The Queen speaking during the State Opening of Parliament on May 18, 2016All sites containing "pornographic material" will be hidden behind age-verification blocks, the government has confirmed in the Queen's speech.Similar criticisms have been made of current ISP-level adult content filters, which can be dodged using basic techniques such as VPNs or even Google Translate.A blanket age-block on all pornographic material online would be a major escalation of existing systems.At the time the government said it wanted to create a "family friendly" internet free from pornography, gambling and extreme violence.In December 2014 it emerged thanks BT, Sky and Virgin Media had been hijacking people's web connections to force customers to make a decision.In January 2015 Sky started blocking all adult websites by default for all customers who had failed to decide.
Government releases latest figures as BDUK edges it closer to 95 percent superfast broadband coverage by 2017The government assisted rollout of superfast broadband has now directly connected 3.84 million homes that would not have otherwise been covered by commercial deployments, according to latest Whitehall figures.This is up from the 3.63 million passed in December 2015 at a cost of £406.9 million – or 8,909 homes and businesses covered per £1 million.BDUK coverage figuresVirgin Media fibre optic broadband mapHowever the government says work is completed before cash is handed out and estimates the actual figure is £500.7 million, making it 7,671 properties passed per £1 million.The government has previously said it expects BDUK to pass four million properties by the spring , so the next update should reveal whether this has been achieved.The government s target is to reach 95 percent by 2017 and has just confirmed plans for a universal service obligation USO that would require anyone in the country to be able to request access to 10Mbps.However the most remote parts of the UK might have to contribute to the cost and the USO could be reviewed in the future as speed demands rise.
Virgin Media expansionVirgin Media rural mapThe majority of properties passed will be connected to the wider network using coaxial cables, which can currently deliver 200Mbps to homes and 300Mbps to SMBs.However last month, Virgin Media said at least one quarter one million of the properties covered via Project Lightning will be connected via FTTP – opening up the potential for up to 10Gbps in the future.The expansion will mainly cover areas already served by BT and Virgin Media had invited communities in a number of counties to register their interest so they could be covered first.Project Lightning has already started work in larger cities such as Manchester and Leeds as well as more rural areas in Leicestershire.Not just for urban areasKirknewton West Lothian , Houston, Crosslee, Craigends and Brookfield Renfrewshire , Bridge of Weir Renfrewshire , Ratby Leicestershire Wilsden West Yorkshire , Kilmacolm Inverclyde , Stoke Poges Buckinghamshire , Lightwater Surrey , Hartley Wintney and Phoenix Green Hampshire and Oakley Dorset received the most votes.The collective support and demand from across the UK has exceeded our expectations and we re delighted to be supercharging these 10 areas with ultrafast fibre broadband and top notch entertainment, said Paul Buttery, chief operating officer at Virgin Media.
Broadband is now widely regarded as a utility, on par with water and gas and is the only one with largely fixed cost.Research carried out by Broadband Genie revealed that first year broadband costs in the UK have dropped significantly over the last few years even when above-inflation increases were accounted for.Bill shockIn some cases, bills were more than quadrupled compared in the second year, as broadband providers secretly expect the majority of customers to stick with them for more than a year as contracts automatically renew from month 13 onwards.On average, households sticking with their internet service providers for more than a year can expect to pay £118 more compared to their first year, with the saving potential across the country in the hundreds of millions of pounds.It is now easier to switch than ever before though.Consumers switching within BT's Openreach network everyone except Virgin Media now only need to contact their new provider to switch their broadband.
Table of ContentsNext stop: Data centreAt the Buckinghamshire data centre there are similar redundancy requirements, albeit on a different scale, with two giant collocation and managed hosting halls S110 and S120 , each occupying 10,000 square feet.Labelling also enables data to be directed to follow a specific route, rather than a dynamically assigned path, which can allow for quality-of-service requirements or even avoiding traffic tariffs from certain territories.Pointing out a rack of Ciena 6500 kit, he adds, You might have seen equipment like this at the landing site.The batteries have a 10-year lifespan, and they re individually monitored for temperature, humidity, resistance, and current around the clock.However, the terrestrial rates here are considerably higher, at 4,096QAM, and are combined with orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing OFDM subcarriers that, like DWDM, spread transmission channels over different frequencies within a limited spectrum.We always stay within regulation EIRP equivalent isotropically radiated power limits and always maintain safe working practices with radios.
