Global Sodium Sulphate Market: OverviewSodium sulphate is inorganic compound which is formed through sodium ions which are obtained from igneous rocks and reacts with sulphur deposits by dissolving in hot water and then it is filtered and put in cold water to obtain a crystalline form.Sodium Sulphate is an important compound which can be naturally obtained from lakes, arid region and springs.Pure hydrous form of sodium sulphate is known as mirabilite which is a primary source for obtaining the anhydrous form of sodium sulphate.Sodium Sulphate is also used in the manufacturing of powdered detergents as it is easily available, neutral in nature and also manages the weight of the product making it economical to produce.Hence, rising demand for solar energy is expected to spur the market growth of sodium sulphate.However, with continuous product innovation, the demand for powder detergent is succumbed by rising demand of liquid and gels based detergents which doesn’t require fillers.Hence, lack of warning labels by the manufacturer on products containing sodium sulphate may hamper the growth of sodium sulphate market.More Trending Reports by Transparency Market Research – Sodium Sulphate Market:  Segmentation  On the basis of form, sodium sulphate market is segmented into:-Salt CakeGlauber’s SaltNiter CakeOn the basis of product type, sodium sulphate market is segmented into:-PillsPowderOn the basis of end use industry, sodium sulphate market is segmented into:-PharmaceuticalTextileChemicalPaperOthersGlobal Sodium Sulphate Market:  Region wise OutlookThe global sodium sulphate market is categorised into seven regions, namely, Western Europe, Eastern Europe Middle East and Africa (MEA), Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Japan Latin America and, North America.
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If you work long hours every week, you may be increasing your risk of dying from a major cardiovascular event, according to the World Health Organization. The number of people who have died from stroke and heart disease linked to long working hours has increased substantially from 2000 to 2016, according to a newly published study from WHO and the … Continue reading
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The number of terrorist activities in different regions of the country has grown significantly, leading to a greater deployment of perimeter intrusion detection and prevention systems.Several hacking incidents have been recorded in recent years, and the penetration of smartphones and other mobile devices is gaining momentum.The attackers deploy malware which targets memory or ransomware functions to prolong the attack.By warning the company concerned, the intrusion detection and prevention program helps to minimize the risks associated with intruders.Request a Free Sample @ Key PlayersThe key players in the India Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Prevention Market are Tyco International Plc.(Ireland), FLIR Systems Inc. (U.S.), Magal Security Systems Ltd. (Israel), Honeywell International Inc. (U.S.), Schneider Electric SE (France), Athena Security Solutions India Pvt Ltd. (India), Optex Co.Ltd (Japan), RBtec Perimeter Security Systems (U.S.), Southwest Microwave (U.S.), Advanced Perimeter Systems Limited (U.K), Avon Building Solutions Pvt Ltd (India).Market SegmentationThe market is further classified by component into hardware, software , and services.
Did you know about the commonly known warnings signs that show up on your dashboard?You’ve been ignoring the warning signs of your car’s health, but now it’s time to take notice.If these blips keep happening to your car, it’s a sign of aging.The time for a complete breakdown is not far.Cash for car companies in Sydney offers a way out when your old vehicle gives up on you.So, if you are looking for ‘sell my car’ services, cash for car companies offer a high cash value in return.However, until your car turns to junk, there are ways to identify the warning signs and quickly fix them.Car dashboard symbols Driving on a peaceful stretch with soft music, you hear a beep, and you look down on your dashboard.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that indoor socialising, dining in at restaurants and (limited) travel is finally back on the cards for those living in England, as part of the easing of lockdown restrictions. But there’s plenty more to be excited about, too – so we’ve dug out some of the rule changes you might’ve missed, from theatre trips to group exercise classes. A word of warning, though. Prime minister Boris Johnson has urged people to take this next step “with a heavy dose of caution” due to new variants circulating in the UK – so “don’t get too carried away”. 1. You can go to the cinemaBig news for film fans! Indoor entertainment and attractions such as cinemas, theatres, concert halls, bowling alleys, casinos, amusement arcades, museums and children’s indoor play areas can all now reopen. Just make sure you wear your mask. 2. Gym classes are backWhile gyms have been open for a while, people haven’t been able to attend group gym classes – until now. Classes can go ahead on the condition they’ve been organised by a business, charity or public body and the organiser must take reasonable measures to reduce the risk of transmission, reads government advice.3. Hotels are reopeningWhile international travel is resuming (to some degree) from today, another big milestone is that UK hotels and B&Bs can also reopen their doors to visitors – so you no longer have to book a stay away in self-contained accommodation. 