This is Google s way of moving beyond the Cardboard headset introduced two years ago.There will be a headset, a controller, and many smartphones that work with Daydream.Google is now working with Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, Asus, and Alcatel on phones that meet the Daydream spec, and the first phones will become available this fall, Google VR head Clay Bavor said today at the Google I/O developer conference in Mountain View, California.The controllers, which have their own specification, will also become available this fall.There will be Daydream-compatible apps from the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CNN, HBO Now, Netflix, NBA, Hulu,, IMAX, and Lionsgate, Bavor said.Developers can start building apps for it in the newest Android N developer preview, Bavor said.Games will become available from EA and others.Google has fleshed out Cardboard with support for the Unity gaming engine and made it work with Google apps like Street View and YouTube.And in a striking move, Google recently reassigned Amit Singh from the top post in its Google for Work business Apps, Chromebooks, Google Cloud Platform to the VR business, where he is now vice president of business and operations.While companies like Facebook and HTC took plenty of time and got everything in order before launching VR hardware, Google moved quickly to release the simple and low-cost Cardboard that required an Android phone in June 2014, just three months after Facebook announced its acquisition of Oculus VR.Cardboard has gained momentum since then and even got a remodel after a year.Most recently, Engadget and Gizmodo cofounder Peter Rojas published a tweet indicating that Google is working on Android VR and that it would be less powerful than the Vive or Rift.While desktops can provide power to VR systems, Google doesn t have the leadership that Microsoft and Apple do with Windows and OS X, respectively, and one could argue that mobile is a higher priority than desktop company-wide at Google.
Google's Project Tango isn't just a big focus as the skunkworks team aims to map the world, it's a full-fledged component of Android N. The company isn't spilling the beans on Lenovo's upcoming Tango smartphone - details on that will have to wait until Lenovo's own event on June 9 - but it is talking about how it has paved the way for a whole range of Tango-capable devices in future.That's because the Project Tango team has pushed the fruits of its labors deep into Android N. Indeed, just about any device running the OS would - with some caveats - have the potential to be a Tango device."It lays the groundwork for many, many new devices with those capabilities," Project Tango's Johnny Lee says.Tango's effectiveness is improving dramatically since the early demonstrations of Unity walk-throughs we saw when the project was first revealed.What makes such a use of Tango special is that the virtual environment is aware of the physical space in which it's being played: the edge of the stage was mapped to, so in theory apps could prevent you from inadvertently stumbling off, much as HTC's Vive remembers the shape of your virtual reality gaming area and warns you if you're about to step outside of it.In the background, the work continues on making Tango's perception of the world more accurate and more useful.
At the Google I/O developer conference in Mountain View, California today, Google announced the release of tools for building applications and games for Google s new Daydream mobile-focused virtual reality platform.A native development kit NDK based in C for Daydream is being exposed to provide direct low-level access to all the features of our hardware and software platform, Google Daydream product manager Nathan Martz said.A Unity plugin is available now, with a native Unity integration coming this summer, Martz said.Developers familiar with the Unreal Engine can use the preview version of version 4.12 of the gaming engine, Martz said.The Google VR software development kit SDK for Android now supports Daydream as well as Google s low-cost Cardboard headset.The Google VR SDK for iOS currently does not support Daydream.Google introduced Daydream during the I/O keynote yesterday, May 19.The headset with a strap will make things more comfortable, a controller will make the experience more interactive, and performance will be solid thanks to the a new spec that phones will have to meet in order to be considered Daydream-ready.Google has collaborated with the Android team to make sure that Android N s VR mode will be excellent, Martz said.Find the new tools here, and check out Google s instructions about using a Huawei Nexus 6P to set up a Daydream Development Kit here.For more on Google s partnership with Epic Games around support for Unreal Engine, see our full story here.
