I work for a vacation rental agency in a market where tech is LOW.Basically after getting run around from a place trying to make us a website for $10K, we decided to go the WIX route, we supposedly have a team of high tech people looking and making sure it is as good as it can be.An expert and friend came in and is now telling us on the other side, that we will lose all google momentum we had.The 'momentum' we had from out OLD ugly but organized site is about 4.5-5K visitors, with around 40% being organic from Google.Google analytics shows us around 4th or 5th under VRBO, so really top locally .Any tips or articles are greatly appreciated- Boss will be coming to me soon, maybe for the tie breaker.
Speed testing services seem to be the new thing tech companies are dabbing into on their free time – just weeks after Netflix launched Fast.com, Google has announced its own tool to help you measure your website s speed and mobile-friendliness.The site takes your URL and measures on a scale of 1-100 your mobile design and loading speed.It looks at things like CSS, HTML, scripts and images to see how long it takes for your website to load on both a desktop and mobile device.Ironically, it does take more than three seconds for Google s tool to complete the test, but it s worth finding out how your site fares.If you need help though, Google links out to a handful of site builders it evidently approves of to help you make your site mobile-friendly and fast, including services like Wix, Duda, and Weebly.Big ouch for Squarespace and WordPress.
DIY website building service Wix.com has launched a new artificial design intelligence ADI service to automate the process of building websites.Founded out of Tel Aviv in 2006, Wix has so far served as an easy-to-use web development platform aimed at helping novices build HTML5 sites using drag-and-drop tools rather than code, while offering complementary services such as web hosting.Now with Wix ADI, the Tel Aviv-based company is looking to make creating websites even easier by using data garnered from its existing user base to feed into its new AI offering.It is free to use in itself, but it s subject to the usual Wix.com subscription plans that vary in price depending on the required bandwidth, storage, and other personal preferences.Though many professionals have questioned the credibility of DIY platforms that promise to turn noobs into designers and coders, going the extra mile and getting machines to carry out the remaining spadework will likely raise even more eyebrows.But as with all these things, it really depends on what the use cases are — many small businesses and freelancers don t need a feature-rich website that is 100 percent authentic and on brand.The creator basically answers a few questions and provides the platform with cues as to what the company is and what category it exists in, and then Wix ADI pulls in relevant photos, words, and layouts based on the business type and location.Users can then choose to customize elements of the site once it s complete.As for Wix, well, it went public on the Nasdaq back in 2013 and last year claimed revenue of more than $200 million.Wix ADI has been in the works for years, and it follows a number of similar initiatives that have sought to bring AI into traditional human-centric industries, such as drug discovery, customer service, stock photography, and database management.
Building a website can be difficult process - more so if you don't know the first thing about color theory, graphic design, or any other kind of aesthetics.Wix, known for its drag-and-drop website creator, wants to make making sites a snap using a new artificial intelligence - the first of its kind - that creates eye-catching webpages for you.From there, users can still tweak and build upon the AI's design until they have something tailored exclusively for them.AI-sthetics"Wix ADI is the world's first technology platform that combines website design and content creation with artificial intelligence to enable complete websites to be created in a matter of minutes," said Wix co-founder and CEO Avishai Abrahami.Abrahami added that Wix ADI allows small businesses to build webpages "easier and faster than ever," forgoing the need to know coding, structure, or design - something that could become a potential job hazard for professional web designers, should the technology prove as useful and unique as Wix claims.Wix ADI will roll out over the course of the coming months to users, so you may still have to hold on to your homebrew site a little longer.
Wix is hoping to make it even easier for anyone to create beautiful, responsive websites with its new Advanced Design Intelligence ADI service.ADI works by asking users a few simple questions, which it uses to return a website Wix thinks will feel more custom.Gathering data from its decade in existence, Wix thinks it has figured out AI for Website design.From there, ADI takes a look at what other restaurant Websites created with Wix offer, and uses them for inspiration.If they re not impressed, they can revisit ADI and change the style or features they listed.The concept behind ADI is to help non-designers build better Websites.