4. Big life events can take place with 30 peopleWeddings, wakes, bar mitzvahs and christenings can all take place with up to 30 people, while funerals are no longer limited to just 30 guests. Numbers will be determined by how many people a venue can safely accommodate with social distancing, according to guidance.5. University students head back After a long stint of studying from home and online-only lectures, all higher education students are able to access in-person teaching from May 17. 6. The sex ban is overUp until now, social distancing has been a must, so sex has been off the cards. But the new guidance emphasises ‘personal responsibility’ rather than government rules.So, rather than being told to stay two metres apart from anyone you don’t live with, you’re encouraged to “exercise caution”. This means you can now have sex with people outside your household or support bubble, erm, cautiously.Dr Michael Brady, medical director at the Terrence Higgins Trust, shared his top tips for reducing your risk of catching or passing on Covid-19 during sex. These include: avoiding kissing, wearing a face mask, washing hands before and after sex, and favouring positions where you’re not face-to-face. “Using condoms or dams for blow jobs and rimming will further reduce the risk,” he said. Related...How The UK's Covid Traffic Light System Will WorkCan I Go On Holiday To Amber List Countries?Don't Get 'Carried Away' With Lockdown Easing, Says Cabinet MinisterPeople 35 And Over To Be Offered Covid Jab, Matt Hancock SaysOperation Un-Mask: Will We Ever Stop Wearing Face Coverings?
Asian share markets turned mixed on Monday as data on Chinese retail sales missed expectations though industrial output stayed solid, while more evidence of global inflation pressures helped gold to a three-month peak
There have been many awareness campaigns, celebrity interviews and doctor’s office brochures dedicated to postpartum depression. But new parents are less familiar with another common mental health struggle new mothers face: postpartum anxiety.This condition is characterised by a constant sense of worry that goes to greater extremes than the typical concerns and emotions all new parents experience. “Postpartum anxiety is considered a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder [PMAD],” said Becky Stuempfig, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Encinitas, California, who specialises in supporting mums with postpartum mood disorders. “Perinatal depression and anxiety are the most common complications after childbirth, and perinatal anxiety affects 6% of pregnant women and 10% of postpartum women. Some women experience anxiety alone, and some experience both anxiety and depression.”Stuempfig noted that a personal and/or family history of anxiety, thyroid imbalance, traumatic pregnancy or childbirth, pregnancy or child loss, eating disorders, and of obsessive-compulsive disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder are all factors that could increase someone’s risk for postpartum anxiety. Race and socioeconomic status can also be risk factors. “Postpartum anxiety takes on many of the same symptoms that generalised anxiety disorder does,” said Deema Soufan, a Chicago-based licensed professional counsellor who specialises in maternal mental health. “What separates generalised anxiety disorder and postpartum anxiety is the time frame of occurrence and the topics of worry.”Although experts had believed postpartum disorders like postpartum anxiety (PPA) could only occur up to one year after giving birth, Soufan noted that recent research has suggested women can experience these symptoms for up to two years postpartum. Additionally, the stresses of the Covid-19 pandemic have led to PMAD case increases, with one 2020 study putting the anxiety rate among new mothers as high as 72%. “The majority of women experiencing a perinatal mood disorder such as postpartum anxiety do not share this with anyone,” Soufan said. “Thousands of women are suffering in silence due to things such as stigma and fear that someone will take away their baby away from them. Women of color are at increased risk for developing postpartum anxiety and are disproportionately affected due to a number of barriers in treatment.”Do you suspect that you or a loved one might be experiencing postpartum anxiety? Below, Stuempfig, Soufan and other experts break down some of the signs that it may be time to seek professional help.  1. Obsessive Thoughts“Obsessive thoughts can be a red flag for postpartum anxiety,” Stuempfig said. “Many mums obsess about their baby being harmed in the middle of the night if they fall asleep, such as ‘I can’t fall asleep because my baby will stop breathing,’ or horrible accidents such as ‘What if I accidentally push the stroller off the side of the road?’”These types of intrusive thoughts can be paralysing and interfere with a mother’s ability to function day-to-day. Many women who’ve experienced PPA have said they felt like their minds were constantly “racing.” Paige Bellenbaum, chief external relations officer for the New York-based mental health clinic The Motherhood Center, described “feeling as though your mind is a hamster wheel; it keeps spinning and spinning, and you can’t stop it or turn it off.”Many women may also feel like bad mums due to the nature of their obsessive thoughts, which often pop into their heads out of nowhere.“These thoughts are very distressing to new mums and oftentimes they feel too ashamed to admit they are having these thoughts, which can prevent them from getting support,” Stuempfig added. 