Fan reaction to Game of Thrones‘ final season may be mixed, but the show has been undeniably good for HBO’s network — and for its over-the-top streaming service, HBO NOW.The only service that performed worse on this front was YouTube Premium.And that’s not exactly an apples-to-apples comparison, given that its subscriber base also includes YouTube viewers who want to go ad-free — not just those who are there for its original content.The new findings are telling in terms of how heavily HBO has been relying on Game of Thrones to grow its streaming platform over the years.In addition, the metrics indicate potential struggles ahead for HBO parent company WarnerMedia’s forthcoming streaming service.But without new episodes of Game of Thrones, it will have to rely on other popular shows, like Westworld, to pull in viewers.
It should mean something that way, way back in in 2011, Game of Thrones began its very first episode not with Jon Snow, or Daenerys Targaryen, or Cersei Lannister, but with three men from the Night’s Watch riding out beyond the Wall to search for Wildlings, only to be set upon by White Walkers, the show’s frosty, undead-commanding villains from an age long past.It’s the same way the first novel in George R. R. Martin’s series began, and although the story gained a reputation for intense and often brutal politics and backstabbing among its human characters, the shadow of a true existential threat always loomed over the proceedings for the audience.For years now, the show has hammered home the point that the battle for the Iron Throne is a petty, insignificant trifle compared to the undead army that is coming to wipe out humanity.And then it doesn’t matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne.”The White Walkers were annihilated after one battle, and despite the frequent talk of how Westeros needed to unite against them or perish, Cersei Lannister decided to hang back in King’s Landing, and it now seems clear she’ll never have to glimpse the army of the dead.The first sign that the White Walkers were going to be dealt away with quickly came in season 7, when they realized that killing a Walker also killed all the wights under their command; thus, killing the Night King, leader of the whole army, would undo them all, turning a figure who had seemed like a force of nature, and the story’s most potent metaphor for human frailty, into a mere video game boss.
HBO collaborated with more than 100 brands ahead of Game of Thrones’ Season 8 premiere, but there is one marketing partner the network would rather do without: President Donald Trump.This morning, for the second time, Trump tweeted a Game of Thrones-inspired political message.He tweeted a link to an image that said “Game Over” in the HBO series’ signature font, shortly before the release of the Mueller report.— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 18, 2019The network responded in a statement a couple hours later: “Though we can understand the enthusiasm for Game of Thrones now that the final season has arrived, we still prefer our intellectual property not be used for political purposes.”This is the second time that Trump has co-opted Game of Thrones for political purposes.
Following Thursday's press conference where US Attorney General William Barr addressed the release of the Mueller report, President Donald Trump took to Twitter once again with a Game of Thrones-themed response.The tweet, which shows him standing in some type of fog, with the Game of Thrones typeface reading "No collusion.For the haters and the radical left Democrats-- game over.""Though we can understand the enthusiasm for Game of Thrones now that the final season has arrived, we still prefer our intellectual property not be used for political purposes," an HBO spokesperson said in a statement.This isn't the first time Trump has played on Game of Thrones on Twitter.In November, he tweeted an image of himself with the text "Sanctions are coming," a reference to the show's popular catchphrase "Winter is coming."
Winter is coming -- ahead of time?Fans have been waiting to watch the season 8 premiere of HBO's hit Game of Thrones since season 7 ended in August 2017.But it looks like some lucky DirecTV Now customers were gifted an early glimpse at the premiere.The first episode of Game of Thrones final season was available to DirecTV Now customers four hours early, at 5 p.m.DirecTV did not immediately reply to a request for comment.HBO responded but did not have information on the possible leak.
Tech news you can use, in two minutes or less:It's true: The final season of Game of Thrones begins this Sunday.We collected the biggest GoT fans in the office to chat about their hopes and dreams for the future of Westeros.Haven't caught up on the show?It will be $6.99 a month, have movies from Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and all of Star Wars (!), as well as a compliment of TV shows from Disney, National Geographic, and Fox.
