It may be hard to imagine a time before they existed, but Apple's retail stores celebrated their 15th birthday on Thursday.When they first opened, the concept of an Apple Store seemed like a risky proposition — The New York Times called it "an aggressive move during an economic slowdown".At the time, Apple's computer business was doing ok, but the personal computer landscape was still dominated by Windows PCs.The iPod was a success, but in the pre-iPhone days Apple didn't have a lot of money to burn on ventures like retail.Fifteen years and 479 stores later, the bet Apple made paid off.Apple stores generate more revenue per square foot than any other retailer — even jewelry stores.Before they officially opened, Steve Jobs made a video walkthrough of the Tysons Corner, VA store to give folks an idea of what the stores would look like.Some things, including the genius bar and long wooden tables, have remained the same, while the overall layout of the stores has since evolved.The video is a blast from the past, and comes from a time when Apple was still the underdog, trying new things to differentiate themselves from all the other PC makers.
Americans have honored those lost in war in some shape or another since just after the Civil War.Since a recent trip happened to take us by the National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton, Ohio, we've decided to celebrate it here at Ars by bringing you this gallery of some fine-looking warbirds.The museum can be found at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.It also has some rather significant planes in its collection, notably Bockscar, one of the two B-29s that dropped atom bombs on Japan in World War II the Enola Gay lives at the Smithsonian's Udvar-Hazy collection in Dulles, VA .The collections under those massive hangars are organized chronologically, from the beginning of flight through World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War, through to today.Listing image by Jonathan Gitlin
The deal would see Toyota's Silicon Valley R lab acquire Boston Dynamics and SchaftSpot, a quadruped prototype robot developed by Google's Boston Dynamics, walks down a hill during a demonstration at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va., Sept. 16, 2015.The newspaper said the two companies are in final talks, but details are yet to be discussed so the deal could still fall through.The deal would see Boston Dynamics, a developer of advanced two- and four-legged robots for the U.S. military, and Schaft, a Tokyo-based developer of humanoid robots, transferred to the Toyota Research Institute.The unit is a recently launched billion-dollar research arm based in Silicon Valley.Google acquired Boston Dynamics and Schaft several years ago as part of a push into robotics, but that hasn't gone anywhere since robotics head Andy Rubin left the company in late 2014.Toyota has been researching robotics for more than 10 years and the acquisition of the Google units would give the company access to cutting-edge robotics development, especially in the field of humanoid robots.
Screenshots from the game that was removed from the App storethis is The way I say it, was the app, a game made by Hello There, which in the past made various advergames including one with advertising for Avicii.All Hakan fans who tested liked, however, not the game.this is The way I sell myself , wrote a as tested in the facebook group Luggpop, according to the Gaffa.see who told me about the criticisms of the game may 23.may 24, was pulled the game back.It has been up as a test of you who downloaded and upgraded, of course, is still in the competition but taken down now.the App is not longer to you Want to have more Håkan in your Iphone, however, you can open the Ibooks app and download e-books PS good Luck tonight costs 39 kronor and It will never va over for me free of charge .
Reddit user locknlawl reported plenty of Vive systems for sale at a Micro Center shop in Fairfax, VA.With pre-order woes and supply limits lifting, the opportunities to walk into a store and buy a high-end virtual reality system are on the rise.The news was announced via an online mailer, and members of the Vive Reddit community have confirmed on-site demos and buyable systems at stores across the nation.Conversely, these Vive boxes do not appear to be on sale at Micro Center's online store, but Vive fans have begun to report much shorter time spans between HTC site orders and deliveries since the system's launch has subsided.Still, there's something to be said about the combined, real-life experience of the Vive's headset, tracked controllers, and ability to walk around in games and apps.Doing so at a participating Micro Center demo station will certainly trump reading about it.We suggest calling your neighborhood Micro Center to confirm whether it houses either a demo kiosk or retail Vive boxes and mortgaging your house so you can supe up a compatible Windows PC before making the trek this weekend.