2. Distress About Leaving Your BabyMany mothers feel a sense of unease about leaving their babies with someone else for the first time, but with PPA, these negative feelings are heightened. “It is normal to worry about leaving your baby,” Soufan said. “What separates worry from a clinical disorder is the level of distress the mother is experiencing surrounding the topic at hand. If you are dealing with difficulty separating from your baby, it is best to take a tapered exposure approach with this notion. For example, start low and slow and begin by allowing someone you trust to look after the baby while you are in the home and slowly build to leaving to run a quick errand, so on and so forth. A clinical provider can help you with this.”3. RuminatingOne sign that might indicate postpartum anxiety is ruminating about different things related to motherhood. This rumination may reach severe levels of time and mental energy. “Ruminating within the context of postpartum anxiety refers to when a mum continuously goes over something in her mind such as ‘I’m a horrible mother’ or ‘What is wrong with me for not enjoying my baby more?’” Stuempfig said. “The ruminating tends to be negative in nature and can often prevent mums from taking positive action to feel better.”4. ExhaustionThese overwhelming feelings of worry can be exhausting, especially if anxious thoughts are keeping you up at night. “Postpartum anxiety is one of the most active and exhausting PMADs,” Bellenbaum said. “The amount of physical and emotional energy that is taken up by these symptoms can leave women exhausted and weak.”Having trouble sleeping can be a particularly difficult aspect of PPA, as that sleep deprivation may also interfere with your ability to function. “Those suffering from postpartum anxiety also experience an inability to sleep ― even when the baby is sleeping ― irritability, and difficulty concentrating,” Soufan said. Other physical symptoms may include dizziness, hot flashes and nausea, added Stuempfig. 5. Severe Guilt“Any mum can develop anxiety during pregnancy or the postpartum period, but the factors that can often exacerbate a new mum’s anxiety include hormone changes, sleep deprivation, lack of support and the societal expectation that this ‘should’ be an extremely happy time in a mum’s life,” Stuempfig said.This societal expectation has contributed to the silence and stigma around postpartum disorders. Mothers may hesitate to share how they’re actually feeling and seek help, which makes the problem worse. “It’s common for mums to feel guilty for not enjoying their babies as much as they feel like people around them expect them to,” Stuempfig noted. “They may internalise these guilty feelings and blame themselves as ‘not good enough’ mums, which only exacerbates their anxiety symptoms.”6. Difficulty Functioning And Making Decisions“When a mum is struggling with postpartum anxiety, she has a level of worry and anxiety that interferes with her ability to live her life the way she wants and needs to,” said Kate Kripke, founder of Colorado’s Postpartum Wellness Center of Boulder. “Her anxiety is making it hard for her to sleep, eat, make decisions and engage in activities that she knows are good for her ― think seeing friends, going to exercise, accepting help with a baby.”Bellenbaum echoed this, noting that there may be an inability to make even the smallest decisions or to look at situations rationally. “She may feel ‘frozen’ ― incapable of completing simple everyday tasks,” she said, adding that appetite changes can also accompany PPA. “One way to determine whether a mum needs to seek professional help for postpartum anxiety is to consider the frequency and intensity of her symptoms,” Stuempfig said. “In other words, how much are they affecting her functioning? Is she able to leave the house? Does she sleep when she has the opportunity? How much time in the day do her worries consume her thoughts?”7. Persistent and Excessive Worry“Postpartum anxiety is characterised as persistent, excessive worry,” said Dr. Terry Krause, a family medicine physician with UCHealth Primary Care in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. “Women may also report high levels of stress, difficulty relaxing and constant worry about their baby’s health and safety.”These worrying thoughts may feel invasive and pervasive, and even evolve into a seemingly constant feeling of dread. The length of time these symptoms remain can indicate postpartum anxiety. “Postpartum anxiety is not diagnosed when a mum is feeling anxious from time to time in new motherhood ― this is a normal experience that all mums have,” Kripke said. “It can feel really uncomfortable to be in charge of a little person’s life and wellness. But when a mum is feeling anxious often, for long periods of time, or even with reassurance, then it is time to reach out for support.”Bellenbaum noted that approximately 70% to 80% of new mums experience some version of baby blues in the immediate postpartum period. “This includes feeling overwhelmed, weepy, exhausted, irritable and anxious,” she said. “If these symptoms persist beyond the two-week mark and/or increase in severity, a PMAD might be at play.”8. Heightened EmotionsMothers experiencing PPA might feel like their bodies and emotions are in a heightened state.Kripke pointed to “hyperarousal” as a a symptom. “This means that someone goes from zero to 10 very quickly ― her nervous system is heightened, and she might be in a fairly constant state of fight or flight,” she said. “Black and white” or “all or nothing” thinking that goes only to extremes may also be at play, according to Bellenbaum. She noted, “There’s also