This order now means all UK ISPs must block users who attempt to log in and watch Putlocker's library of shows.Internet service providers are now listing the site as blocked with Virgin Media recently updating its list of banned sites to include Putlocker.THE END: Putlocker has been banned by many UK ISPsBut fans of the site, who regularly tuned in to watch shows including Game of Throne, don't appear to be overly impressed by the decision.Despite being illegal, Twitter is full of Putlocker users angry that they can't get access to the latest video content.On fan wrote on the social media site: "A sad sad day indeed, putlocker has been blocked in the UK, what do i do now?In response to the criticism Virgin Media said: "Virgin Media prides itself on being a responsible ISP and will block websites when ordered to do so by the Courts.
Hyperoptic now covers 20 locations in the UK, adding Edinburgh, Leicester, Southampton, Portsmouth and three others to its FTTP broadband infrastructureHyperoptic is bringing fibre to the premise FTTP broadband to seven more UK towns and cities, bringing the total number of locations that can receive its 1Gbps service to 20.Portsmouth, Watford, Leicester, Southampton, Slough, Edinburgh and Woking are the new areas covered, jointing London, Cardiff, Bristol, Brighton, Reading, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Birmingham, Glasgow, Newcastle and Nottingham.Networks in the new towns and cities are already live, with deployment prioritised for areas that have registered their interest.Critics argue this is not futureproofing the UK against the anticipated growth in demand for data.We are committed to lead a step change in British broadband, setting a gold standard example for others to follow, said Steve Holford, chief customer officer at Hyperoptic.Virgin Media will connect at least one million premises to FTTP as part of its £3 billion Project Lightning network expansion programme.
Under the UK advertising code, which is administered by the Advertising Standards Authority, companies are allowed to advertise their top speeds even if they are only actually available to just 10% of customers.wants companies, including Sky, BT, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, EE, Three and O2, to be banned from luring new users with attractive high-speed claims unless more than 50% of customers can actually achieve those speeds.says research it has undertaken shows that while 90% of people consider broadband speed an important factor in their decision to buy a package, 15.4m households are not getting the top speeds advertised.Companies are able to make the claims by saying broadband packages are available up to a certain speed.As an evidence-based regulator we want to make sure our approach is underpinned by the experience of real people, said Guy Parker, chief executive of the ASA.While complaints to the ASA about broadband speed claims have reduced considerably over recent years, we re taking action to respond to concerns by testing our approach through consumer research.
Virgin Media s £3bn network expansion reaches Wrexham and Chester, delivering FTTP broadbandWrexham has become the first town in North Wales to be connected to fibre to the premise FTTP broadband as Virgin Media s £3 billion Project Lightning network expansion ventures into the country for the first time.The company, which plans to add four million additional homes and businesses to its network by 2019, recently promised to connect at least one quarter of premises to FTTP in one of the UK s largest deployments of the technology to date.Residents will have access to 200Mbps and businesses 300Mbps, but the use of FTTP means the upper limit is theoretically even higher.Wrexham FTTPFotolia: Flag of Wales Ayzek 32444109Ian Morris, MP for Wrexham, said he lobbied Virgin Media CEO Tom Mockridge to cover the town when he appeared at a parliamentary select committee last year.I am absolutely delighted at Virgin Media s announcement of their investment in an entirely new broadband network in Wrexham, said Lucas.This is a private sector investment of enormous significance.
Virgin Media invites home builders to get their properties connected from day one, encouraging home buyersVirgin Media has struck a deal with the Home Builders Federation HBF to make it easier for new properties to be connected to its network – offering the new residents a choice of superfast broadband from the moment they move in.Virgin Media new buildVirgin Media fibre optic broadband mapOthers have been told by communication providers that builders rejected approaches to install superfast broadband and residents would now have to wait two years to get connected.With connectivity now vital to the way we live our lives, being able to equip today s modern, high quality housing with 21st Century connectivity is a key consideration for builders, said Stewart Baseley, executive chairman of the HBF.Competition between network builders will help to ensure more homeowners can enjoy all of the benefits of the digital age, helping to make new build even more attractive to homebuyers.If a building project is accepted, Virgin Media will provide developers with equipment and refund them the cost of the work.A dedicated manager for each project will be assigned.
