The participation of celebrities like Lindsay Lohan has further enhanced the popularity and the fact that the first tweet by the founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey was sold for a staggering $5 million as an NFT stand as a testimony to the awesomeness of this concept.There are certain countries like India where NFTs are gaining popularity, but they do not have a proper NFT marketplace.Rarible has gone a step further and has even enabled people to create their own NFT within their platform, making it easy for creators to launch their own NFT without any hassle.Building the platform from scratch, however, would be a cumbersome and daunting affair.For thoseAdvantages of a White Label SolutionA white label solution is available as a product that can be purchased off-the-shelf unlike building a product from scratch which needs to be availed of as a service by the entrepreneur from some company that specializes in NFT marketplace development.Hiring an in-house team of blockchain developers would be a bigger hassle.A white label NFT marketplace solution is bound to save a lot of time, and in turn, a lot of money as well.Therefore, there are almost 0 possibilities of glitches that might interfere with the expected basic functions of an NFT marketplace.Even if you go for an NFT solution the white label way, there are a few features that need to be intact to ensure that the experience of using your NFT marketplace is flawless and interesting.The Features of an NFT MarketplaceThe interface of the NFT should be seamless and intuitive.