But since it’s easier to type that than practice it, David Lee, CCO of Squarespace and Cindy Lewis, growth marketing lead for Square eCommerce (formerly Weebly), explain what makes a professional website look great.The basics for look and feelBefore getting into the nitty-gritty elements, Lewis said the three basic elements a website should contain are easy navigation, clear and direct headlines and attention-capturing images.When it comes to the actual content of the website, Lewis recommends including a resume or portfolio, as well as contact information and a bio.For contact information, Lewis said it’s best to provide a few ways of getting in touch, whether it’s a contact form, your email address or social handles.Lee doesn’t think there’s any “real formula” on picking the right fonts or colors for a website.
Here is a too searching answer to the question “How to Download Videos from Facebook”?now you can solve by following given only 3 easy steps.Follow these given too simple steps for facebook videos download.Right-click on any video that you want to download from your Facebook feed or timeline and then click on “Copy video Url at current time” like a screenshot is given below.Go to youtube2video.com Then paste there the URL and Click on given ‘convert video‘, a button such as a screenshot below.The site will redirect you on the download page where you will see the quality, size, format list there you can download Facebook videos by your choice just click on the given “download button“.
Google Pay is an online paying system and digital wallet that makes it easy to buy anything on your mobile device or with your mobile device.But if you’re concerned about what Google is doing with all your data (which you probably should be), Google Pay has some secret settings to manage your settings.A report from Bleeping Computer shows that privacy settings aren’t available through the main Google Pay setting page that is accessible through the navigation sidebar.The URL for that settings page is:On that page, users can change general settings like address and payment users.But if users want to change privacy settings, they have to go to a separate page:
There was one of those glitches in the wires and the sky yesterday, but you probably didn't notice because it was only a problem for subscribers of Virgin Mobile, which repurposes the EE network for its own commercial ends.For so many hours that someone had to do the job of pretending to be sorry, going much further than issuing a shrugging GIF and a link to the URL for the service status page.VM is promising a form of compensation to those who struggled to get their phones working outside in the non-Wi-Fi world yesterday too, and said: "We apologise for the disruption and inconvenience some of our Virgin Mobile customers have experienced today.This was due to a technical issue which we've now resolved.We will be compensating our customers for the loss of service and will let them know the details shortly."Complaints of not being able to place calls, send texts or access the mobile web came in from Virgin users in places as far apart as London, Bristol and areas of Scotland, so it was bordering on a national-scale of failure.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is done to rank the website on the search engine’s results page.Below are some of the ways described below, which will help you to get your website to the search engine results page.Create strong / quality contentThis is your first and most important step to write content that is unique/interesting so that readers enjoy reading your article and spend more time on your website or blog.If you do not write good content, then read more Do not stay on your blog till the time and will soon leave your blog and if this happens then the bounce rate of your website or blog will increase and It is not good for your website/blog as the bounce rate of any website/blog should be minimized only then your blog will be able to rank on the search engine results page and if you do not write good content then your blog/website Never be able to rank on the true engine because Google does not rank Low-quality content so it is very important that you write a good content.Optimize your pages meta title: https://www.websolutionwinner.com/new-seo-for-bloggers/
To build your own Whitelabel Crypto Wallet, Blockchain App Factory is a great development company among most.
Everyone in the world be it a small kid to an old person everyone just loves to watch music songs or audios whenever they are free or getting bored.As music also helps an individual to remove boredom in one’s life so it is the best part of the entertainment as well.So in order to continue with it here is the FbTube best YouTube to Mp4 converter.So now Fbtube is one which can help you to download it from any social media platform.The best part of this converter is that it helps the users to download their favourite videos in various different languages.It follows seven different languages i.e English, Français, Español, Deutsch, 日本語, русский, 中文简体
Instagram looks like it will keep its spot as one of the top photo-sharing social networks in the world thanks to a slew of new updates announced today at Facebook's F8 Conference.The biggest update is for creators who want to share their fashion choices with followers.No more dropping product URLs in a post's comments or personal bio: starting next week, creators will be able to directly link to products through their post images by tagging specific items.Only participating brands will be linkable, which are listed in a company post.Instagram is getting in on fundraising, too.Today, US users (more countries later) will be able to raise money for causes they care about by using a specific sticker that links to a donation campaign.
