(The Translational Genomics Research Institute) This knowledge could help researchers design new diagnostics, evaluate the healing powers of convalescent plasma, develop new therapeutic treatments, and -- importantly -- help design future vaccines or monoclonal antibody therapies capable of protecting against mutations that may occur in the COVID-19 virus. The findings could help explain the widely varying reactions COVID-19 patients have to the disease.
Two months ago Dr. James Phillips rebuked President Trump's decision to greet supporters in a sealed car while infected with the coronavirus.
Birx was widely seen as too accommodating to Trump but got sidelined anyway.
Twitter flagged Trump's tweet for violating its rules about "spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19."
Donald Trump has declared himself “immune” from the coronavirus, nearly one week after leaving Walter Reed hospital where he was being treated for Covid-19.“It seems like I’m immune,” the US president said in an interview with Fox News.“It looks like I’m immune for, I don’t know, maybe a long time or maybe a short time. It could be a lifetime. Nobody really knows. But I’m immune. So the president is in very good shape.”He added: “I have to tell you, I feel fantastically. I really feel good.“And I even feel good by the fact that, you know, the word immunity means something — having really a protective glow means something.“I think it’s very important to have that, to have that is a very important thing.”Trump begins his second interview with Maria Bartiromo in the last four days by claiming he's "immune" from Covid pic.twitter.com/FdghrIvxqS— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) October 11, 2020 Though scientists believe patients who recover from Covid-19 have some immunity, how much and for how long has not yet been determined.Recorded reinfections have been rare so far, but very few diseases leave people completely immune for life, reported The Associated Press.Trump’s comments came after his physician, Sean Conley, released a brief statement declaring Trump no longer poses a risk of transmitting the coronavirus to others.Conley, however, did not state in his memo whether Trump has tested negative for the virus. “By currently recognised standards,” Trump is “no longer considered a transmission risk to others,” noted the unsigned statement by White House physician Dr. Sean Conley.He added the “assortment of advanced diagnostic tests obtained reveal there is no longer evidence of actively replicating virus”.Melissa Miller, a clinical microbiologist at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, told the New York Times that no test can definitively show if a person at the end of a coronavirus infection is still contagious and poses a risk to others.The White House has been extraordinarily tight-lipped about the exact nature of Trump’s illness and recovery.It remains unclear when the president contracted coronavirus. The White House has refused to reveal when Trump last tested negative.Trump plans to resume his campaign rallies in the coming days.Related... White House Doctor Gives Trump The All-Clear But Questions Remain Donald Trump 'Wanted To Rip Open Shirt And Reveal Superman T-Shirt When Leaving Hospital' I'm More Afraid Of A Second Trump Term Than My Cancer Coming Back. Here's Why
Upon leaving the hospital, Trump would rip open a button-down dress shirt to reveal a t-shirt with the Superman logo.
"This thing could go either way," Trump said, according to New York Magazine's Intelligencer. "It's tricky. They told me it's tricky. You can tell it can go either way."
"Initially, I think they had some congestion in there, but ultimately it tested good, and with each day it got better," Trump said.
The Trump administration has consistently dodged questions on when Trump's last negative COVID-19 test was.
Political figures in Wales had some biting jabs for President Donald Trump after he retweeted a comment that bashed not only Democrat Joe Biden, but also its response to Covid-19. Mere days after his exit from Walter Reed Military Medical Center, Trump embarked on a Twitter storm Wednesday, retweeting conservative Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who has argued for a swift United States reopening.Ingraham had shared a BBC article describing rolling Covid-19 lockdowns in Wales, where coronavirus case numbers are rising, and claimed that they would become the norm in America under a Biden presidency:Welsh political figures wasted no time in criticising Trump’s retweet.Dr Frank Atherton, the chief medical officer for Wales, said Wednesday that he hoped “most people in Wales don’t take President Trump as their guide to how to deal with coronavirus.”The Chief Medical Officer for Wales says people in Wales should not take advice from President Trump on how to deal with coronavirus, after he said people should not be 'afraid' of the virus. pic.twitter.com/6Nfwnr6dA9— ITV Wales News (@ITVWales) October 7, 2020Other Welsh political figures soon chimed in.Rolling lockdowns in America would probably lead to “a lot less people dying,” said Sion Jobbins, co-founder and chair of the Wales independence group Yes Cymru, according to The Independent.“I’m actually surprised that Donald Trump has even heard of Wales,” Jobbins said, “and I’d be even more surprised if he has a detailed grasp of the situation here. I’m not convinced he’s got a detailed grasp of it in America, to be honest.”Meanwhile, Adam Price, leader of independence group Plaid Cymru, said that he looked forward to welcoming Biden as the next president of the United States, particularly since Biden’s hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, had been home to many Welsh immigrants over the years. “No country in the world is going to take public health lessons from President Trump,” Prince said, “and certainly not Wales, as the birthplace of the NHS which gave the world the model of a national health service.”As of Thursday, Wales has had 28,262 cases of COVID-19. The U.S., in contrast, has seen over 7 million cases. Related... Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Could Be Forced To Shield Again As Covid Spirals 'Out Of Control' Could A Second National Lockdown Be The Best Way To ‘Level Up’ The North And South? Exclusive: John McDonnell Calls For ‘Severe’ National Lockdown
Pelosi and Rep. Jamie Raskin plan to introduce a bill creating a panel to "help ensure effective and uninterrupted leadership" in the presidency.
