Four weeks later, his grisly fate was revealed.This case spawned a fearful rumor that tapped into the Satanic Panic of the 1980s, that cultists were planning to kidnap children for their rituals.The man who d convinced his followers to join in his madness—the bodies found at Rancho Santa Elena were just some of the casualties—was El Padrino, the Godfather his real identity: he was 26-year-old Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo , with help from 24-year-old Sara Aldrete, a.k.a.Rolling Stone s in-depth investigation of the case excellent reading if you re not faint of heart, as is this Texas Monthly take on the story quotes an anthropologist as calling Constanzo the Pied Piper of death.Costanzo had grown up in the Santería religion, but his beliefs had morphed into something far darker, of his own design, as he gained more power.Jouret, a doctor, was the face of the organization, delivering the lectures that—despite warning of the looming environmental apocalypse—were magnetic enough to attract new followers.
the car unions fear the government's new climate and energy strategy, to raise their own car use costs and the movement of the price in the first place.automobile association welcomes the government a new energy and climate strategy aims to reduce particular emissions from road the Same time, however, it is afraid of reform to raise their own car use price.the strategy, the goal is to get to transport at least 250 000 electric cars and 50 000 gas cars by 2030"When taking into account the climate impact, undertaken by the government of fuel and vehicle tax increases, planned toll and now used energy price level, so the horizon is all movement, and in particular private car use cost increases", the automobile association to write a newsletter.It is concerned about how this will affect the household activity-and corporate activity, as well as through Finnish livelihood and standard of living.
Russia is the biggest threat to international freedom order, assesses Us vice president Joe Biden in the last large-scale speech on Wednesday.He urged the united states to cooperate with Europe to oppose Vladimir Putin.Västyvä the vice president warned that Putin is trying to is likely to affect several European corridors elections in Europe this year.the Russian has been accused of meddling in the Us presidential election in which Trump was elected as the new president."president Putin under the power of Russia to use all means nakertaakin of the European integration project, to test the western division lines and to return to the sphere of influence of determine the policy," Biden said."Because in many countries in Europe, elections must take place this year, we should expect that Russia will continue to seek to get involved in the democratic process.
Us defense secretary Jim Mattis warned on Friday the North Korean nuclear weapons use and insurance at the same time the United states support a firm in South Korea.any attack on the united states or our allies we will be destroyed, and any use of nuclear weapons against him in reaction, which will be effective and withering , Mattis said the South Korean ministry of defense visit at the end.Mattis's comments come amid concerns that North Korea may be preparing a new missile test, which, in turn, could be a challenging thing to Donald Trump's new government, told Reuters news agency.North Korea against regular threats naapuvaltioonsa South Korea, which is, in turn, the United states allies.North Korea conducted more than 20 test launch of a missile last year as well as two nuclear test despite UN opposition and sanctions.North Korea will continue missile launches, his nuclear weapons programme development, as well as threatening behavior and rhetoric , Mattis said.
general radio journalist Susanne day breast is terminated by the company.the report, inter alia, the evening journal and the Finnish image magazine.SK:according to the day of the breast sent his colleagues an email in which he sends his critical regards to the house corresponding to the editor Atte Jääskelä."Sensuurisiat and hard lead are already known in Japan-deep.Was the broadcasting of the ethical guidelines to give a written warning and a dismissal threat Ruben still lots of mere prime minister Sipilä thinking of?you Stand still the argument behind that a total ban not deal with the prime minister Sipilä was justified, because Sipilä had been in practice for four days in yle in the headlines?
Jännitteeen increased on the Korean peninsula on Friday, told the economic newspaper the Financial Times.North Korea accused Us president Donald Trump "a vicious circle" development.the Country's deputy foreign minister Han Song Ryolta noted that North Korea could respond to U.s. reckless move "preventive strike".Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi warned in turn that konflkti the Korean peninsula may erupt "any minute now".He pointed out that the conflict broke out as the winner not be able to survive one.North Korea has made repeated nuclear tests, which have attracted international attention.
