Volvo has given us the first glimpse of its new 40 Series cars, in the shape of two new concepts: an aggressive crossover and a punchy sedan.Built on Volvo's Compact Modular Architecture CMA , the new cars aim to distill the style, safety, and technology of the award-winning XC90 SUV and the upcoming S90 and V90 luxury sedan and wagon, down to a mass-market price.That flows nicely into Volvo's hockey-stick shaped rear light clusters, and a rear that has elements of Porsche Macan to it.Like the Concept 40.1 it has Volvo's signature "Thor's Hammer" lights, but they flow into a high shoulder line and partially-concealed rear doors.In addition to gasoline-only cars, there'll be a pure all-electric option, along with a new T5 Twin Engine.That, based on Volvo's 3-cylinder gas engine paired with a new 7-speed dual clutch transmission and an electric motor, will borrow heavily from the T8 plug-in hybrid system the XC90 and S90 have, but be front-wheel drive rather than all-wheel drive.
Stillfront CEO Jörgen Larsson is pleased with the first quarter. In April, the company stated that it intends to acquire development studios for a total of 50 million. On Wednesday reported Stillfront that the company's turnover rose to 25 million in the first quarter, an increase of 113 per cent against the beginning of 2015. Adjusted for non-recurring items, operating profit, measured as EBITDA to 10 million, compared with 4.8 million in last year's first quarter. Shortly after the stock market opening had Stillfront rate has risen by 10 percent. The positive development is primarily based on the success of our German studio Bytro and Swedish Cold Wood, not least because of the acclaimed game Unravel, says CEO Jörgen Larsson.
In combination with the latter are a pair of clasps on either side to make the Bermuda portable, although it runs off mains power only, from a little wall-wart transformer.Related: Rega Planar 3 2016 reviewOut of the box, the four leg holes underneath are plugged with plastic bungs, so the Crosley Bermuda can be sat on a table or sideboard, but there are four rather nice, ebonised-wood legs supplied that screw into the holes and make the Bermuda freestanding.The tonearm has none of the sweeping grace of the old Dansette units – it s just a metal tube with a cheap-looking plastic headshell and a little metal counterweight.Ouch.Just don t expect anything approaching high fidelity – the sonics are more akin to a mid-priced Bluetooth speaker than an entry-level micro hi-fi.As with the Cruiser II, I feel like Crosley should invest more in the turntable components and hike up the price a little.
The Clacton Spear is the tip of a 450,000-year-old fire-hardened spear discovered in England.It has long been believed that the practice of heating a pointed spear tip in the fire was a way of making it sharper and harder.So they harvested 20 rods from local hazel trees and spent weeks abusing them inside machines of very precise, codified destruction.First, each rod was divided in half.Then they tested each rod for hardness, as well as how each responded to bending and sharp impacts.What they discovered was that the fired wood was indeed slightly harder, but it was also significantly weaker.
On Thursday, Apple offered, in a sneak preview of its new Apple Union Square in San Francisco, a new direction for its retail stores.Retail s purpose is getting fuzzier with more and more online shopping.Despite Apple 480 stores in 17 countries, Apple s biggest store is really in terms of visitors.But there is a connection between physical stores and online shopping, said Angela Ahrendts, Apple s senior vice president of retail and online stores.With its new store, Apple is trying for something different: To create a town square feeling where people meet, listen to music or watch an artist create.In its new store, Apple uses its iconic materials — glass, blonde wood tables, steel.Impressively, the 42-foot high glass walls of the south side of the building open like shoji screens.We think of this as our largest product, Ahrendts said.The Genius Bar has been replaced with the Genius Grove, a calmer, more Zen place for getting one-on-one help.Oh yeah, if you want to buy one of those watches, phones or tablets, they are on sale, too.But the products, while showcased, recede into the background.Something will always be going on at the store, Ahrendts said, whether it s artists or photographers doing some work or musicians playing in the new public space in the back.The store has balconies and places for visitors to parade a bit and gawk.That park will be open 24/7 with free WiFi and a 50-foot tall green wall.Anyone is invited at anytime, Ahrendts said.A sweat lodge?But Apple Union Square is an interesting start.