Openreach CEO Clive Selley says his engineering background will influence his tenure as BT starts its rollout of G.Fast and FTTP ultrafast broadbandIt s impossible for Openreach CEO Clive Selley to completely ignore the wider debate surrounding the future of BT s open access network division and whether it should be made independent, but he s clear about which direction he wants to take it.I didn t have a degree – I was an A-level joiner and BT sponsored me to go to university a couple of times.Just two percent of the UK has an FTTP connection, but despite rollouts by the likes of CityFibre, Hyperoptic and Gigaclear, as well as pledges from Virgin Media, BT is actually the country s largest pure fibre provider.But for the wider rollout, a series of trials is helping BT estimate demand and determine the most effective way to deploy the technology in terms of cost in rural, suburban and urban settings I have a new way of delivering FTTP for different environments and an understanding of different price points that I think are achievable, he elaborates.Openreach futureOfcom s initial recommendations did not advise the separation of Openreach but did outline concerns about a lack of independence.Negotiations have been ongoing between BT and Ofcom in a bid to find a solution that suits all parties, but Selley says it is not his place to comment as the regulator would publish its findings in the near future.
Both Sky and Virgin Media are planning to launch new set-top boxes at the end of 2016The BBC is said to be asking the UK government and broadcasting regulator Ofcom to impose new rules on Sky, Virgin Media and other pay-TV providers.The move comes as the British public service broadcaster is in a tussle with Sky that its programmes are difficult to find on the Sky Q, the new flagship set-top box of the London-based pay-TV provider.However, this could change if the new rules as proposed by BBC are enforced.This comes at a time when Amazon is already in talks with broadcasters to create various channels to boost the credibility of its Prime Instant Video, an internet video on demand service, apart from making this service a better alternative to satellite or cable subscription, according to The Telegraph.She had also added that the upcoming Digital Economy Bill changes enforce changes that would help BBC maintain its prominence.The government, on the other hand, said: "The BBC needs to consider how it can continue to make services and content available to viewers who use other platforms and applications to watch content."
Read More: Openreach CEO says it s time to go from superfast to ultrafastBT FTTPVirgin Media fibre optic broadband mapFTTP has been trialled in urban, suburban and rural areas by Openreach to ascertain both demand and the most cost effective way of deploying the technology.Westminster, Holborn and the City of London will be among the first locations to be connected, helping to ease concerns that parts of the capital are broadband no-man s land.Openreach has been trialling new deployment methods for FTTP in Bradford and I am pleased to say the trials have progressed very well.Just two percent of the UK can access FTTP, although BT is the largest provider, serving more than 300,000 premises.Virgin Media says it will connect at least one million homes and businesses to FTTP as part of its wider network expansion, while CityFibre, Hyperoptic and Gigaclear are also investing.ENTER OUR SURVEY: Who will benefit most from the Internet of Things IoT ?
Approximately 4,300 customers and businesses may be affected – including some customers of Sky, for whom the biz provides backhaul services.A Virgin spokesman said: "Our engineers have been working overnight to assess the damage and even though we won t be able to make a full repair until the pile is removed, we are working on a temporary fix to restore services to local customers.Sky reported this morning that engineers are currently removing debris so cable restoration work can continue.Any customers who have contacted us with a loss of service will be eligible for a refund, as set out in their contracts - said Virgin.— justin bramwell @justpan June 15, 2016Huge @virginmedia outage in south London since mid afternoon.Also dangerously close to me contacting Ofcom about lack of info/updates.
ITV and Sky have invested in eSports specialist Ginx TV to launch a rebranded 24-hour eSports channel that will reach 37 million households across the UK and Ireland.Formerly known as Ginx TV and exclusive to Virign Media, the partnership - which sees ITV and Sky take minority stakes in the company - will see the channel launched on Sky TV and rebranded to GINX eSports TV.This, the companies involved claim, is designed to bring eSports to a wider audience, and includes partnership with companies including Valve, Riot, Activision, Gfinity, and others.Complementing online streaming, with an entertainment-led approach, the launch on Sky and the rebrand across all our 37 million households allows us to help new audiences discover eSports and hopefully gives core fans a fresh perspective,' claimed Michiel Bakker, Ginx TV chief executive officer, of the deal.'I am also delighted about the prospect of Sky and ITV joining our shareholder roster, it goes without saying that the combined media footprint and expertise of both presents a significant opportunity for us to make a bigger impact, faster.'GINX eSports TV is to launch on Sky channel 470 on the 23rd of June, and will retain its existing position as channel 290 on Virgin Media.