If I'm already at my computer, I'll do a quick Google search to see if I can find some info on the caller before they go to voicemail.WhoApp is a new app that specializes in finding out who is calling you.The call will be sent to WhoApp, who will dial back the number and show you information on who the caller is.If the caller is some form of telemarketer, they'll show a large warning shield, letting you know that you probably don't want to answer it.And since they appear to call the person back, that does make me think that there will be some issues, depending on the caller.There's no word on whether or not the company plans to bring it to Android devices.
Getting into the smart home hardware business, today Google debuted Google Home, a voice-activated home automation system, at the firm s annual developer s conference, Google I/O 2016.We ve had a few teasers over the last few months and Recode previously reported that Google has been working on a portable speaker containing a built-in voice-activated assistant for the whole family in a prototype called Chirp.Mario Queiroz, VP of product management, introduced Google Home, stating that it lets you enjoy music and entertainment, manage every day tasks and Ask Google what you what to do, via a voice assistant.Consumers will be able to request music in specific rooms or request multi-room playback.It ll not only answer your queries and organize your life, Google Home promises to connect your other smart home devices: lights, thermostat, switches and – of course – Google s own Nest devices, with Querioz predicting that in the future it will control things beyond the home, via the voice assistant function.Apple, Microsoft and Google all have voice-activated assistants, but up until now, they ve been limited to mobile devices.
Android Auto may be all about burying the car company's infotainment system under a familiar Android UI from your phone, but Hyundai is showing off a new, more seamless integration.In the vehicles with Android Auto that Hyundai has on the market, the only mention of the automaker you'll find is the "Return to Hyundai" button which takes you back to the native UI.That shows your most recent driving score, a figure calculated based on how economical you are, whether you slam on the brakes or slow smoothly, how aggressively you accelerate, and how long you leave the car running idle.That creates a geofenced zone outside of which, if the car is taken, you'll get a push-notification warning on your phone.First of all you need to have a newer version of Android Auto than is currently on the market; that's because the APIs Hyundai is relying upon aren't supported in the existing version.Though the car is connected - it has a built-in LTE modem - and can communicate things like your driving score and maintenance issues with the cloud, the custom menus won't show up in the Android Auto interface unless your phone is plugged in too.
The mobile wallet for Android-powered smartphones is opening for business in the UK — its first market outside the U.S. where it launched in September 2015 — starting out on NFC-enabled Android devices running KitKat 4.4 or later.Tap to pay big in the UKNotably, American Express is not yet included in the card types supported it s available in the U.S. though so watch this space .Google last week gave a preview to journalists and analysts to show how Android Pay works, using an Android handset to tap to buy coffee at Holborn Grind and to travel from Holborn Tube station.That might sound sensible if you re a risk-averse consumer or retailer; but fiddly and time-eating if you re someone who is always looking for ways to do things quicker.Normally the Oyster system that TfL uses just charges you for the maximum cost of a ride when this happens; but if you use Android Pay you ll now get a warning when you pass the machines to remind you if you forget.It s possibly a mark of how Google wanted to make sure it gets the experience right from the start, lest the public or regulators find any other reasons to scrutinize the company.
Swedish Radio warns: false article about the terrorist attacks on the Arlanda spreading malware. At noon today joined the Swedish Radio issued a warning about a fake news article that started to spread on the web. It is also alleged that the echo broadcast from the event. To click further into the article may cause the software with malware installed on your computer. Read also: Beware of old-school e-mail scam - "friends" asking you for money The Swedish Radio would stand behind the article is rejected, among other things through a Facebook Post in the public service company. In other words: Arlanda is under attack - not further spread the malicious link under any circumstances.
Swedish Radio warns: false article about the terrorist attacks on the Arlanda spreading malware. At noon today joined the Swedish Radio issued a warning about a fake news article that started to spread on the web. It is also alleged that the echo broadcast from the event. To click further into the article may cause the software with malware installed on your computer. Read also: Beware of old-school e-mail scam - "friends" asking you for money The Swedish Radio would stand behind the article is rejected, among other things through a Facebook Post in the public service company. In other words: Arlanda is under attack - not further spread the malicious link under any circumstances.