Overwatch character McCree.In an interview with Eurogamer, Kaplan said gun-slinging vigilante McCree's devastating Fan the Hammer attack – a move that allows him to unload his entire clip against an opponent – will have reduced damage.It's a little too easy, so we want to bring the fan the hammer damage down, so he's still killing the squishies and the medium strength heroes, but he's less effective against the tanks.If he times everything perfectly and gets every single shot off, he's got a shot against a tank, but it's not the instant 'I win' button that it is right now."However, Kaplan says McCree's balance changes will come sooner than those for D. Va because he has been "causing a lot of concern in the community".However, he did mention that the shooter's Competitive Play mode is expected to release by the end of June, featuring a more skill-based system with no safety net, longer seasons lasting about three months and a "dynamic queue system" for matchmaking.
It turns out, it doesn t. According to Amazon, these are your top 10 cleanest cities:Chicago, IlNew York, NYHouston, TXAlexander, VABrooklyn, NYRockville, TNDallas, TXWashington DCLos Angeles, CASeattle, WANew York and Brooklyn are both on this list, and you must be wondering what s the deal.That s right, Chicago is your cleanest city because it bought the most Bounty paper towels via Amazon s Dash Button.There are many infuriating assumptions here: that those who buy toiletries that aren t available via Dash Button aren t considered clean, that you re also dirty if you don t have a Prime account for that Dash, and that places with a larger population and hence buy more product are cleaner than cities with less people/consumers.Reader s Digest s cleanest cities list looked at various factors, such as air, water, sanitation, toxics, and hazardous waste to determine the cleanest metropolitan areas in the country.None of these cities are present on Amazon s list, either in ranking or cities included.Casper, WY5.
Image: Air Combat CommandLast Month, Lockheed Martin, the government contractor which operates the servers that store sensitive information about internal Air Force investigations, came to realize that all of the data on said servers was missing.The apparent reason was a run-of-the-mill system crash—but what caused that actual crash is still unclear.Whoops!From Defense One:In a letter to Secretary James on Monday, Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., said the lost database was intended to help the Air Force efficiently process and make decisions about serious issues like violations of law and policy, allegations or reprisal against whistleblowers, Freedom of Information Act requests, and Congressional inquiries.The five-sentence notification to Congress did not contain information that appeared to have the benefit of five days of working the issue, Warner wrote.Now, the Air Force is turning to cybersecurity experts at the Pentagon.
This week, the Food and Drug Administration announced its approval of a stomach-draining device called AspireAssist; it is designed to combat obesity via a drainage tube and port implanted in the patient s stomach, allowing the patient to drain some of their stomach contents after they eat.When used properly, the device will drain about 30-percent of a meal's calories, according to the FDA, essentially serving as an alternative to lap band surgeries.Comcast Business Internet Services to Help Keep Employees and Citizens Connected!Project Managementcorporatetrainingmaterials.comComplete course material to teach project management skills.The FDA warns that it does come with some side effects, including things like feeling nauseous and vomiting.The AspireAssist device has gone through testing, including a clinical trial involving 111 patients and 60 control patents.
They were all founded by at least one foreign-born entrepreneur.In a study by the National Foundation for American Policy, a non-partisan think tank based in Arlington, VA, it was shared that immigrants founded 51 percent 44 out of 87 of U.S. billion-dollar startups and are key members in more than 70 percent 62 out of 87 of these companies.Dorm Room Fund, a student-run fund focused on investing in student startups, has shared that immigration challenges is the top reason why foreign-born student founders choose to work at a large company and not continue with their ventures or work at startups.You only have one shot at applying for the H-1B visa during your optional practical training OPT periodTruth: The Department of Homeland Security issued a new rule on March 11, 2016, that will allow certain foreign students with science, technology, math or engineering STEM degrees to extend their OPT period by 24 months, on top of the 12 months allowed for graduates in all fields.An E-2 visa works for you if you invest a substantial amount of money in a new or existing U.S. company.At UMass Boston s Venture Development Center, the Massachusetts Global Entrepreneur-in-Residence GEIR program allows foreign-born entrepreneurs to stay in the U.S. under a cap-exempt H-1B visa by acting as a mentor as part of the GEIR and working on their startups at the same time.
