Research conducted by Bobble AI studied Gen Z and millennials who said chatting over various messaging apps was an easy and fun way of communication.Half of the respondents (50%) preferred chatting over audio calling (37%) and video calling (13%)
Covid-19, the thread of the world results countless unpleasant things and lock people in their doorsteps.We all very well aware of this pandemic’s  cruel effect on economy, people automatically started finding ways to make money by staying in the home and ofcourse, cryptocurrencies caught their eyes and now cryptocurrency exchanges undergone the tremendous growth in the lockdown period.Bit2Buzz, recent survey unveil that the trade volume of Indian cryptocurrency Exchanges increases in jet speed and the very interesting thing about it was 75% of young indians sign up in crypto exchanges and started trading.The count of women traders also increase in the significant manner.Some interesting statistics 75% traders are between the age group 18-2525% traders are form the age 35 to 50Every few traders are above 5039% increase in women trading in the exchange named Oropocket14% women traders rise in unocoin Somehow, this lockdown bring different dimension towards digitalization in India.Very recently in the March month, Supreme Court has removed the ban for cryptos.
Canada is one of the most foremost countries in the world which provides job opportunities for skilled professionals.To help both the applicants and the immigration authorities Canada introduced Express Entry Program in the year 2015.The year 2019 was one of the busiest thus far as Canada welcomed 110,000 new immigrants into the country, while there were a total of 330,000 profiles submitted into the portal.Due to the current US scenario, a lot of young Indians are looking up to Canada for opportunities to migrate to the country.These are all for Canada PR immigration program.The below are few snippets from the Express Entry Pool report submitted by the IRCC –20% increase in the number of profiles submitted in comparison to 201872% of the profiles were suitable for one of the 3 programsJanuary alone saw an increase in the number of profiles submitted47% of the ITAs issued were for Indians who either lived in Canada already or wanted to relocate thereThe report suggests that there has been an increase in eligible profiles as the caliber of the candidates has also increased thus suggesting the success of Express Entry system.As the profiles are properly filtered, it will be important to submit the profile with proper back up of documental evidence.Although the number of profiles submitted into the Express Entry pool is more than that on 2018, the number of ITAs issued is less than that were issued in 2018 due to the filtration process.Through, Canada Provincial Nominee Program a total of fourteen thousand nine hundred and twenty eight profiles obtained ITA.
Considering there are more than 600 million young Indians, it’s palpable that adoption of technology and global trends (including crypto investment) happens at a fairly healthy rate.However, the Indian economy runs on top of complex financial regulations which has far-reaching impact on the crypto investor sentiment in the country.In the midst of complex regulations and inherently volatile market, the crypto scene thrives and comes with additional India-specific issues.In this piece I’ll show you the nuances of the Indian market and why virtual currencies can actually accelerate the growth of digital India by working seamlessly with something known as ‘India Stack.’Cloudy with a chance of legitimacyAccording to a recent IT survey, the Indian crypto market is adding 200,000 tech-savvy traders every month and in the last 17 months, $3.5 billion worth of transactions have been conducted.
HDFC Life has collaborated with Comic-Con Bengaluru with the aim to woo Indian millennials with its insurance offerings.The campaign conceptualised by Dentsu Webchutney has designed comic strips with aim to educate young Indians about the importance of insurance.Nishi Kant, EVP and branch head, Dentsu Webchutney, Mumbai said: “The young and dynamic team at Dentsu Webchutney was determined to make this association a success and within a matter of days turned around a well-integrated offline and online campaign that was truly unconventional in many ways."Not just did they plan and manage the offline event, live amplification on digital with a cohesive sustenance plan was also implemented.This activity resulted in a rise in engagement on the brand’s social presence and conclusively positioned HDFC Life as a brand that is truly driven to change tide of the category”Vishal Subharwal, SVP, e-commerce and digital marketing, analytics and business insights- HDFC Life said: “The general misconception among millennials is that insurance is their parent’s domain of financial planning.
According to the ‘Young India Study’, conducted by Talentedge and Kantar TNS, there has been a rise in certification courses in analytics and digital marketing, which have grown by 218% and 419% respectively among Indian millennials.This can provide a massive boost to the Indian government's Digital India and Skill India campaign.The Drum spoke to Aditya Malik, chief executive offer and managing director of Talentedge, who said,:“Young Indian Millennials are optimists; especially from bigger metros like Mumbai and Delhi.With the pace getting faster, they are flexible with their plans and hence focus on short term goals.This makes it imperative to learn continuously and focus on constant skill development for successful careers in the future.For example sports and theatre, which were just regarded co-curricular activities, are now being taken up as full fledged career by Indian millennials.
In the basement of a Bangalore building, hundreds of young Indians sit in neat rows of desks typing furiously, all dreaming of becoming the new Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg.A quarter of a century after liberalisation kick-started India s economic transformation, a new generation of young people are capitalising on their parents hard-won financial security to try their luck in the risky business of tech start-ups.It s really picking up, says Aneesh Durg, a young Indian-origin student from Chicago who came to the southern tech hub of Bangalore to help develop a device that helps blind people read written text.It s actually not what I expected it to be.More and more young people in the country of 1.25 billion people are opting to go it alone, in stark contrast to previous generations that valued the stability of employment above all else.From robots and mobile apps to smart kitchens and a cocktail-making machine the cavernous Bangalore office, which houses one of India s biggest start-up incubators, is a veritable ideas factory.
Since downloading the TrulyMadly dating app two years ago, Arsath Ajmal hasn't ventured out on a single date."I m scared that my friends or neighbors will spot me and start rumors," he says.So Ajmal limits himself to chatting with women online and uses the app to divine if they're spendthrift, flirty and look like their profile photo.Dozens of dating apps have emerged in India over the past couple of years, but Ajmal's qualms are commonplace in a nation where most weddings are still arranged and sex before marriage remains largely taboo.Getting young Indians to do the equivalent of swiping right  in Tinder parlance  requires making dating seem fun, safe—and parent-approved.Dating startups say the effort is justified because half of India's 1.3 billion people are under 25, increasingly global and presumably open to shedding some reserve."India is going through a social revolution but young Indians, especially women, rarely get the chance to interact with people of the opposite gender outside of their college or work environments," says Taru Kapoor, who runs Tinder India, the company's only office outside the U.S. "Dating apps are helping break conventional barriers, providing people with more choices, control and freedom."
View photosMoreIn this Sunday, July 24, 2016 photo, young Indians look at their screens at a bus station and play "Pokemon Go" in Mumbai, India."Pokemon Go," the highly addictive online game, has landed in India and thousands are out searching for pokemon characters as the mania spreads.Although it has not been launched officially in India, the augmented-reality-based game has caught on, with fans also using virtual private networks VPNs to change their locations and catch pokemons in New York and London while sitting in their Indian homes.NEW DELHI AP — "Pokemon Go" has yet to officially arrive in India, but that's not stopping people there from playing the highly addictive online game.Many fans of the augmented-reality-based game have managed to download the app even though it has not been launched in India yet.Some are also using virtual private networks VPNs to change their locations and catch pokemons in New York and London while sitting in their Indian homes.