View photosMoreDirector Steven Spielberg poses on the red carpet as he arrives for the screening of the film "The BFG" Le Bon Gros Geant out of competition at the 69th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France, May 14, 2016.Another virtual reality film showing in Cannes is "Giant", whose director Milica Zec says the immersive experience means audiences can choose where they look and what they see.Zec and Darnell agree the technology still has a long way to go but virtual reality films will one day become the norm."I just hope it doesn't forget the story when it starts enveloping us in a world that we can see all around us and make our own choices of what to look at."In other signs that Cannes is embracing the new this year, it has also partly opened the door for streaming video giants, allowing Amazon to make its debut.It kicked off with Woody Allen's 'Cafe Society', one of five Amazon films selected.
View photosMoreRepublican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump poses for a photo after an interview with Reuters in his office in Trump Tower, in the Manhattan borough of New York City, U.S., May 17, 2016.In a Reuters interview, the New York billionaire said technology start-ups that had never earned a profit were able to sell shares at very high prices, likening the situation to the overheated stock market in 2007."I'm talking about companies that have never made any money, that have a bad concept and that are valued at billions of dollars, so here we go again," Trump said.Some startup founders rejected Trump's generalization that all companies are burning cash and overvalued; certainly many of them are, and in the last several months a correction has started to rectify years of exuberant investments."So far he has been saying dumb things but they seem to be getting dumber and dumber," Vivek Wadhwa, an entrepreneur and Stanford University fellow, told Reuters."There is nothing in his Trump's track record to show that he has been out here and met with any technology leaders and knows this industry and knows about innovation," said Aaron Ginn, co-founder of the Lincoln Initiative, a community that promotes libertarian and technology-friendly values.
With millions of Brits set to take the skies this summer the news of another tragic airline crash won't be reassuring to many.However, a number of recent accidents have been caused by pilots flying through extreme weather.Play VideoPlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration Time 0:00Loaded: 0%Progress: 0%Stream TypeLIVERemaining Time -0:00Playback Rate1ChaptersChapterssubtitles off, selectedSubtitlescaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedCaptionsFullscreenThis is a modal window.Sadly, not all airports have the same level of security.Metrojet Flight 9268 flying from Sharm el-Sheikh to Saint Petersburg is alleged to have be brought down by a bomb smuggled onboard by baggage handlers.Airline pilots have called for a clampdown on drones, warning of potential disaster after four separate near-miss incidents at UK airports were reported in a single monthDrones are banned near airports but these mini flying machines have been spotted getting too close for comfort.
For investors in Taiwan s $841 billion stock market, Tim Cook matters more than Tsai Ing-wen.While the ascension of independence-leaning Tsai to the presidency on Friday has sparked concern relations with China will deteriorate, JPMorgan Asset Management and BlackRock Inc. say the bigger risk is the slowdown in the global smartphone business.Apple reported its first quarterly sales decline in 13 years, with Chief Executive Officer Cook acknowledging on April 26 that -- nine years after the iPhone s game-changing debut -- the market had stopped growing.Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. both reported falling profit last quarter.Investor confidence in Taiwan s stock market reflects "export demand, and by far the dominant export demand factor is electronics and Apple in particular," said Howard Wang, Hong Kong-based head of greater China for JPMorgan Asset Management, which managed $1.7 trillion as of March 31.Pegatron Corp., which assembles iPhones, missed profit expectations and said April sales dived 16 percent.TSMC, one of the largest manufacturers of the application processors that are a mobile device s brains --- cut its 2016 smartphone demand forecast in April.In March, Chinese President Xi Jinping vowed to "resolutely contain Taiwan independence secessionist activities in any form," a warning to Tsai s incoming government.The Communist Party considers the island a province, even though it has been governed separately for more than 66 years, and reserves the right to use force to prevent it from moving toward formal independence."Taiwan having a government that s uninterested in unification with China is nothing new," Chou said, referring to two former presidents who leaned toward independence.She will focus on economic and social issues."
Stefan Ohlsson now give up the fight to get millions from the media starting lineup. He demanded damages and compensation for lost wages after having been fired. As Breakit recently could tell walked Växjö District Court entirely on Readlys line. Just over six months later he was fired without warning. At the same time brought Stefan Ohlsson, a power struggle - through nightly email to Readlys principal owner Joel Wikell - to remove the lead and instead have to take over the helm. Readly responded to Stefan Ohlsson's lawsuit by filing a large amount of emails to the court to prove that Stefan Ohlsson mismanaged their work and acted in bad faith.
