We took everything into account during our research, from the value of each plan to the amount of data parceled out each month to help you get the absolute best bang for your buck.One tip that's important to note is that Verizon charges an extra $15 per gigabyte once you've gone past your data limit, so it may be worth upping to a comfortable data tier rather than being eaten up by overage charges.Beware though - if you're a YouTube addict or you like to stream Netflix on the go, 3GB won't last long.Nevertheless, 6 additional gigabytes for only $20 more than the large plan is a steal for anyone expecting to use a chunk of data each month and this offers great value if you're going to split the allowance across two, three or even four lines.For only $100, 18GB is a surprisingly substantial load of data at your disposal.This is almost certainly overkill for single users though, unless you really are a super-heavy data user.
Image Source: Zach Epstein, BGRSamsung shipped more than 81 million smartphones in the most recent quarter, according to market research firm Gartner.The company s successful flagship smartphone launch was obviously a big driver for Samsung in the first quarter as it enjoyed its fastest profit growth in three years.Samsung s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge are clearly the sleekest and most powerful smartphones the company has ever launched, but they also got a helping hand from some serious advertising and marketing campaigns.HUGE LEAK: This is our first look at a real iPhone 7Between now and the end of the day on June 4th, anyone who purchases a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge at Best Buy for use on Verizon Wireless, AT or Sprint will also get a 32-inch Samsung Smart LED TV for free at Best Buy.And if 32 inches is too small, buyers can also opt to upgrade to a 48-inch Smart TV for $250.Plus, if you re planning to purchase one anyway, now you know you should do it at Best Buy rather than at a carrier store.
Cloud communications platform Twilio has announced a new cellular network partnership with U.S. cellular giant T-Mobile, called Twilio Programmable Wireless, which will provide data, SMS, and voice communications to connected devices.Devices like autonomous cars, drones, or even outdoor sensors that send information in real-time back to the server should be able to use T-Mobile s cellular service.Image Credit: Roy Andrew NgSee Also: Miniature IoT sensor has five little superpowersT-Mobile will provide SIM cards at $2 a month, per connected device.Twilio already has use cases preparedTwilio provides a range of use cases for its cellular network, including the management of an autonomous car fleet, smartwatches that do not need a connected smartphone, and smart factory monitoring and automation.Modernizing communications and moving it into the realm of software has been Twilio s mission from day one, said Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson.They aren t the first carrier to work on M2M communications, both AT and Verizon Wireless provide their own IoT services, but neither of them have partnered with a major IoT specialist to push cellular services into IoT and the smart home.
Two unions representing more than 36,000 Verizon workers were able to win concessions from the carrier in a new four-year contract, helping to end a nearly seven-week labor strike.Verizon also agreed to scale back subcontracting and withdrew a proposal to relocate workers for extended periods—two issues that had been at the heart of the standoff.The 11% raise over the four-year contract is up from 6.5% in Verizon s original offer.We re very satisfied with the outcome.Part of the agreement also secured a contract for the roughly 70 unionized workers in Verizon Wireless retail stores for the first time.About 100 wireless technicians also got a contract.
Nearly 40,000 Verizon workers are heading back to work tomorrow after a six-and-half-week strike.The new contract still needs to be voted on by union members, but workers agreed to return to work.But despite advances in automation and artificial intelligence, all of this infrastructure takes real human workers to build and maintain.But in the short term, the strike led to a significant decrease in new sign-ups for its fiber optic service this quarter as wait times for installations soared, CEO Lowell McAdam and CFO Fran Shammo acknowledged earlier this month.In exchange, Verizon has agreed not to outsource support calls to non-union call centers, keep pensions intact, and give workers an 10.5 percent raise over four years.The new contract will also apply to 65 Verizon retail stores, marking the first time Verizon Wireless employees—as opposed to those working for the company s wireline services—are covered by union contacts.
