greater activity if extra line changes are required; other regions simply become more excited as the overall goal inches closer.This type of strategy is much more efficient than rattling through all the possible ramifications of each individual step - such as a simple computer program might do.Sure enough, when people played the game, they took longer to think about their journeys if they had to "change trains" multiple times, but not if the overall number of "stations" was high.And there were corresponding patterns of brain activity, suggesting that some brain areas were indeed evaluating the situation "line by line" - and even showed a characteristic flutter of activity when someone switched between those lines.Because of the fiendish number of possible moves a player can make, this latter challenge is precisely the sort of task that could be assisted by streamlined, hierarchical processing.
Save for the almost-forgotten Mighty Empires spin-off, Warhammer focuses on small-scale battles.So in this amalgamation, building-sized monsters such as Giants, Shaggoths or Arachnarok Spiders wade through enemy troops, sending them flying.And at its best, the magic is more than overpowered artillery, summoning undead hordes or spinning vortices of death or just inspiring terror in their enemies.By mid-game which may be 20 hours in , the limited troop variety for each faction presumably to be expanded by DLC means battles get repetitious - but by then you ll likely be auto-resolving most battles rather than fighting them yourself.The Vampires gradually corrupt provinces, causing uprisings, before invading.City management, army stances, province taxation, public order, cultural distaste, trade goods, diplomacy, quest lines, army replenishment, underground battles, alliances, battle reinforcement, short and long-term objectives and missions, the winds of magic, siege construction, chaos corruption, and a hundred statistics … everywhere you look on the screen is another tough concept, poorly explained.
It's going to work on the London Underground.6.The company voided two years' worth of blood tests.7.The NHS Royal Free Trust is still using Streams.9.Apple sent engineers to a customer's house after iTunes deleted a load of his music.Customers keep complaining that signing up to Apple Music causes music to be deleted.10.Rocket Internet's billionaire founder is backing a 'proptech' startup that wants to simplify renting.
Two buildings at the site between Ravenswood and Oak Grove avenues will be demolished, and former tenants Iberia restaurant, Los Salonez and Cindy's Nail Spa 2 have already relocated or shuttered their businesses.According to Pike & Co., the 25,000-square-foot building will be built to a LEED Platinum rating, the highest standard issued for energy-efficiency by the U.S. Green Building Council.AdvertisementThe Schmidts are known for their work on sustainability and climate change issues through their Family Foundation and the 11th Hour Project.Pike & Co., as well as Lane Partners and Hillspire, declined to divulge details about the acquisition, referring to a news release."Maybe looking at opportunities where we can perhaps provide facilities for them to reach into the community."Following the Schmidts' purchase, Sares Regis Group of Northern California was made the project's development manager.The project includes a secure bicycle storage room with showers in the first level of a two-story underground garage; two public electric vehicle charging stations on a public right of way; three public bike racks along Alma; and an indoor-outdoor conference room separated by a large, operable glass wall.
While it may lack the grand, historic sense of scope you may get from commanding a Roman legion into a decade-long crusade across Europe, or the barbarism of pillaging and raiding as the hordes of Attila, or seeing your first Arachnarok spider charge its way into a fray.There are only four playable factions at launch, five if you count the free Chaos Warriors add-on, but I haven t had access to them.While this pales in comparison to Attila s playable ten, Warhammer swaps a breadth of shallow cosmetic differences for actual mechanical depth, which makes for a far more diverse, more replayable strategy game.Or the Greenskins, who lack the ability to trade with other races but benefit greatly from raiding other provinces, receiving combat buffs the more victories they win.Finally, the Dwarfs, who focus heavily on diplomacy and trading to reach victory.The multiplayer campaign is very much like it is in the Civilization games – slow paced, and a huge time-sink that isn t particularly viable for the average player; but it provides a fantastic way for purists to play friends over the course of a few days, weeks or months.
But on the whole, El Niño releases trapped ocean heat into the atmosphere, resulting in a slight uptick in global temperatures.It s sort of the opposite of El Niño, which affects global circulation by pumping extra heat out of the ocean, meteorologist and Weather Underground blogger Bob Henson told Gizmodo.After new temperature records were set during the 1997-1998 El Niño, a three year La Niña phase saw the planet cool slightly.On the other hand, the emergence of La Niña conditions could pump the brakes on planetary record-breaking in 2017.In the long term, our planet will keep heating up as long as we re pumping carbon into the air, and there s no indication that we re going to stop anytime soon.We re teetering on the edge of a world where atmospheric carbon concentrations are permanently above 400 parts per million; the highest they ve been in millions of years.
The gang who made the notorious Teslacrypt ransomware virus has shut up shop and released the master key it used to scramble data.The key has been used to to make a free decryption tool that can unscramble files encrypted by the malware.Rival hackThe Teslacrypt ransomware targeted gamers and, on infected machines, sought to encrypt more than 185 different types of files associated with popular games such as Call of Duty, Minecraft and World of Tanks.Many of the underground distributors of Teslacrypt were swapping to use a different ransomware family called CryptXXX.The message ended: "We are sorry!""Only victims who have been hit recently and haven't yet paid up, or victims who backed up their already-encrypted data "just in case", will get much use out of the master key at this stage," he wrote.
Terry O'Neill/Getty ImagesLast year, an editor at Del Rey, the sci-fi/fantasy imprint that publishes many of the Star Wars books, called up the writer Claudia Gray.This being Star Wars, there s really only one possibility who she means: Senator Leia Organa, onetime heiress of the royal house of Alderan—and a linchpin of George Lucas saga.New Canon FodderWhile Leia had become a general by the events of The Force Awakens, it s politics that are central to Gray s book, Bloodline, which came out earlier this month.The man Leia s with, a political opponent-turned-collaborator named Ransolm Casterfo, expects her to panic as they re pursued through an underground cavern by yellow-green aliens.Not only did she orchestrate key missions and save the boys countless times, but she also—in what Gray says must have been a legend throughout the cosmos—strangled Jabba with his own chain.It didn t matter that the Alien movies made money, or that Terminator 2 made money.
An estimated 200 million people are affected by natural disasters or humanitarian crises each year, so it s vital that communications reach everyone.FireChat Alerts will be used by governmental organizations, media, and other emergency-related groups to broadcast alerts to mobile devices within a specific geographical area.It s perfect for underground transportation and cruise ships, and now with the launch of FireChat Alerts, it s the perfect app to receive these emergency messages.It s already in beta on iOS for select organizations and it s coming soon to Android.One thing to keep in mind is that the FireChat app Android, iOS must be installed on your phone in order to ensure that you receive emergency alerts.It s unclear when FireChat Alerts will go live, but it s better to go ahead and download the FireChat app now, rather than forget about it later.
A Nazi gold train.In what it describes as a "fantastical" claim, the Local reports retired mechanical engineer and amateur historian Peter Lohr believes nuclear material has been housed in a large subterranean chamber near Chemnitz, Germany, for 71 years.Using ground-penetrating radar, Lohr has for years been investigating a network of Nazi tunnels built by those held at the Buchenwald concentration camp.Now that he's been able to use 3D modeling software, he says he has discovered an underground chamber containing five large metal objects.The shape of two of them, according to Lohr, echoes that of nuclear bombs.Not everyone is concerned; treasure hunters and historians alike have been on the hunt for similar artifacts from WWII for decades, and historians generally agree that no evidence of nuclear success exists; the Local cites one historian who points out that Joseph Goebbels, "Hitler s closest confidant," made no reference to a bomb in his diary.