Then you can market your business to a broader audience in a less obvious, more effective manner.Ever heard the saying I ll scratch your back if you scratch mine ?Let s say you own a car dealership and there s an auto detailer and repair shop down the road.This works especially well for local businesses, as it fosters a sense of unity and support within the community.I once found a rental property I was interested in, and upon searching for reviews of the real estate agency I found an entire Facebook page dedicated to very passionately written bad reviews about the company and that was in addition to a low Yelp score .For example, if you re a bakery, share some easy recipes around the holidays, or offer tips on baking for people with food allergies.
series, described his take on Pym to me this way in an interview three years ago:In the past — not always, but definitely sometimes — Hank Pym s mental illness has been treated like a cold, or a super villian.You focus on managing your condition, you work hard to live a life as normally as possible, and understand that it s not going to be as easy as it is for the people around you.Driven by guilt and responsibility in Avengers: Rage of Ultron, Pym became fused with the malevolent AI he created and the story ended with the psychologically confused man-machine fusion made flying off into space.More specifically, he s a cyborg that wears Ultron and wields the robot s abilities.Naturally, this is a concern for the Avengers Unity Squad:Pym and Ultron are more interconnected than ever before.There s almost certainly going to be a struggle for psychological and physiological supremacy between flesh and silicon in the coming months.
VR developers looking to get started on readying content for Google s new Daydream VR platform can get started today thanks to an Unreal Engine preview version 4.1.2 that adds support for the Google platform.In addition, Google Product Manager Nathan Martz told the audience of developers at I/O s morning VR session that Unity native integration would be coming in the summer and that there was a plug-in available today that would let people get started on building for Daydream.Epic Games Technical Director Nick Whiting told me that the Unreal Engine integration would also be back-compatible with Google Cardboard class apps so developers could reach out to users who have already embraced Google s fun little headset and start developing for both.This can be both constricting to developers in reaching maximum users, but it also gives developers the ability to design for a unified experience.The importance of mobile to the VR landscape seems to be lost on few at the I/O developers conference, Unity CEO John Riccitiello spoke to this onstage and detailed how support would be coming soon for their engine s 5.5 million developers.Mobile is going to drive this in the fullness of time, and we re there to support that, Riccitiello said.
But you'll need a new phone to do itGoogle's VR entry screenGoogle I/O 2016 Google has been outlining plans for kickstarting its virtual reality portfolio this year, including new hardware, software tools, and developer support.Unlike Facebook's Oculus platform, which requires a high-end PC to crunch the code, Google thinks that you can get a perfectly decent VR experience just using a smartphone, like Samsung's Gear VR setup.Clay Bavor, Google's VP of VR, said the Chocolate Factory was going to be building its own Android N smartphones to use for virtual reality, but other manufacturers have also promised hardware, he said, including Chinese firm Xiaomi.To help developers write for the platform, Google has set up a Daydream Labs project to put up sample code, and is currently churning out two apps a week and making them available to coders.As for integration, Bavor said that users of the Unreal engine can get coding for Daydream right away, while Unity Technology developers will get native integration this summer, although there's a plugin available now so coders can get to work.The Play Store will also have a rating for "Motion" on apps capable of VR.
Among a number of massive Android and Google related announcements at the Google I/O Keynote, one raised more questions than it answered – Daydream.LCD screens don t refresh fast enough, so when you spin your head the old image resides for a few milliseconds, enough to cause disassociation and dizziness.Not every Android N device will be Daydream ready, but those that are will use some special software fixes to achieve results that are closer to those found on a PC, or the Samsung GearVR.It s very much a group effort, with support for both Unity and Unreal Engine rolling out today.The Daydream team has been working on everything from experiences to underlying performance, and everything they ve learned will be a part of the general knowledge base when designing for VR.Google will release its own version of the headset and controller, while Samsung, HTC, Huawei, LG, ZTE, Asus, Alcatel, and Xiaomi have all pledged to release Daydream ready phones.
Google is bringing VR to Android in a big way with Daydream, which gives developers and manufacturers tools to build great hardware and software.It provides the tools software developers need to make games and apps, and has close ties to existing VR tools like Unity and Unreal.It s all about the GPUsIn Android N, Google is supporting the Vulkan API, which allows developers to have direct control of the GPU in a device.By giving developers a bunch of tools, Apple and Google are both encouraging a new market for mobile.That could and probably will change on a dime very soon, and both companies will be quietly working to push past one another to engage users on a new mobile front.Enjoy it.