This week Verizon has released a list of current and near-future updates to Android device versions, starting with the Samsung Galaxy S5.As for the rest of the Android universe, we've got some good news and we've got some bad news.They also suggest that they're going to be bringing Marshmallow to more devices soon.LG V104.Devices that Verizon currently carries that are not on the Marshmallow list above include the following:• LG K4 LTE• HTC Desire 526• DROID TURBO in Ballistic Nylon • LG Lancet• Kyocera Brigadier• BlackBerry PRIV• HTC Desire 626• Galaxy S4• HTC Desire 612Basically that's all your HTC Desire devices, a couple of low-end LG smartphones, the original DROID TURBO, Galaxy S4, and a Kyocera low-end device.And the BlackBerry PRIV, which is strangely absent from the list above as it's been updated in April outside of the big V.For those of you looking for Android Marshmallow updates outside of the lists above, head down our Android Marshmallow and follow your nose!
T-Mobile USA leads the four major wireless carriers in customer satisfaction, having moved ahead of AT and Verizon Wireless in the past year, according to an American Customer Satisfaction Index ACSI report released today.Innovation tends to be strongest in markets with multiple companies vying for consumer preference, ACSI founder and Chairman Claes Fornell said in a press release.Sprint improved its rating from 65 to 70 in the past year.American Customer Satisfaction IndexT-Mobile also sold more smartphones than any US carrier in the most recent quarter, according to Counterpoint Research, though the self-styled "Un-carrier" is still only about half the size of Verizon and AT when it comes to total subscribers.T-Mobile has turned itself around dramatically in the past few years, with moves like killing contracts and automatic data overage charges, offering free albeit slow international data roaming and data rollover, and exempting music and video services from data caps to the chagrin of net neutrality activists .The ACSI's surveys ask customers about various factors including network coverage, call quality, billing, and customer service provided by stores, call centers, and websites.
The name Paul Marcarelli probably doesn t ring any bells but you d almost certainly recognize his face, or at the very least, his voice.advertising campaign for nearly a decade.He recently picked up another wireless advertising gig although not with his previous employer.Sprint, currently in last place among the big four wireless providers in the US, has signed Marcarelli as the new face of its brand.He carries on about how Sprint s reliability is now within one percent of Verizon s and how his new employer is up to 50 percent cheaper than the competition.Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure quickly apologized on Twitter and removed the ad from rotation.
From left: Verizon Wireless, AT and T-Mobile USA.At the center of this group is Rivada Networks, a startup with a technology called DSA Dynamic Spectrum Arbitrage .Some mobile devices already have radios for the spectrum FirstNet will use, called Band 14, and a wide range of devices should have them by the time the network goes live, Rivada says.Carriers will have to do some careful cost analysis, analyst Lynnette Luna of Current Analysis said earlier this year.Black & Veatch is a major telecom construction firm.The company also says it can give first responders broader coverage beyond the FirstNet system through roaming on an unnamed national mobile carrier.
The LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 line both have screens that never turn off, with each manufacturer claiming their respective solutions are optimized to use as little battery as possible.In reality, the technology powering the two different implementations is very different.This is particularly handy for those who prefer not to have his or her phone light up a dark room late at night.When a new notification is received, a fairly large version of app s icon replaces nearly all information displayed on the screen, and is then minimized.The Galaxy S7 Edge had service through Verizon Wireless, while the G5 had an AT SIM.As you can see from the chart above, the G5 used a surprisingly low 5% of battery over the course of a half day.
