The years have not been kind to the former gods of glam rock—and particularly not to William Bruce Bailey, better known as Axl Rose.In most cases, lyrics from Guns N Roses songs are altered to pertain to food.What gets complicated is that while many of Axl s shows require photographers to sign a release giving usage rights to his management, Boris Minkevich, the Winnipeg Free Press photographer who shot the image in question, does not remember if he made such an agreement.While the gig itself took place in 2010, a Memegenerator page for Axl Rose Fat has existed for just over four years, and contains a piddling 931 entries at the time of this writing.Appropriated Guns N Roses lyrics being used to mock Axl s weight are by no means new, and they were never all that popular to begin with.Celebrities have been known to engage in this sort of PR war in the past, which often only makes the problem worse.
The Guns N Roses front man spent the early part of this year preparing for a massively-hyped reunion of his legendary hair metal band, and ended up taking a gig fronting hard-hitting classic rock outfit AC/DC in the process.All the while, Rose has slimmed down, getting back into shape after a few years touting a less-than-healthy physical appearance.The singer now wants the internet to forget about his overweight phase: Rose has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Google, demanding that a series of memes poking fun at his portly appearance be removed immediately, according to Torrentfreak.The photos, which were originally taken by Boris Minkevich for the Winnipeg Free Press six years ago, belong to Rose, according to the request.Please be advised that no permission has been granted to publish the copyrighted image so we cannot direct you to an authorized example of it, wrote Web Sheriff, an anti-piracy company based in the U.K., in the related notice.As of this post, all the memes remain accessible via a Google search.
A photo of Axl Rose from 2010 has turned into a meme, and the singer isn't happy about it.The Guns N' Roses frontman recently sent DMCA takedown notices to Blogspot and GoogleUserContent, through Web Sheriff, as TorrentFreak reports, regarding one image that has made the rounds online.The photo in question has been used in a meme poking fun at Axl Rose's apparent weight gain — see a screenshot from below.The photo was taken at a concert by photographer Boris Minkevich and was published in the Winnipeg Free Press, as you can see here.While you might assume the photographer has the copyright, Web Sheriff says that photographers at Axl Rose's concerts sign contracts that give rights to the musician and his team.Minkevich himself can't remember if he signed such a form.Rose and Web Sheriff have filed multiple DMCA requests regarding the image, but it is still searchable on Google Images as of this writing.NOW WATCH: Hidden Facebook tricks you need to knowLoading video...
We then collaborated as a team in response, Constable Jason Michalyshen told The Huffington [email protected] Earis Let us know if you find a source for fake IDs.— Winnipeg Police @wpgpolice June 20, 2016 We ve been given some liberties with the account and we have seized it as an opportunity to show a different side of the service, Michalyshen said, who added that the team does post important news, but also likes to showcase that those who serve have personalities as well.Despite police calling Earis out, he kept his cool: Earis was indeed a great sport about this tweet.Earis even took advantage of the attention their exchange was getting and promoted his mixtape:@wpgpolice id like to take this 5 minutes of fame to promote my mixtape, coming soon to iTunes , stay tuned— 18K @Adam Earis June 20, 2016And the police appreciated his savvy hustle: If you listen to his mixtape he s actually not bad!There s a little more profanity in his lyrics than I can endorse but he s smooth.
When bees swarm, a natural process when looking for a place to set up a new colony, they have the tendency to pick some strange locations as a temporary home.Case in point, this truck just chilling near a hotel in downtown Winnipeg.According to CBC News, bees tend to swarm when their current hives are too warm.Even though it s a menacing sight, the bees are usually at their most docile during the swarming process.The worker bees escort their queen to a secure location until scouts can find a more stable home, in this case a secure-seeming GMC pickup.Once beekeepers were able to locate the queen on the truck and place her in a box, most of the hive eagerly followed.
Making good on its recent promise, Sling TV has announced the official arrival of NHL Network on its service, making it the first over-the-top provider to offer this particular sports network.This a big deal with hockey fans, as it allows them to enjoy live hockey games and coverage without having to sign up for a contract-based cable or satellite subscription plan.As with PlayStation Vue, Sling TV streams live television content over the Internet.Sling TV and services like it have become a popular compromise between cord-cutting and traditional cable.Many cord-cutters decided to ditch cable because of a combination of cost, difficulty in choosing the particular content they want, and long contracts that obligate them into long-haul service.Sling TV is different, operating without a contract and with a base rate onto which cheaper channel collections can be added.
