It’s hard to find a great printer that can do it all, one that is suitable for homes or small businesses and that comes at an affordable price.The HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 might just be the answer to your small-scale printing needs.An upgrade to the HP OfficeJet Pro 6978, this home office printer can print 20 pages per minute and includes fax and scan-to-USB capabilities.Instead of paying $204, get it for only $150This all-in-one printer is compact, quiet, and space-saving, unlike the usual office printers that are eyesores and noisemakers.It is designed to do everything that involves documents, including photocopying, printing, faxing, scanning, and even organizing them.
You may also see a message on display saying that the device is write protected.If a USB drive is write protected, you can only view and copy the content stored into it, and can’t do anything else.When the message pops up on the screen saying the device is write protected, set the switch to write mode.How to disable write protection with DiskpartThere are multiple ways to disable write protection from a USB or microSD drive on a Windows computer.Click ‘Yes’ on the User Account Control window, if prompted.
Asus is still trying to make gaming phones a thing with the release of the Asus ROG (Republic of Gamers) Phone II.Just like last year, this is a high-end smartphone with a hyper-aggressive "gamer" design and a light-up back logo, but there are also genuinely impressive specs here that you won't find on any other smartphone right now.The SoC's single "Prime" CPU core gets bumped from 2.84GHz to 2.96GHz, while the GPU gets a 15% boost from 585MHz to 672MHz.You're going to need that extra horsepower since the ROG Phone II has a 6.59-inch, 2340×1080 OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, which is up from 90Hz last year.The Galaxy S10+ has a mere 4100mAh battery.The Snapdragon 855 is getting an upgrade to the Snapdragon 855+
Back in those golden days, your Android’s battery meter went from a pixel-wide strip of red to a fat green bar in a quarter of an hour.Nowadays, however, your poor phone takes an age to recharge and you’re constantly scrambling from one charge session to the next.Read next: Best portable battery chargersWhatever your experience, it’s time to finally put your smartphone under a diagnostic microscope and get to the root of its slow-charging issue.10 reasons why your Android battery is charging slowlyIt’s actually pretty understandable once you consider all the wear and tear your basic USB cable goes through in the course of everyday use.
USB Drive is a data storage device that includes flash memory with an integrated Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface.USB Drives are typically removable and rewritable, and physically much smaller than an optical disc.The report forecast global USB Drive market to grow to reach xxx Million USD in 2019 with a CAGR of xx% during the period 2020-2024.Access the PDF sample of the report @ report offers detailed coverage of USB Drive industry and main market trends.The market research includes historical and forecast market data, demand, application details, price trends, and company shares of the leading USB Drive by geography.The report splits the market size, by volume and value, on the basis of application type and geography.First, this report covers the present status and the future prospects of the global USB Drive market for 2015-2024.And in this report, we analyze global market from 5 geographies: Asia-Pacific[China, Southeast Asia, India, Japan, Korea, Western Asia], Europe[Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, Switzerland], North America[United States, Canada, Mexico], Middle East & Africa[GCC, North Africa, South Africa], South America[Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Chile, Peru].At the same time, we classify USB Drive according to the type, application by geography.More importantly, the report includes major countries market based on the type and application.Finally, the report provides detailed profile and data information analysis of leading USB Drive company.Key Content of Chapters as follows (Including and can be customized) :Part 1:Market Overview, Development, and Segment by Type, Application & RegionPart 2:Company information, Sales, Cost, Margin etc.Part 3:Global Market by company, Type, Application & GeographyPart 4:Asia-Pacific Market by Type, Application & GeographyPart 5:Europe Market by Type, Application & GeographyPart 6:North America Market by Type, Application & GeographyPart 7:South America Market by Type, Application & GeographyPart 8:Middle East & Africa Market by Type, Application & GeographyPart 9:Market FeaturesPart 10:Investment OpportunityPart 11:ConclusionMarket Segment as follows:By RegionAsia-Pacific[China, Southeast Asia, India, Japan, Korea, Western Asia]Europe[Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, Switzerland]North America[United States, Canada, Mexico]Middle East & Africa[GCC, North Africa, South Africa]South America[Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Chile, Peru]Key CompaniesSanDiskKingstonToshibaNetacaigoTECLASTADATAHPMarket by Type?8G16G32G?64GMarket by ApplicationEnterprisePersonalBrowse the full report @ of ContentsTable of ContentPart 1 Market Overview1.1 Market Definition1.2 Market Development1.3 By Type1.4 By Application1.5 By RegionPart 2 Key Companies2.1 SanDisk2.1.1 Company Profile2.1.2 Products & Services Overview2.1.3 Sales Data List2.2 Kingston2.3 Toshiba2.4 Netac2.5 aigo2.6 TECLAST2.7 ADATA2.8 HPContinued...................Direct purchase the report @ Us:Orbis Research ( is a single point aid for all your market research requirements.We have vast database of reports from the leading publishers and authors across the globe.
