In simple terms, it’s client-side web development done through coding languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.It differs from back end development which covers databases and everything else that goes behind the scenes.Who is a front end developer?They focus on implementing the layout and navigation of a website, including the way it appears differently on a phone or tablet.Some of their roles and responsibilities are:Deciding web design and structureDeveloping features for better user experienceImplementing brand-consistent techniquesFixing usability issuesMonitoring website performanceBalancing aesthetics with functionalityBuilding reusable code that’s future-proofOptimising page for speed and scalabilityCollaborating with the web development teamStudying and using various markup languagesWhat skills are needed to be a front end developer?Now that you know what front end development entails, let’s focus on the skills you must cultivate.Expect some pressure on the job as you’ll have to make modifications within a limited time.You also need to communicate well with the project manager, back end developer, and UX/UI designers to properly build and deploy the site.DedicationProjects aren’t completed overnight.They allow you to create from a blank canvas or modify existing templates.HTML provides the structure while CSS is used to style the visual layout.
As of early 2021, it has 689 million global active users.Here are a few TikTok tips to help you go about it.Grab people’s attentionHere’s the most crucial of all TikTok tips here: Capture people’s attention during the first 2-3 three seconds of your video.Lean into the different trends shown on the page, specifically the songs.Even if a trending song doesn’t make sense for your video, you can still add it and move its volume to zero.If you have content that’ll take longer to explain, break it up into smaller pieces.In terms of TikTok tips, this is essential: Instead of having one long piece of content that’s a minute long, it’s better to have four installments that are only 15 seconds short.Experiment with your contentDifferent types of content work for different channels.Since you’re an expert on your own type of business, you can start making this type of content to educate your audience about your industry and services.And when you do this, use #learnontiktok and at least four more relevant hashtags to get more easily found on the network.Follow the right people and be activeThe “right” people to follow on TikTok will depend on you and your business.Maybe it’s the influencers who fit your personality, the people in your industry, the content creators you want to emulate, or simply the accounts that inspire you.Make sure you also like their content and leave some comments.Create your content on the fly and you’ll eventually see some traction.Be yourselfShow your natural personality when making a TikTok video; that’s what will appeal to your audience.
The worst-case scenario is making a mistake that costs hundreds or even thousands of revenue.This means you won’t have to pay for their health benefits, vacation leaves, income taxes, and the like.They spread these costs across their client base to minimize the overhead per employer.They redirect time for operationsOutsourcing the accounting to a virtual accountant frees you from the monotony of reviewing taxes and managing accounts.With proper financial management, you may even acquire other SMEs in the years to come.They provide real-time reportingWith traditional accounting services, your accountant is available only during office hours.Requesting for changes is a long process then.You may ask your virtual accountant in the Philippines for your financial reports whenever you need them and through any device.Sometimes, they work with a team who take over for them when they’re on leave.They leverage relevant technologyAs we’ve mentioned before, hiring a virtual accountant means your data are accurate and timely.
Grammatical errors reduce the trustworthiness and clarity of your content.They give the impression that you lack professionalism and your employer is sloppy.They also distract readers so they’re unable to focus on the message.Good writing is both readable and welcoming.It isn’t full of misused terms or misplaced punctuation marks.Tools like Grammarly are helpful for honing your writing skills.ResearchA good copywriter in the Philippines knows the customers’ needs and problems as well as their employer’s products and services.The Blog Ideas Generator from HubSpot, for instance, generates headlines based on the nouns or keywords you provide.BrevityWhen making the first draft, write down everything you want to include in the article.
Fortunately, there are a few ways to get around that.Here are a few tips on how to get more referrals for your small business without really asking for it.Give away gift cards for new customersAfter or selling your product or completing your service with a customer, send them a thank you package that includes:A handwritten thank you noteA small token (e.g.$10 discount)The gift card should be clear that they’re only for new customers.This enables existing customers to introduce you to other people.At the same time, your customers get something to give away for free.Best of all, this is a way for you to get more referrals without asking for referrals.Offer a new customers discount via emailBuilding off on the physical gift cards idea, you can email existing clients after they buy your product or service.In the email, you thank them and give them a discount for new customers.Say something to the effect of:“As a thanks, we wanted to provide you with a free gift that you can share with your friends and family, and it’s a new customer discount!Just forward this email along to anybody who might be interested in our products or services and we’ll honour this new customer discount.This email will give more customers an opportunity to share while helping out friends or family.It’s essentially a free gift card, but without the physical component.Share the gift card on social mediaThis uses the same gift card idea for new customers, except you share it on your company’s social media.