GIF Credit: Harvard Microrobotics Lab/Harvard SEASBirds, bats, and insects can t fly forever, and neither can microrobotic drones.Aerial microdrones are still in the developmental stage, but they ll eventually be used to serve many valuable purposes, such as surveilling a site after a natural disaster, detecting hazardous chemicals, or scoping out rooms for police and military forces.Any future robotic system will have to to find a way to perch from time to time in order to extend the life of a mission.In a Science study published today, Moritz Graule and his colleagues describe a bio-inspired robot that perches using electrostatic forces.The robot takes off and flies normally, but when the electrode patch is switched on, it can stick to almost any surface, including glass, wood, and even a leaf.A foam mount helps it to absorb the shock on landing and prevent bounces.
Mostly it's a sign of their popularity with consumers who like being able to snap on different colors and styles that fit precisely, so seeing some of those styles show up for Surface has been a sign of its success.But if you want to get a different look, Toast has a very nice option: real wood veneer in a choice of different woods, that's cut precisely to fit the lines of a Surface Book.All that precision cutting makes it a little fiddly to apply, because you need to line everything up equally precisely, while not getting the very strong glue stuck to your fingers.If you do want to remove it, you have to warm the wood with a hairdryer and peel; there's a pattern of small dots cut out of the backing that interrupt the adhesive surface you apply to the Surface that make it a little easier to take off than if it was a full adhesive sheet.It's not cheap -- $69 to $139 depending on how many of the surfaces of your Surface you want to cover -- but it should be hard wearing, and it will stop the metal of your Surface Book picking up scuff marks.Toast also has covers for the Surface Pro 4 $49 to cover the back and for a wide range of phones and tablets, laptops and MacBooks.
The odds are less in Alameda and Contra Costa counties, yet the share of million-dollar homes there has nearly quadrupled since 2012."Once a rarity, the million-dollar home is now fairly commonplace" in numerous U.S. markets, said Ralph McLaughlin, chief economist for Trulia.In the Oakland metro area Alameda and Contra Costa counties , the share has jumped from 5.2 percent to 19.7 percent.Lagging behind are the Los Angeles, Honolulu, San Diego, New York and Seattle metro areas.Nationally, the share of million-dollar homes has modestly risen from 1.6 percent to 3 percent.Advertisement The price appreciation here reflects a Bay Area-wide problem: the lack of housing supply amid a robust tech economy that creates jobs -- and the demand for more housing.The cycle "is not sustainable," said Matt Regan, senior vice president of public policy with the Bay Area Council, which recently conducted a poll showing massive frustration over housing prices among residents.Paul Sakuma/Associated Press Trulia also has computed percentages for scores of neighborhoods in the 10 U.S. metro areas with the highest share of million-dollar houses.In the Bay Area, the neighborhood with the steepest increase is Westwood Park, near St. Francis Wood in San Francisco.All four are in proximity to the Caltrain station in San Mateo, as well as to Highway 101: Ease in getting to work clearly means something to homeowners and adds to the value of a house.
Miniature flying robot that can perch and take off could be used in search and rescue, scientists sayScientists have designed flying, insect-sized robots that can perch and launch from ceilings.Dr Mirko Kovac, director of the Aerial Robotics Laboratory of Imperial College, London, who was not involved in this study, told BBC News that similar robots were currently being trialled in environmental monitoring and disaster-relief efforts.Equipped with sensors, swarms of these small, relatively cheap robots, Dr Kovac explained, could alert first responders to the most intense areas of forest fires or other natural disasters.Detaching easily from a surface was another challenge; if perching was the only goal, Mr Graule said, "we could have put a little glue on top of the robot".To solve these problems, the researchers designed a small, flat "landing patch" with an electrostatic charge that can be switched on and off.What the team is most excited about though are the opportunities that such minuscule component parts promise for other applications.