The TechCrunch team landed in Tel Aviv and we re in the starting blocks for the TechCrunch Meetup Pitch-Off in Tel Aviv on Wednesday June 22.And it s going to be an awesome event.As TechCrunch doesn t come to Tel Aviv often enough, we wanted to do something special for our meetup here.In addition to the usual networking part and pitch-off competition, we lined up a few great speakers to tell us more about what s happening in Israel when it comes to tech startups.And we re looking forward to having a drink with all of you.Full agenda5:30 PM — 6:30 PMDoors open, networking6:30 PMOpening Remarks6:45 PM — 7:00 PMFireside Chat: Shimon Peres, the ninth President of the State of Israel7:00 PM — 7:15 PMIsrael, a diverse ecosystem TechCrunch Include Panel : Moshe Friedman KamaTech founder , Nora Nseir Manassa Nurami Medical co-founder and CTO and Chemi Peres Pitango Venture Capital co-founder and Managing General Partner 7:15 PM — 7:25 PMDriving the self-driving car innovation with Amnon Shashua Mobileye co-founder and CTO 7:25 PM — 7:35 PMBeyond ads with Eldad Maniv Taboola president and COO and Omer Shai Wix CEO 7:35 PM — 8:35 PMPitch-Off: TechCrunch selected ten Israel-based startups to compete and pitch in front of judges JVP's Gadi Tirosh, Nautilus' Merav Rotem Naaman, Viber's Michael Shmilov, LeumiTech's Yifat Oron and TechCrunch Editors 8:35 PM — 9:00 PMJudge deliberations, TechCrunch announcements and crowning the winner9:00 PM — 10:00 PMNetworkingEvent InfoDate: June 22Time: 5:30 PM — 10:00 PMVenue: Trask – טראסק, Tel Aviv
Facebook s web app-like Canvas ads can now run as organic Page postsJun 20, 2016 by Tim PetersonFacebook will let Page owners use the interactive Canvas ad format for organic Page posts in a bid to get people to spend more time in the social network.Will Siri s move to desktop impact Google?Those topics and more are discussed in our latest weekly video show.Google s Optimize 360 creates exciting opportunities for testing & personalizationJun 20, 2016 by Nick IyengarGoogle s Analytics 360 Suite offers a bevy of new solutions for enterprise marketers.Columnist Wesley Young explores why this new medium is taking off, how it differs from keyword searches, and the challenges for local businesses to compete on yet another platform.Wix Thinks So, www.fastcodesign.comHow Brands Can Win in today s New Era of Programmatic Email, www.martechadvisor.comThe Dirty Little Secret of Marketing Tech, adage.comIs Google AMP Really A Silver Bullet for Mobile Content?, www.cmswire.comIncreasing our Investment in Machine Learning, www.Twitter.comTumblr to launch live video on Tuesday, techcrunch.com
Existing backer Entrée Capital including l1Capital Group also participated.I asked Dapulse co-founder and CEO Roy Man what s changed since I last covered the startup almost 4 years ago.All project management tools that exist today are similar in essence.And despite the software s incubation within in a tech company and initially targeting other tech companies, Man says Dapulse has found a home with companies who have otherwise never taken to project management software because of the perception that most solutions are hard to use or require you to change the way you work.It s simple and does not impose a hierarchy of projects and tasks that just list work and don t help you manage, and it s customizable — meaning that it fits you, exactly you and your team.Its customers include small and large companies alike, from startups, such as WeWork, General Assembly, Uber, and Wix, to enterprises, such as AOL owner of TechCrunch , Adidas, and Frost & Sullivan.