photographer: Pixabay The proportion of women working in the energy industry is at a standstill. In seven years no increase occurred according to a new industry survey. The highest percentage of women in the sector of heating with fossil fuels by about 27 percent. It is the second time that the energy sector is mapped. Just as in the last, which was presented in early 2014 is the most energy jobs in Västerås. Energy companies with the most employees in Sweden ABB 9364 SIEMENSINDUSTRIALTURBOMACHINERY 2662 RINGHALS 1618 WATERFALL 1589 WATERFALL SERVICES NORDIC 1561 SIEMENS 1519 PREEM 1266 FORS KRAFTGRUPP 1156 Eitech ELECTRO 1024 ONE NORDIC 1023 Source: VINNOVA Analysis VA 2016: 05
Coala Life NTL has developed a digital service where a small wireless heart monitor reading of the heart's ECG and heart sounds and then via Bluetooth to send analyzed information to your mobile phone. Di Digital reported last spring that the company brought in SEK 30 million in funding for a number of industry bigwigs, among them Laurent Leksell, President of Elekta and Ericsson's director Anders Nyrén, best known for having been fired from his CEO post in Industrivärden by SCA scandal. The government has set a ma l to Sweden later in 2025 will be ba dc in va WORLD E-have read. Should there be mo jligt Beho vs digital innovation with clear benefits fo r the ba and the disabled narna huh rden. VA R unique digital technology to provide all mo POSSIBILITY controlling their Hja RTA regularly find early signs of Hja rtsjukdomar and help to reduce the load on the VA rden, says Philip Siberg, CEO fo r Coala Life, in a written statement. Read also: Smarteyes-founder wants to give you blood tests Mobile Read also: Health Test companies seeking capital for expansion
San Marino, Calif.On April 12, 1865—three days after Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox and two days before President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated—the president sent a telegram to Maj. Gen. Godfrey Weitzel, whose Union forces were occupying Richmond, Va., the former Confederate capital.The message alluded to some of the issues faced by the conquerors.Would they be required to offer the customary prayer for the president—now of a newly reunited nation?Lincoln s telegram begins: Whats next news I the prayers I to while coming star what you you mean dispatch zebra I you spirit there understanding any if the piloted your offer there such of any and have was I to Emma never seen of of no toby Zodiac… The message was written in code.When the director of that office, Thomas T. Eckert 1825-1910 , retired in 1867, there were no laws governing ownership of public documents.Decrypted and freed of references to a zebra, Zodiac and Emma, one sentence reads: I have no doubt you have acted in what appeared to you to be the spirit and temper manifested by me while there.
See larger image June's Mac gamesWe re in the midst of the Steam Summer Sale, so if you re looking for dirt-cheap bargains on classic and essential Mac games, now is the time to pounce.But if you re in the market for something that s totally fresh, regardless of markdown, we ve got you covered with our look at June s most intriguing new Mac games.Emotional episodic adventure Life is Strange leads the list, and it s flanked by World War II strategy game Hearts of Iron IV, indie curio VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action, and other picks like SteamWorld Heist and Eon Altar.Give these a look and see if anything grabs your interest, otherwise be sure to loop back on May s top Mac games for other recent options.Although it got off to an uneven start, Life is Strange $21 became widely loved and acclaimed by the time its fifth and final episode released on consoles and PC last fall—and now it s all available on Mac.
Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft WindowsYou've probably already spent plenty of time with each of Overwatch's 21 characters.Call Mech: If your armoured suit is destroyed in battle, D. Va can call down a shiny new one, Titanfall style.Barrier field: A large barrier is erected which can protect Reinhardt and his allies from damage for a limited time.Fire Strike: Reinhardt knocks his hammer forward, sending a lane of flames causing damage to all who touch it.Alternate fire launches shrapnel ball that can be detonated to scatter debris.