Something positive was salvaged from the crash at cloud biz Outsourcery - 100 employees have transferred with the business in a pre-pack sale to new owners GCI Network Solutions.Sam Woodward, partner at EY, said the pace of revenue growth at AIM-listed Outsourcery was - as readers know - below expectations and this led to trading losses and cash flow pressures .Woodward added: We were able to secure a sale of the majority of the Outsourcery business to GCI Network Solutions Limited immediately following administration, which presents an excellent outcome for the business, preserves approximately 100 jobs and provides continuity of service for its customers.He made no mention of trade creditors or shareholders, who are likely to take a bath from their backing of Outsourcery, which sells infrastructure services, is a Microsoft Gold partner and Virgin Media buddy.Co-founder and co-CEO Piers Linney was on the panel of Dragons' Den for one series and he sat on the government s SME advisory board without having sold anything to the public sector.Still, he isn t the only Dragon who caused shareholders sleepless nights: back in 2014, irascible TV nasty boy Peter Jones took Expansys private for 0.65 pence per share, four years or so after investors stumped up 5.6 pence per share in a placement.
Virgin Media parent Liberty Global donates £700,000 to remain but says it may reconsider future network investments if UK votes out at EU referendumVirgin Media s parent Liberty Global says future investment in its UK network could be jeopardised if the UK votes to leave the EU next week, but its current £3 billion Project Lightning expansion is not at risk.Speaking to the Financial Times, Liberty Global CEO Mike Fries said a Brexit would cause unnecessary political, regulatory and economic uncertainty that could result in UK consumer and businesses spending less on communications services.And now it is has put its money where its mouth is in the EU debate.Virgin Media EUVirgin Media fibre optic broadband mapLiberty Global shareholders have approved a £700,000 donation to the Remain campaign, one of the largest made by the corporate sector.It is expected that Project Lightning will increase Virgin s footprint from 12.9 million homes and businesses today to 17 million by 2019.Virgin Media CEO Tom Mockridge has also sent an email to the company s 14,000 employees urging them to vote remain next week, as has his counterpart at BT, Gavin Patterson.
The increase in tax is decided by the Valuation Office Agency, which sets rates for all businesses accessing land.It is understood the rates were reviewed a couple of months ago and all those who had to pay were notified individually.Virgin Media recently pledged to invest £3bn in expanding its superfast network to serve four million premises.Brigitte Trafford, chief corporate affairs officer at Virgin Media said: The Valuation Office Agency s proposed quadrupling of the rates Virgin Media pays on its network assets is a real kick in the cabinets at a time when ministers are calling for more investment in broadband – a call we are answering to the tune of £3bn.The Secretary General of the Internet Services Providers' Association ISPA also criticised the plans: ISPA members are investing heavily in rolling out networks and delivering the connectivity UK homes and businesses need, and the VOA needs to recognise that increasing charges makes this more difficult .It is clear that reforms to the rating system must be implemented urgently."
BDUK Chris Townsend says small business broadband remains a priority but there are no plans to allocate more money to super connected cities schemeThe CEO of Broadband Delivery UK BDUK has insisted that delivering better broadband to small businesses is a priority but said there are no plans to extend the Super Connected Cities voucher scheme that was suspended last year.BDUK is forbidden from intervening in urban areas due to EU state aid restrictions and the voucher scheme, which offered grants of up to £3,000 for the installation of superfast broadband, helped 55,000 SMBs in broadband notspots .SMB BroadbandBirmingham Shutterstock Feraru NicolaeHowever given that SMBs account for 99.9 percent of the 1.3 million employing firms in the UK, according to the Federation of Small Businesses FSB it was suggested at a Westminster eForum that many small and medium businesses have been left out.But with all the work with local bodies and devolved governments we re doing all we can to target business parks and other areas.One of the most amazing facts I ve learned in my travels is the amount of employment that comes through SMBs.However following legal challenges from ISPs, this was watered down to a voucher scheme, although the Wi-Fi aspect has remained unaffected, with BT and Virgin Media building wireless infrastructure for city councils.
WATCH: Here's how to view today's big matchThere's another big afternoon of football ahead as Group D leaders Croatia take on the Czech Republic.Fans can watch the game on TV or via the BBC iPlayer app on their iPhone, iPad or Android devices.BBC iPlayer is also available on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, BT Vision, Chromecast, EE TV, FreeSat, Freeview, NOW TV, Nvidia Shield, Roku, Sky HD, Sky Q, Talk Talk TV, Virgin Media and YouView.Charlotte Jackson, the WAG of Chris Coleman football manager and former player who is the current manager of the Wales national teamIf you're steaming the match over Wi-Fi you shouldn't face any extra chargers but it's worth noting that watching the game over your mobile signal could be costly.Carphone Warehouse recently revealed that each game uses around 750MB of data.So unless you have a rare unlimited package we'd find some Wi-FiFinally, it's worth noting that you'll need a valid TV Licence if you watch or record live programmes as it is a criminal offence in the UK to watch live television without one.