From overseeing ad campaigns to providing customer service, it’s not something to pass off to an intern or treat as a side task.Using platforms with such a big reach means making a mistake results in horrible consequences too.This often backfires as they don’t realize how much work goes into social media management.Pick a social media marketing manager who knows where you want to go with your profiles then take you there.Maybe you want to take a direct marketing approach and track your ROI for each network.Weigh the pros and cons for the direction you’re planning to take so you’re prepared for any risks.Set goals for new hiresIt helps to have 3 levels of success for your marketing goals, and these are:Minimum – enough to keep things going e.g.100 new Facebook shares each monthMiddle – good enough where you might consider expanding the projectHigh – great enough to justify going on other platforms, adding more ad campaigns, and so onSocial media marketing is hard to predict sometimes.For instance, you may learn that Twitter isn’t effective for generating leads but Instagram is.Prepare for the costsSocial media assistants aren’t something you want to be cheap about.
Success as a freelance virtual assistant doesn’t happen overnight.It requires a lot of hard work, strategic positioning, and good timing.Remember to include your regular expenses and savings in your computations so your net income won’t be in the negative.Also, study what the average rate is for a virtual assistant freelance contract by:Asking your friends and co-workers how much they pay freelancers.Asking your peers how much they charge for their services.Asking recruiters how much freelancers ask for in your field.Have you been working as a VA for over 5 years?Identify what you’re good at or what you’re most knowledgeable in and focus on that.“What is my ideal project?”Consider if you prefer retainer, long-term, or short-term projects then market yourself according to this.Prospects must be able to understand what you offer within a few seconds of visiting your bio.#3 – Build a portfolioA professional portfolio is a must-have when you’re in a creative niche like content creation or graphic design.For example, JournoPortfolio is great for writers while Wix is better for designers.Go for varietyThere’s no need to include everything you’ve worked on in the past.
We may already be halfway through 2021, but it’s never too late or to early to evaluate your small business marketing.Here are several strategies you can try.Update your content strategyWhen talking about content, remember that Google is always changing their algorithm: How it shows up in the results page, what pages are ranking, why they’re ranking, and who sees them.So if you’ve been using the same content strategy for years, now is a good time to change it.don’t be boring).A podcast can be helpful to your small business marketing because you get to demonstrate your expertise in your niche.Plus, you get to educate your audience, and an educated audience is a better customer.Moreover, this gives you a great opportunity to showcase your brand, who you are, the person behind the company.Revamp your email marketingEmail is incredibly effective for small businesses, especially those who want to reach their customers.Or its schedule?For best results, do some testing.Find out what days work best for you.Or perhaps it’s during weekends.Just make sure your emails are displayed well on mobile, because increasingly more people are using their phones for every aspect of their lives, especially email.
Today marks the halfway mark of 2021.This also means it’s time for another installment of Thank You Workmate, our monthly employee recognition program.For June, we recognise Dan, an Alarm Response Associate for a U.S.-based technology firm.His main responsibility is to keep track of alerts and compile reservations on a daily basis.Dan’s client is clearly pleased with his output, and had this to say:Dan has come onto the team and made an impact right away.He made our documentation easier to use, completed training in the shortest time yet, and keeps looking for ways to improve.Congratulations for the recognition, Dan.You’re terrific.How Dan gets good outcomesHere’s what Dan did to thrive in his role:I have learned to never stop acquiring knowledge for the benefit of the team.I was able to apply my know-how in Excel, making it easier to find the necessary information.I shared some VLookup function as well to easily identify the organisation, guest name, and the corresponding contact number by providing the property name from the alerts.Delegate to high performersIf you’re looking to add a talent like Dan to your organisation, team up with Remote Workmate today.
