Its screen murskalta nuts, it will be dropped many times on a stone floor and it kicked like a football.This is a Reddit-the site loaded a bit scruffy video from your smartphone, which seems clear enough that the duration of the test, that it normal in life that I never Seems that this phone could, say, nailed four-inch wire nailed to the wall.Phone brand or model are not clear, but the video title says it is a Nokia phone.the Video, however, shows that this is largely a Nokia-like Android device.Part of comment has been written, so to speak, tongue-in-cheek.
This year s Queen s Speech was arguably it s most technology focused with a commercial spaceport, driverless cars and faster broadband were all being given special prominance.To help make sense of it all we re going to run through each mention and explain what it means and whether the government is actually going to follow through with its plans.The government is indeed looking to build a spaceport in the UK by 2020 with eight locations under consideration with Newquay, Cornwall looking to be the strongest.Alongside providing thousands of new jobs in the area the commercial spaceport would become a central European hub for the testing of experimental new spacecraft including Reaction Engines Skylon and Virgin Galactic s own space planes.Faster BroadbandRui Vieira/PA WireThat s right, if you re still struggling to get broadband in your home then the Queen s Speech contained some good news.While The US and Sweden have predominantly been leaders in this area the government is already working on a futureproofed bill that will turn the UK s roads into a giant testing ground for the next-generation of automated cars.
There were some complaints surrounding the "Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge" including a gap that's formed when the laptop is closed.So, you can tell that we're not the only ones already clamoring for Microsoft to improve on an already promising formula.Likely as much as – if not a bit more than – the current Surface BookWe're quite alright with the design for the most partSurface Book 2 release dateNaturally, the company has not officially announced the product given that the Surface Book launched mere months ago.However, it's easy to speculate that a follow up is in the works, and could possibly arrive by the end of the year, next to the Surface Pro 5.This processor family will offer native USB 3.1 Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 support, feature up to four cores as the default configuration, and better performance both on the CPU and GPU fronts.This is a rather old patent, but it wouldn't be surprising nonetheless if the company pushed forward with a rechargeable Surface Pen for the Surface Book 2, even more so given Microsoft's current focus on providing better stylus support in Windows 10.
Not only are they beautiful to behold, they also are unique in how they stretch and move.Not surprisingly, scientists have been studying spider webs for years, hoping to uncover the mechanism that allows the material to stretch, yet remain tight.The sticky glue that encases the thread does more than capture prey; it also functions like a fishing reel that coils up the excess parts of the thread.The scientists were able to recreate this unique property using a plastic filament that was covered with tiny droplets of oil.Our bio-inspired hybrid threads could be manufactured from virtually any components.These new insights could lead to a wide range of applications, such as microfabrication of complex structures, reversible micro-motors, or self-tensioned stretchable systems, said Dr. Hervé Elettro, a doctoral researcher at Institut Jean Le Rond D Alembert, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris.
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA—Google is showing off a major Android Auto upgrade at Google I/O, and many of the features address long-standing user requests.On the Android Auto home screen, the navigation bar changes to an Android Auto-style app switcher with Maps, Music, and Phone icons.Notifications appear as huge, full-screen pop-ups with large, simple text strings.Still, Google says it wants to adhere to the regulations anyway, so expect to see limits on list views and a six-tap maximum once you get inside an app.If you're plugged into a car, you'll get the casted interface; if there's nothing plugged in, the app will boot into a standalone mode.Google is working on Wi-Fi projection, so if you buy a new Wi-Fi compatible car or get a new stereo you'll be able to beam the Android Auto interface to the car screen without a wire.
When we set up an HTC Vive here at the PCWorld office, people practically lined up to try it out.I can tell you no one drove 25 miles to check out an iPad, or even a $12,000 gaming PC, either.Well, except for those people who get queasy, even despite the headset running on a top-end system.If first-generation VR hardware can garner this sort of overwhelmingly positive response, it bodes well for the success of the category.The headsets will get lighter and more comfortable, and the wire tethering a headset to a PC will get less intrusive and eventually go away.$800 for an HTC Vive isn t that bad when you consider that a 16-inch television in 1949 cost $695, or $6,953 when adjusted for inflation.
