Forget extra vacation days, good health insurance, and 401k matching — these companies take their employee perks above and beyond.Glassdoor/FacebookFacebook, Google, Netflix, and other top companies in the US are competing for the best talent out there.See which companies are raising the bar and going beyond free food, on-site gyms, and 401(k)s to attract new talent.According to career site Glassdoor, more than half (57%) of all workers say perks and benefits are among the top things they consider when deciding whether to accept a job, and almost 80% of employees say they would prefer new benefits over a pay raise.Spotify provides six months of paid parental leave, plus one month of flexible work options for parents returning to the office.Lactation consultations for new moms at American Express
Hackers suspected Russian Pyotr Levashoc was arrested on Friday in Barcelona, the american authorities on request.levashovin have shown to have links with the Us presidential elections, the outcome of the vote, told Reuters news agency.Questioning police accused Levashovin developed a computer virus, which should contact Donald Trump to victory in the elections.the Suspect was arrested currently in Barcelona on vacation with his family.He is accused to have created multiple trojans viruses and spam programs.Levashovin is believed to be Peter Severa -under a pseudonym.
Photo courtesy Samuel, Son & Co. We ve got about 600 sales professionals and right now I couldn t accurately tell you who is doing what and where in this organization.The company also worked closely with Oracle and Deloitte to ensure payroll processes conformed to Canadian standards, managed differing payroll cycles, and complied with payroll regulations for both union and non-union employees.For example, we have 22 different vacation plans in our Canadian workforce and 12 different 401 k retirement plans in the US with limited difference between them—why?I see huge value in putting more decisions and activity into the hands of the employees and line leaders, he says.For example, if the company deadline for entering information on annual pay increases coincides with testing of the next bundle of code, Busch s team needs to build a timeline that accommodates both deadlines rather than just pushing off testing, as had been the practice with upgrades to on-premises software.Once all data is on the same platform, Busch eventually wants to present the consolidated data in a dashboard allowing executives to easily compare workforce and productivity data points across the company s operating sites.
Bhavin TurakhiaThe most successful companies are built on great people, and how well they are able to hold on to good talent.Startup cultures are defined by the leadership of a company and the people that work for organisations.Also Read: How to find the right business partner for your startupCompanies slowly adopt the collective conscience of their leadership, and so in a sense, they become an extension of the personalities of their founders.Competitive founders tend to birth startups that are progressive, and CEOs that tend to take time over-analysing data to come to decisions will probably create slower moving organisations.A startup s culture in the early days becomes its guidebook, and eventually grows to represent the identity by which it is perceived.A recent Forbes article that summarised the findings of an employee engagement study conducted by Tinypulse hypothesised that  employees who give their work culture low marks are nearly 15 per cent more likely to think about a new job than their counterparts.The knowledge that you are changing the world, or creating something that is potentially earth shattering is profound.Also Read: The trick to attracting Millennials to your startup brandFor good talent, it s the reason why they will wake up to come to work every morning.Another aspect to this is adopting a flat organisational structure — flat structures are more conducive to ideation, discussion, and rapid development and execution, which is exactly what startups need.Perks and the WorksThis comprises the likes of flexible work hours and vacation days, no dress code, free food, an ever buzzing workspace et al.
The Lego-like ArcaBoard, which went into production last month, can float about 20 inches above the ground.Too bad it costs $20,000 and offers a range of about a mile.The answer: nothing nearly as practical as cruising around Hill Valley or fleeing a gang of bullies.Four turbojets provide a blustery 1,000 horsepower, enough thrust to keep a rider suspended and zipping along.What It s ForWell, if riding a bike required strapping jet fuel to your back, risking broken bones with every spill, and dedicating a good week to learning how to just get down the street.To catch a glimpse at the device s more immediate future, it s instructive to look at another product from Zapata s company, the Flyboard Sport.
This guide is going to show you some of the ways to generate sales leads like never before through inbound marketing and more.Podcasting is getting huge, and through a well planned podcast, you can help promote your services on the Internet.For example, in an online discussion someone may talk about finding the best golf courses.It s not closing on 100 million registered users, with a significant portion of them posting at least once a month.A vacation rentals company will be able to use the color and beauty of their natural surroundings in their images, but accountancy firms and sellers of insurance may well struggle with the visuals.And that s where this guide can no longer help you.
