The official Star Wars website made our day, and we have to say posted an article full of vintage Kenner Star Wars toy commercials, and they re just about the best thing ever.It s easy to forget just how formative these toys were not just for Star Wars fans, but for both the toy industry and movies in general.And these ads were a huge part of many, many people s childhoods.And yet seeing these commercials, it all makes sense.They re no-nonsense, unabashedly cheesy, and some like the Emperor and Boba Fett ones even tease a first look at characters that fans didn t know about yet.
1955 Porsche 550 SpyderMonterey Car Week is one of the most prestigious gatherings on the motoring calendar, showcasing the best of automotive engineering and design traced through the ages.Auto shows, historic races, and auctions are all part of the week s agenda, yet apart from the Councours D Elegance, The Quail is the most exciting event.2016 Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus; James M. Glickenhaus – New YorkScuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 003CS was first shown at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show.The weekend after the race, it was driven from Turin to Como, Italy, and displayed at Villa d Este.1934 Packard Chassis Coachbuilt Body; James Hetfield – CaliforniaIt all began with a stack of sheet aluminum and an idea to inject some American custom car swagger into classic coach-building design ideology.It s a delicate balance with undeniable rhythm and flow, masterfully executed by some of the most gifted hands in metal shaping.
File photo - Bottles of French wine are displayed at the Chateau Bouscaut in Cadaujac, southwestern France, during the start of a week of wine tasting at the chateaux in the Bordeaux region April 4, 2016."We can turn water into wine in 15 minutes," New Scientist quotes as saying Ava Winery.He spent a weekend toying with 15 combinations of ethanol, tannin powder, flavor compounds, and more.The initial results were "monstrous," with one attempt resembling "melted butter."But six months later, Ava Winery had a synthetic replication of an Italian Moscato d'Asti.The big secret here is that most compounds in wine have no perceptible impact on the flavor or the aroma, Lee tells New Scientist.
Fifteen-year-old Alex Jason owns a vast collection of vintage Apple devices which he now plans to exhibit near his home in the US state of Maine.Alex started collecting his "orchard" at the age of 10 and says he has around 1,000 items, stored in the basement of his family home.While Bill has contributed to the collection, Alex has also raised money for new items by mowing lawns, as well as fixing and re-selling other computers.It's a fantastic machine, they were fast when they came out but not now - you have to have patience and I don't have a lot."So far Apple has not offered any official support, although Alex is hoping to get in touch with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, aka Woz."She's doing a lot with Photoshop - cover art for video games."
A recent hack day event has seen the creation of a virtual reality Netflix store which allows you to pick virtual videos off of a virtual shelf and play them on a virtual screen.The demo, called Netflix Zone, appears to be more of an experiment than a proposed feature, and is unlikely to make it to consumers.The experience is an ironic one for Netflix, which was born out of a desire to save people from having to go to the video rental store by delivering DVDs to their home.Vintage BlockbusterThe demo utilises the HTC Vive's room scaling technology, to allow the user to walk up to shelves of Netflix titles, and examining the boxes appears to cause movie-themed walls to rise around the virtual room and a projector screen to descend from the ceiling.The user can then throw the video at the screen to start playing the title from within the virtual reality room.The idea of watching movies in virtual reality has been explored before, most recently in YouTube's Snoopavision, where users could watch YouTube videos in a virtual cinema alongside Snoop Dog.
Docubyte/INK/ don t make em like they used to.These six hefty chunks of machinery above and below are part of a new art project that combines nostalgia for tech from the cold war era with the look and feel of an iPhone ad.Now locked away in museums around the world, they have been photographed and their images digitally retouched to return them to their former glory.The Harwell Dekatron top image is Ball s favourite.The IBM 729 Magnetic Tape Unit was used for data storage in the 1960s.The ENDIM 2000 is a tube-based analogue computer made in the former German Democratic Republic, of which only about 20 were ever produced.
All-wheel drive is an increasingly common feature on cars today, from grocery-fetching Subaru wagons to small crossovers.But it was rally racing that really convinced automakers that sending power to all four wheels gives cars a massive edge on ice, snow, dirt and more.To illustrate this point, we joined our friends at the Team O Neil Rally School in New Hampshire to test out three famous vintage rally cars: a front-wheel drive Saab 96, a rear-wheel drive Volvo 142, and an AWD drive Audi 4000.Yes, it was a fun day.But more than that it revealed why AWD caught on so quickly in the rally racing world, put Audi on the map, and then spread across the consumer car landscape.Granted, tires are critical too, but you can see why rally racing is so heavy on AWD now.
It was actually PayPal co-founder and Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel who dropped an estimated $10 million into Hogan s legal exercise, according to the New York Times.Well, it looks like Apple came pretty close to making it happen when they contemplated buying Time-Warner late last year.According to the Financial Times, Apple higher-ups met with Time-Warner folks about including some of their broad spectrum of content in an Apple service, and iTunes chief Eddy Cue apparently had a better idea: just buy them.Yes, those are vacuum tubes, and yes, this thing sounds as amazing as it looks.Like most hand-built vintage kit, it ain t cheap: the Kenzie will set you back almost 1700 bucks, but if you re a truly discerning fan of quality sound, you know that s pretty cheap compared to what you can spend on the latest and greatest all-digital gear.DT s golden-eared audio reviewer Ryan Wanita has been hogging the Kenzie to himself for weeks, so check out his video review and prepare to bask in the warm glow of wood-grained analog goodness.
