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If you're still on Windows 8, you should give Windows 10 a look and compare their core differences. Don't wait too long -- support for Windows 8 ends in 2023.
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Not pictured: Tom Cruise | Image: @deeptomcruise on TikTok What’s better than an ultra-high-tech, Mission: Impossible-style mask? The deepfake technology this TikToker is using to impersonate Tom Cruise, apparently (via The Daily Beast). The deeptomcruise account appears to feature someone who’s pretending to be the famous actor, and the impression isn’t just jaw-dropping because of how well the person replicates Cruise’s famous laugh. @deeptomcruise Sports! ♬ original sound - Tom How can you tell it’s not actually Tom Cruise using some sort of strange Twitter name? First, his voice is close, but it’s not quite there, especially since the lip-syncing is a tiny bit off at some points. You can hear what the real Cruise sounds like in this video (unless, of course, James Corden also... Continue reading…
This article is a tribute to the presentation style of world leaders who are an inspiration for all of us.Today we are going to break down their body language to see effective strategies they use to connect with their audiences.STYLE ONE: EYEBROW RAISE                                                                        Here we have the CEO of Rolls-Royce Holdings Warren East.Below is an example of Sergei Brin co-founder of Google.Nonverbally this creates an effective impact on the audience.Regardless of the size of his audience, Obama makes it a point to maintain eye contact with them, tweaking the finer details of the eye contact as per the type of setting and style of the audience.What’s most noteworthy is while using hand gestures, his thumbs are up.
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Carrol Shelby was not only an iconic automotive designer, racing driver, and entrepreneur. Expectedly, the guy is a huge car nut and owns an impressive lineup of vintage classics, like the car you see here. This dreamy blue Cobra roadster is a 1966 427 Super Snake from the late Carrol Shelby’s personal collection. What’s more, Shelby only built two examples … Continue reading
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Brand marketers stick to trust-building strategies forged in 2020's fires, study finds 91 percent of brand marketers will keep focusing on the strategies aimed at building trust they developed in 2020 as a response to the pandemic, according to recently-released survey data of interest to digital marketers. Marketing Dive Ad Prices Forecast To Inflate 3% This Year Digital display ad price inflation for 2021 is expected to be 3.4 percent, with digital video slightly higher at 3.6 percent, while this year is expected to hold some recovery from the impact of the pandemic in 2020, according to newly-released forecast data. MediaPost In Engagement Shift, Friday Proves Top Day for Email Response Rates in 2020 With an 18.9 percent click-to-open (CTO) rate, marketing emails sent on Friday lead the way when it comes to engagement levels, according to recently-released survey data, with Saturday coming in as having the lowest engagement rates. MarketingCharts YouTube Adds New Comparative Data Tools in YouTube Studio, and Info on Other Channels Your Audience Watches Google's YouTube platform has launched new features that allow digital marketers to compare the performance of their video content from between 24 hours up to 28 days, offering a new glimpse into a variety of performance metrics, the video giant recently announced. Social Media Today Nielsen Launches Identity Sync, New Global Attribution System Nielsen has rolled out a new global attribution system, Identity Sync, the firm's identity-backed solution to the loss of cookie-based tracking systems, the firm recently announced. MediaPost LinkedIn's Developing a New Freelance Marketplace Platform to Facilitate New Opportunities LinkedIn has been testing features which could expand on the platform's existing ProFinder tool, adding enhanced professional freelancer connection functionality, according to an industry report. Social Media Today How IT Buyers' Researching Behaviors Changed in 2020 More than 54 percent of information technology buyers spent more time researching solutions during the second half of 2020, with some 24 percent reporting research time staying flat — two of several findings of interest to digital marketers in recently-released survey data. MarketingProfs 3 Steps to Better Virtual Meetings A clear definition of the behaviors an organization is trying to encourage will help forge more productive virtual meetings, as will finding and overcoming behavioral blockers, according to The Harvard Business Review, which recently took a look at how to make today's online meetings more collaborative and engaging. Harvard Business Review The Most Important Email Marketing Optimizations [Survey] 43 percent of marketers consider personalization the top characteristic to improve when it comes to email optimization, followed by data quality at 39 percent and email design at 34 percent, according to recently-released survey data. MarketingProfs ANA Finds Half Of Ad Execs Have No Plans To Travel/Attend In-Person Events In 2021 Just 2.5 percent of advertising executives have said that they’re willing to fly for business in 2021, according to newly-released Association of National Advertisers (ANA) survey data of interest to online marketers. MediaPost ON THE LIGHTER SIDE: A lighthearted look at “finding your brand purpose” by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist YouTube Reveals 2020 US Bumper Ads Leaderboard of Top 6-Second Ads — Adweek TOPRANK MARKETING & CLIENTS IN THE NEWS: Lee Odden — What’s Trending: Revamping Content Marketing — LinkedIn (client) LinkedIn / TopRank Marketing — Debunking Full-Funnel Myths that Send Marketing Strategies Off Course — LinkedIn (client) Joshua Nite — What Should Be Your First Steps When Starting a Business? Consider These 10 Tips — Small Business Trends Lee Odden — 50 Quotes That Will Change The Way You Do SEO — SERPed Have you found your own key B2B marketing story from the past week of industry news? Please let us know in the comments below. Thanks for joining us for the weekly TopRank Marketing B2B marketing news, and we hope that you will return next Friday for more of the most relevant B2B and digital marketing industry news. In the meantime, you can follow us at @toprank on Twitter for even more timely daily news. The post B2B Marketing News: Trust Tops Brand Marketer Study, Top Email Engagement Day Shifts, YouTube’s New Comparative Data, & Ad Prices Rise appeared first on B2B Marketing Blog - TopRank®.