Recognizing new paradigm in automotive sheet steel performance PROVIDENCE, R.I.– BUSINESS WIRE –May 20, 2016– NanoSteel , a leader in nanostructured steel materials, and the company s joint development launch partner, AK Steel Corporation, have won the Platts Global Metals Breakthrough Solution of the Year Award.This award is in recognition of NanoSteel s advanced automotive sheet-produced by AK Steel-which brings the combination of both high strength and high formability to automotive lightweighting.Our material also provides all the benefits of steel, making it more cost-effective than alternative metals and easier to integrate into a supply chain and parts manufacturing footprint that has successfully produced steel automotive components for more than 100 years.This multi-year partnership between two innovative companies is uniquely positioned to advance steel s leadership in vehicle lightweighting.The Company s primary focus is proprietary alloys for use as sheet steel in automotive lightweighting applications.Founded as a spinoff of the U.S. Department of Energy s Idaho National Laboratory in 2002, NanoSteel has developed multiple generations of ferrous materials innovations including metallic coatings, additive manufacturing powders, and sheet steel protected by over 300 patents filed and/or granted worldwide.
Last summer, the San Francisco-based firm raised $21 million in a series B round led by Bessemer Ventures, bringing its total capital raise to about $35 million.Earlier this year the firm released its 2016 Bad Bots Landscape Report.Hackers have long used such bots as Burp to intercept web traffic and automate attacks, and Metasploit to probe webpages for vulnerabilities.Until recently, bad bots commonly targeted companies line of business operations to steal competitive information like pricing and inventories, intellectual property, and, of course, financial information.New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman s office recently released a report about abuses in the ticketing industry.One incident cited was how a scalper s bad bot purchased 1,012 tickets to a U2 concert within the very first minute of going on sale.With all the excitement around bots, it s not difficult to imagine a consumer being tricked into downloading a bad bot, akin to a phishing scheme or those fraudulent pleas of a Nigerian prince seeking to wire money to you.Just as good bots will become moresophisticated, so will bad bots increase their ability to evade detection, load malicious code, and imitate human behavior.While it s too early to say how much of a problem bad bots will be for consumer-facing bots, there s little doubt of the looming threat, particularly with the pervasiveness of mobile phones.
Next, you will need:- rotation servos- wheels that fit the servos- caster roller- solderless breadboard- distance sensor with a four-pin connector cable,- one mini push button switch with 1 10kO resistor- set of breakaway headers,- six AA battery holder with 9V DC power jack- one pack of jumper wires or 22-gauge hook-up wire- strong double-sided tape or hot glue.Wire the powerFollowing on from assembling the main body parts together, it is now time to wire the robot.It is now time to take on the jumper wires, or the gauge hook-up wires.The battery back jack cable can now be plugged into the microcontroller and you can also connect the microcontroller to your computer via USB both jack and USB ports comes included with the microcontroller .Click on it and follow the on screen directions.The sensor at the front of the breadboard will help guide the device through different paths, reading the environment in front of it.
Jacquard Project is a project that Google unveiled at last year's Google I / O. The project is a collaboration with Levi's, and the idea is to develop a technological thread that can be woven into different clothes. With wire woven surfaces can be used as touch surfaces, so you can control the apps without picking up the phone. Now it is clear that the project becomes a reality, but you have to wait until next year. In the spring of 2017, these things go on sale, and the base is Levi's Commuter Series is designed for cyclists.
Among the plethora of news at its I/O conference, it launched three new communication apps in the span of one week: Spaces, Allo and Duo.There are a lot of original, useful ideas in there.Spaces is a bit more unique, but I d also argue its group-oriented features could have been integrated integrated into single, great communication app that really stands out from the crowd.I already have to juggle Messenger Facebook s , Messenger Google s , WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, Wire, Telegram and Hangouts on a regular basis.First World Problem acknowledged, but all I m saying is some consolidation would be nice.In an increasingly crowded messaging market, Google needs to focus its portfolio, not broaden it.