Expedia Inc. s chief executive officer is expecting more company in the world of online travel booking, predicting Facebook Inc. will follow Google into the business.Facebook is already working on e-commerce, letting users save their payment information on the social media giant s site and purchase products they see advertised there directly through buy buttons.Google now lets users book trips and lodging directly through its search engine, a feature the U.S. Justice Department cited when it approved Expedia s takeover of Orbitz last year, saying Google was increasing competition.The development would bring both risks and opportunities for Expedia and rivals, Khosrowshahi said.For years, hotel companies have tried to find ways to drive more sales through their own websites so they can avoid the premiums paid to the likes of Priceline and Expedia when customers book lodgings and trips through them.If Facebook pushes into travel booking it will most likely follow Google s lead, building a tool that lets hotel chains and online travel agents show up in search results on the social network, Dan Wasiolek, an analyst with Morningstar Inc., said in an interview.This new targeted advertising platform in theory is supposed to offer a better way to target travelers when they re planning a trip and when they re in the destination, Henry Harteveldt, founder of the travel industry research firm Atmosphere Research Group, said in an interview.Travel companies including Hyatt Hotels Corp. and Air France-KLM are using Facebook s Messenger application to talk to customers.So is Expedia, said John Morrey, vice president and general manager of Expedia U.S. That s another area that Facebook could expand its presence in, Harteveldt said, either by getting more companies to do business on Messenger or building its own booking tool in the app.Expedia, which celebrated its 20th anniversary last week, went on a $6 billion acquisition spree in 2015 by buying Orbitz and vacation rental company HomeAway.Startups like GetYourGuide GmbH, Vayable Inc. and Peek Travel Inc. have raised venture capital for their own tour-booking websites and applications. worldwide have a set of common values.Make a positive impact.This week s guest, Lucio Pentagna Guimaraes Neto, tells us how he pivoted from his Brazilian legal degree and MBA and corporate CEO background, to sailing the world, ending up in China, self-learning 3D modelling, and going on to found Shanghai s first fablab, XinFab.Crazy about machines, Lucio discusses how he merges his passion for 3D printing with his farming heritage.Now building a hack-vacation in South Portugal, Lucio discusses his latest project: a getaway for do-ers.Get your own work done, do sustainable farming, and surf on the side – who needs mainstream Bali?Download the MP3 27 MB or Subscribe via RSSChina Startup Pulse is a weekly podcast designed to give startup enthusiasts around the world a behind the scenes and on-the-ground understanding of what s happening in China s startup ecosystem.Founded and hosted by Ryan Shuken and Todd Embley, and produced by Qi Liu, China Startup Pulse is sponsored by Chinaccelerator, People Squared, and TechNode.TechNode does not endorse any commentary made in the program.
To be clear, I'm just talking about Google, not its parent company Alphabet, which is working on crazy projects ranging from internet-spewing drones to ways to cheat death.It's the same stuff we're seeing in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and the slew of other messaging apps out there clinging to the idea that people want to send texts to a virtual helper to buy flowers and book tickets.Its interface and overall concept is almost a direct copy of Samsung and Oculus' Gear VR.Here's Gear VR's main menu:And here's Daydream's:Everything Google showed us this week is an iteration on something one of its competitors has already done, but with the promise it can do it better.All of those appeared to be pretty cool when they were first unveiled... until people actually tried to use them.Two CNET writers got to talk to Google CEO Sundar Pichai ahead of I/O and asked why Google's new products appear to be following the competition, not leading it.His answer was the one we often hear from tech executives: From the outside, it may appear like Google is chasing its competitors' ideas, but it's all fueled by the belief that Google has a superior product.Copyright 2016.More from Tech Insider:The inventor of this solar-powered water filtration system wants to win the Nobel Peace PrizeThis is the 'Genius Grove' that will replace Genius Bars in Apple Stores AAPL Abandoned Dutch prisons are now being used to house refugeesWatch these giant, 42-foot doors open at the crazy new Apple StoreThis man captures aerial photos of the most exquisite vacation spots in the worldNOW WATCH: Google just launched a video calling app that does something FaceTime can'tLoading video...
Home Security Camera AmazonWireless home security cameras are great because you can place them anywhere in your home where there s a power outlet and they ll connect to your Wi-Fi network and transmit video to any computer, tablet or smartphone.By packing wireless charging support that lets you leave the camera on its dock or pick it up and place it anywhere in or around your home for up to 12 hours before it needs to be charged again.From the product page:PROTECT HOME: See Live HD Video Streaming of your home 24/7 and get instant Smart Alerts on your phone when something unexpected happensUSAGE: Watch over KIDS arriving home from school, talk to PETS home alone or check on HOME while on vacation– all from your phoneFREE CLOUD RECORDING & STORAGE: Replay, download or share recorded video for 24hrs from your private cloud– even if your camera is stolen your data is was so amazingly easy compared to all other webcams and IP cameras I ve ever used and I have owned and used over a dozen of them over the past 20 years .Connor- Amazon CustomerPERSONAL DAILY SUMMARY: The only camera with 30-second video summary of the last 24hrs.Logitech Circle Wireless HD Video Security Camera with 2-way talk White : $199.99 with free Prime shippingLogitech Circle Wireless HD Video Security Camera with 2-way talk Black : $195.99 with free Prime shippingFollow @BGRDeals on Twitter to keep up with the latest and greatest deals we find around the webThanks to the sharing economy, living in five different cities in five years has never been more doable.
