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United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres criticized the G7 leaders' plan this week, saying "we need more than that."
China's big tech vow to up tech investment to keep up with post-pandemic trends—including changing government priorities and a wave of new regulation.
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Having cleared all its regulatory hurdles, the UK’s new converged telco is full of ambition, but going toe-to-toe with BT will be very expensive.
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HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Prices and availability subject to change.If you’re wondering whether the past year of in-and-out lockdowns has aged you, you’re not alone. Sure, we all are a year older – and perhaps a bit wiser – but there may be another reason you aren’t looking as fresh as you once thought: so-called “lockdown face”.And it’s no fault of your own. A year spent cooped up indoors, a lack of vitamin D, poor sleep, staring at screens, and even that cranked-up heating through the long winter has left us with dry skin, puffy eyes, and maybe even breakouts.When the topic of “lockdown face” came up on a HuffPost UK Zoom call, many of us could relate. We pondered why our faces, at times, looked a little off – especially when we were all in a video meeting at 8.30am each morning. Dr Hiba Injibar, consultant dermatologist and founder of Dermasurge, tells HuffPost UK the issue of ‘lockdown face’ is “fairly common” at the moment. “Many people believe that the absence of vitamin D, lengthy enforced periods of heating and permanently looking at our computers or televisions has had a detrimental effect on our complexions and general skin health,” she explains. Injibar says people are complaining about breakouts due to stress – whether that’s homeschooling, work pressures or general anxiety.“This kind of stress can cause a corticotrophin-releasing hormone to drive up the skin’s oil production, which can cause spots,” she says. “And for the same reason, many of my patients have complained their skin looks older since Covid hit… that their key ‘wrinkle areas’ of around the eyes, the forehead and lips are far more beset with fine lines. In some people, an excess of alcohol has had a damaging effect – it dehydrates and makes your skin duller and less ‘plump’.”Dr Injibar’s advice is to drink plenty of water, sleep more, exercise and reduce your screen time. “Up your vitamin D with some time outdoors (always remembering your SPF) and eat fish or seafood rich in vitamin D,” she adds.In terms of skincare, she advises to cleanse morning and night using products that are non-comedogenic (ie. that don’t block your pores) and to try salicylic-acid cleansers for any breakouts. Prompt enough for us to try some products – five to be exact, handpicked for their well-rated reviews online – to see if they made any difference to “lockdown face”. We tried them over the course of three days minimum – some for up to a week – to see if we could see any difference. Did the products actually work – or just feel nice?Brightening serumThe Ordinary Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% 30m, £8.90 Reviewed by: Rachel Moss, Life reporter“The Ordinary’s brightening serum is designed to wake up the skin and reduce signs of ageing, but the forehead wrinkles I’ve acquired during lockdown are still alive and well after three weeks, yes weeks, of application. The skin across my face does feel slightly tighter and marginally more hydrated, but there’s little visible difference. My face is also left feeling a tad sticky and shiny after use – my boyfriend asks whether the same result could be achieved with PVA glue.“A bit harsh, I think, and important to note there’s plenty of positive reviews online from other people, even if it doesn’t hit the spot for me personally. One plus, is that it hasn’t actually irritated my eczema-prone skin at all. For under a tenner, it’s also decent value for money as you only use a tiny amount of liquid on each application. Still, I wouldn’t personally buy it again.” 2/5Sheet mask111Skin Sub-Zero De-Puffing Energy Facial Mask, £20Reviewed by: Amy Packham, Life editor “Puffy eyes during morning meetings have been starting to get on my nerves – I felt like I didn’t look like myself. This sheet mask aims to tackle the problem: it promises a ‘refined appearance’, leaving skin ‘invigorated and refreshed’, while reducing signs of puffiness and fatigue. I first use the mask in the evening, after staying indoors all day (it happens). It’s so soft and gloopy, and easy to put on and mould across my face. It’s cooling, then warm and even tingly in places. I happily leave it on for the 20 minutes, then pat my skin when I take it off.“Is there much of a difference? There’s a glowy dew to my skin, it’s incredibly soft, and I notice – right under my eyes – the once, slightly greasy patches look a little.. smoother? My face feels alive and alert, simply because it’s been cooled for a while. When I use it in the morning, before my work meeting, I appreciate the benefits more – mainly because it makes my tired face feel more awake. I’m left with a slight shine, which feels better than my usual appearance. Can I notice a world of difference? Not hugely. But it’s a treat and felt amazing.” 