(North Carolina State University) New technologies allow users to do things like race their real bikes against other real people in a virtual world, and a new study outlines what motivates people to use these online platforms. The findings offer insights for future iterations of these technologies -- and how to market them.
Fun 3D puzzles for children offer not only fun entertainment but also provide children the chance to work hand-in-hand with something physical, in the flesh, rather than just the small virtual world that arises on their computer screens.Again, a reminder to children that with some effort, time, thought, and practice they can easily solve a simple puzzle or construct an even more complex object out of several pieces of one-pieces plastic on their desktops.Most 3D puzzles are designed to be solved within the shortest amount of time (within about two minutes on average) and then often include bonus sections where the child must match a shape with a matching color.Puzzles may also include obstacle courses where the child must maneuver a vehicle or other object through a series of mazes.Some fun examples include the following:This 3d puzzles require the player to put together three or four pieces that are put together in order to form a square.The kid must move all of the pieces carefully and follow the instructions given.This is a fun 3d puzzle for young children and is one of the easier ones to complete.
A character in Population: One. | Image: BigBox VR Facebook has acquired yet another developer of a popular virtual reality game, announcing on Friday that BigBox VR, makers of the battle royale VR title Population: One, will be joining Oculus Studios. “POP: ONE stormed onto the VR scene just nine months ago and has consistently ranked as one the top-performing titles on the Oculus platform, bringing together up to 24 people at a time to connect, play, and compete in a virtual world,” Mike Verdu, the VP of content at Facebook Reality Labs, wrote in a blog post. “And while social is bringing players into POP: ONE, the quirky humor, continual updates, and pure fun of the environment keeps them coming back time and time again — we’ve even seen players scheduling time to meet in-game for a... Continue reading…
Artificial Intelligence has changed the face of businesses today.By easing out operations, management processes, and data services, it promises to speed up the convenience of each brand.As a result, companies can focus better on their productivity and leverage their resources without enough hindrance.Artificial intelligence blended with digital transformation is a lethal combination.It can do precisely what electricity has been doing to our life for decades.Yes, that is how significant it is to the virtual world.If you still do not understand why Artificial intelligence experience is the future of transformational growth, read this article until the end.Let us find out more about artificial intelligence for business now!Learn more at AI Experience
This week in content marketing, we reveal which words earn eye rolls from journalists, explore new event-promotion features on LinkedIn, and get inspired by a brand that has created a whole new (virtual) world. Continue reading → The post 20 Words Journalists Loathe (and More of This Week’s Content Marketing Stories) appeared first on Content Marketing Institute.
This article will showcase the best Ui/Ux design trends to follow in 2021.The world has grown at a fast pace but the virtual world has grown at an exponential rate.Globalisation has increased the options and seasoned the people to venture into new designs at every turn.https://appsmaventech.com/blog/best-ui-ux-design-trends-to-follow-in-2021
Virtual world environment day ideas for remote employees is an idea to engage remote employees in various healthy environment promote activitieshttps://www.sosparty.io/booster/activities/hobby-club/diy-gardening-workshop-online-activity-ideas-for-employees
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Virtual world environment day activities is an event to engage your remote employees in various environment-friendly activities, by which work-from-home employees can come closer to the environment.
Virtual reality services is a way to create a computer-generated environment that immerses the user into a virtual world, the VR simulation in which a person can interact within a three-dimensional artificial environment using electronic sensor devices.When users use a VR headset it takes to a simulated set-up making and it’s completely detached from the original surroundings.Virtual Augmented Reality solutions for different industries:Virtual Reality app for HospitalVirtual Reality app in EducationVirtual Reality app for TrainingVirtual Reality Game DevelopmentVirtual Reality app for Real Estate
Mobile gaming continues to be big business, especially in the past year or so when people around the world were mostly forced indoors and onto the virtual world due to the pandemic. Despite its popularity, however, some franchises and big names in the gaming industry are still absent from that space. Sony’s PlayStation has long been a holdout from direct … Continue reading
Retail and e-commerce are popular and fast-growing industries that utilize the complete benefits of Augmented and Virtual Reality in the market.A report from Statistica states that Augmented Reality (AR) in Retail will be equal to $80 billion by the next year it seems!The possible and best outcomes of this technology are here to help businesses with offering real-time experience to an intuitive virtual world that allows customers to experience a completely different world which they require!Augmented and Virtual Reality are here to change the Retail and E-commerce industry to a greater level.Explore this blog to know more on this.Learn more at AR and VR Use Cases.