As soon as an insect landed on the vice president's head Wednesday, Twitter collectively lost its mind.
The doctor's memo also noted that the president had detectable levels of antibodies, which are proteins the body creates to fight off the virus.
Trump may be nearing a crucial time in the course of his coronavirus infection in which cases can take a turn for the worse: day 10 of symptoms.
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images The Trump administration on Tuesday outlined new rules tightening restrictions placed on guest worker visa programs, including the H-1B program favored by tech industry firms. The rules tighten eligibility around foreign workers, so employers must meet more stringent criteria around the jobs they’re hiring for and how much they’re paying. That may make it harder for companies to sponsor H-1B visas and hire foreign workers as part of the annual lottery that awards 60,000 new slots every year, not including renewals for existing visa holders. The new rules follow a June order from President Donald Trump suspending a range of guest worker visa programs through the end of the year, with the White House citing domestic job losses during the... Continue reading…
The former aide to Mike Pence said White House staff she had spoken to were fearful for their lives after Trump returned to work on Monday.
President Trump tweeted "don't be afraid of COVID, don't let it dominate your life." Some survivors call the message dangerous and "deeply insulting."
At least two members of the US armed forces, who are assigned to the White House, have reportedly contracted the coronavirus.
I believe Donald J. Trump is the most dangerous person in the world. I believe he is also the most callous. What kind of a monster witnesses a pandemic kill over 210,000 people in just over eight months and then, after he himself contracts it from his own brazen carelessness and is given the best medical treatment available, has the gall to claim the rest of us shouldn’t “be afraid” of the disease or “let it dominate our lives”? It’s nothing short of a proverbial pissing on the graves of every American ― including my own father, Mark Urquiza ― who didn’t have the luxury to “Walter Reed and chill” and are now missing from the lives of the people who loved them.Adding insult to injury, the symptoms Trump is reported to have experienced before his trip to the hospital last weekend ― low-grade fever, fatigue, chills and cough ― are eerily similar to my dad’s own symptoms. But this is all that their stories have in common. Unlike the president, my dad, an essential worker in the manufacturing industry, was not admitted to the hospital out of an “abundance of caution” when he fell ill. Instead, my dad, like tens of thousands of others, was told, “go home and come back if you reach a point when you cannot breathe.” Each person who is sent home loses precious time to get ahead of the virus, rest their lungs and receive life-saving treatment. Each person who is sent home must wait and worry and hope that they do not die or infect their families.Trump, on the other hand, was admitted to Walter Reed just a day after testing positive for Covid-19 (that is, if we are to believe the suspicious timeline that the White House has laid out for us), where he received top-notch medical care, including experimental remedies not yet available to the public, as well as 24/7 monitoring from a large team of doctors and nurses. Unsatisfied with merely relishing the fortune of receiving those gifts and concentrating on healing so that he can continue (or perhaps finally start) to lead our country, he decided to leave the hospital for a joyride on Sunday night where he waved his at supporters from his hermetically sealed SUV, while potentially exposing the Secret Service detail with him to the virus. But Trump can do these sorts of things because he’s the president, and so, unlike the rest of us, not only does he get the best of everything, he gets to take the best of everything and then rub our faces in it and tell us that we shouldn’t be afraid of the very thing that is not only attacking and killing us and our families and friends, but has also turned our country upside down and destroyed so many lives — economically and socially too.Regular people, like my dad, who was a lifelong Republican and believed Trump and other GOP leaders who told him not to worry about Covid-19, didn’t have access to the same medical care that Trump (or the countless others in his administration who have now fallen sick) do. Now he’s dead. And he’s not alone.Trump can do these sorts of things because he’s the president, and so, unlike the rest of us, not only does he get the best of everything, he gets to take the best of everything and then rub our faces in it and tell us that we shouldn’t be afraid of the very thing that is not only attacking and killing us and our families and friends but has also turned our country upside down.Take, for example, Fiana Tulip’s mom, Isabelle Papadimitriou, who died on July 4, after battling Covid-19 for just one week. Isabelle was a health care worker and had spent nearly 30 years helping others breathe as a respiratory therapist. When she contracted Covid-19 from a patient she was working with, she didn’t have the luxury of a hospital because Texas’ system was overwhelmed.The level of care Trump is receiving was not available to Marcos Reyes’ dad, Juan Reyes, either, and he died on Sept. 4, after battling Covid-19 for several weeks. Juan was a Cuban refugee who endured torture in Cuba and escaped to the United States in the 1980s, where he became a citizen and proud member of the Republican Party. Juan, an independent and healthy 84-year-old, started feeling Covid-19 symptoms in August. He went into his Miami clinic for a test and was informed that he would receive his test results in 14 days. A week later, before the results had even