Amarjit Mann told a Canadian news station that he felt his Galaxy S7 phone getting warm in his pocket while he was driving, and when he pulled out the phone, it instantly exploded in his hand.Mann says the explosion caused second-degree burns on his hand and third-degree burns on his wrist.Mann told The Winnipeg Sun that the phone was stuck to his hand before he was able to throw it out of his car s window.This is a nightmare for me, I ve never seen anything like this, Mann told CTV Winnipeg.I should ve lost my eyes, or my cheeks or anything could have happened.I luckily threw it outside.
After an exhaustive reign atop the news cycle and evolution into a full-on meme, the Galaxy Note 7 saga looked to be over after Samsung halted production of the fiery phone model and crippled some devices still in circulation.An incident in Canada, however, has thrust the issue of exploding batteries back into the public eye — only this Samsung device wasn't a Note 7.According to CTV News, Amarjit Mann of Winnipeg was driving when he felt his Samsung Galaxy S7 warming up in his pocket.As soon as he took it out, the device exploded, filling the car with smoke."I luckily threw it outside," Mann told CTV.Mann suffered second-degree burns on his hands and third-degree burns on his wrists from the incident.
Amarjit Mann told a Canadian news station that he felt his Galaxy S7 phone getting warm in his pocket while he was driving, and when he pulled out the phone, it instantly exploded in his hand.Mann says the explosion caused second-degree burns on his hand and third-degree burns on his wrist.Mann told The Winnipeg Sun that the phone was stuck to his hand before he was able to throw it out of his car s window.This is a nightmare for me, I ve never seen anything like this, Mann told CTV Winnipeg.I should ve lost my eyes, or my cheeks or anything could have happened.I luckily threw it outside.
Samsung s problems with exploding smartphones are showing no signs of abating despite the recall of the Galaxy Note 7 handset.A man from Canada is currently recuperating from injuries after claiming his Galaxy S7 phone exploded in his hands last weekend.Amarjit Mann, 34, was hospitalised after suffering second and third degree burns on his hands.He told reporters he was driving when he felt a warmness from the handset in his pocket.Related: Samsung Galaxy S7 review - Still the Android phone to beat?He told the Winnipeg Sun via Gizmodo : I took it out and had it in my hands and it exploded right away.
Mechanics have heard it all when it comes to car troubles—literally.Don t be afraid to make some silly noises for them.Remember those AAMCO we hear you commercials where people would walk up to a mechanic and explain their car problems with silly sounds?Well, that s actually not a bad idea.Mechanics from independent auto shops and dealerships told Jake Rossen at Mental Floss that they usually prefer you making the sound than trying to explain it.Ryan M., a mechanic in Winnipeg, explains:
Gunman Taco Truck has arrived on Steam.The zany post-apocalypse title was designed by Donovan Romero-Brathwaite, the 12-year-old son of two famous game developers, Doom creator John Romero and Wizardry designer Brenda Brathwaite Romero.In the game, you play as the last Mexican, saving the world one taco at a time.Romero-Brathwaite created the design for the game when he was 9 years old, and his parents put together a team to turn it into a reality.The game is now available on Steam for Windows and Mac OS.Gunman Taco Truck is an action-packed drive across a post-apocalyptic United States to reach the safe haven of Winnipeg, Canada, where there are no taco trucks and your family s taco business can thrive.The title uses 8-bit graphics, an increasingly popular and nostalgic art style.It s also a bloody side-scrolling game where you have to shoot at mutants coming down the road at your truck.Then, you use the body parts to make tacos for the hungry people in the cities.
The Pole House's unique design and use of recycled gas pipes for stilts could provide a model for how to avoid flood damage.While searching for the perfect building materials to construct a new home, turning to recycled gas pipes is likely the last option a typical homebuilder or architect would settle on.However, this is exactly what Canadian architecture firm DINS Projects decided on while building a unique cottage located near Lake Winnipeg.Due in part to the area s flood problem, DINS went with the odd choice of recycled gas pipes to stilt the house, helping to protect it from damage should flooding occur.The finished product is a vertical marvel that sits perfectly against its nearby Canadian wilderness.After a provincial cottage lot lottery system secured the unique plot of land for the owners, DINS Projects went to work designing a home that not only boasts the ability to avoid flooding but one which also abides by the strict regulations native to the area.
Not only are the Golden Knights off to an 8-2 start, but they also rank in the top 10 of the most expensive average prices on the secondary market according to TicketIQ, the company I founded.If the Golden Knights can maintain anything close to current attendance and demand levels, their sports gambling-friendly approach may do more than just help the NHL solve the “warm-weather problem.” In the face of larger screens and threats like virtual reality, it could be the biggest boon to event attendance since the advent of the dome.Behind Auston Matthews, one of the NHL’s biggest young stars, Maple Leafs Nation is as excited as ever and hoping to break their 50-year drought.Since moving from Winnipeg to Phoenix in 1996, the Coyotes have had as many division championships as bankruptcies, and have only advanced past the first round of the playoffs once.Amidst those inexorable forces, gambling may be their great equalizer.Through his company, Monumental Sports, Leonsis has invested in a European company called Sportradar, which he describes in the same interview as “having deep ties to integrity assurance in the gambling world.” With the endless possibilities that could come from the opportunity for in-venue betting, “integrity insurance” sounds like a good bet for the future.