Augmented Reality (AR) is one such technological marvels that hold the massive potential to transform both human experiences and business operations.Augmented reality creates a totally new kind of environment using everyday devices such as smartphones or tablets, thereby blurring the lines between the physical and the virtual world.To be precise, AR enhances the real-world environment around us by incorporating virtual objects within the real environment.Augmented reality is a crucial driver for both tech and business.Estimates suggest that by 2021, AR will become a $215 billion industry, with the total market revenue growing at an estimated CAGR of 73%.According to industry experts, a major share of the revenue will accrue to gaming, healthcare, education, and retail industries.So, it is safe to assume that augmented reality for businesses is going to be the next big thing.Today, businesses have already started leveraging AR technology.Here’s how:Object Visualization for Enhanced Shopping ExperienceBoth online and offline retailers can create an enhanced shopping experience for their consumers simply by converting a smartphone or a tablet into an AR platform.Using AR, a student or a trainee can grasp concepts much more elaborately unlike the real-world scenario.According to Brian Blau, a Gartner research director, with AR, “You can practice it over and over again.
Google's Android 12 software has technically been around for a while — since February, in fact, when its first developer preview release plopped out into this musty virtual world. This week, though, we're getting our clearest look yet at what Google's next great Android version is actually all about.At a jam-packed online I/O convention, Google officially pulled back the curtain on Android 12 with the launch of its first public beta offering. And goodness gracious, is there a lot to digest about what's changing with this saucy little operating system of ours.To read this article in full, please click here
WordPress has made website building and running far easier and cheaper than ever.Like a brick-n-mortar business, a website is an outlet that exists on the virtual world of the web.Unfortunately, I was among many who never have realized the fact mentioned above before jumping on the creation of a WordPress website for my solopreneur adventure.I was happy after building my website and publishing it using a 3rd party hosting service.Some weeks have passed peacefully, and I realized a minor error on the site.As a power user, I have found out that it was due to major updates of the platform, theme, and plugins.Being a power user, I have updated everything, sparing some time from my ongoing online profession.Read More
As the world goes digital, you can't risk being left behind, particularly when running a business.Better, modern technology goes a long way in makings sure you save on time while also increasing productivity.One technology that seems to be attracting the attention of both small and established businesses is virtual reality.However, you need to rely on the best service providers to have a remarkable experience while you interact with the 3D virtual world.To help you through your hiring decision, you should start by examining the services they have in store for clients.Thus, they should offer a wide range of services, including customized VR solutions or applications, VR rental, VR filming, VR streaming, to mention a few.