But HBO's much-binged fantasy epic comes to a close, so too do all the opportunities to glom onto the fanfare, leading marketers to set their store of wildfire alight, covering the internet in a blaze of trailers, posters, brand partnerships, and "activations" that can make it seem as though winter is coming everywhere.Most television programs do not get Budweiser Super Bowl commercial money—and the marketing for Thrones is going far beyond TV spots.This time around there are sneakers, albums featuring guest spots by A$AP Rocky, and even a South By Southwest "experience" where fans were asked to literally bleed for a glimpse at Westeros.For the last few weeks, Game of Thrones hasn't been a TV show—it's been an emblem of automatic newsworthiness and saleability.Instead, the measure is how hard it would be to explain to an alien (or, you know, somebody who hasn't watched Game of Thrones) what the heck this product or event has to do with a show about monarchy and dragons.That SXSW event—actually an American Red Cross blood drive—was dubbed Bleed for the Throne, and it drained fans far beyond Austin.
I checked out the Magic Leap One augmented reality and HTC Vive Focus virtual reality installations for A Game of Thrones at the AT store on Powell Street in San Francisco.It was upstairs in an area that was like museum for A Game of Thrones, complete with outfits from the show on display in glass cases.But its animatronic arm was still moving.I stabbed the Walker, and then the experience ended.It will arrive in Los Angeles and Dallas later in the month, and it will last until June 10.And in real life, I was hit with a blast of cold air.
Today's excellent Deal of the Day from Amazon sees £221 knocked off the previous price of this superb 50-inch 4K Philips Ambilight TV deal.As you can see on the image above, Ambilight TVs are doing something very different from other TVs out there Game of Thrones online.These aren't randomly coloured lights though, they actually mimic the onscreen action.So your films, TV shows, sporting events and gaming content really fill the room as the light reflects off nearby surfaces.This 2018 model is packed with high-end tech on the inside too with a 4K HDR Plus panel supported by the P5 Perfect Picture Engine.
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Winter is coming for one of television’s most-pirated shows.On Monday, security firm Kaspersky released a new report diving into the means by which hackers are ruining your favorite pirated TV shows.Game of Thrones, as you might have guessed, was chief among them, making it a risky move to pirate the TV show without additional filtering of downloaded torrent files.Kaspersky’s report showed that Game of Thrones content was responsible for approximately 17 percent of infected downloads, affecting more than 20,000 users — all during a year in which the series didn’t release a single new episode.“Winter is Coming” is the most dangerous of all episodes, and not just for Jon Arrun.All told, security researchers found 33 types of threats contained within torrented Game of Thrones episodes.
One of the most-pirated TV shows could also be the most likely to give unauthorised downloaders a nasty case of malware.On Monday security firm Kaspersky released a new report on scammers’ use of popular TV shows to spread malware.The report shows the top pirated shows’ likelihood of infecting computers.Kaspersky’s results show that Game of Thrones was the riskiest to pirate, followed by The Walking Dead, and Arrow.Other risky shows include Suits, Vikings, The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy, and This Is Us.In 2018, Game of Thrones pirated downloads reportedly accounted for 17 per cent of infected downloads—20,934 users—even though Game of Thrones didn’t even release any new episodes in 2018.
Game of Thrones fans keen to get a head-start on the newest episodes have been warned to take precaution when watching and downloading online.The hugely-popular HBO series, which is set to start its final season soon, was named as the most popular choice for hackers to use as a shield to spread malware.In a worldwide study by security firm Kaspersky Lab surveying 31 of the most popular TV shows worldwide over the last two years, Game of Thrones came first in a slightly less desirable struggle for top spot, ahead of The Walking Dead and Arrow.Overall, the series accounted for 17 percent of all the infected pirated content in 2018, with 33 types and 505 different families of threats hiding behind the Game of Thrones title.In total, 20,934 users suffered a Game of Thrones-related attack, despite being the only TV show in Kaspersky Lab's list that did not release new episodes in 2018 - with ‘Winter Is Coming' – the very first episode of the show – was the one most actively used by cybercriminals.In fact, the first and the last episodes of every Game of Thrones season analysed by Kaspersky Lab turned out the most dangerous, hiding the largest number of malicious files and affecting the most users.
Winter is coming, but during the long wait for it on HBO's Game of Thrones, the people of Westeros have changed enormously.The young characters, including Arya, Bran and Sansa, have literally grown up on screen.Maisie Williams was just 13 when she first played Arya, and Isaac Hempstead Wright, who plays Bran, was even younger at 11.Now Arya's a seasoned killer and Maisie Williams is 21.Bran lost the use of his legs but gained a special sight, and Isaac Hempstead Wright is now 19.Even the grown-ups on the show have changed.