Motorola introduced its 2016 flagship smartphone lineup, known as Moto Z, at parent company Lenovo s Tech World exhibition in San Francisco today.The line includes two all-metal handsets, the Moto Z and Moto Z Force, and features a rich ecosystem of functionality-enhancing, modular backplates called MotoMods.The models are identical, save for the Moto Z Force s shatter-proof Shattershield screen — first seen on last year s Moto X Force Droid 2 Turbo on Verizon Wireless — and higher camera resolution.These 5.5-inch handsets feature an AMOLED screen with QHD resolution, Snapdragon 820 systems-on-chip from Qualcomm, 4GB of RAM, and a 3500mAh battery with Turbo Charge.This latter technology enables 50 percent charging of a 15-hour-battery life in 15 minutes.Their rear cameras contain a 13-megapixel Moto Z or 21-megapixel Moto Z Force sensor, and offer optical image stabilization plus laser auto focus, while the front-facing selfie cam has a 5-megapixel resolution.At launch, there will be several MotoMods available, from a 70-inch pico projector and JBL SoundBoost speakers, to the Power Pack external battery with different designs from partners like Tumi, Kate Spade New York, and Incipio and fashion-focused Style Shells.They snap on the back of the phones magnetically, and connect via a grouping of 16 pins on the back.While this is the first family of handsets to carry the Moto Z branding, the phones are a spiritual fourth generation of the Moto X, which headlined a reboot of Motorola s portfolio in 2013.They ll be available this summer in the U.S. exclusively through Verizon Wireless as the Moto Z Droid Edition and Moto Z Force Droid Edition.Globally, Moto Z will be available unlocked starting in September from various retailers and through moto.com.
Moto executives went to great lengths to stress just how revolutionary they think the Moto Z line and its snap-on modules are during a Q session at Lenovo TechWorld on Thursday.The point was made most directly by Iqbal Arshad, senior vice president of engineering and global product design, when he emphasized the Moto Z, is as good a phone as we ve ever produced.He and other Moto leaders described the way the company re-engineered the antenna design, opted to kill off the headphone jack, and sought to design a modular phone that stuck to a predetermined aesthetic as much as possible.Rounding out the panel was Jeff Dietel, vice president of marketing for Verizon Wireless.Well, on Verizon s network anyway, as the company said they took advantage of their previous work with Verizon on the Droid line to optimize the LTE performance.It s as simple as snapping it on and things work.
The full collection of Moto Mods has not yet been revealed, but as you can see above and/or below, there'll be both Motorola and 3rd-party creations coming from all directions.The first round of Moto Mods will include the following:• JBL SoundBoost Speaker: kickstand, built-in battery "for 10 hours of playtime" and speakerphone connectivity.• TUMI and kate space new york Power Packs: battery with up to 22-hours of battery life "without adding bulk."Both devices come with these specifications otherwise:•Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor•5.5-inch Quad HD display•32 GB storage•Support for microSD card up to 2 TB•Rear-facing camera with optical image stabilization and autofocus•5 MP front-facing camera•Latest USB-C connectivity•Water-repellent coating•Fingerprint readerThe water repellent coating has the following disclaimer attached to it, via Verizon: "Advanced nano-coating technology creates a water repellant barrier to help protect against moderate exposure to water such as accidental spills, splashes or light rain.Pricing has not yet been announced, but Verizon suggests that the Verizon Wireless Droid landing page will have sign-up availability immediately.Starting next month you'll be able to pre-order the Moto Z Droid from Verizon - at which point we'll hope for pricing and release information all at once.
Intel has kept its modem business alive, in part because it hopes to capitalize on the upcoming move to 5G networks.Chips from Qualcomm will still be used in iPhones for the Verizon Wireless network and in handsets sold in China, according to Bloomberg, which cited unnamed sources.Intel s latest XMM7480 reaches download speeds of 450Mbps.By working with both Qualcomm and Intel, Apple will be best positioned to switch to 5G as soon as either company is ready to deliver.5G will bring speed improvements as well as better support for the Internet of Things and smart home devices.That can help boost performance and extend battery life, but raises challenges when the combined chip has to be qualified for networks worldwide.
Intel has kept its modem business alive, in part because it hopes to capitalize on the upcoming move to 5G networks.Chips from Qualcomm will still be used in iPhones for the Verizon Wireless network and in handsets sold in China, according to Bloomberg, which cited unnamed sources.Intel s latest XMM7480 reaches download speeds of 450Mbps.By working with both Qualcomm and Intel, Apple will be best positioned to switch to 5G as soon as either company is ready to deliver.5G will bring speed improvements as well as better support for the Internet of Things and smart home devices.That can help boost performance and extend battery life, but raises challenges when the combined chip has to be qualified for networks worldwide.