Concerns related to management and marketing are crucial yet repetitive, which is why they’re often overlooked.Hiring a virtual admin assistant lets you focus on more important aspects of your company as they deal with such routine work for you.Hiring an administrative virtual assistant1 – Make expectations clearBe specific with your needs.Anyway, a good VA will help you figure out what assignments to give them or what areas to focus on.2 – List preferred qualitiesLike with any other hire, make sure the virtual assistant candidate has the qualities you’re looking for.Ask them to elaborate what their contributions were and how they handled any mistakes they made.3 – Determine desired skillsLook at the tasks you plan to assign to your VA to know what skill-set your ideal candidate must have.Do they have to send out invoices to clients?Remember to be realistic though.Consider which skills are mandatory and which are highly preferred but you can do without.For instance, if they’ll mainly be handling your Facebook page, it might be fine if they don’t have knowledge of Quickbooks.4 – Keep communications openUnlike a full-time employee, your virtual assistant cannot visit your cubicle or poke their seatmate to get answers.
We search every major news website for major Philippine stories to keep you updated about what’s happening in this corner of the globe.Here are some of the top headlines from this fourth week of May 2021.Lenient lockdown in Metro Manila likely Credit: The Manila Times The mayors of Metro Manila proposed the further easing of quarantine restrictions in June 2021, and President Rodrigo Duterte is likely to approve it.Benjamin Abalos Jr., chairman of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, said that the mayors agreed on May 26 to propose to President Duterte the opening of more businesses and increasing the allowable limit for religious gatherings and establishments in the region.The intertropical convergence zone is affecting Mindanao while easterlies is affecting Luzon and the Visayas, weather specialist Raymond Ordinario told the TeleRadyo radio station.Long way to go: Months after rollout, PH reaches 1M full vaccinations Credit: Rappler Since launching its mass coronavirus vaccine campaign on March 1, the Philippines tallied over one million people who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
The right team makes all the difference to the success of a company, especially with a startup.When it comes to hiring, you’ve likely come across the terms “recruiter” and “headhunter” a few times.Some people think they’re the same thing but they’re actually distinct roles.Understanding the differences between them is an important aspect of talent acquisition.What are headhunters?Headhunters tend to leave a negative impression on job seekers, mostly because people don’t understand their role in the hiring process.While they’re associated with executive or senior positions, they fill roles of all levels as well.They’re often used as a last resort, i.e.Some consider themselves as all-rounders, where they work with all kinds of businesses to fill a variety of roles.Others, as previously mentioned, specialise in a certain area, be it an industry, geographic location, level, position type, or search type.What are these search types?Sometimes, headhunters categorise themselves according to how they want to be compensated.There’s also a guarantee period that the new employee has to stay in the company for the hiring to be considered valid.The terms of a contingency contract vary according to the headhunter.The most important ones are:Placement fees – a percentage of annual salary or a fixed feePlacement terms – temporary, permanent, part-time, or full-timeGuarantee period – usually 3 to 6 monthsGuarantee type – refund or replacement candidateRetained searchUnlike a contingent search, a headhunter receives upfront payment before they begin recruiting.
Besides that, recruitment tactics and trends are always changing as employers get smarter at sourcing candidates.Your initial hires set the bar for your company culture in the coming years.Thus, it’s important to hire a diverse group of people with the right skill set and attitude.They give you an advantage over established businesses when sourcing human capital.They know your businessOne of the most crucial recruitment specialist skills is being well-versed in the technical and personal requirements for the roles you have open.They choose people to remedy any gaps in your team and place them where their experience is best utilised.They have wider reachSometimes, the top people are too busy to look for a new role, or they ruled themselves out of your network.They cultivate strong relationships with employees so they can spread the word more efficiently.They have access to people from all over the world in every field thanks to their large talent pool.You won’t have to waste time interviewing someone who isn’t qualified, so you can concentrate on running and growing your startup.They help employer brandingDeveloping and marketing a brand needs time, money, and consistency.