Preserving your home movies, entombed in rapidly-decaying VHS tapes, by converting them into digital files is a thoughtful (and often tear-jerking) way to do that.It’s one of those gifts that’s appropriate at any time in the year, whether you’re celebrating Father’s or Mother’s Day, a birthday, or any other occasion.If you don’t have time to do it yourself, or if you need a specialist who can handle brittle, decades-old reel-to-reel tapes, the easiest way is to send your precious tapes to a service that can do it for you.If you do have the time, converting home movies can be a simple, fairly inexpensive process.What you need to digitally convert home moviesOnce you dig out your home movies from wherever it is that they’ve been hiding, you’ll need a few tools to get things kicked off:
The newest Schiit shipment came in a plain brown shipping carton, but its insides were anything but ordinary: The Schiit Ragnarok 2 stereo integrated amplifier looks, feels and sounds like no other amp.Meanwhile, the Ragnarok 2's ultra high power headphone amp delivers up to 24 watts for 32 ohm headphones, but can also safely work with high sensitivity in-ear headphones that play happily with just tiny fractions of a watt.The fully loaded Ragnarok 2 has two pairs of XLR inputs, along with two RCA inputs (one moving-magnet phono input, one line level) and one USB digital input.Both versions of the amp have stereo RCA and XLR preamp outputs that can be hooked up to a subwoofer or separate amplifier (more on that later).The original Ragnarok didn't come with a remote control -- the new one has a spiffy, small easy-to handle aluminum one that controls volume, input selection, gain level and mute.I first auditioned the Ragnarok 2 with a Schiit Yggdrasil 2 digital converter while alternating between two sets of speakers, KEF LS50 stand mount monitors and large Klipsch Forte III speakers.
Today, Chinese manufacturer, Redmi, released a new member in its powerbank lineup.The new Redmi powerbank comes in two versions.We have the Redmi 10,000 mAh standard version and the Redmi 20,00 mAh fast charge version.Presales is currently ongoing on Xiaomi Mall while the first outright sale is on July 23.The standard version is selling for 59 yuan ($9) while the fast charge version goes for 99 yuan ($14).The Redmi powerbank continues the minimalist style of Xiaomi.
If your car is equipped with Apple CarPlay, your car delivers an enhanced iOS-like experience when using your phone features while driving.Gone are the days when you had to make do with your car's built-in radio.Check out the products mentioned in this article:iPhone Xs (From $729 at Apple)How to pair your iPhone to a car with BluetoothPull down the Control Center from the top right or bottom of the iPhone's screen and toggle the Bluetooth icon.
Inseego’s MiFi portable hotspots have been popular with users for years, enabling laptops, tablets, and prior-generation phones to access the latest cellular networks using Wi-Fi connections.Today, Verizon announced an exclusive deal to sell Inseego’s 5G model — the MiFi M1000 — to customers across the U.S., enabling users in five cities today — and a promised 30 by year’s end — to access its mobile Ultra Wideband network.When used in one of Verizon’s 5G cities, MiFi M1000 promises enough bandwidth and low latency to deliver “ultra-low lag” for VR headsets tethered via USB cable, and “near real-time” downloads of 4K and 8K videos with “virtually no buffering delays.” The hotspot can also connect up to 15 devices at once to share a 4G or 5G connection, including enterprise-grade security and firewall protection, which Verizon suggests could enable first responders to establish mobile command centers and enable all sorts of next-generation applications — telemedicine, real-time robotics, cloud AI, and more.While Verizon notably isn’t offering quantifiable details on the MiFi M1000’s speeds, it is sharing a few other specs.There’s a 4,400mAh battery inside for up to 24 hours of connectivity, a large 2.4-inch color touchscreen, dual-band Wi-Fi 5 — notably without the Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) support promised last year — and your choice of tethered USB-C and Ethernet ports.The hotspot also has 32GB of its own memory, 6GB of RAM, and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X50 modem inside.
A new firmware update for the Bose QC 35 II headphones appears to be causing problems for some users.The problem might be the result of a failure to install the firmware correctly; there is a method to fix the issue.Over the last month, several owners of the immensely-popular Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones have reported that recent updates to firmware (4.5.2) have decreased the effectiveness of the active noise canceling (ANC).While this doesn’t appear to affect all users, it’s something that certainly gives owners of the headphones pause when updating their software.In a long thread on the support forums, many users have reported that after updating to the latest firmware, both the “high” and “low” ANC settings now perform with the same efficacy.Unfortunately, these users report that it appears that the software is stuck on the “low” setting.
We're not well into the second day of 2019's Prime Day sale, and it's time to get serious about storage.Sure, it might not be as exciting as a hot dog toaster or a giant inflatable unicorn, but internal and external storage drives and USB flash storage drives tend to get pretty good discounts for Amazon Prime Day and this year is no exception.Below you'll find products from SanDisk, WD, Seagate, LaCie with the biggest price drops -- some offer savings up to as much as 65%.They're broken into categories to help you find the storage deals you want fast.If you're looking from microSD and SD card deals, here are the best ones from SanDisk.Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.