Photo illustration by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images If you’re hoping to turn a dollar on that extremely explicit hentai you picked up in college, you won’t be selling it on eBay. As first noticed by Adult Video News, eBay is banning the sale of most sexually explicit materials starting June 15, 2021. Everyone has a different definition of what constitutes “sexually explicit” and eBay’s is extremely PG. While the policy is confusing in that it appears to conflate nudity and sexually explicit content, it carefully defines nudity as “showing any part of male or female genitalia, anus, or female breasts where the areola or nipple is visible.” It goes on to say that those same bits don’t get a pass if they’re covered by see-through material or confined by tight clothing. The policy also... Continue reading…
Ever fancied exploring the depths of an erupting volcano? Or perhaps you’d prefer to float around in space in the shape of a mythical creature – well, if your imagination can take you there, so can a virtual reality artist.New technologies have developed quickly over the past decade but VR, as it’s commonly known, is still in its infancy.The possibilities for the future are endless and it’s not just for gamers – anyone can now visit museums and live festivals, and hang out with friends in avatar shape – all with the help of super reliable broadband such as Sky Broadband Superfast.We ask three experts in the field what they love about VR, how they use tech to fuel their passion for storytelling and what it’s really like to put on a headset and transport your mind.  Don’t worry, your body stays put.‘VR lets you visit worlds that only exist in your mind’Having studied and worked as a 3D animator, Rosie Summers from Leeds first fell in love with VR five years ago. The 25-year-old’s passion for storytelling actually began in fine art but thanks to technology and reliable broadband, she has been able to branch out into a new artform.“I used to specialise in painting emotional oil portraits but yearned for more movement in my work and that’s when I started working in animation,” she says.“Through that, I naturally found VR. It’s a mindblowing tool for any storyteller because you can defy gravity and visit new worlds that otherwise only exist in your mind.“But it’s crucial that I have fast broadband; it’s a lifeline for me because it allows people to join in regardless of where they are and it helps me expand my audience. Rosie hosts live shows that combine dance and VR – where she performs for viewers while wearing a headset against a green screen that will display the virtual world that she’s in.“It’s almost like a webinar or Zoom chat,” she says. “Through the power of the internet, people online can immerse themselves in other dimensions.“I use a lot of technical equipment too, like high-powered PC headsets and programmes to create the lighting and colours for my VR environment.”Rosie’s inspiration comes from her surroundings, especially nature. She also loves space and often incorporates that in her work. The VR artist has designed everything from fantastical universes to forest scenes and galactic art, as well as unique characters.Her latest project ‘Blood Speaks’, is a powerful story created by Indian transmedia artist and activist Poulomi Basu, which explores normalised violence that women face around the world surrounding periods. It is centered around a girl called Maya, who forms a bond with a local British Indian teenager and together they reveal hidden modes of patriarchy.“Maya rises up like an almighty phoenix, full of strength and the powers of the universe – she’s a superhero,” Rosie says. “This is the fundamental beauty of VR, it lets you immerse yourself in a different culture in a way that other art can’t.“And it’s not as difficult as many people think. I don’t code or anything like that – I’m strictly an artist who is utilising digital mediums to showcase my work.“You are actually living in that lens and that’s what I love about it,” explains the passionate storyteller.‘You’re no longer looking at a painting – you’re exploring its entire universe’Quentin Darras is new to the world of VR. The passionate 3D animator co-created his first design last year, after winning a £20,000 grant through an initiative called Creative XR, run by Digital Catapult and Arts Council England. And it’s all about art, quite literally; but moved into a digital space with the help of reliable broadband and high-powered software.Dubbed (Hi)Story of a Painting, each episode of the five-part series revolves around a famous painting, such as George Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.“I fell into VR and it has changed the way I view art,” says Quentin, 33, who is originally from Paris but moved to London in 2009. “You still have to tell a story so the job is pretty much the same as 3D animation, but I had to take a crash course in how to design in a 360-degree space.“You’re no longer looking at a painting – you’re exploring its entire universe, which is fantastic.”Quentin, who has worked with brands such as Nintendo and Lego, was originally set to be a doctor.“I was in medical school and I hated it,” he says. “After failing my degree, I joined a VFX start-up and my passion grew from there.“The great thing about VR is that it’s accessible to everyone; you can just go on the internet, get the programmes you need for free and get creative.”But having the right tools is essential to the artist’s process. Alongside the latest VR kit, having reliable broadband, such as Sky Broadband Superfast, is essential.