NEW YORK -- Bank of America was not liable for fraud and subject to a penalty of more than $1.2 billion for its actions before the economy collapsed in 2008 despite a jury's finding to the contrary, a federal appeals court ruled Monday.Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan said there was insufficient evidence for a jury to conclude at a 2013 trial that mail and wire fraud was committed by the bank's Countrywide Financial unit in late 2007 and 2008 when it passed along mortgages to government housing agencies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.In July 2014, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara touted the jury verdict and subsequent civil penalty as the first time a bank or its executives had been found liable under federal law for mortgage fraud leading up to the financial crisis.His office had no immediate comment Monday.The program nicknamed the "Hustle" lasted until May 2008."The government did not prove -- in fact, did not attempt to prove -- that at the time the contracts were executed Countrywide never intended to perform its promise of investment quality.
The deal will, however, likely bring Lazar a more lenient sentence.Earlier this year, the FBI hit Lazar with nine counts, including multiple charges of wire fraud and unauthorized access to a computer.He had previously pled not guilty, though a change in plea has been widely expected after Lazar fessed up earlier this month during media interviews.Guccifer, a former taxi driver turned hacker, gained notoriety back in 2013 when he laid claim to hacking a personal email server Clinton had reportedly used to send, among other things, official business in her capacity as Secretary of State.The case kicked off a scandal that continues to follow Clinton well into her campaign for the US Presidency.Other targets Guccifer claimed to have hacked include actors Steve Martin and Mariel Hemingway, writer Kitty Kelley and editor Tina Brown.
Leading B2B marketing technology company announces the first-ever list of influencers and practitioners driving innovation with account-based marketing NASHVILLE– BUSINESS WIRE –May 24, 2016– Terminus, the leading account-based marketing ABM SaaS platform, today announced the first-ever list of the Top 40 ABM Superheroes.These superheroes are truly the trailblazers of account-based marketing, said Terminus CMO and co-founder, Sangram Vajre.The Terminus ABM superheroes have made the shift from traditional lead generation to focus only on the companies, or accounts, which are the best-fit for their business.While account-based marketing is not a new idea, these ABM superheroes are challenging the status quo by redefining the concept to use marketing technology to engage their contacts at scale.Terminus customers who are ABM practitioners run the gamut from c-suite executives devising the account-based strategies to tactical managers who are responsible with day-to-day activities such as launching marketing campaigns.Come meet some of the Terminus ABM superheroes at SiriusDecisions SDSummit in Nashville at Booth 353 or Tweet to @Terminus with ABM.
Former veterans from the largest physician-patient platform in the U.S. launch new company focused on a life-saving Wearable-as-a-Service SAN FRANCISCO– BUSINESS WIRE –May 24, 2016–Ryan Howard, founder and former CEO of Practice Fusion, today announced the launch of a new company, iBeat – a wearable technology company empowering people to live longer lives.Started by a team of Practice Fusion veterans, including Howard, iBeat s mission is to empower people with the freedom to be fearless, explore, and live longer, fuller lives.This Smart News Release features multimedia.View the full release here: – The smart watch that can save your life.Photo: Business Wire The idea to start iBeat stemmed from a close friend of Howard s passing.She brings more than seven years experience in communications, having worked with several early-stage and late-stage startups including MySpace, backup software provider NovaStor, digital advertising agency SteelHouse, and secure healthcare texting app TigerText.The iBeat team plans to double its staff by the end of this year, hiring in engineering, design, growth marketing, and operations.View source version on Tinsley, 661-904-2408Marketing & Communications [email protected]
Xoopar Limited.Each holds enticing new technologies and gadgets, robots and smartphones, fridges with screens and cameras, fitness bands and fast cars, the works.Photo by Jeremy Kaplan / Digital TrendsA Chinese company calling itself AltoTech makes and sells a product that is quite clearly Google Glass.Consider the emerging market for 360 cameras, and the popular Ricoh Theta S, widely considered to be a top-notch 360 camera.Here in China they are improving existing architecture and think nothing of it, even if they make more on a product than the OEM who had all the R and marketing costs.CES Asia: Drone cages, smart cars, and unrelenting hordes in our CES Asia VR tourDetu s Theta copy is so shameless, it uses the Theta app on iOS to operate the camera, and to store and share videos, Artsis says.