Ads.txt rolled out midway through 2017 in a bid to help restore the faith of top marketers and premium publishers in the fast-growing programmatic advertising marketplace.The system works by letting publishers publicly list their authorized ad tech partners by giving them a URL, which can be accessed by adding ‘ads.txt’ to their homepage domain address.Although certain flaws in the ads.txt system have been exposed in the ensuing two years, it has been one of the more rapidly adopted pan-industry initiatives in recent years with some of the biggest names in the industry coming out in its support.This support was further emphasized today with Google announcing that starting in August, it will make ads.txt-only the default setting for all new web campaigns created in Display & Video 360, a scheme that builds on an earlier commitment made last year.Additionally, Google has also announced that it is actively widely encouraging app developers on its ad network to publish widely-available lists of their authorized resellers by supporting the recently rolled out app-ads.txt initiative.The announcements were made earlier today in a blog post by Roshan Kahn, senior product manager, Google Marketing Platform, who claimed the rollout of the feature would provide advertisers with better assurances over where their ads will appear.
Ever since the 2016 US presidential elections, social network Facebook has been at the receiving end of criticism for its outsized influence on worldwide electoral processes, and threats to democracy from the spread of fake news.Now more than a year after Facebook announced a new initiative to aid independent research analyzing the platform’s influence on elections, the company has made good on its promise by opening up its data for the first time to more than 60 researchers from 30 academic institutions across 11 countries.To that effect, it has outlined a differential privacy-based approach that it expects will protect users’ confidentiality while simultaneously allowing researchers to come up with meaningful analyses that can offer valuable insights into solving the problem.“We hope this initiative will deepen public understanding of the role social media has on elections and democracy and help Facebook and other companies improve their products and practices,” said Facebook in a blog post announcing the move.The selected researchers, who have been chosen by the US Social Science Research Council, will have access to a database of URLs its users have linked between January 1, 2017 to February 19, 2019.Note that the time frame entirely skips the months leading up to the 2016 US election, during when Russian actors misused Facebook to target millions of voters with ad campaigns covering various divisive topics including LGBT rights, Black Lives Matter, immigration, Islam, among others.
Google Analytics Interview Questions and AnswersAnalytics is unquestionably the next big thing in technology.It finds usage in all fields of life and provides solutions designed for the digital age.Using Google Analytics properly can make the difference in a competitive environment, making it a major job requirement in software and web-based roles.Answer: In terms of Google Analytics assessment answers, both these metrics are equally important.It is one of the most commonly used metrics for businesses and e-commerce platforms to determine the efficacy of their web portals.
Hello Orangescrumers! We’re introducing Slack integration with Orangescrum for the Open Source edition. Now you can send instant notifications to Slack from Orangescrum for all your task and project activities.Here’s a quick look at the features you can enable with Slack integration. You’ll get notifications in your Slack channel when:A project is created, updatedA task is created, assigned, updated (priority, due date), deleted, archived, and upon status changesA comment is added with file attachments in both tasks and comments.How to integrate Orangescrum with SlackFor Slack integration with Orangescrum, you must have a Slack account. If you don’t have any, you can sign up here.Read The Full Article on Orangescrum Blog
HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) and HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) are rules on what communication means to use when viewing the homepage.Google announces that “always-on SSL” will affect SEO measures.In 2014, The fact that Google mentioned using HTTPS as a ranking signal as mentioned below made it clear that it would be given preferential treatment at SEO.SSL is an abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer, it keeps the Internet connection secure, protects all confidential information transmitted between the two systems.The SSL certificate is installed on the server side, but it is visually displayed on the browser so that the user can be told that it is protected by SSL.The issued SSL server certificate is installed on the Web server or mail server.
