I cannot believe how many websites I m finding for businesses that do not work properly on mobile devices!Major news organizations, attorneys and even Apple s own website that introduces people to their new 7 Plus iPhone requires a magnifying glass to read the text even on one of the biggest phones in the world with one of the largest display screens.There is also a side scroll bug on the Apple website that prevents the entire top navigation menu from being displayed properly in vertical mode requiring users to flip to horizontal to even see the selections.In other words, your website needs to be responsive.No matter whether a visitor to your website is browsing on a laptop, iPad or a phone it simply needs to work.Scott Web Media specialists can redesign your website so that it is responsive to all devices.
Join us for this live webinar on Web Personalization Thursday, October 22 at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern.A few years ago, if the theme of “personalization” had emerged in your marketing circles, most industry people would have referred to Amazon as the gold standard.Amazon still is the Prime, free-shipping standard when it comes to knowing what products I want and when I want them.By way of personalization, Amazon transformed online shopping into a web experience (and we know how many times “customer experience” comes up in marketing meetings).Companies of all sizes are following Amazon’s lead and many have been seeing huge results.In fact, according to VB Insight analyst Andrew Jones, in his latest report on website personalization, 87 percent of those companies have seen a lift of at least 5 percent in their most important metrics.
Cisco Systems has fixed four denial-of-service vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit to cause Web Security Appliance devices to stop processing traffic correctly.One of the four DoS vulnerabilities fixed Wednesday by Cisco stems from how the OS handles a specific HTTP response code.If this happens, the device will no longer accept new incoming connection requests, Cisco said in an advisory.Another DoS vulnerability is caused by a lack of proper input validation of the packets that make up HTTP POST requests.The flaw can be exploited through specifically crafted HTTP requests and can lead to the proxy process becoming unresponsive and the WSA reloading.In addition to the WSA flaws, Cisco also patched a moderate severity cross-site scripting vulnerability in the Web interface of the Cisco Unified Computing System UCS Central Software.
Launched in April 2014 as a mobile in-app ad network and beefed up in August 2015 with some new ad formats and a new name, until now, TAP was mainly a way for brands to extend their on-Twitter campaigns outside of Twitter.It s also adding some pieces that recall an old-school desktop display ad network, such as the basic banners that have been shown to Internet Explorer users for years.Some advertisers in the US will be able to use TellApart — the automated ad-buying firm Twitter bought in April 2015 — to run their TAP ads across the desktop and mobile web.A born-and-raised Angeleno who graduated from New York University, he currently lives in Los Angeles.He has broken stories on Snapchat's ad plans, Hulu founding CEO Jason Kilar's attempt to take on YouTube and the assemblage of Amazon's ad-tech stack; analyzed YouTube's programming strategy, Facebook's ad-tech ambitions and ad blocking's rise; and documented digital video's biggest annual event VidCon, BuzzFeed's branded video production process and Snapchat Discover's ad load six months after launch.He has also developed tools to monitor brands' early adoption of live-streaming apps, compare Yahoo's and Google's search designs and examine the NFL's YouTube and Facebook video strategies.
Adobe this morning launched a new suite of apps called Adobe Spark, which allow both web and mobile users to create and share visual content – like posts for social media, graphics, web stories, and animated videos.While it leverages concepts from Adobe s pro tools like Photoshop and InDesign, like the ability to layer images with text and filters, it makes this accessible to everyday users who can make these sorts of changes just by tapping buttons.It s basically a simplified web editing platform, with tools that let you mix text and imagery in a highly visual way.Instead, you combine text, images, icons and themes in a presentation, then speak your voice over the story in order to create the video.What s really changed is that they now interoperate with Spark s web service, which means you can create content from a laptop, Chromebook or tablet.Adobe Spark is a free service, available via spark.adobe.com, which will also direct you to the iOS downloads.
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Samsung Electronics has been reported to be speaking with one or more "entertainment companies" about selling an online TV service.This would be another competitor for the likes of HBO Go, Netflix, and Hulu - though we're not yet completely convinced that the company would take the time to create such a service without already having the content bank to back it up.Word from Bloomberg is that their sources suggest "the plans are still in the early stages, and Samsung may ultimately decide not to pursue the concept" - which generally means they probably wont.This same source suggests that Samsung is asking "media companies" how much cash they'd charge to bring their "TV networks in a bundle of channels over the Web."Whether or not that means the channels would be presented just like TV, commercials and all, is still unknown.Samsung provided a statement this week on the matter, via Bloomberg: "Our approach is to continue to develop strategic collaborations with content partners rather than compete with them."