Two kilometers of the E16 between Sandviken and Kungsgården has been equipped with air lines that directly feed electric trucks through the pantograph on the cab roof. - We test different voltages, do some mechanical tests, we test the system simply. The entire route is not quite ready yet, but it all goes according to plan, says Magnus Ernström, project Region Gavleborg. In short, it is based on low voltage overhead lines 750 volts, designed as a two-pole system for bidirectional transmission. When leaving the electrified road network, or temporarily breaks the contact, for example when overtaking, hitting the truck automatically switches to the combustion engine. The pantograph can connect to and from the air line at speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour.
He was indicted on charges including wire fraud, unauthorized access of protected computer, aggravated identity theft, cyberstalking and obstruction of justice.The official and another person familiar with the Guccifer investigation, who asked not to be named ahead of the proceedings, said Lazar s plea would not validate claims he has made in recent media interviews about successfully hacking the email server Clinton installed at her home in Chappaqua, New York.Its contents and operations are the focus of an FBI investigation.However, among the targets of Guccifer s hacking was an AOL email account used by Sidney Blumenthal, a former Clinton White House aide and unofficial adviser.Neither flash nor html5 is supported!Reviews by government departments, including two spy agencies, found that dozens of messages that moved through Clinton s private server contained classified information, including material the government later deemed top secret.
A group of seven global data centre giants have come together to develop a single interconnect technology specification to allow processers using different instruction set architectures ISA to share data with accelerators in the data centre.AMD, ARM, Huawei, IBM, Mellanox, Qualcomm and Xilinx have founded the Cache Coherent Interconnect for Accelerators Consortium CCIX to drive a high-performance open acceleration framework into the hosting industry, which will see different vendors' CPUs and accelerators communicate with each others while sharing the same memory.As data centres come under pressure to accelerate applications processing due to power and space constraints, applications such as big data analytics, search, machine learning, NFV, wireless 4G and/or 5G, in-memory database processing, video analytics, and network processing, benefit from acceleration engines that need to move data seamlessly among the various system components.The organisation will leverage existing server interconnect infrastructure and deliver higher bandwidth, lower latency, and cache coherent access to shared memoryThe consortium also expects the move to dramatically reduce the need for complex programming environments.According to the consortium, additional capabilities include both off-load and bump-in-the-wire inline application acceleration while leveraging existing server ecosystems and form factors thereby improving total cost of ownership TCO , and higher bandwidth compared to the existing interface.He said: "With an anticipated broad eco-system support of the CCIX standard, data centres will now be able to optimise their data usage, thereby achieving world-leading applications efficiency and scale."
The round, led by leading healthcare provider InterMountain Healthcare, will be used to accelerate the development of Zebra s imaging analytics engine and create neural networks that will use Zebra s vast imaging dataset to assist radiologists with automated diagnostic algorithms.KIBBUTZ SHEFAYIM, Israel– BUSINESS WIRE –May 25, 2016– Zebra Medical Vision is announcing an additional financing round of $12 million led by InterMountain Healthcare, with the participation of existing investors.Zebra Medical Vision was founded in 2014 with the vision of teaching computers to automatically read and diagnose medical imaging data.The company s analytics engine helps physicians and healthcare providers analyze millions of imaging records, in an effort to close the diagnostic gap created by a billion people worldwide joining the middle class in the coming decade, who will require diagnostic services.These algorithms, developed using Zebra s platform, can be applied to provide health and risk management insights to patients and providers.We are privileged that one of the top healthcare systems in the U.S. has placed such confidence in our team and our platform, added Elad Benjamin, Zebra s CEO, In an environment where computing power and machine learning frameworks are becoming a commodity, the ability to quickly and efficiently curate large quantities of data from a world class integrated healthcare provider can make the difference between simplistic tools and insights that can truly add clinical value and positively impact patient care.