NASA's Perseverance rover landed on Mars last month. Microphones on board have recorded sounds of the rover driving.
NASA has released the first-ever recording of a rover driving across the surface of Mars, and it sounds unlike any vehicle you've heard before.
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Earlier this year, NASA released a now-iconic image of the Perseverance rover on the surface of Mars. Ever wondered how that shot was taken?
NASA goes behind the scenes on the red planet to show how the rover captured a historic selfie.
AutoNav performs 'thinking while driving' – any chance we could get more of that on Earth ... for humans? As Perseverance begins to roll its way around Mars, NASA engineers are gradually allowing the rover to drive autonomously, to a degree, using computer algorithms running on a navigation computer.…
Since the Perseverance rover landed on Mars, it has been driven around the planet’s surface by a driver working on earth. The drivers, such as the one pictured in the image below, wear special 3D glasses to allow them to see obstacles rover needs to avoid better as the rover cruises across the surface of the Red Planet. However, NASA … Continue reading
As the Perseverance rover explores Mars, engineers at NASA are trying out a new capability which lets the rover navigate itself around the rocky terrain.
Perseverance's AutoNav system lets it take charge of its drive around Mars without heavily relying on human intervention.