ABITA SPRINGS, Louisiana—To the uninitiated, folk art seems decidedly lo-fi.As opposed to the classical techniques and aesthetics shown off at a fine art or modern art museum, folk art runs a gamut of adjectives: utilitarian, decorative, junky, profound, recycled,, crafty, and more.But at the Abita Mystery House, artistic curators have increasingly embraced the idea of our vintage technology taking on second life as folk art.Art Deco style robots or bots made from more unused circuit boards stand at attention to take visitor tickets.While a fair amount of the Mystery House aims to represent local tradition—kinetic dioramas depict things like Mardi Gras and road-side BBQ joints; an entire chicken coop-like structure doubles as shrine to hot sauce—just as much feels devoted towards a trip down electronic entertainment memory lane.On a recent cycling trip to visit Abita Springs' more well-known export, Ars couldn't help but take a peek.
Photographer James Ball, also known as "Docubyte," always felt an affinity towards the world's earliest computers."I love looking at those old images online of vintage mainframe rooms and early huge computers," he told Business Insider.However, he had an urge to document these magnificent machines in a way that honored them better than the old black-and-white photos he was seeing.So Ball began to research, locating the computers that changed the course of technology, and found that most of them were sitting in museums.In his formal request to photograph them, Ball made it clear he would be photographing the machines in a way in which they'd never been seen."I think that piqued the museums' interest and helped start a basis for the project," he said.Working with the production studio INK, Ball created 10 gorgeous photos and pulled historic information on each of the computers.View As: One PageSlides
DON T MISS: The iPhone 7 might actually be in troubleThese are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers.——————————————————————————————-Advantage of this App:-* Save a lot of time of User* NO need to browse from different website ,* A lot of search results from different websites——————————————————————————————-Key feature of App:-* Search results from Google* Search results from Bing* Search results from Yahoo* Search results from* Search results from* Search results from** This App show top results from search engine and show it within the app .E.g., if you will be translating Hello into Chinese, Instant Translate will yield 你好 as translation and Nǐ hǎo as transliteration to get you rid of a conundrum how to read it.NEW: COLLAGE MAKERCreate stunning, dynamic collages with up to 9 photos, beautiful backgrounds, text, and stickersNEW: TOUCH UP EDITSTouch up your photos all the way down to the pixel with our state-of-the-art red eye reduction, blemish fixer, flashspot remover, teeth whitener and more!WHAT IT DOES– add cool phrases, and well-designed artwork to your photos– you can control the blending of your photo effects so they all match the vibe of your shot– add lighting effects– add frames including vibey circular & triangular masks – filters & color treatments carefully designed – add grainy textures to make your photos look vintage– change the blending modes of your various effects– adjust your photos brightness, contrast, colors, tone, sharpness, vignette, gamma, exposure, and more…– Share on Facebook, Twitter, Email, Save to your Camera Roll, or open it in other photo apps like InstagramVIDEO DEMOWatch this video to see it in action: YOUR PHOTOSTag your creations mystic on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook so we can see what the tribe is making.It works globally, has over 500 location types and even provides turn-by-turn directions to your chosen destination.
Image: Jason Cartwright / GizmodoParis has tried just about everything to combat its terrible smog problem.The city has launched attempts to take half the cars off its road, introduce regular car-free days, and close famous streets to vehicular traffic—but Paris still has some of the worst pollution in Europe.The ban on older cars was announced last year as part of a comprehensive plan that will eventually ensure that no cars more then 10 years old will ever be found on Paris s streets.As with a similar ban in Mexico City, some people are outraged that older cars are targeted as they re usually owned by the city s poorest residents, who rely on those vehicles for their jobs.About 1,000 Cityscoot scooters will make their way onto Paris s streets by the end of the summer, one of the biggest rollouts on the planet.Now who wouldn t want to trade in their old diesel-guzzler for one of those?
Antique cameras don t just collect dust when Dora Goodman gets ahold of them.Vintage cameras get a new chance to capture life after Goodman updates them with wood, porcelain, and gold – that s when she s not producing computer game trailers at her day job.She also handcrafts camera bodies from scratch.The rest of the work is days of cutting and grinding, gluing and drying, and then grinding again…Pretty time-consuming but totally worth it, Goodman said.When asked what is her favorite camera to modify, she told Japan Camera Hunger, A little marquetry work on a Voigtlander Bessa II, cover a Leica M7 with wood and gold, put some porcelain on a Rollei 35.Camera design and restoration isn t a cheap hobby.
