What's the first company you associate with broadband and TV deals?We'd bet that the name that comes to most people's minds immediately is Sky (and BT for the rest of you, right?).Well the good news is that if you're currently trying to grab an all-singing all-dancing internet plus TV package this week, then Sky broadband deals are looking very good indeed.That's because if you sign up to one of two great value Sky TV and broadband packages before 4pm this Friday, June 21, the telecommunications giant will sweeten the deal by chucking in a £100 pre-paid credit card that can be spent anywhere that Mastercard is accepted online or in-store.So basically £100 cash back in your pocket to spend on pretty much anything.The packages up for grabs (and that you can claim by clicking here) both come with the same TV plan - that being Sky's 300 channel-strong 'Entertainment' selection - which includes:
What's one way to incorporate more women in tech?Just photoshop them in, apparently.Last week, GQ ran an article about a group of tech entrepreneurs who went to Italy to visit designer Brunello Cucinelli.It turns out an image that ran with the story featured women who were photoshopped in, according to a Wednesday report from BuzzFeed News.The image has since been removed from GQ's site and Cucinelli's Instagram.The women who were added to the image were Sunrun CEO Lynn Jurich and Peek.com CEO Ruzwana Bashir.
Greetings, and welcome back to WIRED's ongoing E3 coverage!Here are the big stories—and the big absences—from the last 24 hours at gaming's biggest confab.Nintendo's Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Looks SpookyEasily the biggest news to come out of E3 yesterday was Nintendo's announcement that the company is already working on a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.What's intriguing about the teaser Nintendo released at the show is the huge tonal shift from the previous game.It's Zelda and Link, in an eerie underground crypt, accessing some forbidden technology and energy source radiating from the skeleton of a long-dead royal.
What's the most iconic part of the original 1993 film Jurassic Park?The giant pile of dinosaur poo?Naw, it's Jeff Goldblum stripping down and flaunting his chest, a look that's been memed and mocked and celebrated and even made into figurines, T-shirts and throw pillows.And now it's preserved forever in Lego form.On Tuesday, the official Twitter account for Lego Group released a video of the new Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage set, which will be available in stores later this summer.The tweet says it'll be available in LEGO stores and online June 19, but the online link says it will be available July 1.
The most popular is the Monero.This strategy enables you to get crypto without a doubt, which will mine a tad on the guest's PC while he is seeing the site.This is to some degree less nauseating than the past strategy, and there is an opportunity of finding a working content for nothing.Be that as it may, if guests can't see cautioning about this it's honestly exploitative and clients don't care for such frame of mind.Moreover, Google can force endorses on the site with the excavator so the number of guests may fall drastically.What's more, different projects that guarantee to create twelve bitcoins on your wallet balance out of nowhere are for the most part evident trick without a solitary exemption.
The Oculus Go is a pretty solid virtual-reality headset, offering lots of great VR experiences without tethering you to an expensive PC.For a limited time, Walmart is offering the Oculus Go for $169 shipped.This is the first real discount I've seen on the headset since it debuted about a year ago.What's cool about the Go is that, true to its name, it's self-contained and portable.There's no PC required, yet you get a comfy headset with great built-in speakers and access to lots of amazing Oculus content.It has no room tracking, though, so it's pretty much a stand- or sit-in-place experience.
A few nights ago, a friend asked, "What's that star?"We looked up at a bright pinpoint shining above the horizon.But it was no star.The massive gas giant planet is showing off for us Earthlings this month.Jupiter will reach opposition on Monday, June 10 in an annual event that marks the time when Earth is directly between the gas giant and the sun.This means Jupiter is fairly close to Earth and you can spot it lurking in the sky all night long.
What's more romantic than giant yellow Pikachu mascots cheering you on at your very own Pokemon-themed wedding?If you live in Japan, you can have the beloved yellow character -- currently the star of the Pokemon Go game and the recent Detective Pikachu movie -- front and center at your commitment ceremony.The Pokemon Company and the Japanese event planning company Escrit are teaming up to offer fans officially-licensed Pokemon-themed weddings.Best of all, the geektastic ceremony includes an appearance by both life-size bride and groom Pikachu mascots, who will happily act as ushers, ring bearers, best man, maid of honor or perhaps a much-needed distraction to keep troublesome family members at bay.The Pokemon wedding packages also have a Pokemon-themed menu that include a Pikachu decorated wedding cake, speciality entrees in the shape of Pokemon characters, and more.How can anyone say no to Pokeball-shaped macarons?