Last month the folks at LibreVR released a little tool called Revive, billed as "proof-of-concept compatibility layer between the Oculus SDK and OpenVR" that basically allowed Rift exclusives to be played on the Vive.Revive basically bypassed code checks for the Oculus Rift hardware but the games themselves still needed to be acquired legally.That is until a recent Oculus app update took steps to break cross platform compatibility, only to have the move backfire on them.The release of the Oculus patch to stop users playing officially purchased Oculus games on the HTC Vive goes against a statement by Oculus founder Palmer Luckey a few months back on reddit, saying that players could mod games in order to play them on "whatever they want" as long as they buy the games from Oculus' online store.Unfortunately with VR still being in its early days, exclusives don t help the industry as a whole -- most people still need to be sold on the whole VR idea and they sure aren t going to be buying two headsets that do mostly the same.Revive currently works for VR games using the Unreal Engine, support will be extended to those using the Unity Engine soon.
A software update designed to block the use of Oculus VR software on third-party headsets has backfired, leading developers to find a workaround which also enables simple software piracy.Facebook-owned Oculus VR has moved to block the use of its software on rival virtual reality headsets, in a move which has ironically opened the company up to software theft.As Oculus VR continues to march towards fulfilling its pre-orders and placing its virtual reality hardware into stores, it is becoming increasingly clear that its corporate overlord Facebook sees its subsidiary's value in the platform rather than the devices themselves.When software was released to allow Oculus VR software to run on the HTC Vive, it appeared to be entirely in-keeping with founder Palmer Luckey's December comments that users would be free to hack around with the software - including making it run on non-Oculus hardware.Late last week Oculus VR updated its software platform, and in doing so blocked the mechanism by which the Revive plugin made Oculus content work on non-Oculus hardware.That move appears to have backfired in a major way: where the previous implementation of Revive still communicated with Oculus servers for ownership validation, the latest update - compatible only with Unreal Engine games for now, with Unity support promised in the near future - disables the entire platform, meaning it's now possible to download a pirated copy of an Oculus VR game and play it without purchase.
In April, a piece of independent software called Revive was released, allowing Oculus-exclusive games to run on rival VR headsets, notably HTC Vive.True enough, the latest firmware update, Oculus App 1.4, includes "Bug fixes and security updates, including updates to platform integrity checks".The new version of Revive has only been tested on Oculus Dreamdeck – the taster pack for Oculus Rift's offerings – but should theoretically work on any Unreal Engine game.LibreVR is working on bypassing DRM in Unity engine games and expects to add that functionality into the next version.Oculus' moves to block Revive had been unpopular in some circles, especially after founder Palmer Luckey had previously posted on Reddit that he was unconcerned by mods.... Our goal is not to profit by locking people to only our hardware – if it was, why in the world would we be supporting GearVR and talking with other headset makers?"
As mobile databases go, Realm was already a fan favorite.Now we get an idea of just how popular it really is, as the company notes it now reaches one billion iOS and Android users via 100,000 active developers.It outpaces Parse RIP , Firebase, Azure and Amazon s Cognito for mobile database usage, and the company says it s the fastest growing mobile platform for developers, outpacing attention-grabbers like Xamarin and Unity.High-profile Realm users include Nike, Starbucks, Vine, NFL, Cisco and The US Department of Homeland Security.These figures celebrate Realm s 1.0 release for iOS and Android, a key status symbol for platform maturity and stability.Read next: 5 steps to help traditional companies remain relevant in a startup world
The HTC Vive virtual reality headset boasts the ability to create room-scale VR experiences for consumers in their living rooms.But enterprise VR company WorldViz is going a step further, allowing users to walk around in a space the size of a warehouse and still be tracked by a motion-sensing system for VR.Santa Barbara, Calif.-based WorldViz has to do something like this as it makes the company relevant to enterprise customers in an age when relatively inexpensive PC-based VR headsets are hitting the market.WorldViz says it can put people into a large space and let them wander around in a very lifelike experience.VR content developers using the Unity game engine and Unreal Engine can now bring high-precision, wide-area tracking to businesses using Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Daydream VR, and other head-mounted displays.This June, WorldViz will release an integration into Unity 5 and Unreal Engine 4 that brings warehouse-scale wide-area tracking capability to any VR headset supported by those engines: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR, and now Google s Daydream VR.WorldViz s tech is used across 1,500 corporations and other institutions already.While the Vive can operate in a space the size of a living room, the WorldViz PPT system ups the ante, tracking up to 10 people or objects simultaneously across spaces measuring more than 50 meters by 50 meters with real-time, sub-millimeter accuracy.The hybrid optical-inertial system includes high-precision cameras that capture position data at 240Hz; lightweight sensors that can be affixed to the aforementioned headsets or objects such as robots; a sensor wand for tracking hands; and a standalone software package known as PPT Studio.The PPT system is targeted at applications that require high degrees of precision and accuracy, movement, collaboration, and co-presence — such as research, architectural, and real-estate walk-throughs, large-scale product and construction design reviews e.g.planes, cars, interior building spaces, and so on , and training applications.The PPT system is available today starting at $15,000 depending on the number of cameras, sensors, and installation support needed.