These days, the key to making the difficult process of business growth easier is to maximize your ability to connect with potential customers and to automate tasks that don t need your full attention, so you can focus on the ones that do.If you don t have the skills necessary to revamp your own website and lack the funds to hire someone to do it for you, you could start with do-it-yourself tools like Wix or Squarespace.Thankfully, in today s world, the freelance economy is growing, and hiring someone on a project basis is easier than ever.Once the job is done, you don t have to keep them on the payroll, ensuring that your business isn t paying for idle hands.MailChimp is a service that automates your entire email campaign system, offering easy-to-use drag and drop design tools and helpful analytics to boot.The average internet user spends 1.72 hours every day on social media, making social media platforms valuable places for your business to attract new customers.
You must find the right web hosting service, choose the perfect web design, create quality content and finally, drive dedicated traffic to your website.Search Engine Optimization is obviously a really important aspept of website creation, as it goes forward to determine how popular your website is in terms of search engine visibility, which in turn affects traffic.Today, we shall discuss some of the latest trends in search engine optimization and web hosting that this new year has presented before us, as well as how each of them is going to affect your search engine visibility.To this end, several web hosting services such as Wix and GoDaddy are offering built-in features to allow for the easy optimization of your website for smartphones and tablets, going to the extent of giving away responsive templates for free to premium users.Graphic Media Has Been Greatly PrioritizedWhile written content still seems to be the heart and soul of every website, that is all about to change as visual content overtakes its written counterpart in terms of both accessibility and popularity, If you are a webmaster, you should consider enriching your website with more and more visual content at this point.
Building your website is a priority, but what if you can t afford to bring in an independent website designer?There are plenty of options you can find from a free builders list to take advantage of today.To give you an insight into some of the options available, this guide is going to show you some of the top picks that you should consider.The Website Builder platform will help you to build a professional website in just three steps.You can also use the free domain name option, but in general it s always better to use a paid domain name so it s truly unique.You can create practically anything using Wix, but it tends to work best with fashion and apparel websites.
With nearly half a million users in the baggage build Portfoliobox-founders now have a platform where creators and employers can meet. In the Swedish startup scene is Portfoliobox, just as the founders Gustav Degerman and Hamid Abouei, relatively unknown. But it does not look like the rest of the world - their home page tools used by nearly half a million people, and the company has been paying customers in 130 countries. Users are primarily designers as photographers, models, designers and architects. They can all create their own web-based portfolio. After just three years, hidden ice from Bromma in Stockholm already begun to compete with the larger companies that Wix homepage and Squarespace.
I've been trying to send a group e-mail through MailChimp.I'm using Wix right now to host my online store.I want to send my mailing list a discount code for 30% if they complete a feedback survey.Is there any way to integrate my MailChimp with Wix to make this happen?
Loyalty rewards and marketing automation company Flok said today that its app and web platform will now let small business owners create their own chatbots.Flok artificial intelligence already automates chat with customers who have the Flok app when they re inside the store or to encourage return visits.Flok bots can help a business do things like send push notifications, suggest an online review, or share perks with loyal customers.A business owner can choose to jump in and take over a conversation with a customer if Flok s artificial intelligence suggests they do so.Flok has been used by more than 100,000 businesses in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Israel, the United Kingdom, and Australia.We need to ensure that local businesses — the backbone of our economy — can keep up with the big guys, said Flok CEO and cofounder Ido Gaver.We are democratizing bots and mobile customer engagement for local businesses — similar to what platforms like Wix have done for websites.Formerly LoyalBlocks, Flok was created in 2011 by Ido Gaver and Eran Kirshenboim.The company declined to state its current number of customers but said roughly 10,000 business locations use Bluetooth beacons together with the Flok app and chatbots.Beacons can be used to ping Flok app users when they re near a store, ask them how their experience was after they leave, or encourage a return to the store weeks after their visit.All of these things are customizable for the business owner/manager, Gaver said.
Online photography portfolios are often a dance between quality and download times, but a new algorithm developed by Wix, the website-building platform, is turning that dance into something more sophisticated than a basic two-step.The new Pro Gallery allows photographers to choose the quality and sharpness while the software determines the viewer s browser and screen to optimize for the best view.Recently released globally, the Wix Pro Gallery plug-in lets photographers choose the quality much as Photoshop prompts a quality level after saving a JPEG as well as the level of sharpness after the upload.Quality is selected on a scale of 100, though Wix suggests keeping quality at 90 or lower, since the highest options create much bigger files without a significant change for the viewer.Using that information, the algorithm then identifies the viewer s browser, screen size, and server and adjusts the image to achieve the selected quality for that particular viewer.That allows the platform to speed up the webpage s load time for a mobile viewer while giving someone with a 4K screen the best look.