The European Union, locked in a tax battle with the likes of Apple Inc. and McDonald s Corp., laid down the law in its bid to rein in governments that woo multinationals with special fiscal deals allowing them to reduce their fiscal liability by booking profits abroad.The European Commission, which can ban unfair tax advantages conferred to companies, outlined measures cutting member states ability to make rulings that lower the tax burden of foreign businesses.Thursday s publication, which sets out how the regulator will police state aid, sends a warning shot to corporations shifting profits, insisting that such transactions between subsidiaries should be based on market prices.Any deviation from the best estimate of a market-based outcome must be limited and proportionate, the document states.This applies to situations where there aren t any good comparable transactions in the real world given that profit-shifting can involve remunerating hard-to-quantify intellectual property rights held in a low-taxation country.The EU already showed its resolve last year when it ordered Starbucks Corp. to pay as much as 30 million euros $33 million in back taxes.The commission said a Dutch unit paid millions of euros to a U.K.-based arm of the company that isn t taxed in Britain in exchange for a technique to roast coffee beans.Exaggerated tax-deductible royalty payments for this technique allowed Seattle-based Starbucks to unfairly lower its Dutch taxes, it said.The new rules beef up the regulator s powers to limit the type of deals it s probing in Ireland concerning Apple and Luxembourg s arrangements with companies such as Inc. and McDonald s.The iPhone maker s tax agreements with Ireland were criticized as unfair by EU regulators who said the deals were improperly designed to give Apple a financial boost in exchange for jobs in the country.The methods used to determine profit allocation to two Irish units result from a negotiation rather than a pricing methodology, the EU regulator said at the time.All the companies and countries targeted by the EU have denied they broke any rules, raising the prospect of protracted legal challenges.Multinationals should stick with the guidance provided by the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development on the arm s length principle in order to determine how to allocate profits, according to the EU rules.The OECD s guidelines on the matter capture the international consensus on a principle which is meant to ensure that, for tax purposes, transactions between subsidiaries are based on prices an unrelated company would pay, according to the rules.The OECD says such profit shifting costs the world as much as $240 billion a year in lost revenue.
Mary Jo White made the stark warning on cyber-security, or lack of it, at the Reuters Financial Regulation Summit over in Washington.As we go out there now, we are pointing that out."White also noted that the SEC is being active in reviewing cyber-security defences of the likes of brokers to ensure they are up to scratch.Bangladesh Bank suffered from woeful security and lacked basic measures such as a firewall, and also used bargain basement $10 switches in its internal networks, all of which made it a much easier target than it should have been – and also meant it was much more difficult to trace those who pulled off the online heist.Last week, global payments network Swift warned that a second bank had been hit by hackers using broadly the same tools and methods seen in the Bangladesh affair.Many more banks, particularly those in developing nations, are at risk according to Swift, and they need to be seriously looking at their security measures.
It was a passing, throwaway moment shared by Google CEO Sundar Pichai, a footnote to the home automation talk, the Android updates and VR noise close to the end of last night s Google I/O 2016 keynote, that had the most profound impact for me.Going Out On A LimbPicking up a selected object is not a particularly difficult task for a robot these days, on the condition that an adept coder lays out the parameters, and the details of what object needs grabbing and where it is placed don t deviate from what the confines of the code dictate.By virtue of being hooked up to a physical robotic arm analogous to our own fleshy ones, seeing the bot make a small gesture that was startlingly human in its execution, made me sit bolt upright – a little nudge of indifference towards the black stapler blocking its goal of moving the yellow brick.The physical realisation of that meh feeling you have that leads you to push desk clutter to one side, searching for the one working biro in a sea of crap.Google reckons that ll help you get hyped for whoever is calling down the line, giving a glimpse of what they re up to.Sci-fi sceptics for decades have been warning us of the hubris associated with handing over too much responsibility to AI helpers, the disastrous, self preservation tactics that could worst case scenario, natch ensue if a sentient computer realised that these fleshy mortals have fingers hovering over its plug.