catastrophising ― jumping to the worst possible case scenario.”If you think you may be struggling with postpartum anxiety, don’t hesitate to reach out for professional help. Your OB-GYN, primary care physician or paediatrician should be able to offer screenings, resources or referrals. You can may also visit Postpartum Support International for educational materials, listings of area therapists trained in maternal mental health and online support groups. “New mums often feel very alone, particularly when they are spending so much time in the house with a new baby, and they often begin feeling like they are the only mum to struggle with postpartum mood issues,” Stuempfig said. “The more a new mum can reach out for support, the less power her worries will have over her. I strongly encourage mums to connect with other trusted mums and share what they are experiencing and be open about how their experience of becoming a mum has been different from what they anticipated.”Related...7 Ways To Undo The Brain Fog You're Feeling Because Of The PandemicMen Journal, Too – And They’re Starting To Talk About ItWhat It's Like To Be Told Your BMI Is Too High For IVF
GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger is among a handful of Republican politicians who have been warning against the party's loyalty to Trump.
People aged 35 and over will be invited for a Covid jab this week, Matt Hancock has said. Speaking on Sunday, the health secretary also said new evidence had shown a “high degree of confidence” jabs work against the more transmissible Indian variant, which has said was now “relatively widespread, but in small numbers”. He also said it was “appropriate” to push on with the major easing of lockdown in England on Monday, despite warnings from scientists and medics.Warning the India variant could “spread like wildfire among the unvaccinated groups”, he ruled out making jabs mandatory, adding it could disrupt a successful vaccines programme that had been “positive” and “cheerful”: “We don’t think that is the right approach.”Hancock was also forced to defend the government against criticism it acted too late in imposing heightened border restrictions for travel from India.He told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show: “Throughout the pandemic I’ve had these ‘Captain Hindsight’ questions, and what I am telling you is how we took decisions at the time based on the evidence we had at the time.”Hancock said there are now more than 1,300 cases of the variant in total and it was becoming taking hold in areas including Bolton and Blackburn in the North West.He adde it was “quite likely” the Indian variant of Covid-19 to become the dominant variant in the UK.“I think it’s quite likely this will become the dominant variant. We don’t know exactly how much more transmissible it is but I think it is likely it will become the dominant variant here,” he said. “What that reinforces is the importance of people coming forward for testing and being careful because this isn’t over yet.” “But the good news is because we have increasing confidence that the vaccine works against the variant, the strategy is on track – it’s just the virus has just gained a bit of pace and we’ve therefore all got to be that bit much more careful and cautious.”He was unable to rule out regional lockdowns and said the government would use surge vaccinations to tackle a localised rise in cases. Hancock said five people who have had a single jab have been hospitalised with the Indian variant in Bolton, and one who had received [email protected]: "SAGE are very worried about tomorrow - why are we going ahead?"If the Indian variant is 50% more transmissible "we have a problem" – but it may be lower – "we just don’t yet know", says Health Secretary @MattHancock.#Ridge:— Sophy Ridge on Sunday (@RidgeOnSunday) May 16, 2021He told Marr: “We think that there are five people who have ended up in hospital having had one jab.”Asked about people who have received two jabs, he said: “We think there’s one person, but that person was frail.“A small number have had one jab and then there’s one case where they’ve had two jabs and they’ve ended up in hospital and they were frail.”Asked if anyone had died with the Indian variant after receiving two jabs,  Hancock said: “Not that we’re aware of.”Offering good news to plans to ease restrictions without unleashing a fresh wave of infections and deaths, Hancock said there is “new very early data” from Oxford University giving confidence that existing vaccines work against the variant.“That means that we can stay on course with our strategy of using the vaccine to deal with the pandemic and opening up carefully and cautiously but we do need to be really very vigilant to the spread of the disease,” he told Sky’s Sophy Ridge On Sunday.“We have a high degree of confidence that the vaccine will overcome.”Hancock said the government will decide on June 14 whether all legal restrictions can be ended in the final step of the road map out of lockdown on June 21.He did not rule out the possibility that Monday’s easing may have to be reversed if the variant pushed up case numbers, but said the hope is the “cautious and irreversible approach” can continue. Related...What Is The India Variant And Where Are Cases Rising In The UK?Vaccinations Could Be Targeted On Areas With Spike In Covid CasesNo.10 Admits Secret 'Lessons Learned' Review Of Covid Pandemic Has Been Conducted
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An hour after a warning was issued, an Israeli airstrike flattened Gaza's Al-Jalaa tower - a building used partly as an international media HQ.