Amazon announced in April that it has begun evolving its two-day Prime shipping guarantee into a one-day shipping guarantee.The company could pass off the cost of one-day shipping to customers in the form of a more expensive Prime membership, Stifel analysts said in a note to investors on Wednesday.Stifel found in a survey of consumers that shoppers are overwhelmingly unwilling to pay more for one-day shipping.Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.What's more expensive than two-day shipping?It's a reality that Amazon will have to contend with now that, as it announced in April, it has begun evolving its two-day Prime shipping guarantee into a one-day Prime shipping guarantee.
Traditional grocery stores are not leaving, be that as it may, grocery stores can exploit both physical grocery stores just as grocery apps.Besides, the powerful development for grocery shopping and conveyance apps is being filled by the converge of Amazon/Whole foods and Walmart.There is various grocery delivery mobile applications development, which is classified as:Reason Behind the Growth of Grocery Shopping/Delivery AppsAs everybody knows and experiences that we as a whole are increasingly OK with requesting sustenance through an application.One of the integral purposes behind the development of grocery application use is it partners comfort.
Have you been kicking yourself for waiting too long to buy a Tesla and missing out on the whole Free Unlimited Supercharging thing?Well, according to a report Tuesday by Electrek, you're getting another chance at it.Well, Tesla is bringing back its free unlimited Supercharging promotion only for new Model S and Model X vehicles in inventory that are pre-hardware-update.Mostly it means no Model S with 370 miles of range or Model X with 325 miles of range.It also means you're missing out on other smaller hardware changes like 200 kW Supercharging and the new adaptive suspension -- oh, and the tidy power increase from the new motors.Also, unlike other incarnations of the promotion, this version of Free Unlimited Supercharging isn't transferrable, meaning that you can't use it as a selling feature when you go to send your Model S or X down the road.
The amount of plastic pollution previously thought to exist around the world may be a dramatic underestimate — because the vast majority of plastic pollution may actually be below the surface.That's the takeaway from a survey of plastic pollution on the beaches of Australia's Cocos Islands, made up of two coral atolls.An estimated 414 million pieces of debris are now littering the remote islands, and the vast majority of that waste is buried below the surface, according to a new study.But even that is likely an underestimate, a group of researchers reported May 16 in the journal Scientific Reports.What's more, because most of this plastic is buried below the surface, and most global surveys don't look below the surface, the amount of plastic pollution worldwide may be way more than we previously thought, they reported.[In Images: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch]
Researchers at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory based at Stanford University created an underwater sound so loud that it instantly vaporizes water and appears to set the threshold for how intense sound can be in water.The scientists used SLAC's powerful X-ray laser to blast tiny jets of water with short pulses of high frequency energy.When the x-rays hit the microscopic stream of water they instantly vaporized the water molecules around them like spit on a hot skillet.They also sent a shock wave traveling through the stream that can actually be seen moving to the left and right of the blast spot below:What's interesting about this shock wave is that it's strong enough that it's easy to see how it is clearly disturbing the stream of water, but not enough that the molecules completely break down as they do at the point of contact with the powerful X-rays.The researchers suggest that the pressure created by the shock waves was just below this breaking point.
Not that you'd know it—as director of sound design at Facebook, Littlejohn does not draw attention to himself.With an aural status update, there's no need to stare at a progress bar, leaving time to focus on more worthwhile activities, like your next selfie.There's the ceaseless beeping of your microwave, berating you for neglecting your leftover casserole, and the harsh bleating of the chip reader at the grocery store, more punishing than the alarm triggered by shoplifting.Today, many gesture and voice interfaces lack sufficient feedback.Just as in human interaction, good communication is about the flow of conversation, the ongoing exchange of information.Finally, there's the irony that more sound design is needed because our technologies are becoming quieter.