- Arto is actually a very well-known mobile phone in the world, says director Ben Wood of CCS Insight British -tutkimusyhtiöstä. According to Wood's Nummela his praise already know that Nokia and Nokia customers were operators. Wood's confidence in Nummela increased by the fact that this is the experience and the engineering side of the result of the sale. - It means that he and his group, which he probably will be able to selection carefully, know the market and your business very well, says Wood. - When there are so many entrepreneurs, so the opportunity to get inside the door and sit down with someone is difficult. Baril is a controversial case HMD as a fund investment company Smart Connect LP.
REUTERS/Noah Berger Reuters - Apple Inc unveiled a new vision for its hugely successful retail stores on Thursday, aiming to give shoppers the experience of setting foot in the headquarters of the company credited with inventing the smartphone.Speaking at a media event in San Francisco on Thursday, Apple executives offered a sneak peak of a new store that features design elements that will later roll out to more locations worldwide, including new spaces for socialization and collaboration.The makeover follows Apple's first-ever decline in iPhone sales and its first revenue drop in 13 years in an increasingly saturated market.While the redesign includes plenty of glass, metal and blonde wood – the sleek materials shoppers have come to associate with the company – it also borrows features from Apple's hotly anticipated new headquarters in Silicon Valley, which is set to open early next year.Much of the furniture is identical to that Apple employees will find in the new campus, including tables designed in part by Jonathan Ive, Apple s chief design officer.The Apple Store is the envy of many in the retail world, with the highest sales per square foot in the industry, but some say the stores have lost their edge since the first one opened 15 years ago.
Birds, bats, and insects can t fly forever, and neither can microrobotic drones.Aerial microdrones are still in the developmental stage, but they ll eventually be used to serve many valuable purposes, such as surveilling a site after a natural disaster, detecting hazardous chemicals, or scoping out rooms for police and military forces.Any future robotic system will have to to find a way to perch from time to time in order to extend the life of a mission.In a Science study published today, Moritz Graule and his colleagues describe a bio-inspired robot that perches using electrostatic forces.The robot takes off and flies normally, but when the electrode patch is switched on, it can stick to almost any surface, including glass, wood, and even a leaf.A foam mount helps it to absorb the shock on landing and prevent bounces.
DIY Network has the full step by step on this project linked below but it s super simple, whether you have the pegboard backing or not.Just drill some small holes in the scrap wood, run the elastic cord through the holes, and die them down to the spaces with a little twine or heavy string to keep them in place.Since the whole thing is mounted to a piece of wood, you can mount the wood on the wall of your garage or workshop directly, or if you re using some pegboard backing like the photo above, you can use some more of that strong or a couple of metal hooks or screws to secure it to the pegboard.However you mount it, make sure it can stand the weight of the tools you have in it, and you ll be good to go.Photo by Emily Fazio.Thanks to Jim for the tip!
Overwatch is launching tomorrow as Blizzard s latest online team shooter game, and it just scored an awesome marketing boost with TV show host Conan O Brien.O Brien showed off the game to his audience tonight with Game of Thrones stars Peter Dinklage Tyrion Lannister and Lena Headey Cersei Lannister .The results were hilarious, and everything devolved into sexual banter.O Brien admired the shiny butts on the female characters and the moans they made when they were shot.Dinklage said, My gun can t really shoot very far.Headey said, That s what they all say.O Brien showed how the guns couldn t shoot through a balsa wood box.Dinklage said, He has nice balls.Here s a link to the latest Clueless Gamer episode.
Earbuds are not hard to come by, unless you want a pair that doesn't sound like garbage without costing a minor fortune.The maker has a whole range of wood earbuds, including the ALN, NRG, GLXY, and XTC, and they re all priced at $25, give or take a couple quarters.The newest version also has volume control and an in-line microphone, eliminating the need to pull your phone from your pocket.But I wouldn't at all say the bass is overblown or ridiculous, which is why you'll see the occasional criticism that the NRG 3.0 lack bass...because some people want a lot of bass, and you won't get that with these earbuds.Instead, the audio is crisp and robust, and doesn't fall flat in the treble or distort in the bass.These help isolate ambient noises, but they don't cancel them out, and nearby sounds will leak through if they're loud enough.