SEO refers to measures to display websites at the upper part (high search ranking) by search results.In recent years, there are many companies that focus on content marketing, and content on the Internet is saturated.Among them, in order to be displayed at the top of the search results, it is the key to how to create an article that caught user’s needs with a specific keyword.Step 1 – ‘Crawling’ to collect information on the WebsiteStep 2 – Store information in database ‘Indexing’Step 3 – Scoring by comparing keywords and data searched by users ‘Scoring’
You know what turns so many people off to using task management apps?It’s the fact that these alleged time-saving tools take so many steps to actually use!If you end up burning several minutes logging into an app, imputing your information and saving it to a reminder calendar, isn’t it often just a bigger hassle than it’s worth?2Do Task Manager feels your pain.In fact, they designed their productivity app with speed very much in mind.A tool garnering a nearly 5-star rating through the Mac App Store, you can let 2Do Task Manager optimize your life for $19.99 (60 percent off its regular price) from TNW Deals.
AMP stands for “Accelerated Mobile Pages,” and you’ve probably noticed that those pages load super quickly and usually look much simpler than regular webpages.You may have also noticed that the URL at the top of your browser started with “www.google.com/somethingorother” instead of with the webpage you thought you were visiting.In order for this thing to work, every step in the chain of technologies involved in loading the AMP format has to support Signed Exchanges, including your browser, the search engine, and the website that published the link.Probably not because it’s super complicated, and there are a kajillion gotchas and proposed web standards behind nearly every clause in the last three paragraphs.We can start with the thing we’ve been talking about for over four years now:Lots of companies have tried to fix the problem.
Publishers don’t always love Google’s AMP pages, but readers surely appreciate their speed, and while publishers are loath to give Google more power, virtually every major site now supports this format.One AMP quirk that publisher’s definitely never liked is about to go away, though.This move has been in the making for well over a year.Last January, the company announced that it was embarking on a multi-month effort to load AMP pages from the Google AMP cache without displaying the Google URL.At the core of this effort was the new Web Packaging standard, which uses signed exchanges with digital signatures to let the browser trust a document as if it belongs to a publisher’s origin.By default, a browser should reject scripts in a web page that try to access data that doesn’t come from the same origin.
The search giant contends that it can cut load times to “less than one second” by balancing the likelihood of a user clicking on a result with device and network constraints, and it’s now used by hundreds of thousands of web domains across billions of pages.But it’s not quite perfect — AMP requires a modified URL to appear in browsers’ address bars and sticks a gray bar to the top of pages, which threatens to put a dent in sites’ traffic and revenue.Google has developed an ostensible solution in signed exchanges, which is now generally available in Google Search’s AMP web results following a developer preview last fall.It implements an emerging web standard called Signed HTTP Exchanges (a subset of the Internet Engineering Task Force’s web packaging specification) to enable mobile browsers — currently Chrome, and soon Microsoft Edge and others — to show actual domains (e.g., ebay.com) instead of the Google AMP URL (google.com/amp/ebay.com), and to point links on websites directly to their intended destinations.Signed exchanges confers additional benefits, like allowing publishers to direct AMP traffic to their primary website domain, along with cryptographic techniques that ensure webpage content hasn’t been manipulated or compromised.(Browsers trust documents as if they belong to a site’s origin and use first-party cookies and storage.)
A 404 error is an error code that occurs when a page cannot be found, and an error occurs when the URL is incorrect, or if the link is broken.For 404 errors, Google has announced that ‘if you leave it as it is, it does not affect SEO’.When viewing a page with a Web browser, on the back side, the Web browser sends a request to the server where the data of the page is stored.The server responds to the request, and the page is displayed on the web browser by sending data to the web browser.The 404 error is sending a request from the web browser to the server, but no such data from the server.In that case, let ‘301 redirect’ the specified link destination to lead to the correct page.
Hotel websites may be leaking your personal booking details and other data to third parties without you knowing, new research has claimed.A report from security firm Symantec estimates that two in three hotel websites could be passing on details, potentially allowing others to view your personal data or even cancel your reservation.The report analysed more than 1,500 hotels in 54 countries spread across five continents, and found a significant proportion of both hotel sites and price comparison services may be putting users at risk.The company says that the flaws originate from confirmation emails sent out by many chains to customers.The contain a direct access link to their booking on the site, which although meant to assist customers with finalising their trip, are often unencrypted direct links which require no further authentication to view booking details.Booking websites also utitlise third-party analytics tools, which are only activated by contacting third-party servers.