“Everything I do takes place on a computer; not just the designing, but the research and writing. I need constant access to information,” Quentin adds.Despite some challenges, he has no regrets about leaving his medical career behind.“I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it is I love most about VR,” he says. “All I know is that it brings me so much happiness.“To do my job, I just need good broadband, tea, at least one sketch book and a good computer.“It may not be very romantic but it’s very important – and with it, I’m able to create incredible art.”‘You could be an animal, have six legs or explore the inside of a volcano’Anrick Bregman is an old hand at storytelling, having worked as a creative director since 2007, before moving into VR in 2014.He specialises in artistic interpretation of factual stories, such as turning documentaries and news into virtual experiences that users can immerse themselves in – and he is a big champion for the internet.“The web used to have a huge amount of creativity applied to it; we use a browser every day for email, maps and Facebook but we must not forget that it’s also an experimental storytelling tool,” he says.“Decades ago, we were limited on what we could do – like when downloading photos would take hours – but thanks to reliable broadband, we no longer have those limitations.“Now, your browser is a place where anything can happen and VR feels like the next frontier.“One of my favourite projects was a story about a refugee crossing the Mediterranean, based on a short story by Khaleid Hosseini, author of A Thousand Splendid Suns.“This intersection of the written word translated into a virtual reality appeals to me – it’s very powerful.”A more recent project involves the recreation of a mysterious place built in Greenland during the 1960s, which no longer exists. Even if it did, the area is freezing and virtually inaccessible to human beings.But in a virtual world, anything is possible. “You could be an animal, have six legs, travel in time, explore the inside of a volcano or go into space,” says Anrick.If you’ve never tried VR and are curious about what it feels like, Anrick, who is Dutch but moved to London 20 years ago, offers some insight.“It’s definitely awkward in the beginning and some people get nauseous,” he says.“Others become very aware of the furniture around them and worry about falling over, but you get used to the sensation very quickly.”While VR requires you to wear a headset that disconnects you from the world you’re physically in, it’s still a very sociable experience – and it’s only possible thanks to reliable broadband. “A present day misconception is that VR is a single player version of a games console, but that’s not the case,” Anrick says. “Shared spaces like DJ sets and festivals, or even conferences, offer a different side to this medium.“Just last week, I was inside the Greenland exhibition as my avatar, talking to a ‘room’ of other people – some of whom were in Copenhagen and Aarhus.”“I have two VR headsets, one low-end and one high-end, because the experiences are very different. The Oculus Quest 2, is wireless, so the internet is again crucial.“Additionally, you could expand with all kinds of interesting add-ons and specialist software, like body-tracking or lip reading, which makes your avatar match your real body inside VR more accurately.”Once all the elements are in place, the rest is up to you… and reliable broadband connection.When tech and passionate creativity combine the results can be out of this world. Find out how super reliable Sky Broadband Superfast could help fuel your passion. 
New capabilities, such as on-the-spot customization, watch options at home, and interactive marketing campaigns provide new experiences that cannot be delivered by brick-and-mortar stores or traditional online stores.Grand View Research predicts the total market for augmented reality to be worth $ 340 billion in 2028.What the Province of Google Glass and Pokémon Go had become the mainstream.How do businesses use AR?Augmented Reality combines real and virtual world experiences into new events.Customers only choose goods from the IKEA catalog and then use their cellphone camera to see how it will be seen in their homes.Every Zenni customer can be carded through dozens of glasses frames in various colors, colors, and materials to see which couples fit their faces and styles.Sally did the same thing, but with nail polish.
We openly regard online personal training as option fitness training among people who can't physically go to a gym or fitness center.Get additional info about personal training onlineIt truly is understood that the demand of receiving fit and living healthy is rapidly gaining its recognition.Online fitness clientele spread the great words about how online fitness training work.But for those individuals, who know nothing at all but about how it functions, you will be capable to understand it right now!Online Personal Training House GuidelinesRule 1: Statement of Fitness Problems and TargetsIn a virtual world, the only means of communication is either by phone or email.Of course, most online fitness clients favor email and Skype.This really is important amongst personal trainers, mainly because they will check, at their end, what kind of online training services that would match for you.Rule 2: Virtual Fitness Consultation can be a need to!If you are interested to attempt online personal training, you will be needed to follow virtual fitness consultation.