3/5  Jade rollerBeauty Bay, Jade Facial Roller, £9.60Reviewed by: Angela Hui, Life reporter“Lockdown has aged me horribly. I keep looking at before and after photos of myself from the start of the pandemic to now. So, in the hope of looking less Michelin Man, I turn to the ancient Chinese practice of Jade rolling. “I’ve heard rave reviews, but am sceptical about its claims to reduce facial tension and aid lymphatic drainage. You’re meant to store the dual-ended facial massage tool in the fridge before use and as soon as my skin comes in contact with the roller, I yelp in anticipation of how cold it’s going to be.  But it’s soothing and strangely relaxing. I close my eyes and pretend I’m standing on a Fox’s glacier mint, while someone is stroking my face. Used with the SkinHit Protecting Serum with it, it helps my skin drink and soak up the product.“After a few days, my face does feel both tighter and silkier, though I’m not sure it’s doing its job yet to reduce puffiness. There’s a lot of rolling involved – and by the end of my daily skincare regime, my right arm is pathetically trying to hold itself up. But with the words of Limp Bizkit in my head, I vow to keep rollin’, rollin’. Hey, I might even get a hench right arm from it, too. Win, win.” 3/5Eye CreamVichy Minéral 89 Eyes with Hyaluronic Acid + Caffeine 15ml, £15Reviewed by: Adam Bloodworth, features writer“I love the nourishing sensation I get when I use eye serums, and this one from Vichy definitely makes the skin around my eyes feel great. The idea is that the product smooths and brightens the eye area and while there is a little darkness still lurking after a few days’ use, I don’t expect miracles.“My eyes definitely look fresher and smoother and less like I’ve not left my lockdown setup in forever, so that’s a big win, especially as I start making more social plans. But as ever with these products, the fun is really in the routine of applying it, which feels luxurious. For £15, I suspect this serum – in a cute little blue bottle – will provide me with a satisfying morning and evening routine for a good few months, with or without perfect results.” 4/5Facial OilVirgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil (Drunk Elephant), £61Reviewed by: Tasha Hinde, Life reporter“At six months’ pregnant, I’ve been waiting for that pregnancy glow to kick in for a while now. Reader: I’m still waiting. The past year has taken a toll on my face – my forehead is dryer than the desert and more pronounced frown lines have appeared between my eyebrows. Recently, I moved to a hard water area and found my skin was even drier than normal. My everyday moisturiser wasn’t doing the trick on its own anymore.“I’ve been trialling this facial oil for over a week now and noticed a difference, but only when I’m wearing it – if I give my face a day off, I’m back to square one. The oil is described as “rehab for your skin” – rich in antioxidants and omegas 6 and 9, it’s meant to “nourish and balance” your skin “while restoring a youthful glow”. I wouldn’t say I’m glowing, but my flakey face is a little more dewy. My cheeks have a nice sheen to them (they were very ‘matte’ before).“The only issue is my forehead, which was the reason I wanted the extra help in the first place. When I apply my moisturiser and the oil, small spots appear. The oil does the trick on the rest of my face, leaving it feeling smooth and like I’ve had a facial. At £61, it’s expensive but I can see the appeal. As for my lockdown face, it’s looking much better – but I’m still on a quest for something that’ll quench my problematic forehead without causing a breakout.” 4/5Related...The 4 Ways Lockdown Has Messed With Your Eye Health39 Painfully Relatable Tweets About Early Pandemic NostalgiaWhy Is Boris Johnson Playing Down The Vaccine Impact?Long Queues Form For Surge Testing In London After South African Variant Found
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Sherry will be hosting a session on this topic at Boost on April 15th — along with Uber’s Eugenie Teasley. Secure your ticket now. Until recently, my entire career had been spent in the tech industry. From the inside, leadership led a rallying cry that told employees they weren’t just there building software — they were making the world better. These ideas would often be delivered through a corporate purpose, a corporate responsibility statement, or sometimes they would be simplified down to a vow to put customers ahead of (or at least next to) shareholders.  As an employee, these grand… This story continues at The Next Web