If you’re looking to take on a White Walker (or just stand somewhat close to a very convincing digital one while wearing a Magic Leap One mixed reality headset), then you’ll want to head to an AT retail location in Boston, Chicago, New York or San Francisco.HBO and AT are teaming up to bring Game of Thrones fans access to their favorite (or not-so-favorite) characters with a series of activations, exclusive videos and giveaways before the final season premiere.“There will be Game of Thrones elements weaved throughout the entire AT footprint and utilizing our vast scope of marketing channels,” said Kendall Thaker, avp WarnerMedia Integration, AT, including the AT app, AT’s Magic Leap One, event sponsorships at the NCAA Final Four and retail activations.“There’s no better way to celebrate the finale of this epic HBO show than to give its devoted, passionate fans opportunities to immerse themselves in the Game of Thrones world leading into the final season,” said Zach Enterlin, executive vice president, program marketing, HBO, in a statement.Storefronts will transform into otherworldly Game of Thrones settings, complete with characters in immersive activations.In the Boylston location in Boston, the Michigan Avenue location in Chicago and the San Francisco location, visitors will be able to confront a White Walker (probably the exact opposite of what anyone actually wants to do after watching the show) using a Magic Leap One for those brave enough to delve into the chilly winter world will be able to fight in “The Dead Must Die” game.
It'll be a little easier to find your fellow Game of Thrones fans on OkCupid.If you've answered "yes" (and made that answer public) as to whether you watch the HBO fantasy, about to kick off its final season, you'll get a badge on your profile, the company said Wednesday.Dating site OkCupid gives people a seemingly endless buffet of questions to answer on topics from lifestyle to ethics, designed to help them see what they have in common with others.Apparently daters on the site have mentioned Game of Thrones in their profiles almost 2 million times, more than any other show.OkCupid also said that based on previous badges, as well as the sheer number of people who have mentioned the show, the platform is predicting 20 percent more likes and 15 more conversations for those who sport the badge on their profiles.It turns out that 57 percent of users are rewatching the show.
Winter is coming...unseasonably early this year.The last season of Game of Thrones is fast approaching, with a release date set for April 15, and Sky Atlantic has just dropped the trailer.Giving a tantalizing glimpse of what's to come, you can watch the newly launched trailer below – a word of warning, you might want to hold off if you haven't seen the previous seven seasons:If you've been eagerly awaiting the conclusion of the hugely popular series and you don't have Sky TV, you may want to get your hands on a Now TV entertainment pass in anticipation of its April 15 release date.Chances are, you already have a device capable of running the Now TV app (tablets, gaming consoles, smart TVs etc), but if you don't, you can get a Now TV Smart Box or Now TV Smart Stick, which will allow you to use your entertainment pass.If you feel like you need a recap on what Arya, John Snow, Cersei, and Daenerys have been getting up to ahead of the last season, you can still watch seasons one to seven on Now TV and Sky Atlantic.
The eighth and final season of the hit HBO show Game of Thrones premieres in April.As the day draws closer, fans are getting more and more excited to see which house will take the Iron Throne.On Thursday, Twitter released new custom art of everyone's favorite characters paired with the hashtag ForTheThrone.In addition, if you hashtag a character's name, a custom emoji will appear next to it.So now as you tune in to the Game of Thrones series finale, you can show everyone who you hope will rule the seven kingdoms.Here are the characters with emojis:
Winter is coming … to billboards in New York, Toronto and London Thursday, courtesy of HBO and Twitter.The final season of Game of Thrones premieres on HBO April 14.Starting Thursday morning, billboards in those three cities will display never-before-seen character art and hashtag-triggered emojis for the 20 characters in the drama series who still have a chance to wind up sitting atop the Iron Throne.The billboards will also display tweets from Game of Thrones fans across the globe.A call to action that invites fans to tweet the main Twitter account with the ForTheThrone hashtag will be displayed, as well, and users who do so will receive a Moment containing all of the character images and emojis.That Moment will also be extended to fans who retweet a tweet from @GameOfThrones.
In the last week of 2018 on into the first of 2019, the polar vortex above the Arctic split, from one whirling beast into three.As a result of this disruption, this year’s cold season may be one of the coldest we’ve seen in many a year.According to meteorologists watching the system, persistent and acute cold is likely to begin at around the end of this month, January of 2019.The polar vortex spins around our north and south poles, creating somewhat of a wall of wind around arctic, chilly air.This January, the polar vortex split, and air that’d normally be trapped in this area at our North Pole kind of, sort of spilled out.That’s the simplest way to explain it.