Last summer, the San Francisco-based firm raised $21 million in a series B round led by Bessemer Ventures, bringing its total capital raise to about $35 million.Earlier this year the firm released its 2016 Bad Bots Landscape Report.Hackers have long used such bots as Burp to intercept web traffic and automate attacks, and Metasploit to probe webpages for vulnerabilities.Until recently, bad bots commonly targeted companies line of business operations to steal competitive information like pricing and inventories, intellectual property, and, of course, financial information.New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman s office recently released a report about abuses in the ticketing industry.One incident cited was how a scalper s bad bot purchased 1,012 tickets to a U2 concert within the very first minute of going on sale.With all the excitement around bots, it s not difficult to imagine a consumer being tricked into downloading a bad bot, akin to a phishing scheme or those fraudulent pleas of a Nigerian prince seeking to wire money to you.Just as good bots will become moresophisticated, so will bad bots increase their ability to evade detection, load malicious code, and imitate human behavior.While it s too early to say how much of a problem bad bots will be for consumer-facing bots, there s little doubt of the looming threat, particularly with the pervasiveness of mobile phones.
Frustrated by the difficulty of finding dates while living in London, Dutchman David Vermeulen started InnerCircle, a matchmaking website focused on highly educated singles.The concept was initially set-up in such a way that we could easily roll-out internationally.His site is now available in five cities and has 93,000 approved suitors, with another 95,000 on a waiting list.Amsterdam has become a preferred destination for companies aiming to start small and grow into the broader European market.And the Dutch government has earmarked 100 million euros through 2019 to give an extra boost to startups it decides have the potential to grow and create jobs.Amsterdam s global outlook pulled in John Staunton, an Irishman who in 2013 co-founded Countr, an application that helps store owners manage cash registers.When it started in 1996, the company only worked with hotels in the Netherlands, but it soon noticed customers were searching for reservations in Spanish beach towns and other vacation spots abroad.In 2005, competitor bought the company for $133 million, and last year, the Netherlands accounted for two-thirds of Priceline s $9 billion in revenue.Startups intending to focus on a single market would do better in France, Germany or the U.K., said Pepijn Rijvers, s chief marketing officer.
Last week was Google I/O, the yearly developer-focused show where the tech giant tosses out its latest inventions.It was a show full of sharp ideas and great-looking products.Nothing demoed at this year s I/O had a definitive release date or a price but there were so many concepts—many of them seemingly transformative for Google s business—that we re spending an entire show parsing the data dump.Read David s coverage of Android apps on Chrome OS, Cade s story on Google s AI machinery, and David s exclusive story on Ara.Also, read John Gruber s critique of the Ara story, which the hosts discuss near the end of the episode.Send the hosts feedback on their personal Twitter feeds David Pierce is @pierce, Joe I m on Vacation Brown is @joemfbrown, and Michael Calore is @snackfight or bling the main hotline at @GadgetLab.
In a recent study, 60% of business owners that weren t planning on taking any vacation in the next 12 months cited financial hardship.If you're in the consulting game, inevitably, there are months when finding clients is a grind.Couple that with unpaid work like invoicing and accounting, and it can feel like you re burning the candle at both ends.In this step-by-step guide, we ll look at how consultants can automate their lead generation, attract high-value clients, and grow their business with automated drip email marketing.
It s right under a light that puts out 60 lumens for a full minute and 30 lumens for 30 minutes—great for underwater photography or catching your midnight run down the mountain.The 14mm/F2.0 lens captures an insane 204-degree field of view, which means the optics are wide enough to see a bit behind you.Those are exactly the sorts of things Olympus imagines people shooting, so it protected the TG-Tracker with a freezeproof/waterproof/drop-proof frame and packed it with sensors galore.Olympus says the TG automatically adjusts the white-balance and exposure underwater, and it ll keep foreground and background objects visible even when the headlight is on.If this sounds like a great rig for your next adventure, you ll be psyched to know that it should be here in time for summer vacation.That price includes a pistol grip, an underwater lens protector, and a selfie-mirror so you can shred El Colorado on a monoski while chugging Mountain Dew and post the evidence to Insta.