The addition of Android apps for Chrome OS will help, and the sleeper hit may be gaming.At a session during I/O, Google execs confirmed you d be able to run any Android app you liked on Chrome OS — at least someday.It s a hurdle Google will overcome, no doubt; it has become increasingly dedicated to Chrome OS in the past few years.A recent study showed that 90 percent of Android app revenue went to games.You re limited to the Web, and the days of Web-based games being good they were never great have come and gone.Here s how Steve Hoffman of RocketOn put it to GigaOm back in 2009:Google will also face stiff competition in this area from a variety of Linux and Windows netbooks, which will work just fine with Firefox or IE…Maybe, if Google sticks it out, it can gradually gain a dedicated following around Chrome OS in combination with Google s apps and services, and some of those users may take advantage of gaming on this new platform, but this is way off in the future.
The more bookmarks you save in Safari, the harder it is to find what you want.It was necessary back in the day, because you couldn t remember all those URLs, and browsers didn t auto-complete with addresses of your saved sites.Remember that site where you saw that really interesting article last month?Start by displaying your bookmarks in Safari Bookmarks Show Bookmarks .Next, move up a level in the Finder press Command-up-arrow , and drag that folder onto the bookmark list in Safari.In fact, Apple should allow Safari to display bookmarks in date order as well.
Google s Emily Schechter and Alex Wozniak, of its Safe Browsing team, said on Friday that new versions of the Safe Browsing APIs v4 are available.Since then, web surfers have shifted away from primarily using desktops and notebooks for accessing the Internet to depending on tablets and smartphones on a day-to-day basis.Because of that, Google has optimized Safe Browsing for the mobile device user, providing maximum protection per bit to ultimately save everyone time and money.The new version of the protocol actually launched in December by way of the Safe Browsing client baked into the Android version of Google s web browser, Chrome, as of version 46.For the former, apps using this API can send URLs to the Safe Browsing server to see if they re safe or unsafe.Version 4 clients can now define constraints such as geographic location, platform type, and data caps to use bandwidth and device resources as efficiently as possible, the team said in Friday s blog.
The groundbreaking report reveals that the state s internet propaganda machine known as the Fifty Cent Party, in reference to the amount per post its workers are paid churns out a staggering 488 million fake social media posts a year.It also appears that the 50c party is mostly composed of government employees … not, as has been claimed, ordinary citizens paid piecemeal for their work.In order to conduct their research, the authors used leaked archives of emails from 2013 and 2014, attributed to the Internet Propaganda Office of a Chinese district known as Zhanggong.To crack the archive s multiple formats, the academics built their own computer code with which they extracted 2,341 emails, reports Bloomberg.As noted in the study, social media is as popular in China as any other region in the world.It is, however, not unusual to find fake posts on Western social media platforms as well.
Credit: GoogleWhat is Chrome OS, anyway?There was once a version of the PC game Bastion made with Native Client that worked in Chrome, but it seems it s now been removed from the Chrome Web Store.Native Client has no real links to web technologies at all—it s a sandbox for safely running code written in the C or C programming languages in a browser.Google s announcement touts the growth and advantages of Chromebooks, but says users want to do more: We ve been encouraged by this growth, but our users have often told us that they would like to do even more with their Chromebooks—run more apps, use Office files more easily, connect with a variety of apps, and do more when they re offline.Android devices already want to rely on the web less.You ll be able to quickly find and open an app without installing it—just like a webpage.
iOS/Web: Most apps that automatically generate things like images or web pages end up looking like crap.Adobe s new free app Spark can do a bit better job than most.The app lets you quickly design nice-looking images for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or your own blog with a handy selection of presets.Pick a size, color palette, and title themes.You can also choose from ready-made templates to design videos and web pages.Spark will guide you through each step, doing all the heavy lifting behind the scenes.
The deep web is actually several times bigger than the indexed web, and it encompasses a lot more than the illegal or otherwise questionable activities that it is often associated with -- though there's certainly a lot of that going on, too.The Dark Web on the other hand merely represents a smaller portion of the deep web that has been intentionally hidden and is inaccessible through standard web browsers.For example content posted on Facebook that is only available to the poster's friends, not the general public, or results for specific queries on a travel booking website -- you simply can't get to the content by clicking through links like a search engine would.This anonymous network consists of thousands of servers located all over the world run by volunteers and online privacy advocates.Its name is an acronym for The Onion Router in reference to its namesake routing technique, which creates a path through randomly assigned Tor servers, or nodes, before reaching whatever website you are visiting.During this process data packets are wrapped in successive layers of packets that get "peeled off" at each node until reaching the destination.