The perplexity while deciding whether you should enlist the support of professional movers or DIY is one of the key issues that arise when you plan to move. It’s tough to come to the conclusion in what way you’re going to commence the journey of moving into another house of office. It could be a limited budget, limited time, etc. It’s notable that there’s a presence of many cheap movers Mississauga. Therefore, below we have jotted down some pros and cons of hiring movers that can help you make your decision by the end of this article. PROS ● Save Time – It’s something professionals have been doing for years.
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The Pixel 4a was impressive, but what’s coming in the Google Pixel 5a? Here’s what we want to see in the tech giant’s next mid-range phone.
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Custom car builder and parts maker Ringbrothers has unveiled its newest 1969 Mercury Cougar restomod. Affectionately called the Coyogar, it’s a masterful interpretation of the highest-selling vehicle from Ford’s now-defunct Mercury brand. This first-gen Cougar restomod is a feast for the senses, but wait until you see what’s under the hood. “We put our heart into each car we build, … Continue reading
Although not due until September, Java 17 has already begun to take shape, with two proposed new features now eyed for the next upgrade to standard Java. A MacOS rendering pipeline proposal was added on February 25. Earlier this month, a proposal of enhanced pseudorandom number generators was targeted for the Java 17 release. [ Also on InfoWorld: JDK 16: The new features in Java 16 ] Features filed as part of OpenJDK’s Java Development Kit (JDK) 17 include:  A new rendering pipeline for MacOS, using the Apple Metal API as an alternative to the existing pipeline that uses the deprecated OpenGL API. This proposal is intended to provide a fully functional rendering pipeline for the Java 2D API that uses the MacOS Metal framework and be ready in the event Apple removes the OpenGL API from a future version of MacOS. The pipeline is intended to have functional parity with the existing OpenGL pipeline, with performance as good or better in select applications and benchmarks. A clean architecture would be created that fits into the current Java 2D model. The pipeline would coexist with the OpenGL pipeline until obsolete. It is not a goal of the proposal to add any new Java or JDK APIs. Enhanced pseudo-random number generators that would provide new interface types and implementations for pseudorandom number generators (PRNGs) including jumpable PRNGs and an additional class of splittable PRNG algorithms (LXM). A new interface, RandomGenerator, would supply a uniform API for all existing and new PRNGs. Four specialized RandomGenerator interfaces would be provided. Motivating the plan is a focus on multiple areas for improvement in the area of pseudorandom number generation in Java. The effort does not call for providing implementations of numerous other PRNG algorithms. But three common algorithms have been added that already are widely deployed in other programming language environments. Goals of the plan include: Making it easier to use various PRNG algorithms interchangeably in applications. Improved support for stream-based programming, providing streams of PRNG objects. Elimination of code duplication in existing PRNG classes. Preservation of existing behavior of class java.util.Random. In coming months, more features will be proposed for JDK 17. Possibilities include a foreign linker API, a vector API, and a foreign-memory access API, all of which are currently in an incubator stage in the JDK 16 release due March 16. Sealed classes, in a second preview in JDK 16, could become generally available in JDK 17.To read this article in full, please click here
How can B2B marketers recast the marketing automation journey to meet today's challenges and be ready for those to come? Jon Miller, chief marketing officer at Demandbase, recently presented a session at the 2021 B2B Marketing Exchange Experience virtual conference, and explored new account-based marketing best practices. Although this pandemic year at #B2BMX won’t see B2B marketers gathered in the event’s usual sunny Scottsdale, Arizona location, many new attendee opportunities were on tap virtually. Refresh, renew, remix has been the conference’s theme this year, and to help ease the lack of physical networking, #B2BMX included a Spotify music playlist, live music performances, and even various charitable elements. Jon began by looking back at his journey starting Marketo — acquired by Adobe in 2018 for $4.75 billion — nearly 15 years ago, when marketers had a need to capture and manage online leads, a need that the company’s service met, allowing marketers to communicate and send leads to the appropriate departments. Marketo’s efforts during this era helped marketing build credibility and respect, Jon noted, as marketers became a part of their firms’ revenue engines. Today however, the world is changing and marketing automation tools aren’t necessarily keeping pace. We’ve reached the end of the era of traditional demand generation, which has become shipwrecked, Jon explained. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other global data protection efforts have made it more challenging for marketers to send emails in the way they were once able to, while in some instances sales teams are sending greater amounts of email now than marketers. “Marketers lost the keys to being the sole owners of communications,” Jon said, and noted that today’s larger buying committees also present challenges when trying to hold one-on-one interactions. This is where marketing can play a larger role, he noted. Firms today are often generating more revenue after the sale in the form of recurring revenue and a focus on expansion, Jon observed. There’s a strong bias in marketing automation tools against net-new business, while at the same time increasing revenue is being generated after the sale, which led Jon to share some of the limitations of traditional lead-based approaches: It doesn’t make sense for marketers to be looking at leads while salespeople look at accounts Buyers have become harder than ever to reach, and have a greater reluctance to filling out forms than ever before Greater quantities of research that once took place on a business’ website are now done elsewhere, making the tools that track on-site activities less effective Buyer intent signals are hidden to traditional marketing automation software, as the digital body language has moved to third-party sites Jon also pointed out a number of other factors that have contributed to the shipwreck that traditional demand generation has found itself in, including: Missed pipeline goals Poor alignment between marketing and sales Obstacles to moving upmarket Sluggish expansion revenue Inefficient complexity and wasted time Jon then explored how B2B marketers can move from this to a dynamic process where sales and marketing work as a team, each able to access relevant information from today’s more complex buyer journey. Leaving behind the traditional marketing technology built more than a decade ago is a key step, Jon noted. Jon then asked, “So what’s next, and how do we move forward?” Modern Sales & Marketing Alignment: Find, Engage, and Close 1 — Finding The Most Valuable Accounts The first step in adapting to the new realities of B2B marketing and sales alignment is to find, by focusing efforts on locating the most valuable accounts, Jon explained. “When it comes to finding target accounts, one size does not fit all,” Jon said, and marketers should do deep-dive one-to-one level account research, using highly-customized programs for each major strategic account — a process that is often a significant investment. Another segment, one-to-few, focuses on moderately personalized deep cluster research — using micro-clusters of accounts focused on similar business issues, Jon explained. An additional level with a broader scope is the one-to-many level, which is where many account-based programs exist, with a basic level of light personalization and much less investment per account, Jon noted. The one-to-many level often benefits from greater use of technology such as intent data, making it more scalable. The broadest category of all is the targeted demand generation segment, Jon explained, usually using traditional marketing tactics to go after specific accounts. When considering which of these four levels to use for your business, the key is to find which one is truly the best fit for your selling style, Jon noted, and encouraged organizations to get creative and use custom level names such as tiers. Jon urged businesses to find their entitlements — the contract of how marketing and sales agree to treat each account and what each department will do — in order to learn how many accounts your organization can handle. Entitlements can be evergreen — offering continuing qualities that persist — or of the triggered and in-market variety, such as when an account is in an active buying process or has a new corporate executive, Jon explained. Businesses often place greater focus on these triggered entitlements. The process of finding your firm’s entitlements is a great way to bring sales and marketing teams together, Jon noted. Once the number of entitlements have been determined and you know how many accounts you can have, you can begin to use science and technology to focus on the key ones, and Jon shared the F.I.R.E. acronym: (F)it — how close is this account to your ideal customer profile (I)ntent — the interest accounts have in your products or those of your competitors (R)elationship — is this an account your salespeople are already talking with (E)ngagement — is this account coming to you and spending time on your website or attending your firm’s events Combined, these form what Jon refers to as pipeline prediction, used to determine which accounts should be moved up to the next level, and find the accounts that really matter. [bctt tweet="“When it comes to finding target accounts, one size does not fit all.” — Jon Miller @jonmiller" username="toprank"] 2 — Engaging Identified Accounts The second step in utilizing the new realities of B2B marketing and sales alignment is engagement, where the identified accounts are engaged, aligning your interactions with the buyer’s journey, Jon explained. Jon noted how in the past he has likened the use of ABM processes to fishing with spears for the big fish, while demand generation is more like fishing with a net. An overlooked issue when using those ABM spears, however, is that “Getting poked by a spear doesn’t feel very good,” Jon said. Smart ABM processes can overcome the reluctance and pain traditional methods often generate, by understanding where a buyer is on their journey and aligning all interactions appropriately, Jon explained. Jon then shared Gartner’s “Six Buying Jobs,” that all accounts ought to go through, to ensure that everyone on the buying team is working together. It’s important to have content that’s aligned to each of these six buying jobs, Jon noted, and also suggested keeping in mind that buyers don’t travel on their journey in an orderly or linear fashion, instead bouncing around in typically unpredictable and even chaotic directions. In the non-linear buying process Jon suggested using a football field’s yard line grid to determine how close to the scoring or buying point a buyer is, and considering the path that a football takes as it moves