A staff nurse who held a phone to the ear of a dying patient on a Covid ward so he could say goodbye to his family has blasted the government for its “pitiful” 1% pay increase.Alex Oldham told HuffPost UK that the NHS has had the “year from hell” and that he backed proposals for strike action in response to the gesture.Oldham, who works in Bristol, said: “We’ve been working through a year-long pandemic where at times we’ve had nurses wearing binbags for PPE, there’s been 850 NHS workers who have died of Covid.“Yes, we’ve had nice things like Clap for Carers on Thursdays, and when ministers have given praise and kind words, but we now know those words are hollow and not worth anything.”The main nurses’ union is to set up a £35m industrial action fund in response to the government’s recommendation.The council of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) made the decision amid growing anger over the pay of health staff who have been under unprecedented pressure during the coronavirus crisis.Dozens of healthcare workers have also been tweeting their disgust at the proposal.PPE Selfies were so last wave. But I’m more tired, more worn out and even more deflated after today’s news of a measly 1% pay rise for NHS Staff. I hope @theRCN make it clear in their statement, that we will no longer accept this rubbish treatment— Sam W (@SamAWillc) March 4, 2021I'm a senior (band 6) Nurse.A 1% pay rise only puts an extra £6 in my pocket each week, which doesn't even cover how much I get charged for parking at work.— Callum Bell (@Callum_Bell8) March 4, 2021Unite, which represents tens of thousands of NHS workers, is also warning of industrial action. Some of the hardships endured by NHS workers have seen using foodbanks, moving out of family homes to live closer to the hospitals and cover staff sick leave and living in complete isolation in order to protect their families.A survey of RCN members last year revealed that more than one in three were thinking of leaving the profession, with many citing pay as the main reason.Oldham said: “Strike action, in whatever form that may be might have to be the only option, obviously with patient safety carefully considered.”When asked if he was tempted to leave, Oldham replied: “It does make me consider. There are other avenues to earning more money – like being an agency nurse, but that just doesn’t sing with my values. I like the ethos of the NHS, I like how it all works and the goodwill of it. But we can’t keep running on empty.”Callum Bell, who returned to nursing during the pandemic after a stint as a community organiser with the Labour Party, says the pay rise makes clap for carers “feel like a ruse”.Bell, who works on a mental health ward in the north east, told HuffPost UK: “Clap for carers was beautiful. It was so nice to finally see an acknowledgement for the work we do and the risks we take on a day-to-day basis. But that now feels like it was just a ruse to keep public support on board.  The actual value they put on us - 1% - feels like an utter slap in the face. “I’m bloody proud to be a nurse, I worked hard and I want other people to come into nursing, but frankly, why would you for this money?”Bell, who is in band 6, will see his wage increase by £6 a week under the proposal. He said: “What can you get for £6 these days?”Downing Street has defended the figure, saying it was what was “affordable” and Health Minister Nadine Dorries has said she was “pleasantly surprised” at the proposal.Oldham said he was reminded of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s vow to lead a government of substance, not gestures, adding: “Here we are, really not seeing any substance. Even as a gesture it’s pretty pitiful.“The government also have a pledge for wanting to put an extra 50,000 nurses on the wards by the end of their term in government, but how are they going to achieve that when they are offering, in terms of retention and appealing to people, a £3.50 a week pay rise?“That’s an extra cup of coffee. That’s what that equates to, that’s the reality. And we also have to think about the human cost of the nurses on the frontline. I’ve held a phone to the ear of a dying patient, to their relatives who are crying on the phone because they can’t come in and see them.“This pandemic will ripple for years to come because of the PTSD that nurses and many other NHS workers will suffer. It’s a real insult, I’m absolutely fuming. “This request for a pay rise is not driven by greed. This is driven by the fact we are exhausted. We are on our knees and we are fed up of being treated like this. We want a substantial pay rise to put food on the table, pay the mortgage and pay for childcare.”Related...1% NHS Staff Pay Rise Is ‘Most We Think We Can Afford’ Nadine Dorries Says'I've Never Seen Such Sadness': Doctors' Burden Of Watching Daily Tragedies, Then Going Home To Lockdown
Healing Couples Retreat are increasingly becoming popular worldwide.They have become the solution of people who are afraid to commit because of their fears of commitment.A marriage-bootcamp is basically a retreat or seminar designed specifically for married couples wherein both parties walk away from their marriage and hold hands in a circle and vow not to go back to the other person.It can be held in just about any country, as well as in some states of the United States.The concept of marriage boot camps came into being in the 1970s when it was realized that many couples in unsatisfying marriages were not even willing to make changes in their relationship.These couples, many of whom were coming from traditional Western families where marriage is almost seen as a religious obligation, slowly started to move towards a more liberalized point of view, which included a greater degree of divorce.This, coupled with the lack of education in this particular era about the nature of marriage, led to what we have today's marriage boot camps.Marriage-boot camps differ from counseling sessions in that they focus more on practical tips on how to improve one's relationship.