's planned sell-off of its core business may not end up bringing the cash return investors had hoped for.Citing sources familiar with the matter, The Wall Street Journal reports that Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web is receiving bids of around $2-3bn on its core business, significantly less than the $4-8bn Yahoo!has been open to bids for its core business, including its search and content network, since February, when shareholders forced the company to pursue the sale rather than simply sell off its stake in Alibaba.Companies rumored to be interested in making a bid to acquire Yahoo include Verizon/Aol,Google and The Daily Mail, though apparently none of those companies are willing to do so at Yahoo's asking price.The sale of the core business comes after years of failed turnaround efforts under CEO Marissa Mayer.Mayer has not been able to resurrect Yahoo's glory days and reverse a string of falling revenues at the one-time search engine king.
Let s say a friend texts you a 360-degree 3D photo of the new kombucha brewery in his basement.Google, among others, is already building mobile webpages that behave kinda like apps while still arriving on your phone almost instantly.And now it s trying to build apps that arrive as quickly as webpages.Aiming for the MinimumBut first, companies and coders must build these Instant Apps.Google is giving developers a way to do this via the same tools they used to build the app as whole—in particular, with a set of application programming interfaces called Google Play Services.Our goal is to have everything be as fast as possible while using as little space as possible, says Kirkpatrick, an engineer who has worked on Android since before the project was acquired by Google.
As we witness what may be the final days of Yahoo as an independent business, consider how just a decade ago it was running neck-and-neck with Google, now one of the world s largest companies by market value.I began working for Google in 2003, at a time when the two tech giants were competing vigorously to dominate the rapidly growing territory of World Wide Web.Instead of using the latest storage appliances as a foundation, the Google File System used commodity servers to support a flexible and resilient architecture that could solve scalability and resiliency issues once and for all, simplifying and accelerating the future rollout of a wide range of web-scale applications, from maps to cloud storage.Scaling complexityIt took four years of ongoing development, and enormous amounts of engineering resources, before the Google File System reached the point where the company used it for mission-critical operations.When you visualize a problem, start from scratch.Whether you re an engineer or an entrepreneur or both , close your eyes to existing solutions and ways of doing things, ignore what has been done before and build your ideal solution.
Or, as El Reg would put it: your browsers and Web servers are bloating with features nobody wants, and contribute nothing but extra lines of code.It'll surprise nobody that at least some of the non-execution of features is down to site ad-blockers and the like, but the end result is: 83 per cent of available features are executed on less than 1 per cent of the most popular 10,000 websites.ALS, ambient light events , would let browsers respond to the light level the laptop, phone or desktop is exposed to if anybody used it.The Encoding standard would let JavaScript code read and convert between different text encodings if anyone used it, but it's even more unloved than ALS.Iframes fall into a different category: half of the sites use iframes because who doesn't love a popup?Standard NameAbbreviationFeaturesSitesBlock RateCVEs in 3 yearsHTML: CanvasH-C54706133.1%15Scalable Vector Graphics 1.1 2nd Edition SVG138155486.8%14WebGLWEBGL13691360.7%13HTML: Web WorkersH-WW295259.9%11HTML 5HTML569707726.2%10Web Audio APIWEBA5215781.1%10WebRTC 1WRTC283029.2%8XMLHttpRequestAJAX13795713.9%8DOMDOM3690882.0%4Indexed Database APIIDB4830256.3%3BeaconBE1237383.6%2Media Capture and StreamsMCS45449.0%2Web Cryptography APIWCR14711367.8%2CSSOM View ModuleCSS-VM28483319.0%1FetchF217733.3%1GamepadGP130.0%1High Resolution Time, Level 2HRT1576950.2%1HTML: Web SocketsH-WS254464.6%1HTML: PluginsH-P1012929.3%1Web NotificationsWN5160.0%1Resource TimingRT378657.5%1Vibration APIV110.0%1SVG, for example, has a problem however you look at it: on one hand more than 15 per cent of the sites use it, on the other hand, nearly 87 per cent of blockers block it, but it's had 14 security warnings CVEs, Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures in the last three years.
Government-backed Digital Catapult has unveiled an open source platform to help content creators track their work on the internet and help protect copyrights.The OPP has now been designed to allow developers to build technologies and solutions around digital asset permissions and licensing.The organisation expects this to fuel sustainable growth across numerous industries in the "fragmented social media age".Elsewhere, for brokers it will act as a mechanism to absorb all digitally trackable assets into one unified technical system, reducing the need for human-to-human negotiations and in turn operating costs.Furthermore, users will get a standardised method for identifying the permission associated to digital assets, while innovators will be able to use an open framework following the World Wide Web Consortium W3C standards for the World Wide Web, allowing for the system to evolve to the innovators needsAndrew Carr, COO at Digital Catapult, said: "Until now there has been no standardised way of communicating efficiently between the content creator, broker and seller, with each party speaking its own language."In today's social media age, where every 60 seconds, 300 hours of YouTube video are uploaded and 216,000 new photos are posted on Instagram, there is an even greater need for a standardised method of communication to help content creators to manage their digital creations and have clear visibility of how, and when, they're being used by other parties."
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