Last year, Tesla took aim at one of its key markets: the affluent Hamptons, a strip of town stretched out across the coast of Long Island's South Fork, long a vacation destination for New York City's moneyed elites.The 2015 edition was a "pop-up" store.Adorned with Tesla branding and built from shipping containers, it welcomed potential customers in Southampton for five weeks.The concept was so successful that Tesla is opening a fully blown store in 2016, located in East Hampton Tesla is also opening a vacationer-oriented store in Massachusetts' Cape Cod .But opening in this location comes with inherent risk because many people leave after the summer months.Automotive New reported that the new store would experience a major slackening off in business during the non-summer months, but that Tesla assumes interest from Memorial Day to Labor Day will be strong enough to make the effort pay off.Last year, Tesla offered test drives in the Model S sedan, but wasn't able to sell anyone a car.In New York, Tesla can sell cars to consumers on only a limited basis, using its direct-sales model.Interested buyers can go online after sampling a vehicle and arrange to buy, taking delivery at a later date.The electric-car maker now has an additional vehicle to sell.Last fall, after the Hamptons pop-up location closed, Tesla launched its Model X SUV.SUVs are extremely popular in the Hamptons, where wealthy families journey from New York City to their summer homes.The company is guiding to 80-90,000 deliveries in 2016, and CEO Elon Musk has set an ambitious, accelerated 2018 target of 500,000 vehicle deliveries.The Tesla store in the Hamptons will join a new location in Brooklyn's Red Hook neighborhood that opening earlier this year.NOW WATCH: Here s Tesla s massive plan to meet the demand for 375,000 Model 3 preordersLoading video...
I climbed in Yosemite National Park this month with a selfie stick and backpack full of new cameras that capture literally everything.In New York City, I captured the buzz in all four corners of Grand Central Terminal at once.This sunk in while watching the sun set on Half Dome from a meadow: The camera tech Ansel Adams used cropped out at least half the story.It s a futuristic concept, for sure.What s remarkable is how quickly this tech has become simple enough for me to take on vacation.Using a remote control, they start recording at the same time—but you need to stitch the video together on a PC or Mac, and still photo capabilities are limited.
Click here to learn more, and don t forget to sign up for our email newsletter.We posted this deal a little over a month ago, but if you ve eaten all of those sweet, sweet Haribo Gold Bears, you can pick up another five pound bag today for just $11.Travel Gear Gold BoxBefore you head out on vacation, be sure to peruse today s luggage and travel gear Gold Box deals on Amazon.Rachio Smart Irrigation Controllers $50 Amazon Gift Card, $200-$250We ve seen deals on the previous generation of Rachio irrigation controllers in the past, but the new ones include a physical remote and Amazon Echo support, and Amazon will toss in a $50 gift card for free when you buy one today.You didn t need to wait long for a discount on Overwatch: It s down to $49 today on Amazon for all purchasers, or $48 for Prime members.Use code promo code M623888.
Click here to learn more, and don t forget to sign up for our email newsletter.Kans Running Belt for Smartphones, $2, use code PLSOH5E6Update: Sold out!We posted this deal a little over a month ago, but if you ve eaten all of those sweet, sweet Haribo Gold Bears, you can pick up another five pound bag today for just $11.Travel Gear Gold BoxBefore you head out on vacation, be sure to peruse today s luggage and travel gear Gold Box deals on Amazon.Rachio Smart Irrigation Controllers $50 Amazon Gift Card, $200-$250We ve seen deals on the previous generation of Rachio irrigation controllers in the past, but the new ones include a physical remote and Amazon Echo support, and Amazon will toss in a $50 gift card for free when you buy one today.You didn t need to wait long for a discount on Overwatch: It s down to $49 today on Amazon for all purchasers, or $48 for Prime members.
Summer s around the corner, and TripAdvisor wants to help you plan your vacation with a side of music to get you hyped.Today, the company announced a partnership with Google Play Music to offer playlists for popular travel destinations, such as London, New York, Cancun, Montreal, Paris, and more.The playlists are supposed to emulate the vibe at these destinations, Latin-inspired dance tunes for Miami and Bay Area rap for San Francisco, to name a few.You ll be able to access these playlists through TripAdvisor s Android app, which will give you two free months of Google Play Music.Services like Spotify already offer themed playlists for road trips and rainy nights, but this is another option if you re looking for a free service to trial as you galavant around the world this summer.Read next: PayPal co-founder hell-bent on destroying Gawker after company 'outed' him years earlier