It’s something of the end of an era over at Blizzard today, as Jeff Kaplan has announced that he’s leaving the company. Kaplan has been at the company for nearly 20 years, and got his start at Blizzard working as a designer and one of the game directors on World of Warcraft and later its first two expansions, The Burning … Continue reading
The long-anticipated expansion will land on WoW Classic servers this year.
BlizzCon leak includes vague "2021" release window, offers option to stay "vanilla."
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands marks the eighth major expansion pack for the storied MMO.It's hard to get a sense of an entire World of Warcraft expansion from 30 minutes of play.In my short demo, I recreated my main (a Beast Mastery Hunter) and played through the introductory quests from the Bastion zone, a heaven-like plane from Azeroth's afterlife.The minute-to-minute gameplay very much followed the formula of modern WoW questing, with a variety of tasks like challenging specific enemies to duels, helping craft things in timed minigames, and of course, killing 10 rats (well, not rats, but they might as well be).From what I could tell, not much had changed about my character's build; my DPS rotation was the same as it is in Battle for Azeroth.Taking it to a new (well, old) level
World of Warcraft Classic has been a massive hit.Log-in queues reminiscent of its legendary 2004 launch, and the need for rapid server deployment after a few early tests are a testament to that.But now that more and more players are reaching the game’s original Level 60 cap, they’re starting to wonder what could possibly be next.Well, Blizzcon came and went without an official announcement of World of Warcraft Classic getting a Burning Crusade or Wrath of the Lich King expansion, but Blizzard staff said they’re “not opposed” to the idea.The revelation wasn’t a slip of the tongue, either.The nugget of information regarding the potential future of WoW Classic came from Executive Producer John Hight during the general World of Warcraft Q on Saturday afternoon.
The leaks were right: Blizzard announced World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, the latest expansion for the hit MMORPG at Blizzcon 2019 on Friday.World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will follow on from every other major WoW expansion to come before it.Instead of a level cap increase, things are actually decreasing back to the original Level 60 cap.Blizzard is promising to tune the leveling experience so that a full 1-50 run can be done through any chosen expansion, giving players the freedom to make a new character, play through an expansion of their choice, and then jump straight into the Shadowlands zones for the last 10 levels.Currently announced Shadowlands locations include Revendreth, Ardenweald, Maldraxxus, and Bastion, which you might recognize from the recent leaks.The new leveling experience is tailored to offer something new (like a skill or trait) with every level, while the new Covenant feature will dish out two abilities across the new content; one exclusive to the chosen Covenant, and one exclusive to each character class.
I didn’t join until around the launch of its second expansion Wrath of the Lich King, but I distinctly remember one high-school kid trying to sell me on vanilla in the resistant materials lab when we really should have been, you know… learning about the real world.No respect for a player’s timeFor vanilla WoW players, jumping back into World of Warcraft Classic is all about recreating what they see as the core WoW experience: grindy, consuming, and difficult, rather than what they see as the watered-down version we have today.Because you can’t scrub your memory and experience the vanilla zones again for the first time, all World of Warcraft Classic can do is remind me of my miserable existence grinding a single level twelve hours each day just to join my friends in wiping to more meaningful content.It’s a relic of bygone times.It couldn’t have been every day, but it sure feels like it looking back.
Visit Blizzard’s webpage for World of Warcraft’s new expansion, Battle for Azeroth, and you might be swayed by the expansion’s cool new features.These include Allied Races, Warfronts, Island Expeditions, and the Hearth of Azeroth, a legendary amulet that can unlock unique traits in the armor you acquire.You might even be tempted into buying the expansion.You turn to Warfronts only to realize they’re not available this week.Welcome to Battle to Azeroth.Blizzard has given both serious and casual players access to a wide range of activities, yet Battle for Azeroth takes an unexpected step in the opposite direction.