Screenshot: GoldenEye 007 A remake of the Nintendo 64 classic GoldenEye 007 has leaked online, and it’s playable on PC using an emulator, Video Games Chronicle reports. The game, which was originally destined for the Xbox 360’s Live Arcade service, includes the original single-player campaign, as well as local split-screen multiplayer, but online multiplayer and leaderboards are reportedly missing. The whole package has received a graphical overhaul, but players can switch back to the original graphics with a button-press. The remake was never released, after it was canceled back in 2008 as it neared completion. According to a report from 1Up at the time which has now been corroborated by VGC, the issue came down to the sheer number of rights-holders for the... Continue reading…
Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64 is undoubtedly one of the most popular games of all time, and throughout the years there have been at least a couple of attempts at remaking it. You’re likely already familiar with Eurocom and Activision’s Wii remake from 2010 (which was eventually ported to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3), but Rare itself attempted to … Continue reading
The classic roguelike Spelunky, which helped pave the way for indie gaming, is finally getting a sequel. Here's what you need to know about Spelunky 2.
One of the most anticipated indie sequels isn’t going to make its 2019 release window.Developer Derek Yu explained that Mossmouth, his studio, is making a lot of progress on Spelunky 2.But he said it’s unlikely that they will finish the roguelike adventure this year.“Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re going to get to release Spelunky 2 this year,” Yu wrote on Twitter.“Development is still going well, and we’re not far off target, but the density and detail of the game is demanding more time.”Spelunky debuted as a freeware game for Windows in 2008.
If you’re a fan of Metroidvanias who isn’t afraid of an uphill battle, Dead Cells is one of the best indie games on PS4 in both genres.Derek Yu’s Spelunky started as an open source game in 2008 before gaining traction and eventually launching on Xbox Live Arcade and PC in 2012.The goal is straightforward: Make your way through 16 levels across four diverse worlds.You have limited health and only one life, though.Each time you play, the level layout changes, and it’s not uncommon to die from a completely different chain of events than you’ve ever died from before.Along the way, Madeline grapples with her self-doubt, anxiety, and depression.
If you’re a fan of Metroidvanias who isn’t afraid of an uphill battle, Dead Cells is one of the best indie games on PS4 in both genres.Derek Yu’s Spelunky started as an open source game in 2008 before gaining traction and eventually launching on Xbox Live Arcade and PC in 2012.The goal is straightforward: Make your way through 16 levels across four diverse worlds.You have limited health and only one life, though.Each time you play, the level layout changes, and it’s not uncommon to die from a completely different chain of events than you’ve ever died from before.Along the way, Madeline grapples with her self-doubt, anxiety, and depression.
We’ve also switched venues to a secluded placed called The Seminary at Strawberry in Mill Valley, California, north of the Golden Gate Bridge.You can get your tickets here at 30 percent off our rate using the code DEAN.Hunicke is cofounder of Funomena, and she teaches game design at the University of California at Santa Cruz.Collectively, Spry Fox’s games have been played by over 50 million people worldwide.He also has a consulting company, Fuzbi, which he founded a year prior to founding Spry Fox.And before all of this, he worked for Microsoft as the Worldwide Games Portfolio Manager for the Xbox Live Arcade platform.
The Xbox One‘s backwards compatibility list just got a bit bigger thanks to the addition of four new titles.Those with the latest-generation Xbox console can now play Virtua Fighter 2, Costume Quest 2, Quantum Conundrum, and Frontlines: Fuel of War without using their old Xbox 360 unit; if you don’t yet have any of the games, now is the time to get them.Xbox One backwards compatibility enables any supported Xbox 360 game to be played on the latest version of the console, no extra fees necessary.It’s a great feature for those who have been with Xbox for a while, or who want to pick up cheap used games without having to buy the related 360 console.The quality of games on the list span from beloved titles to small arcade games.As far as arcade games are concerned, Virtua Fighter 2 marks the latest addition in that category; this Xbox Live Arcade game is based on the 90s arcade classic and is one of the cheaper games you can get under backwards compatibility ($4.99 USD).
Kim Pallister, director of Intel’s virtual reality center of excellence, will moderate a fireside chat with science fiction writer and Magic Leap game maker Austin Grossman our upcoming GamesBeat Summit 2017: How games, sci-fi, and tech create real-world magic.Register today and receive 20 percent off current ticket prices.Use the code Deantak.Pallister leads Intel’s virtual reality (VR) project lab in Hillsboro, Ore. His team is working to improve the state of VR technology and to bring VR to mainstream audiences.In his current role, Kim forecasts the progress of VR and the ingredient technologies responsible for driving VR experiences.Assisting Intel’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners, from Microsoft to HTC and Oculus, Kim works closely with the underlying solutions making VR possible.Prior to rejoining Intel in 2007, Kim worked on Microsoft’s business development team conducting deals for MS Casual Games services, including MSN Games, Xbox Live Arcade and Windows Live Messenger.From 1998 to 2005, he served as games technical strategist at Intel.Austin Grossman straddles the lines between books and games, as he is both a novelist and game designer.His novels include Soon I Will Be Invincible, YOU: a novel, and Crooked.