One of the reasons why I love my HTC Vive is because it allows me to move around the room.Of course, you're still limited to around 15 square feet of movement.The company has been working on integrating their new technology into both Unity and Unreal Engine, which means that by this summer, any game using those engines will be compatible.The PPT system developed by WorldViz uses high-precision cameras that track user positions at 240Hz.With all of these things in place, the system can track up to 10 people in a 50 meter by 50 meter area.VIA: VentureBeat
Facebook working with Microsoft to lay transatlantic cableA massive data cable is to be built across the Atlantic running from Virginia Beach in the United States to Bilbao in Spain.The project, announced by Microsoft and Facebook, is the latest in a series of major cable projects which have become necessary because of the growing demand for bandwidth.It will be operated by Telxius, a subsidiary of the Spanish telecommunications and broadband giant, Telefónica.We want to do more of these projects in this manner — allowing us to move fast with more collaboration," Najam Ahmad, said Facebook s vice president of network engineering.Microsoft joining Facebook in cable projectGoogle, which in 2010 laid the first of these cables – Unity linking the US and Japan – is continuing to expand.Alan Mauldin, research director with telecommunications research firm TeleGeography, told USA Today, part of the cable s function will be to guarantee a dependable link.
The battle to provide developers with the best tools to make games got another wrinkle today.Unity Technologies revealed it is shifting to three subscription levels for its users beginning June 15.During a presentation at its Unite conference in Finland this morning, the company noted it wanted to provide more flexibility for the professionals using Unity tools.Gaming is a $99.6 billion industry, and Unity is looking to serve the businesses that are chasing that cash.Unity still has a free plan, but now it is introducing a paid level before its Pro tier.This will help it offer deeper analytics and other tools while continuing to make money from the Unity asset store, where developers upload content that other studios can purchase.With our three new products, we re confident we have increased the choice, the ease of always having the latest tech available, and made Unity more affordable.We have everyone covered.
In a moment of unity among tech giants and the European Union, Facebook, Twitter, Google-owned YouTube, and Microsoft agreed on Tuesday to a new code of conduct that seeks to address hate speech within 24 hours in Europe.The aforementioned companies have agreed to review the majority of valid requests in under 24 hours, and either remove or prevent access to such content in some cases.There s no place for hate speech on Facebook, said Monika Bickert, Head of Global Policy Management at Facebook.With a global community of 1.6 billion people we work hard to balance giving people the power to express themselves whilst ensuring we provide a respectful environment.Already, a number of these companies have made clear their commitment to eliminating what they term inappropriate and offensive content on their platforms.We have efficient systems to review valid notifications in less than 24 hours and to remove illegal content.
Kauppalehti awarded Unity Technologies Finland for the year 2016 as the best growth company on Tuesday. Another product is Every play, a player can record your session to video and paste it on to your own commentaries and appearance by the game situation. The final output of the player, commentator or tubettaja can download social media followers delight. It was founded by Pekka A to Z and managing Jussi Laakkonen in 2008 together with Jalmari Raippalinna and Matti Savolainen. We were not good enough in making games, CEO Laakkonen says. Our culture fit together very well, and we knew that this could become more growth for us.
Kauppalehti awarded Unity Technologies Finland for the year 2016 as the best growth company on Tuesday. Another product is Every play, a player can record your session to video and paste it on to your own commentaries and appearance by the game situation. The final output of the player, commentator or tubettaja can download social media followers delight. It was founded by Pekka A to Z and managing Jussi Laakkonen in 2008 together with Jalmari Raippalinna and Matti Savolainen. We were not good enough in making games, CEO Laakkonen says. Our culture fit together very well, and we knew that this could become more growth for us.