For those on the big data SIM hunt, your timing is just ever so slightly late to reap the benefits of the best SIMO we've ever seen.That may have been a discouraging way to start so let us pick you back up by letting you know that the big data SIM only deal market is still remarkably strong right now.With options on an exclusive unlimited data SIM with a host of benefits, a cheap, big data Vodafone deal with cashback to bring its price back down and of course, EE's best pick, you'll find yourself spoilt for choice.And you know that 'best SIM only deal' we mentioned above, when we said it's gone we meant its gone up by £2 a month, now costing £22 instead.That means you'll only actually have to pay an additional £24 over the year...sorry, we have a flair for the dramatic.Compare these offers to the rest with our SIM only deals guide
There was one of those glitches in the wires and the sky yesterday, but you probably didn't notice because it was only a problem for subscribers of Virgin Mobile, which repurposes the EE network for its own commercial ends.For so many hours that someone had to do the job of pretending to be sorry, going much further than issuing a shrugging GIF and a link to the URL for the service status page.VM is promising a form of compensation to those who struggled to get their phones working outside in the non-Wi-Fi world yesterday too, and said: "We apologise for the disruption and inconvenience some of our Virgin Mobile customers have experienced today.This was due to a technical issue which we've now resolved.We will be compensating our customers for the loss of service and will let them know the details shortly."Complaints of not being able to place calls, send texts or access the mobile web came in from Virgin users in places as far apart as London, Bristol and areas of Scotland, so it was bordering on a national-scale of failure.
What's the best way to market a car to millennials?By making one that's small enough for them to actually afford, duh.Kia on Tuesday unveiled the first sketches of its upcoming small SUV.We won't see the full thing until the summer, but for now, the sketches give us an idea of what Kia will bring to market in an effort to woo urbanite millennials into car ownership.The car will allegedly be a global SUV, meaning it's destined for a whole bunch of markets, but considering Autocar's report claims it won't be coming to Europe, it's uncertain if the US is involved in this rollout.It's also unclear if Kia actually understands what "global" means.
In this universe of technology, mobile apps assume a significant job in the adjustment of complex enterprises.However if you are leaving to run your startup and chose to go with the iOS platform, we may disclose to you what benefits it can convey to your business.A principle part of top of the line clients spend in an iPhone device and the numbers are rising reliably with the arrival of new forms.This is the premise that mobile app development companies involve iPhone app development as a crucial piece of their administration portfolio.A blocked stage gives incredible help to Paid advertisements.It brings rules to pursue for programming, advertising, and planning.
After acknowledging the support of film studio Paramount and game company Sega, Fowler included a pretty telling hashtag: " gottafixfast."It's not just a riff on the series' iconic "gotta go fast" slogan" but rather a stark admission that Fowler's vague suggestion for a "changed design" is running headlong into a six-month timeframe.The film is still scheduled for a November 8, 2019, release and will be Fowler's feature-length directorial debut.Fowler's tweet doesn't acknowledge months of public questions and comments about the live-action Sonic design.The murmurs and furrowed brows began in December of last year when the film's premiere poster debuted, showing a silhouette of the redesigned gaming mascot—long, thin legs and all.The redesign ran head-long into years of 2D and 3D renders of the character across a multimedia landscape of video games, comic books, dolls, and animated series, and it followed a prior teaser poster that showed a real-world city from the perspective of Sonic's crotch—thus emphasizing his new design's long, thin legs.
Microsoft's Xbox Live service enables tens of millions of people around the world to play games online with each other.Microsoft updated its Xbox Live policies this week with a set of guidelines intended to police its community, and it included a handful of hilariously silly "trash talk" suggestions.Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.What would you do if, while playing a game online with strangers, one of them said to you, "Get destroyed.According to Microsoft's hilarious new set of guidelines for people playing games on its Xbox Live gaming service, both are acceptable lines of "trash talk" that aren't worthy of a ban.But more than that, they offer a pretty clear example of relatively inoffensive, competitive speech.