“We love subzero weather, and pray for it,” says Eric Hegedus, an engine test engineer with GE Aviation.They’re here to bring the freeze to the world’s largest jet engine, the GE9X.Developed primarily for the new Boeing 777X, this behemoth is wider than the fuselage of a 737 jet and can generate more than 10,000 pounds of thrust.Hegedus, who usually works at GE Aviation’s Cincinnati headquarters, is in Winnipeg to see how well the engine handles when things get icy.Just to mount the ginormous thing, which just completed other tests (like being shot with frozen chickens and consuming buckets of foreign sand) at GE’s Peebles, Ohio, facility, the team had to expand and rejigger its test stand, rigging up extra fans and nozzles, to simulate the amount of air and water the engine will guzzle at speed.Once they’ve installed and wired up the engine with a bevy of sensors, the engineers will sit and wait for the right temperature to arrive—somewhere between -6 and -10 degrees Fahrenheit.
Finding a house painter or house painting services for residents of Winnipeg is not a challenge since is a website of expert painting contractors easily accessible.Since experience and skills of a house painting services is the key to obtain the quality of painting that you want to have for your home, Paint Winnipeg assures that you hire them for their work experiences, past projects, and the number of years they have been in the profession.As you choose to go with the exterior painting option from Paint Winnipeg Company, you will be guaranteed that the painting of the exterior of your house will be completed with preciseness and beauty.If you want to live in a beautiful home and be the envy of the neighborhood, solicit the services of professional house painters from Painters Winnipeg that practice safety procedures at all times.They follow the directions for the outside and are aware of the proper time to paint, which is usually the early summer or spring, when the temperature is neither too cold nor hot.If your walls lack luster and you would love to spruce them up with fresh paint, you should consider hiring Painting Services Winnipeg.
Instacart has teamed up with Walmart Canada to bring shoppers in Toronto and Winnipeg same-day grocery delivery.The agreement is part of a pilot program for the two companies that will allow Instacart users to order groceries from 17 different Walmart locations across the two cities.This is the first time shoppers in Winnipeg will have access to the grocery delivery service and the first time Toronto residents will have the option for same-day delivery.Interestingly, Instacart doesn’t have a partnership with Walmart in the U.S. Walmart, rather, has relationships with several other grocery delivery companies including DoorDash and Postmates.Instacart does have a deal with Sam’s Club, a subsidiary of Walmart.That partnership was announced in February and gives Sam’s Club members same-day delivery via Instacart.
After pilot programs in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles and Chicago were “overwhelmingly positive,” per Instacart CEO Apoorva Mehta’s statement, the grocery delivery service has decided to expand its partnership with U.S. grocer ALDI.As of Thanksgiving, Instacart users in 35 states and 5,000 ZIP codes will be able to fill their virtual carts with ALDI groceries.ALDI is in the process of completing a $5 billion remodel, with plans to expand its store count to 2,500 in the next four years.The grocer initially entered into an agreement with Instacart last fall.Since raising another $150 million in April, Instacart has doubled down on expansion efforts.Last week, the company announced a new partnership with Walmart Canada that put an additional 17 Walmart locations across Toronto and Winnipeg into the Instacart network.
do you Want to say you up and start an online business?Then, Quebec in Canada best conditions in the world, according to a study from the Amazonbolaget Sellics.the Study shows the cost to be your own in different cities around the world, and how much you need to save up before you terminate you from your full time job.Among the Swedish cities are Malmö in the top, in place 36.Gothenburg can be found at location 54 and Stockholm, first at the 89th place.Canada is the best country to resign and start an online business, where the Quebec, Winnipeg, and Montreal placing in the top.
He was 90 years old.Born in Canada, Rain started on the stage and was known in both the Canadian and British theater communities for his roles in William Shakespeare’s classics like Othello and Twelfth Night.But Rain is best known in the sci-fi community as the voice of HAL—a cold, monotone voice that immediately evokes fear in anyone who hears it.Even if you’ve never seen Stanley Kubrick’s classic 1967 movie, you know the famous exchange between the astronaut David Bowman and HAL.“I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that,” the HAL computer replies.If you’ve somehow gone your entire life without hearing those famous lines, you can watch them on YouTube.