The city has launched attempts to take half the cars off its road, introduce regular car-free days, and close famous streets to vehicular traffic—but Paris still has some of the worst pollution in Europe.The ban on older cars was announced last year as part of a comprehensive plan that will eventually ensure that no cars more then 10 years old will ever be found on Paris s streets.As with a similar ban in Mexico City, some people are outraged that older cars are targeted as they re usually owned by the city s poorest residents, who rely on those vehicles for their jobs.Image: CityscootLike many cities that are trying to ban cars—or at least some cars, some of the time—Paris also needs to improve public transit options for those who are leaving their cars behind.About 1,000 Cityscoot scooters will make their way onto Paris s streets by the end of the summer, one of the biggest rollouts on the planet.Now who wouldn t want to trade in their old diesel-guzzler for one of those?
Now and then, developers put paid apps on sale for a limited time, but you have to snatch them up while you have the chance.These apps normally cost money and this sale lasts for a limited time only.If you go to the App Store and it says the app costs money, that means the deal has expired and you will be charged.For the pros, this player has a 48-band paragraphic equalizer to adjust sound manually.You can check out instant light bokeh effects, analog film and vintage filters, and light leak effects too.With Quick Brightness, you ll be able to set a default brightness level and make adjustments simply by opening the app.
There's nothing new under the SunA penny-farthing bike - re-inventing the - vintage - wheelStorageBod Recently I ve been spending time thinking about what DevOps really means to my teams and to me.As an application programmer, I was expected to do the deployment, support the deployment and be involved with application from the cradle to undeath.As a systems programmer, we scripted and automated in a variety of languages; we extended and expanded functionality of system programs.We plagiarised and shared scripts – mostly internally but also, at times, scripts would make their way round the community via the contractor transmission method.Many DevOps engineers would look at how we worked and find it instantly familiar… although the rigorous change control and formalised processes might freak them out a bit.I ve boiled DevOps and the idea of the Site Reliability Engineering function down in my mind to the following:Fix Bad StuffStop Bad Stuff happeningDo Good StuffMake Good Stuff easier to doIt turns out that my teams are already pretty much working in this way; some folks spend more time dealing with the Bad Stuff and some spend more time dealing with the Good Stuff.
How to select the best keyboardIt's worth noting that if you demand the feel and feedback only offered by keyboards with mechanical keys, rather than keys that press a membrane, you might want to peruse our top 10 best gaming keyboards round-up.It's the first affordable keyboard to use topre switches, a hybrid variation that feels halfway between using a membrane and mechanical keyboard.It's a poor option for media enthusiasts due to a lack of dedicated keys, and its lack of backlighting is unfortunate.Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth KeyboardInterface: Bluetooth Features: 24-month battery life, LED indicator lights, special keys Home, Back, App-Switch, Contextual Menu, Easy-Switch , 10m wireless rangeThese days it's normal for households to own several devices, usually consisting of a combination of laptops, tablets and smartphones.Cherry G80-3000Interface: Wired Features: Durable build, Gold Crosspoint contacts MX Technology , Codset 3 support, High service life of individual keysAs keyboards go, Cherry's G80-3000 is considered to be something of a classic.QwerkywriterInterface: Bluetooth Features: Retro design, mechanical switches, Macro Return Bar, Vintage inspired key caps, Aluminium metal construction, integrated tablet stand, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android supportQwerkywriter costs a bomb, but if you're into your retro-themed typewriters then you won't care.
When Uber debuted its new logo earlier this year, many were quick to make snarky comments about the clunky design.Well, Uber's first logo was far worse.In fact, the whole app looked entirely different.The first iteration of the Uber app, then known as UberCab, featured a bright red logo and less refined interface.Though it looks strikingly different from today's version, the basics were all there: enter your credit card info and location, and then call up a car.That got us thinking: What did other popular apps look like when they first launched?Here are more vintage versions of your favorite apps and websites.View As: One PageSlides
Comedians In CarsCrackle recently announced that the eighth season of Jerry Seinfeld s popular web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee will kick off on June 16th.To help build anticipation, Crackle — an online distributor owned by Sony — yesterday released a trailer showcasing what we can look forward to once the series resumes in just little over a week.Per usual, the lineup of guests Seinfeld managed to wrangle up are some of the biggest names in entertainment today.The list includes Margaret Cho, famed SNL creator Lore Michaels, Judd Apatow, John Oliver of HBO s Last Week Tonight, JB Smoove of Curb your Enthusiasm fame and stand-up comic Jim Gaffigan.DON T MISS: Brand new images show us how hot the iPhone 7 will actually beThe full trailer can be seen below.Naturally, the entire process is filmed and, not surprisingly, there are always more than a few laughs to go around.
The bank will use the equity to loan you money for a specific amount of time, usually at a fixed rate.According to, the average home equity loan is about five percent.Home equity loans typically have terms of 10 years or more.So not only are you taking on debt, which is not necessarily a bad thing if managed right, you are using your home s value as collateral against a purchase that rapidly goes down in value.Many Americans learned a hard lesson about relying on their home s equity during the last housing crisis.This can be a smart move if you have credit card balances with an 18 percent APR.