Mobile accessories company Mophie has announced the launch of new charging products for the iPhone and iPad available through Apple.The new product line includes multiple car chargers, a wireless charging pad, and cables designed for Apple’s phones and tablets, all of them available through Apple’s website and in some of its stores.Mophie is best known for its battery and charging products, including its juice pack cases for phones that feature built-in batteries.Joining the company’s existing catalog is a new Mophie Wireless Charging Pad optimized for Apple products that costs $39.95 USD.The pad offers 7.5 watts of power for Qi-enabled iPhones; it has a smooth polished design and can be used with cases up to 3mm thick.Joining the wireless charging pad are two new car chargers, one featuring a single USB-A port at $24.95 USD and another featuring two USB-A ports offering a total of 24 watts of power ($29.95 USD).
I'm a fan of the high-speed USB-C and Thunderbolt combination ports on all new MacBook laptops and plenty of Windows machines.But I miss MagSafe, Apple's magnetic connectors, which saved my computer from a trip to the floor more than once after I tripped over the power cord.I've been watching various efforts to re-create the technology for the new laptops, and the small $62 ThunderMag accessory is what I've been waiting for.The ThunderMag has two magnetically connected halves, one that attaches to the end of a cable and one that fits in a USB-C or Thunderbolt port.I successfully charged my USB-C equipped iPad Pro and Android phones, too.I like the ThunderMag and what it represents: a new wave of versatile, useful accessories enabled by the USB-C technology and its more powerful competitor, Thunderbolt, which uses the same port design.
Bringing your tech gadgets outdoors and staying connected requires a lot of power.A pioneer in the industry, Jackery understood a while back that mobile life-styles would require outdoor portable power stations, even more so when you go off the grid.We’re talking about the Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240, the Explorer 160 and the Supercharge 26800 PD.Jackery Amazon Prime Day Sales: Save up to $50 on the Best Power StationsSo let’s start with the first, the Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240, a portable power station.The device has a high capacity Generator rechargeable lithium power pack, specifically 240Wh (16.8Ah, 14.4V) with AC-Outlet, Carport and USB Outputs.
8BitDo is back with another controller today, but this one is a little different from the ones we’ve seen before.The SN30 Pro+ is arriving soon to fill that gamepad-sized hole in your device lineup, and it’ll be launching alongside new software that allows you to customize pretty much every aspect of its functionality.That’s a fairly big deal, because generally, the only software you use with 8BitDo controllers is a program to update the firmware.For the most part, these controllers are plug and play ones, but the 8BitDo Ultimate Software – as it’s called – will allow you remap your buttons and even set your trigger and stick sensitivity.You’ll also have controls for vibration intensity and the ability to create macros with any button combination, according to 8BitDo.Once you’ve got the button layout and sensitivity settings you prefer, you’ll be able to save your settings on a game-by-game basis, so if you want to go heavy with customization, it definitely sounds like you’ll be able to do so with 8BitDo’s Ultimate Software.
You can connect your Google Pixel to a computer in two easy ways.Your Google Pixel can connect to a computer through your Google account or a USB cable.If you're using a USB cable, you'll have to double check that it fits both your Pixel's port and your computer's USB slot.Mobile phones have replaced many of the functions we used to use our laptops and desktop computers to accomplish.But sometimes, you just want a bigger screen, or you want a keyboard instead of a touchpad.That's when you might want to connect your Google Pixel to a computer and move your files over to work on there.
It might not be as exciting as a hot dog toaster or a giant inflatable unicorn, but internal and external storage drives and USB flash storage drives tend to get pretty good discounts for Amazon Prime Day and this year is no exception.Below you'll find some of the ones with the biggest price drops.They're broken into categories to help you find the storage deals you want fast.If you're looking from microSD and SD card deals, here are the best ones from SanDisk.Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.Internal hard drives and SSDs
Imagine you are in your everyday commute and watching a very interesting movie or video and suddenly your phones come up with a warning to plug in for charging.It’s a mood killer and you may not have your charger along with you.We’ve all been in this kind of situation where we find ourselves without any juice in our phones, also it is not much practical to carry around charging cable everywhere unless you are having a backpack or a small purse.Chargerito has come up with a solution for this in a very unique and practical way.The company has removed all the unnecessary parts from your conventional charger and minimized it.The resulting product is a small key chain with prongs and a USB extension.
USB-C brought a lot of functionality and convenience in a single port but it also brought a bit of confusion.Not all USB ports and accessories are created equal and, just like in the old USB-A and micro USB world, some accessories are for single uses only.Some computers these days, however, may have only one USB-C port for data and sometimes even for power as well.For those cases, Sony is introducing the MRW-S3 hub that will solve all those problems with a single USB-C port.The USB-C spec allows for the same port to handle multiple channels of data and power simultaneously but few accessories take advantage of that capability.While there are a few multi-port USB-C hubs in the market, many of them are unable to power both the device and the accessories connected to it.