A newspaper has published what it said was recordings of a key minister discussing using president Dilma Rousseff's impeachment to halt a massive probe into embezzlement.2.China is trying to smooth US trade ties after Donald Trump's threats.Republican presidential hopeful Trump said that he would restrict Chinese imports with a 45% tariff.3.Wood is quoted in The Sydney Times saying child actors are regularly "preyed upon" by "vipers" in Hollywood.5.US Senator Bernie Sanders will get a major voice in shaping the Democratic Party's platform at its summer convention, picking six committee members.8.The director of the World Health Organization just issued a chilling warning.
Cryorig's Taku pictured and Mac Pro-inspired Ola represent the cooling company's first foray into PC case designs.Cryorig is refreshingly honest about the inspiration for its Ola case, describing it in its official press release as 'a Mac Pro inspired cylindrical home theatre lifestyle ITX PC case' and claiming to have focused on performance and cooling.Coolers of up to 82mm in height are also supported, providing the top is no larger than 92mm by 92mm, along with SFX power supplies up to 130mm in lengthWhile the cylindrical design of Apple's Mac Pro hides a triangular layout of components nestled against a central heatsink, Cryorig's Ola is more traditional: accepting mini-ITX motherboards, the design includes individual components for the CPU, PSU, and GPU, side air intake ducts across the full height of the case, and a 140mm exhaust fan at the top - a layout claimed to be up to the job of housing high-power graphics cards and CPUs with up to a 100W thermal design profile TDP .The case will also include modular front and back panels, available in a range of finishes including brushed aluminium and wood veneer.The Ola is joined as a launch product by the Taku, which hearkens back to the early days of computing where desktop systems generally did sit on your desk and provide support for a monitor.As this would prevent access to components if the case opened in a traditional manner, the Taku is designed with a sliding drawer which can be pulled from the front to provide easy access to all internal components, including graphics cards up to 250mm in length, up to two 2.5" or one 3.5" hard drives, and the SFX power supply.
A team of scientists and engineers is hoping to prevent millions of deaths and protect the environment with a solar-powered cooker - which is 100% recyclable.SolSource Solar Stove was created by One Earth Designs, an organisation founded in a nomadic home in the Himalayas by Dr Catlin Powers and Scot Frank.That solar cooker saved the family a lot of fuel for three months, after which it broke.During its lifetime, each SolSource abates as much carbon dioxide as 40 trees would abate over 100 years.Imagine the potential if SolSource became the norm for cooking in sunny regions of the world.One Earth Designs was at the first One Young World expert environment event, which saw young leaders and experts come together to exchange ideas and solutions for the world s most pressing problems.
GIFNothing is more closely associated with upcycling than the lowly, splintery shipping pallet.You can get them for next to nothing and turn them into sweet boxes, benches, light stands, or put the wood towards hundreds, nay, thousands of other projects.Jim Ether s method requires just three tools: a hatchet, a hammer, and a Sawzall.Rather than rip all the boards out one at a time, Ether shimmies the shorter horizontal boards off the supports just enough to fit the blade of the Sawzall in.Cut those nails and you re golden, no mess no fuss.It s a simple trick, but if almost-free furniture is your bag, this is bound to save you lots of time and more than a few injuries.
Someday soon, robotic insects may help rescuers search for survivors in the rubble of disasters, mountain climbers communicate over long distances, and intelligence agencies perform covert surveillance.Generally speaking, most micro aerial vehicles MAVs are only capable of flying for minutes at a time, and, since sustained flight is exhausting, it helps when they can perch up high to conserve energy.Perching is an important ability for flying creatures throughout the animal kingdom – you can see it in birds, bats, and butterflies.Its size sometimes makes for awkward takeoffs, but also enables the machine to perch on surfaces using electrostatic adhesion think static from a balloon which is too weak for larger MAVs to use.Wood, professor and principal investigator of the National Science Foundation-supported RoboBee project, said in a press release.This isn t the only remarkable robotic insect we ve seen lately.