Not like every expert didn't warn it. Also: Queen of Carnage confirms consultants were paid average of £1.1k a day Baroness Harding, head of the UK's NHS Test and Trace programme, has defended the money spent on the app it scrapped in June last year, saying £14m was not wasted.…
The new commander-in-chief has a highly unusual middle name that some became aware of for the first time on Inauguration Day.
Coronavirus has changed everything. Make sense of it all with the Waugh Zone, our evening politics briefing. Sign up now.Baroness Dido Harding, who runs NHS England’s Test and Trace scheme, is set to take on another key role in the UK’s efforts to tackle the coronavirus pandemic as Public Health England is broken up.Health secretary Matt Hancock will reportedly announce on Tuesday that the Conservative peer will head the Government’s new Institute for Health Protection, which will replace Public Health England (PHE).Ministers have been accused of attempting to deflect attention from their own handling of the Covid-19 crisis by targeting PHE.Harding, the former chief executive of TalkTalk, was appointed in May to lead England’s contact tracing programme, which relies on identifying people who have been in contact with a positive coronavirus case and getting them to self-isolate.Since then, the programme has faced questions about performance and value for money.An NHS app was said to be key to the scheme but has been beset by delays, with the launch of a new public trial announced just days ago.It comes after repeated reports of government frustration with PHE, with Boris Johnson apparently taking aim at the body when he complained of the country’s “sluggish” response to coronavirus.PHE’s pandemic response work will now be merged with NHS Test and Trace in a new institute for health protection.According to the Sunday Telegraph, the model for the new institute is the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, which rapidly ramped up testing early in the pandemic and is widely seen as Europe’s major success story in responding to Covid-19.PHE chief executive Duncan Selbie has hit out at suggestions his body was to blame for England’s lack of testing early in the pandemic, telling the newspaper it was “based on a misunderstanding”.He said: “The UK had no national diagnostic testing capabilities other than in the NHS at the outset of the pandemic. PHE does not do mass diagnostic testing.“We operate national reference and research laboratories focused on novel and dangerous pathogens, and it was never at any stage our role to set the national testing strategy for the coronavirus pandemic. This responsibility rested with DHSC (the Department of Health and Social Care).” Senior health figures have also accused ministers of wrongly attempting to “blame” PHE.Chris Hopson, the chief executive of NHS Providers, representing NHS trusts, has said “years of underfunding” for PHE and public health more generally left the country unprepared to deal with a pandemic.He said unlike other health bodies such as NHS England, PHE – which replaced the Health Protection Agency (HPA) in 2013 under the Conservatives’ NHS reorganisation – is an executive agency of DHSC.“This gives ministers direct control of its activities,” he said.“So whilst it might be convenient to seek to blame PHE’s leadership team, it is important that the government reflect on its responsibilities as well.”His comments were echoed by Dr Amitava Banerjee, associate professor at the Institute of Health Informatics, University College London, who said: “If PHE has fallen short, responsibility lies firmly with the current government and health ministers.”--Related... 5 Times Public Health England *Wasn't* To Blame For The Country's Terrible Coronavirus Response PM Told Gavin Williamson Has 'Lost The Dressing Room' As A-Levels Backlash Grows When Will Social Distancing End In The UK?
If you’re trying to research US presidents who may have been Ku Klux Klan members — don’t believe everything you see on Google.While there appears to be no conclusive evidence any actually were Klan members, Google lists four.A Google search for “presidents in the klan” returns a featured answer listing four specific US presidents.Technically called a “featured snippet,” this is where Google has so much confidence that the facts from a website are absolutely correct, it elevates the website’s content by displaying it in a special box above all other listings:The site providing this answer actually took the content from another site that, in turn, appears to be using an article posted in various places across the web, making it difficult to know who, or what site, originally published the content.Wikipedia — which isn’t perfect but is under constant review by editors — dismisses the charges against presidents Warren G. Harding and Harry S. Truman.
TalkTalk is getting a shake-up at the top, following the announcement that Baroness Dido Harding is to step down as the company's chief executive from May this year.Chief executive at the company for seven years, Baroness Harding's tenure at the company was not without controversy.Two major security breaches in 2015 while under her watch were bad enough, before it transpired that the company was at the very least ignoring industry best practices and at worst breaking UK and European laws on the protection of consumer data.'It wasn't encrypted, nor are you legally required to encrypt it,' Baroness Harding famously - and entirely inaccurately - said in the wake of the second breach.'We have complied with all of our legal obligations in terms of storing of financial information.'The Information Commissioner's Office ICO , however, disagreed with Baroness Harding's abdication of responsibility for the protection of customer data.
This week, barring some sort of karmically sadistic chad situation, the grueling election season will finally end.Whether you need a beer, Prozac, or a dramatic reading of Warren G. Harding s raunchy Teapot Dome-era sex scandal, we re here to soothe your frayed nerves.And if you need something entirely different, fear not: Distract yourself with a cautionary tale about a woman with a Peter Luger Steakhouse credit card who developed a meat allergy, and randonneurs who bike hundreds of miles on a few hours sleep.How I Built This, Samuel Adams: Jim Koch In 1984, when Jim Koch left behind a consulting job to start Samuel Adams, there were only 50 breweries in America.Over the past 30 years, Koch has made cold sales calls, sipped samples from 24,000 brew batches, and revived an old family recipe to declare beer independence for the United States—and helped open the door for the craft-brewing revival.