Jason Howie/Flickr Black Lives Matter activist and Baltimore mayoral candidate Deray McKesson had his Twitter account hacked on Friday using a method that takes just minutes to carry out.The hacker got the account verification texts," McKesson tweeted.Before McKesson regained access to his Twitter account, the hacker tweeted an endorsement of Donald Trump for president, and a tweet announcing that "I'm not actually black."For example, Verizon Wireless' website asks for a customer's 10-digit phone number and billing zip code.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.More from Tech Insider:Amazon is preparing a music streaming service to take on Spotify and AppleThe 12 worst video game movies of all timeThe actor behind Jon Snow is the villain in one of the year's biggest video gamesA hacker explains why you shouldn't believe North Korea was behind the massive Sony hackEverything we expect PlayStation to announce at E3NOW WATCH: Hackers showed us how easy it is to secretly clone a security badgeLoading video...
LG Electronics Inc., Alphabet Inc. s Google and now Motorola Mobility have all introduced phones that let you customize hardware features—cameras, speakers and batteries, for instance—by swapping in and out parts.I m intrigued, but questions about cost and eventual obsolescence linger.The plastic plate modules, which Motorola calls Moto Mods, attach to the back of the phone magnetically.Some modifications are just for looks, like the woven nylon, leather and wooden Moto Mods.Motorola says it s planning on making phones that will work with these exact Moto Mods for at least the next three years.Both versions of the Moto Z and Moto Mods will go on sale through Verizon Wireless later this summer, with unlocked versions that will work with other carrier networks arriving this fall.
Asus' ZenPad Z8 tablet is for multimedia, gaming and web surfing.A particularly nice feature in the ZenPad Z8 is the USB Type-C port, which can connect the tablet to external storage, monitors and other peripherals.The USB-C port also charges the tablet, and is emerging as the connector of choice for PCs and mobile devices.Integrated inside the Snapdragon 650 chip is the Adreno 510 graphics processor, which is powerful enough to process 4K video.The Asus tablet weighs around 320 grams, while the iPad Mini 4 cellular model is lighter, at 304 grams.Asus didn t respond to questions about whether variants of the tablet would be available outside the U.S.
It should be noted that the UN has also proposed a 5G roadmap for 2020.High-band spectrum, like the unlicensed 14 GHz band, will allow companies to begin building infrastructure to support the next generation of wireless technologies, including faster mobile internet and Wi-Fi speeds.The FCC isn't planning to define specifications for the 5G network, leaving it up to private companies to produce and agree on standards like it did for 4G.However, Wheeler expects 5G to be 10 to 100 times faster than 4G and offer sub-millisecond latency, citing a scenario where surgeons could use VR to perform procedures on patients.Wheeler also added that many applications for 5G haven't been imagined yet, though it'll likely change the Internet of Things.We likely won't see 5G for another several years but the actions of the FCC will ensure US wireless companies won't lag behind the rest of the world.
During a session named Networking for the Modern Internet video requires Safari, or you can look it up in the iOS WWDC app , Apple Distinguished Engineer, Scientist, and Technologist Stuart Cheshire took the stage to explain new networking features in iOS 10 and macOS Sierra.Soon the engineer revealed what developers can do to take full advantage of ECN, IPv6, international text in networking, cellular versus Wi-Fi, and network quality of service.Apple says that as many as 70 percent of connections to www.apple.com from certain ISPs like Verizon Wireless come in over IPv6.For instance, Facebook is seeing 45 percent IPv6 HTTP requests, which complete 15 to 30 percent faster than IPv4 requests.The NAT64 then inserts itself into the conversation and translates between the two versions of the Internet Protocol.It then turned out that a German ISP marked all packets as "congestion experienced," which doesn't exactly lead to the best user experience.