We scour the major news outlets for notable Philippine stories to keep you informed about what’s happening on this side of the world.Here are some of the top headlines from this third week of May 2021.13 staycation hotels open to NCR Plus tourists; Airbnb bookings still prohibitedOver a dozen accredited staycation hotels in Metro Manila are allowed to accommodate guests aged 18 to 65 from the NCR Plus, the Department of Tourism said on May 20.Allowed to operate are:Grand Hyatt HotelOkada Manila HotelShangri-la at the FortNobu HotelJoy Nostalg Hotel & Suites ManilaEDSA Shangri-la ManilaSolaire ResortHyatt Regency and Nuwa Hotel of City of DreamsThe Peninsula ManilaAruga by RockwellSheraton Manila HotelHilton Manila83% of OFWs still jobless 3 months after returning homeCredit: George Calvelo via ABS-CBN NewsMonths after returning home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 80% of Filipino migrant workers were still unemployed, the UN’s migration agency said in a report released on May 20.The report showed that 83% of the 8,332 OFWs, who were interviewed by the UN agency from September to December 2020, were still searching for a job three months after coming back to the Philippines.PBA scrimmages still barred in NCR plusCredit: The Manila TimesTeams from the Philippine Basketball Association, as well as clubs from other professional leagues, are still not allowed to hold training in the National Capital Region plus.Games and Amusements Boards chairman Baham Mitra made the announcement, citing a clarification his office received from the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases.DBCC cuts 2021 growth projection to 6 to 7%Credit: BusinessMirrorThe government’s economic team slashed its 2021 growth projection for the Philippine economy to 6-7% from its previous range of 6.5-7.5%, due to reimposed strict lockdown measures in the National Capital Region Plus where COVID-19 cases surged.The Cabinet-level Development Budget Coordination Committee also downgraded its growth projection for the country’s GDP next year to 7-9%, down from its previous forecast of 8-10% in DBCC’s December meeting.DOH: Over 786,000 fully vaccinated against COVID-19Credit: GMA News OnlineThe Philippines has fully vaccinated 786,528 individuals against COVID-19 as of May 18, over two and a half months since the launch of its inoculation campaign, the Department of Health said on May 19.Health Undersecretary Myrna Cabotaje said a total of 3,299,470 doses have been administered across 1,129 active vaccination sites.Duterte signs DITO franchise; good for 25 yearsCredit: BusinessMirrorNew telecommunication player DITO Telecommunity will now be able to operate in the next two decades.This after President Duterte finally signed Republic Act No.11537, which extended the franchise to Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company Inc., now known as DITO, by another 25 years.Globe Telecom inks $100-M loan to finance capexCredit: CNN PhilippinesGlobe Telecom secured $100 million in debt financing to help fund its 2021 spending.The telco told the local bourse on May 17 that it inked the loan facility with Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited.“The loan shall be used to finance the company’s capital expenditures,” Globe said in a disclosure.Daily COVID-19 cases in NCR now down to less than 1,500The National Capital Region has posted a 27% decrease in COVID-19 cases, with daily cases in the region logging less than 1,500 cases in the past week, a team of researchers reported on May 17.“The average new COVID-19 cases per day in the NCR decreased by 27% to 1,479 for the period from May 10 to 16, 2021,” OCTA said in its report.Cebu City opens new vaccination siteCredit: Amper Campaña via SunStarThe Cebu City Government has started inoculating individuals who belong to the priority sectors using the Pfizer vaccine.The ceremonial inoculation of the Pfizer vaccine was held at the University of Cebu Senior High School Private Campus located along J. Alcantara Street on May 17.
So, what about when you have to hire a recruitment specialist?You know as well as we do that you must never choose an applicant based on how good they look on paper.Ideally, they possess specific traits like curiosity and tenacity, plus communication and organisation skills.Asking the right things during the screening process is crucial in hiring great recruiters who’ll pay for themselves and contribute to your company’s long-term success.The following interview questions will help you determine who the stand-out candidates are.Your recruitment specialist must understand the importance of building relationships digitally.They know best where to search for prospects and what to expect.Even if they aren’t well-versed, consider if they’re familiar with job aggregators, applicant tracking systems, human capital management software, recruitment CRMs, talent intelligence systems, interviewing tools, and testing and assessment software.“How is your relationship with previous hiring managers?”The 2017 Recruiter Nation Report reveals that one of the most valuable metrics for tracking recruiting success is hiring manager satisfaction.This means the recruitment specialist and hiring manager have to work as partners.Have them walk you through their relationship with their last hiring manager.It’s better to have a person who won’t agree to a dictatorship.“What is your retention rate for new employees?”Perhaps you need your recruiter to fill in several roles as soon as they’re hired.