I care more about Microsoft’s efforts to bring Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One than I thought I would when the company first announced it, and one of the games the company added today is a big reason for this.Xbox One backward compatibility is getting support for Street Fighter IV, Luxor 2, and Madballs in … Babo: Invasion today, but the standout addition for me is the 2008 Xbox Live Arcade release Poker Smash.This is a puzzler that has blocks falling from the sky, but unlike the match-3 games it’s most closely related to, it uses poker rules.You score points and eliminate blocks by matching up full houses, flushes, and straights instead of just three jewels of or candies of the same kind.It’s a clever twist on familiar gameplay, and one that makes for excellent leaderboard chasing with friends.While I hope that Poker Smash’s revival on Xbox One will lead to more people playing it so I have some new scores to compete against, it’s nice to have an easy way to play the game on a modern console.Developer Void Star Creations eventually brought the game to iOS devices in July 2010, and it planned to eventually launch it on PC — but that never happened.You can’t get the game on Steam or the Windows Store.
For many gamers in the early 1990s, Super Bomberman was their first taste of multiplayer deathmatch.The frantic four-player Battle mode proved that if blasting one of your mates to smithereens was fun, then blowing up three of them was even more so.The title became a staple of TV shows such as Gamesmaster, alongside other battle modes in the likes of Mario Kart.That period was easily peak-Bomberman, and the series has been dormant for the past few years since popping up as Bomberman Live and Bomberman Ultra on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN.Super Bomberman R even plays up to this, allowing four players on a single console, eight if you’re playing on the TV, eight using four Switch consoles on a local network, or up to eight players online.The bombs blow up the blocks or any other bombers within range – although only horizontally and vertically, and when the blast is unimpeded by an obstacle.
Loaded: 0%Progress: 0%00:00The ScenePlayMute00:00Current Time 0:00/Duration Time 0:00FullscreenNeed TextNo compatible source was found for this video.Advertisement 0:13Chomping dots with Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Ars TechnicashareplaysaveI am a skip button.We're sorry, something went wrong.Long after arcades faded from the height of pop culture, but well before cheap apps and microtransactions ruled the gaming world, there was a pretty amazing transitional period for cheap, quick-blast gaming: the world of Xbox Live Arcade.Microsoft's service launched on the Xbox 360 with low-priced apps and a reliance on arcade classics, and shortly after its debut, Pac-Man proved it out as a great place for new, arcade-inspired experiences.Pac-Man Championship Edition garnered praise and sales in equal measure in 2007 for putting a lovely "modern-retro" spin on the series, and in 2010, that game's tweaks got their own tweaks in a "DX" update of the game.Six years later, Namco has returned with one more pass in the form of Tuesday's Pac-Man Championship Edition 2.
It started in the early '90s, when free shareware demos of games like Wolfenstein 3D and Doom cemented the practice of giving away the first chapter of a game to encourage a full purchase.It continued with the abundant demo discs that came bundled with many early CD and DVD-based systems and which came packaged with official magazines throughout their runs.And it continued into the online console era, when every Xbox Live Arcade game was required to have a free demo version alongside it.Free game demos still exist, of course, but they're not quite so compulsory for publishers, and they can be downright difficult to find on modern consoles.A couple of recent news stories have shown that the humble old game demo might still have some life left in it, though.The first case is Sony's upcoming PlayStation VR headset, which Sony announced today will come packed with a demo disc sporting teasers for 18 different VR experiences sorry, European readers, but you only get eight demos on your disc .
Previously unreleased gameplay footage of the shelved Xbox 360 HD remake of GoldenEye 007 has made it out into the wild – and it's 30 depressing minutes of what could have been.GoldenEye for N64 is pretty much universally recognised as one of the greatest games ever to grace our living rooms, so it seems odd that it never got rebooted for later-generation consoles.That's not to say that Microsoft didn't want to bring it to the Xbox 360 though; in fact, it tried and failed to secure a remake for Xbox Live Arcade back in 2008.Nintendo ultimately blocked the remaster, however, so the only taste we've had of GoldenEye in HD was a scant few screenshots that appeared in the early development phase.Blogger Rare Thief somehow managed to get hold of more than 30 minutes of gameplay footage from the unfinished game, uploading it all to YouTube for the world to see.It's tantalising, infuriating, and heartbreaking all at once to see what very nearly came to be: as well as HD graphics, there were new multi-player levels, character customisation tweaks, and a 60fps frame rate in the works.