Infant radiant warmer is clinical stuff that is used to give warm security and temperature to the chiefs for baby kids.The temperature in a mother's gut is higher than the normal air temperature, and hereafter it is principal to thwart a fall in the temperature of the infant, which may incite intricacies.Infant splendid warmers, typically known as incubation facilities or neonatal warming devices, are essentially used to offer receptiveness to nursing and crisis centre staff in performing methods, for instance, recovery or interventions or other therapy for infant kids close by keeping up warm reliability for in a general sense wiped out children.The infant kid splendid more sultry stuff involves a warning instrument that makes splendid warmth energy, a steady skin temperature checking sensor to keep up and direct required temperature, visual and perceptible cautions to exhibit overheating or under warming, and control units.The infant splendid warmers are used in various clinical settings, including work and transport rooms, caesarean working rooms, mother-youngster rooms, baby nursery, neonatal heightened care units (NICUs), and paediatric concentrated thought units (PICUs).Principle contemplations liable for the improvement of the overall Infant radiant warmer market sector join high people advancement, especially with snares, for instance, inopportune birth and low birth weight, alongside creating recurrence of facility got defilements.
Glaucoma is one of the eye disorders that lead to the damage of optic nerves altogether.This disorder results in loss of vision due to loss of the nerve tissue in the eye.The optic nerves are a number of nerve fibers that transmit the visual signals from the eye to the brain.One of the most common forms of glaucoma that is noticed in people is primary open angle glaucoma.The increase in the pressure may cause damage to the optic nerve and loss of the nerve fibers which results in vision loss or even blindness.Well, this particular disease has no early warning signs but one of the things that you can notice is increase in the pressure and pain in the eye.As soon as you feel like something sort of this is happening, then you must consult your eye doctor in Kurukshetra as ignorance may take your vision.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the Israeli military recently attacked Hamas targets hiding underground in Gaza.
Your arm won’t be magnetic after the COVID-19 vaccine, but the US FDA is undertaking a review of how implanted medical devices like pacemakers can be temporarily affected by the latest smartphones and wearables. The new FDA warning comes amid reports that some medical devices have been placed into their so-called “magnet mode” after recent consumer tech like phones were … Continue reading
When access to a popular resource suddenly disappears, people are likely to search for an alternative source, no matter where it comes from. That’s true for websites but even more so for software and apps which can carry some unfortunate consequences. That might be the case with MSI’s popular Afterburner tool that suddenly became unavailable without much warning and was, … Continue reading
But there are a few who love it a bit, or rather much more, than the rest, making the taste bud adventure adrenaline further exciting.And that is why you can find spicy food all over India, but there are a few states that love to take the level of fire to extremes simply to challenge themselves.If you’re someone who can see tears leaking out the corners of your eyes at the mention of spicy food, this is the only warning we’ll be issuing to turn back now.However, if you’re an avid lover of spicy food and are confident that you can handle practically anything that comes your way, keep reading on.This one is especially for you guys who can relish the exotic spices and flavours that this stunning country offers.So, go book your flight tickets to India with cheap airfare immediately.Do let us know if you have tried anything mentioned here or are willing to try some of this hell- fire deliciousness.1) RajasthanThe state is most popular for its traditional handicrafts and castles shimmering in the desert sands.However, thanks to its predominantly vegetarian population, there is no shortage of spicy vegetarian delicacies.For example, Gatte Ki Sabzi, Ker Sangri Ki Sabzi and Ker Pickle.Rajasthani people love lots of spices and oil in their cuisine, and hence a typical Rajasthani restaurant menu chiefly consists of vegetarian dishes.Apart from the traditional route, if you’re craving a lip- tingling snack, try the Mirchi Vada, which is chillies coated in batter and deep fried in oil.
"This bill, in the main, is not supposed to be about space."