To keep you updated about what’s happening on this corner of the globe, we search the internet for notable Philippine stories.Here are some of the top headlines from this second week of May 2021.COVID-19 variant from India now in the Philippines — DOHCredit: Philippine Daily InquirerThe COVID-19 variant first detected in India is now here in the Philippines.Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire said in an online press briefing on May 11 that the B.1.617 variant was detected from two individuals in the country following genome sequencing.Philippines and Malaysia log GDP falls as COVID waves blur outlookCredit: Nikkei AsiaThe Philippine economy contracted by 4.2% on the year in Q1 2021, extending its recession to a fifth straight quarter, while Malaysia’s shrank 0.5% as both countries battle waves of COVID-19.The latest figures come as Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin aim for growth targets of up to 7.5% this year.But after a pandemic-marred 2020, the persistence of the coronavirus is fogging the outlook.Philippines joins ASEAN cross-border investing frameworkCredit: Philippine Daily InquirerPhilippine investment companies can now offer eligible funds to retail investors in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand as their counterparts in these countries can pitch investment products to the local market, boosting cross-border investment flow in the Southeast Asian region.This as the Securities and Exchange Commission became the newest signatory to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Collective Investment Schemes Framework, an initiative to facilitate cross-border product access and fund distribution for investors and issuers.NCR Plus eases to GCQ ‘with heightened restrictions’ from May 15-31Credit: Niño Jesus Orbeta via Philippine Daily InquirerThe so-called NCR Plus comprising Metro Manila, Rizal, Bulacan, Cavite, and Laguna will be downgraded to general community quarantine (GCQ) starting May 15 until May 30, Malacañang announced on May 13.In a taped meeting with President Rodrigo Duterte, presidential spokesperson Harry Roque however noted that this is going to be a GCQ “with heightened restrictions.”Philippines: ‘Stricter’ border controls sought for passengers from Middle EastCredit: Jay Hilotin via Gulf NewsStricter border control measures were sought for passengers coming from the Middle East as the Philippines recorded two cases of the B.1.617 coronavirus “variant”, Philippine Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said on May 12.Duque also said his agency will recommend the fresh travel curbs.Crising weakens further, as it traverses MindanaoCredit: ABS-CBN NewsTropical depression Crising weakened further, as it traversed Mindanao, state weather bureau PAGASA said on May 14.The state weather bureau, in its 5 am weather bulletin, said Crising weakened further as it neared the Pantaron Mountain Range.Philippines adds Oman, UAE in travel ban; extends curbs until May 31The Philippines has expanded its travel restriction to Oman and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as it extended the enforcement of all existing curbs until May 31.In a statement on May 13, presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said travelers from Oman and the UAE are barred from entering the Philippines starting May 15 until the end of the month.CategoriesClient, Misc, NewsPost navigationWhy Your Firm Needs a Recruitment and Retention Specialist
They believe that replacing their best people is easy, especially in this global economy where there’s no shortage of human capital.How wrong they are!Great businesses understand the value of a recruitment and retention specialist.With one, they don’t have to constantly replace workers because they prioritise keeping the ones they have.What is employee retention?Employee retention is your company’s ability to convince your workers to stay.Here’s why:Turnover rates are increasingSeparation rates vary by occupation, location, and industry but LinkedIn reveals in a 2018 survey that it’s over 10% worldwide.Mercer states that the national average for total separations was 20% in the US.This number is expected to rise as over 50% of employees in North America plan to look for a new role in 2021.People want new opportunitiesThe 2021 Pulse of Talent by Ceridian states that 67% of the workforce in the US, New Zealand, Australia, UK, and Canada are open to new career opportunities.The same report shows that 30% are willing to consider a new job if approached.A recent Retention Report by Work Institute also discloses that over 37% of hires leave their employer within a year.For example:Indeed charges anywhere from 10 cents to 5 USD per click even if a job seeker doesn’t submit an application.ZipRecruiter runs on a subscription model with prices starting at 249 USD per month.Hiring is a complicated processThere are numerous steps involved in filling just a single position.