Officials are trying to determine whether a cyberattack was behind outages at websites affiliated with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and whether hackers were attempting to counter a Warsaw summit that is addressing both cyberspace dangers and Russian aggression.Officials said there is no concrete evidence the websites were knocked out by hacking.But some officials suspect that Russian-backed hackers could be responsible for the website outage that took down a pair of websites affiliated with NATO s Allied Transformation Command based in Norfolk, Va.The website outages were originally reported to NATO officials as a technical error.NATO on Friday officially approved cyberspace as a so-called war fighting domain, as are land, air and sea.NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the move would improve alliance planning and exercises aimed at defending against cyberattacks.
Attorney General Loretta Lynch is grilled by GOP lawmakers during a Tuesday hearing.Republican lawmakers grilled Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Tuesday over why she chose not to prosecute Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for sending classified data through her private e-mail server when she was secretary of state.But the Obama appointee refused to answer, saying it would be "inappropriate" to respond to lawmakers' repeated questions."While I understand that this investigation has generated significant public interest, as attorney general, it would be inappropriate for me to comment further on the underlying facts of the investigation or the legal basis for the team s recommendation, Lynch told the House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice.Halfway through the more than two-hour hearing, Rep. Bob Goodlatte R-Va. , the committee's chairman, said that the attorney general's refusal to prosecute and answer questions was an "abdication of your responsibility.""Were a rank-and-file federal employee to do what Secretary Clinton did, they would face severe punishment, including termination, revocation of security clearances, or criminal prosecution," Goodlatte said.
With a price tag of just £849, the Panasonic 55DX650 is more evidence of just how quickly 4K/UHD TVs are becoming mainstream.You get a slick Firefox-based smart TV system alongside the millions of pixels, and a sleek design.Now you don't just have to choose between HD resolution and UHD resolution for your next TV; you also have to decide if you want high dynamic range and wide colour gamut technologies alongside the UHD/4K resolution.On the upside it backs up its native Ultra HD resolution with direct LED lighting – something that experience shows generally leads to superior contrast performance.The problem with IPS panels traditionally is that while they deliver slightly better effective viewing angles than VA panels handy if it's hard for your whole family to always sit directly opposite the screen , this slightly improved viewing angle comes at the expense of good black colour reproduction.I guess all we can do is hope that the direct LED lighting system, together with Panasonic's usually strong light control systems, will have what it takes to counter the usual IPS contrast issues.
The site published the birthday, address, phone number and Social Security number of dozens of celebrities and public officials, including the heads of the FBI and CIA.A 22-year-old hacker has been handed a two-year prison sentence for his role in doxing and swatting politicians, celebrities, prosecutors, the first lady, and security journalist Brian Krebs.While cooperating with the FBI after his 2012 arrest on unrelated charges, Mir Islam doxed and swatted as many as 50 people, authorities said.Victims included First Lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.Those who were swatted include Stephen P. Heymann, the Massachusetts federal prosecutor who handled the Aaron Swartz prosecution; security journalist Brian Krebs; Wayne LaPierre, the CEO of the National Rifle Association; and Mike Rogers, a former GOP representative from Michigan and a key supporter of the Stop Online Piracy Act.On March 14, 2014, Islam and a group of as-yet-unnamed co-conspirators used a text-to-speech TTY service for the deaf to relay a message to our local police department stating that there was an active hostage situation going on at our modest town home in Annandale, Va. Nearly a dozen heavily-armed officers responded to the call, forcing me out of my home at gunpoint and putting me in handcuffs before the officer in charge realized it was all a hoax.
Daniel Engstrom will become the new community manager on the sales start lineup Universal Avenue. Now he steps then into the community manager at Universal Avenue. I think Universal Avenue has a oerho rt compelling vision and is in a va ldigt spa globalresources.Original stage. It is tveklo pcs one of Europe's most promising companies. I am extremely impressed with my team and moreover it is an o open and supportive mentality that I have rarely seen other companies. What should you go ra into your new well NST?