It was less than two weeks ago that we were talking about GoldenEye: Source, a fan-made HD remake of the original Nintendo 64 classic GoldenEye: 007 that s been in the making for the past 10 years.One of the main reason that project even exists is because Rare never got around to remastering the original... except, they did.As the story goes, Rare actually developed a remastered version of GoldenEye: 007 for the Xbox Live Arcade on the Xbox 360 around 2008 or so.Just a few months before completion, however, the project was reportedly derailed due to a licensing dispute.Rather than try and settle things, the near-complete game was apparently set aside to never see the light of day.YouTube user Rare Thief has uploaded roughly half an hour of footage purportedly from the lost GoldenEye: 007 Xbox Live Arcade remake.
Jonathan Blow has solved the puzzle of his feelings about Microsoft, and that means Xbox One owners are getting his latest release.The Witness is coming to Xbox One for $40 September 13.This adventure puts players on a secluded, abandoned island where they must solve puzzles while traversing through beautiful environments.It is notoriously difficult, and you can read about what that might mean for you in our review.Overcoming The Witness will require you to believe in yourself, and Xbox One owners are now lucky enough to partake in that.Blow, the project lead on The Witness, agreed to make the game a limited console exclusive on PlayStation 4 after Sony made an effort to work with him and share the details on the PS4 long before the system was out.Blow came to fame in 2008 when he released his time-traveling platformer Braid on Xbox 360 Xbox Live Arcade platform.After porting that game to a number of other platforms, the celebrated designer spent several years making The Witness with a team of collaborators at his Thekla studio.The Witness debuted in January on PlayStation 4 and PC.
One of the best Xbox Live Arcade standouts is getting its official sequel in just a few weeks.Publisher Bandai Namco revealed that Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 will launch September 13 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC for $13.This is the followup to the neon-drenched bite-sized take on the original arcade hit that compels players to maximize their score in a number of quick, varied modes.Pac-Man Championship Edition and Championship Edition DX attracted a huge number of fans through asynchronous competition using leaderboard scoring, and Bandai Namco is expecting this new version to inspire a similar chase for bragging rights.In this version, Bandai Namco is promising the fastest action in any Pac-Man game ever.Modes like Score Attack and Adventure will test your skills with classic ghost-eating mechanics as well as boss battles.If you ve never tried Pac-Man Championship Edition before, you ve probably heard gamers talking about it in reverent tones.Along with Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved and Braid, PCCE defined an era of smaller, downloadable games on the Xbox 360.While publishers were figuring out what triple-A releases looked like on the first wave of high-definition consoles, Pac-Man and other games like proved the existence of a market for smaller experiences that provided connected and highly focused action at a discounted price.Today, the $10-to-$20 game market is an accepted part of the overall ecosystem, and gamers are often as excited for the release of something like Rocket League, Starbound, and Abzu.Also, I once had a top-100-in-the-world score in Pac-Man: Championship Edition DX.
In celebration of the game's 20 year anniversary, Machine Games has released an entirely new episode of Quake.Machine Games is the developer behind the excellent Wolfenstein reboot The New Order.Wolfenstein is another classic series which originated alongside Quake from id software.Quake's active modding community means that a steady stream of content has been produced for the game over the last 20 years, but this a rarity in that it comes from an existing professional development studio.New for oldThis is not the first time new levels have been added to an id software game decades after its original release.In 2010, when Doom 2 was ported to Xbox Live Arcade, the developer of the port Nerve Software created eight original levels for the fifteen year old game.
Fallout: New Vegas and a range of other Xbox 360 titles are now playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility.Microsoft has added a bunch of new games to its backwards compatibility program on Xbox One, including the wonderful Fallout: New Vegas and all of its expansions.Major Nelson announced the list of new additions in a recent blog post, revealing a total of eight titles.You check out the new games below which include New Vegas and seven Xbox Live Arcade releases:Blood KnightsComic JumperCrystal QuestDungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of MystaraFallout: New VegasI Am AliveJoe Danger: Special EditionRed Faction: BattlegroundsIf you previously owned any of these games digitally on Xbox 360 they should automatically appear in your Xbox One library.Those with a physical copy of New Vegas can just insert the disc into their Xbox One and install it straight away.Be sure to check our Xbox One backwards compatibility article for a list of all the supported titles.