Wix.com, the Israeli company that helps small business owners build websites, today reported earnings for its second financial quarter of 2016.For the quarter ending June 30, the Tel Aviv-based software provider posted growing revenue and a loss.Wix posted a net loss of $11.4 million, or 28 cents loss a diluted share, compared to a loss of $12.3 million, or 31 cents loss per share in the year-ago quarter.The apparent imbalance was due to the recent launch of Wix ADI, an automatic website design tool that started rolling out in early June.According to the company, Wix Artificial Design Intelligence ADI technology can design tailored websites by learning about each person s or business own needs and the company is investing heavily in this area.Still, the results topped Wall Street expectations.
Small businesses have their pick of affordable DIY website-building platforms: Squarespace, Wix, Weebly and Strikingly, to name a few.But these no coding skills required platforms struggle to acquire and retain customers.These startups are leading a death of DIY movement that is putting the power of design and development back into the hands of experts.do it for you, model is a better approach than asking small-business owners to do all the hard work themselves.In addition to providing human expertise, these startups are employing new AI and chatbot technologies to optimize the website-building process.But, so far, I m not convinced chatbots and AI solve a real problem for small-business owners.
It's not difficult either, and with free tools you can create a website from scratch in a few hours.You don't have to use a dull template to make your site either - with a tiny bit of extra effort you can create something totally unique and utterly stunning without writing a line of code.Before you get stuck into building pages, it's a good idea to create a sitemap so you know how your site will be structuredThe free plan lets you create up to three sitemaps and doesn't include any unnecessary frills.There are two types of free web hosting - those that let you make pages offline using another program, then upload them yourself, and those like Wix that only use read-made templatesThis is the most important decision you'll make - the company that will host your website from its servers and ensure it stays online - and your choice will depend on your priorities.
Gary Vaynerchuk once said, Content is king, but marketing is queen, and the Queen runs the household .With so many accessible tools, and platforms on the web, marketing and starting your own business without spending any money is quite simple.A lot of resources out there such as Facebook, Wix, Squarespace, Google My Business, Linkedin, Twitter are free and you can kick start your business without spending a dime.By creating your own website, creating valuable appealing content, using social media to leverage your business, you can create buzz around your brand or business.A lot of entrepreneurs focus too much on, logo, design, and catchy names that will appeal to their followers or customers.Try diving deep into the true purpose of what your business stands behind.
But the space was crowded, and it found itself going up against Wix and Squarespace, as well as Tumblr, WordPress, Facebook, and services from hosting providers like GoDaddy, 1 & 1, and Web.com.Time seems to have been on Weebly s side, however, as it now has 40 million entrepreneurs using its website builder and its ecommerce marketplace.Not one to rest on its laurels, however, the company is launching the fourth generation of its platform today.Weebly has not only evolved its online stores to rival Shopify s, this offering also includes an email marketing module developed in-house.The goal, according to Weebly chief executive David Rusenko, is to let entrepreneurs focus on what they love doing instead of spending countless hours trying to figure out how to optimize their online presence.While websites may not be the most disruptive technology to come out of Silicon Valley, entrepreneurs outside the tech bubble are increasingly enamored of its potential.Weebly said that the average small business uses four different online platforms every day.Triggered emails include the basics, such as abandoned cart messages and confirmation of orders received, gift cards sent, and items cancelled.The product also includes smart grouping, which is essentially targeting emails to specific demographics, like customers who haven t purchased anything in the last 30 days.And Weebly s intelligence algorithm — not to be confused with artificial intelligence — will also make recommendations about emails that entrepreneurs should send.