Whether you like it or not, the people you hire will eventually shape the future of your business.Your recruiter has to:Search for prospects.Screen them.Arrange interviews with candidates.Narrow down the candidate pool.Match them to roles you have open.But no matter how well they prepare for the recruitment process, the tiny details sometimes go awry.Yes, recruiters are human so it’s normal to make mistakes.The problem is that these small faux pas are what might lead you to lose a valuable applicant.Addison Group reports that 40% of candidates lose interest if they don’t hear from a hiring manager within a week.It’ll be harder to establish a good relationship with them from the start.Solution: Map out key steps in the recruitment process, including candidate sourcing, initial phone screening, and interviews.Next, assign a time frame for each step, making sure to provide leeway for issues like personal emergencies or busy schedules.During the first call, recruiters must walk applicants through the timeline and inform them when they can expect to receive feedback.
We look high and low for major Philippine stories to keep you updated about what’s happening on this side of the world.Here are some of the top headlines from this first week of May 2021.PAGASA: Metro Manila heat index could hit 38.2 degrees CelsiusThe Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration on May 7 said the heat index or human-perceived temperature in Metro Manila could reach to 38.2 degrees Celsius.A high heat index could also be felt in the Dagupan station (39 degrees), Laoag (39.1 degrees) and Sangley (39.6 degrees).Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines may arrive in Philippines in MayCredit: RapplerIs the long wait for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine finally over?An initial delivery of 193,000 doses of the vaccine may arrive on May 11, said vaccine czar Carlito Galvez Jr on May 5, during a meeting with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.COVID vaccine applications for commercial distribution possible by 2021: FDACredit: Mark Demayo via ABS-CBN NewsApplications for the commercial distribution of COVID-19 vaccines could come as early as next year, the Food and Drug Administration said on May 6.The Philippines has so far only granted emergency use authorization to vaccine candidates of 7 drugmakers:Pfizer-BioNTechOxford-AstraZenecaGamaleya InstituteSinovac BiotechJohnson & JohnsonBharat BiotechModernaMagnitude 5.1 quake jolts Davao del SurCredit: ABS-CBN NewsA magnitude-5.1 earthquake rocked Davao del Sur on Thursday afternoon, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology said.The tremor, which happened 8 kilometres southwest of Magsaysay town at 2:24 p.m., was tectonic in origin and had a depth of 17 kilometres.Unemployment eases in March; 3.44 million Filipinos joblessCredit: George Calvelo via ABS-CBN NewsUnemployment eased in March to 7.1% compared to the previous month, the state statistics bureau said on May 6.According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, the unemployment level is equivalent to 3.44 million jobless Filipinos for the month.Inflation steady at 4.5% in April within gov’t expectationCredit: JL Javier via CNN PhilippinesThe pace of increase in prices of basic goods was unchanged at 4.5% in April, the same as in March, as the government reimposed the strictest lockdown restrictions over the Greater Manila area.Data from the Philippine Statistics Authority showed inflation settled at 4.5% for the month, the same as that posted in March, but quicker than 2.2% a year ago.Meet the freaky fanged frog from the PhilippinesCredit: Phys.orgResearchers at the University of Kansas have described a new species of fanged frog discovered in the Philippines.The species is nearly indistinguishable from those on a neighboring island except for its unique mating call and key differences in its genome.CategoriesClient, Misc, NewsPost navigationWhy Your Firm Badly Needs a Recruitment Marketing Specialist
Not only is it a talent acquisition strategy but also a growing career for remote professionals.How is it different from traditional marketing?While it does use modern marketing techniques, recruitment marketing is for finding quality candidates through email, mobile, social, and search rather than promoting your brand commercially.Traditional marketingRecruitment marketingWhenGenerating leadsAttracting applicantsWhyBrand awarenessEmployer brandWhoMarketing teamHR teamHowPromotional activitiesRecruitment activitiesHow is it different from regular recruiting?Despite the similar terminology, recruitment marketing is different from recruiting.A recruiter partners with hiring managers to hire qualified candidates.Employer branding improves your company’s reputation as a place to work among existing and future employees.Employer brandingRecruitment marketingWhenAfter identifying employer identityAfter defining employer brandWhyFixing and improving the workplaceTelling your story to future workersWhoEmployer, HR, marketing teamRecruitment marketing specialistHowReputation built by employees and candidates to their networksAction plans for communicating the company storyWhy do you need recruitment marketing?Acquiring the right talent for your company is harder than ever.An extensive report by organisational consulting firm Korn Ferry reveals that by 2030, more than 85 million jobs might be unfilled due to the lack of skilled people to take them.The solution isn’t to spam job boards with your listings.