in many directions on the playing field. The buyer’s yard-lines tell us where in the journey they are, as well as the likelihood of an imminent score or purchase, Jon noted, and they can also inform our decisions as to which plays or plan of business approach we should execute. Businesses should create their own buyer journey definitions, and Jon shared how Demandbase organizes theirs, with: Qualified — ideal customer profiles Awareness — showing awareness and intent for our category, especially on third-party sites Engaged — engaging with our website, events, and programs MQA — Marketing Qualified Account, using intent data and the pipeline prediction process to know whether an account is in-market or in a buying cycle Opportunity Customer — A closed/won opportunity Post-Sale — Adoption and expansion At this point sales and marketing teams can align their interactions to the buyer’s journey, such as building brand trust early in the journey in the “qualified” stage, to thought leadership in the middle stages, all the way through enhancing the post-sale experience by finding expansion opportunities, Jon noted. The MQA stage is especially well-suited for utilizing a multi-channel approach, Jon suggested, from customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation to ad platforms, direct mail, account-based chat, and sales engagement, among several other channel opportunities. [bctt tweet="“The explosion of digital noise means that traditional marketing channels like ads are becoming less and less effective. What marketers need to think about is, how do I orchestrate multiple channels together?” — Jon Miller @jonmiller" username="toprank"] 3 — Closing As An Orchestrated Team The third major strategy Jon shared during his insightful and energetic #B2BMX presentation was the closing element, with a focus on working as an orchestrated team and not merely the outdated hand-off of the account baton. How can businesses have sales and marketing work together in a new way? With today’s B2B buyer journey being so complicated, the baton hand-off approach doesn’t work, Jon observed, and encouraged a team approach more like the way a soccer team functions, passing customer engagement back and forth as needed, in a coordinated way. Comprised of three levels, the type of marketing and sales alignment that Jon spoke about can be broken down into: Aligning data — Assuring that sales and marketing teams are looking at the same data Sharing insights — Teams proactively alerting each other about relevant insights Coordinating interactions — Working together as an orchestrated team [bctt tweet="Marketers need to break free over the next 10 years by radically changing how they work with sales, stopping the baton hand-off model and moving much more of an integrated team. ” — Jon Miller @jonmiller" username="toprank"] Jon then shared a favorite tip, which he called a secret weapon for marketing and sales alignment — account standups. In these deceivingly simple account standup events, every few weeks the marketing and sales account teams meet without any executives or managers present, and talk about what’s happening and strategize. Jon explained that account standups are one of the best and simplest ways to move ahead with quality coordinated ABM strategies and tactics. Jon then shared the TOPO account-based technology stack, with its intent, account, and contact data all the way through to the processes of execution, measurement, infrastructure, and application workflow. Jon shared how the execution stage features many channels, which typically won’t all be used but each serve a specific purpose, and the overall chart is helpful for determining where to focus time and energy, he explained. Jon concluded his session by reiterating that account automation tools were built for a different time than the more complicated B2B buying landscape that we face today, which is much better met using the orchestrated methods he dug into during his presentation. It’s time to start thinking about new processes and technologies, especially those in the F.I.R.E. strategy, and to define your business’ entitlements and tiers, Jon urged. Learn more from Jon by watching our Break Free B2B Marketing video interview, and be sure to connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn. Creating award-winning B2B marketing takes considerable time and effort, which is why many firms choose to work with a top digital marketing agency such as TopRank Marketing. Contact us today and let us know how we can help, as we’ve done for businesses ranging from LinkedIn, Dell and 3M to Adobe, Oracle, and others. The post Find, Engage and Close: Demandbase’s Jon Miller on Recasting the B2B Marketing Automation Journey #B2BMX appeared first on B2B Marketing Blog - TopRank®.
The major goal of any App is to sell products or services.But, for some reason, if this is what’s not happening, you need to consider a lot of things on your Mobile App.Here are some amazing reasons why are buyers not purchasing from your mobile app?Magento Mobile App Development - NAVIGATION AND VISIBILITYThe buyers need to land on the appropriate pages, establish the products that they’re searching for, and easily make the purchase process.Rather than taking them on the pages that have nothing to do with their commodities and services, the complete navigation process should be clear and firm.Make sure to describe the products depending on the styles.Assure that the right filters like colors, size, price, and other filters would enable the visitors to locate the right products.SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT CREATIONFor what purpose would you need your target audience to join before letting them yet what they need to?
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