The family of Captain Sir Tom Moore have paid tribute to the veteran and NHS charity fundraiser at his funeral, saying his “message and his spirit lives on”.Sir Tom’s coffin, draped in a union flag, was carried to the crematorium on Saturday by soldiers from the Yorkshire Regiment while a Second World War-era C-47 Dakota performed a flypast.This was followed by a firing party of 14 each firing three rounds in unison before a small service got under way.The service, at Bedford Crematorium, was attended by eight members of Sir Tom’s immediate family – his two daughters Hannah Ingram-Moore and Lucy Teixeira, four grandchildren and his sons-in-law – all wearing masks.It opened with the charity single Sir Tom recorded with Michael Ball and the NHS Voices of Care Choir, You’ll Never Walk Alone, which reached number one in the UK singles charts in April last year.His daughter then paid tribute to Sir Tom, who captured the hearts of the nation with his fundraising efforts during the first coronavirus lockdown when he walked 100 laps of his Bedfordshire garden before his 100th birthday, raising more than £32 million for the NHS.Teixeira, 52, said: “Daddy, you always told us ‘best foot forward’ and true to your word that’s what you did last year, raising a fortune for the NHS and walking your way into the nation’s hearts.”She added: “Daddy, I am so proud of you, what you achieved your whole life and especially in the last year.“You may be gone but your message and your spirit lives on.”Ingram-Moore said that the world had become “enthralled” by her father’s spirit of hope, positivity and resilience, describing Sir Tom as a “beacon of light and hope to the world.” She added: “We are so proud of the way you handled everything that happened.“We have been so close as a family before this but we were thrust even closer together as the world became enthralled by your spirit of hope, positivity and resilience.“They too saw your belief in kindness and the fundamental goodness of the human spirit.”Sir Tom died at Bedford Hospital on February 2 after testing positive for Covid-19.His funeral cortege set off from his home in Marston Moretaine at 11.30am on Saturday.A number of special items were placed on Sir Tom’s coffin, including a replica of his service cap from the Second World War, a wreath from the Yorkshire Regiment, his campaign medals, including the Burma Star, and his knighthood medal stitched on to a cushion.There was also a specially-commissioned sword engraved with the motto of the Yorkshire Regiment on one side – “Fortune favours the brave” – and his own personal motto, “Tomorrow will be a good day”, on the other.Singer Michael Buble recorded a version of the song Smile which was played at the funeral, while other music included The White Cliffs Of Dover by Dame Vera Lynn, I Vow To Thee My Country by Alife Boe and My Way by Frank Sinatra.Members of the public were asked to stay at home and not attend the funeral, but many thousands of people have signed an online book of condolence instead.In acknowledgement of his fundraising, Sir Tom was knighted by the Queen during a unique open-air ceremony at Windsor Castle in summer 2020.His 100th birthday celebrations last year included a Spitfire flypast and he was photographed punching the air as it went past.The fundraiser served with the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment during the Second World War. The regiment later merged with two others from Yorkshire, becoming the Yorkshire Regiment, and Sir Tom was made an honorary colonel last August.A bugler sounded The Last Post at the end of the private service.Six representatives from the Army Foundation College in Harrogate, where Sir Tom was made an honorary colonel, also formed a ceremonial guard.There are plans to plant trees around the world in his honour, with Ms Teixeira hoping the Trees for Tom initiative will result in a wood in his home county of Yorkshire and the reforestation of part of India, where he served during the Second World War.Sir Tom asked that his epitaph reads: “I told you I was old”, in reference to comedian Spike Milligan’s famous epitaph: “I told you I was ill.”Once Covid-19 restrictions permit, the family will inter Sir Tom’s ashes in Yorkshire, with his parents and grandparents in the Moore family plot.Related...Old Captain, Our Captain: Why Sir Tom Moore Mattered To So Many Of UsOpinion: Want To Honour Captain Tom? Fight For A Properly-Funded NHS
Xinhua/Joel Lerner via Getty Images General Motors, an automotive company that sells hundreds of thousands of giant gas-guzzling trucks and SUVs every year, says it will be carbon neutral by 2040. The company says it will achieve this goal by “removing emissions from all our products, including every vehicle we produce, and all of our global operations in the next twenty years.” And when removing those emissions aren’t possible, GM says it will purchase carbon credits to offset the pollution for which it is responsible. Notably, though, GM wouldn’t commit to ending its sale of gas-powered vehicles within its targeted time frame. The announcement comes a day after President Joe Biden signed a series of executive orders aimed at combating climate change. The new... Continue reading…
According to a report from automotive market research firm, JD Power, most electric vehicle (EV) drivers vow to never return to combustion engines. Good. JD Power says that 82% of EV early adopters “definitely will” consider buying another electric vehicle. However, it seems drivers aren’t totally loyal to the brand of their current EV, and overall satisfaction matters when it comes to their next purchase decision. [Read: How Netflix shapes mainstream culture, explained by data] It seems that drivers are making purchase decisions mostly on range, and availability of chargers. Factors like driving enjoyment, vehicle quality, and cost savings fall… This story continues at The Next Web
US stock futures rose while the dollar fell ahead of testimony from Treasury Secretary nominee Janet Yellen, who will vow to "go big" on stimulus.