returned, Juan was admitted to the hospital because he couldn’t breathe. Shortly thereafter, he was intubated and died.Isabelle, Juan, and my dad are among the 210,000 people and counting who have died from this virus. How many of them would be alive right now if they would have received even a fraction of the care the president or his cronies are receiving?What’s more, how many of those 210,000 would have never been infected in the first place if over the last nine months they had received smart, cautious, science-based information from their leaders instead of the sloppy, conflicting reports we’ve all had to try and pick apart in hopes of staying safe ― and alive? How many of those 210,000 would still be with us if this pandemic had not been turned into political fodder for these men and women who we have entrusted with protecting our lives and the lives of our families and friends? How many of those 210,000 would not have died if Trump and those who prop him up hadn’t done whatever they could to pretend that this deadly disease wasn’t a big deal so that they could keep the stock market soaring and could con us into reelecting him and his regime in November?But now it is clearer than ever before: If we reelect him, we are doomed.Don’t take my word for it. Scientists at Cornell University last week published a scathing body of research that concluded the single largest spreader of misinformation on Covid was none other than Donald Trump. This man has done whatever he can to downplay the devastation this pandemic can and will continue to cause and he does not seem to care how many of us die as long as he is president for another four years. He will continue to do whatever he can to make us believe that we are safe and shouldn’t worry ― that Covid-19 is “nothing to be afraid of” and shouldn’t “dominate” our lives ― even as he did the exact opposite of what he preached and admitted himself into the hospital for what was supposedly a very mild case of the disease.At this point, there is nothing I will be shocked by. In fact, I’m honestly waiting for the president to insist that my dad and anyone else who died from Covid-19 is “loser” or a “sucker,” in the same way he reportedly spoke about soldiers who went off to fight to protect our country. I mean, that’s really what he’s essentially already said, right? Covid-19 is nothing to be afraid of and so, if you are, you’re a chump and if you can’t beat it like he has, then you’re obviously not as tough as he is.It’s sick, and after everything we’ve been through ― so much of it at the hands of this madman and this administration ― we deserve so much better. How can someone go through this and come out on the other end with even less compassion than they had before? What is wrong with him and how many more people will die because he refuses to put humanity before party? Because he refuses to put humanity before himself?And it’s not over! We know that the president is still infectious at this point and should be quarantined for up to 14 more days to protect others from being infected ― just like I’m currently forced to do after being potentially being exposed to Covid-19 last week when I was in the same room as the president and first lady at the presidential debate. But, instead of putting others’ lives ahead of his own and staying put like he’s supposed to do, he took the aforementioned joyride and then, upon returning home from the hospital, took off his mask before entering the White House, thereby endangering anyone who came into contact with him there. I am frightened for the maids, cooks, janitors and maintenance people, most of whom I suspect are Black and people of color, who have no other option than to go to work in this unsafe environment. As I shared in my statement last Friday, this is beyond irresponsible. It is criminal. He knows he is putting lives in danger and he just doesn’t care.The Republicans don’t seem to care either. So, since no one else is going to clean up this mess as it continues to spread and defile our country, it’s up to all of us. I have already lost my dad to this disease ― and to the negligence and cruelty of the people who are supposed to care for and protect us ― and I refuse to lose more people that I love. I refuse to lose more of this country that I love. I refuse to lose more years of my life while our leaders play political games instead of following common sense and science. This disease has dominated my life. And I am scared. But I’m going to take my fear and try and turn it into something even more powerful: hope. And I hope you’ll join me.Kristin Urquiza is an activist and advocate. After her dad died from Covid-19 she co-founded Marked by COVID. This article first appeared on HuffPost Personal.Have a compelling personal story you want to tell? Find out what we’re looking for here, and pitch us on [email protected] from HuffPost UK Personal My Housemate Has Covid. The Rest Of Us Are Just Waiting In Fear Covid Killed My Wife Six Months Ago. We’re Still Learning How To Grieve Her Loss When Trump Went After Hunter Biden For His Addiction, He Went After Me Too
Photo by Win McNamee / Getty Images Facebook has removed a post where President Donald Trump falsely claimed the novel coronavirus was less deadly than an ordinary flu. Earlier today, Trump wrote on Facebook and Twitter that America had “learned to live with” the upcoming flu season, “just like we are learning to live with” COVID-19 — which, Trump incorrectly asserted, is “in most populations far less lethal!!!” Facebook confirmed to CNN that the post was removed for breaking its rules against COVID-19 misinformation. Twitter did not remove a tweet with the same message, but it added a warning label and restricted interactions with the post. As CNN reporter Donie O’Sullivan tweeted, Facebook has pledged to remove COVID-19 misinformation that can “contribute to imminent... Continue reading…