Custom applications have revolutionized the way people use technology to run their businesses.And there s no guarantee that the application will even fit into your business as the one size fits all promise is always a let down.That s why you need tools that help you build your own applications.Plenty of businesses have created custom apps for their companies without ever having to learn to code.Here s a list of industries where custom apps have helped businesses perform better – putting off the shelf programs to shame.From Berklee s transient auditions to Rutgers student support system, these easily customizable apps make it easy for schools to organize projects, people, assets, and more – fill a void in an already stressful industry.
Mobile note-taking apps are a dime a dozen these days; iOS has one baked in, and so does practically every flavor of Android.Then there are heavy hitters like Evernote, Microsoft s OneNote and Google Keep.So why look at another one of them?Everyone s note-taking needs and styles are different, and there probably isn t a single app that satisfies them all.To that end, I was pleasantly surprised to see productivity software maker Zoho take a crack at this with its new Notebook app for iOS and Android.Notebook is drop-dead gorgeous, with a simple interface and a visual organization system that lets you choose covers for your various notebooks and group related notes into stacks.
Our latest Five to Try column has a few to suggest, including Ghostbusters: Slime City, a free-to-play tie-in for the brand new film.If you plan on seeing the flick this weekend—rather than, say, complaining about it on social media sight unseen—then the game could be a solid way to keep the fun going after the credits roll.Also worth a look this week are music-collecting resource Discogs, a fresh Android port of legendary role-playing game Final Fantasy VII, avatar-centric chat app Rawr, and Zoho s stylish Notebook.There s a brand new Ghostbusters film in theaters this weekend, so unsurprisingly, that means there s also a new Ghostbusters game in the Play Store.Ghostbusters: Slime City is a free-to-play entry that lets you take control of a female or male specter-shooter, zapping the ghastly things in attractive shooting gallery-style sequences across New York City.The long-awaited app from the online music community helps you manage and expand your collection from wherever you are.
Google today announced the launch of new add-ons for the Android versions of Google Docs and Google Sheets.Those services have offered integrations with third-party tools on the web, and now a similar capability is coming to Google s mobile operating system.There s now a dedicated section for add-ons for Docs and Sheets in the Google Play Store, Google Apps product manager Saurabh Gupta wrote in a blog post.Nine add-ons are available for Android as of today: AppSheet, DocuSign, EasyBib, Google Classroom, PandaDoc, ProsperWorks CRM, Scanbot, Teacher Aide, and Zoho CRM.The DocuSign add-on, for example, lets you sign or send a file in Google Docs or Sheets through DocuSign.Generally these services are meant for a work context, but it s possible that developers will build more consumer-oriented add-ons, too.Microsoft has brought Office add-ins to iPad, but they re not yet available on Android or iPhone.Google will consider the idea of bringing Docs and Sheets add-ons to iOS once we determine demand is high enough, a spokesman told VentureBeat in an email.Update at 11:30 a.m. Pacific: Changed the line about Google s plans to introduce Docs and Sheets add-ons on iOS after getting additional clarification from Google; initially the spokesman said Google plans to bring them to iOS.
Google just made Docs and Sheets a bit more attractive with the launch of Android add-ons — that is, third-party tools on Android that add extra functionality to Google s office software.Assuming you re viewing a particular document using your Android mobile device and that you ve downloaded the appropriate add-on , you could do things like sign a sheet or document using DocuSign, scan a document into Docs using Scanbot, and more.You can find the newly available Android add-ons using the the add-on menu on Sheets or Docs, or you can head over to this Google Play collection to see them all assembled together.The add-ons span all sorts of functionality, with offerings including tools for creating apps, importing data, the classroom, making citations, and more.At the present time, Docs and Sheets users on Android can grab the following add-ons: DocuSign, Google Classroom, Scanbot,Zoho CRM, AppSheet, EasyBib, Teacher Aide, ProsperWorks, and PandaDoc.Google says it worked with eight partners to bring about these add-ons; it isn't clear whether there are more planned, and if so, when they may be available.
Signs two location deal with big colo providerCloud app provider Zoho is are opening up two data centres in Amsterdam and DublinThe California based cloud business app provider has also launched services at due to its expanding European customer base.The company signed a deal with Equinix to help it connect with more customers, illustrating the depth of Zoho s ambitions.Offices are already established in London, Singapore, Japan, China and India.Zoho stated the importance of data privacy as a reason for its European investment.
These may be the most boring applications that you have to use, but ultimately office productivity software is just that, software for getting work done.The typical office suite will provide word processing, a spreadsheet and presentations app.Then depending on what you need to accomplish and the suite you choose, it may also include an email program, database management, maybe some light graphics editing, and note-taking software.Microsoft Office has been the industry's standard for over 20 years, however in the last a few notable competitors have emerged.On the desktop side WPS Office and LibreOffice a fork for the now less popular OpenOffice are free and cross-platform alternatives, while Macs have been getting Apple's combination of Pages, Numbers and Keynote free of charge since late 2013.Moving away from the desktop, many others have taken advantage of the ubiquity of the web browser, offering better collaboration, and access to files on mobile platforms.
You grab your iPhone or Android phone, of course, and you check for the latest posts on Twitter.Next, maybe you dig into Reddit to see what happened overnight.Then you hop in the shower and stream some music from Spotify.Except on Friday morning, you had trouble doing any of those things.In fact, you might still be having trouble doing any other those things right now.Turn the Wi-Fi off on your phone and try again using cellular data.
Domo, the $2 billion business intelligence startup helmed by former Omniture founder and inveterate showman Josh James, has never been one to shy away from big stunts to make a splash.Today, for instance, Domo is crashing competitor Tableau's conference in Austin, Texas — offering attendees free donuts and tickets to a party space that Domo rented across the street, and which will play host to performances from rappers Flo Rida and Snoop Dogg during the week.For its part, Tableau, a $3 billion publicly-traded company, hasn't had a great year: Its shares are down more than 50% since January 1st, even after a big rally when the company enlisted former Amazon exec Adam Selipsky as CEO.In an interview with Forbes, Domo CEO Josh James says that his company, which acts as kind of a hub for business data, and Tableau, which makes software to turn data into intuitive charts and graphs, rarely go head-to-head for customers.But, James says, customers who buy Domo often end up dumping Tableau after, and he saw opportunity."It felt to me that 90% of Tableau s business is fragile and vulnerable," James tells Forbes, who also confirmed that a large retailer just switched 800 software licenses from Tableau to Domo."Escape Tableau Hell"Domo is sending staffers to this week's Tableau conference in shirts bearing the motto "Escape Tableau Hell," which shares a name with a special website the startup launched for the event.It's also the theme of Domo's party space and lounge during the event.On Monday night, Flo Rida will play in "Escape Tableau Hell" space; on Tuesday, Domo will host a bar crawl; Wednesday will see Snoop Dogg perform — during the same time slot when Tableau itself is hosting a show for attendees headlined by bands including Misterwives and Walk the Moon.It's not uncommon for companies to use their competitors' conferences as an opportunity to attack: Tiny startup Zoho is fond of using $52 billion Salesforce's Dreamforce conference to run attack ads.Still, it's a bolder move than usual for Domo to try to steal some of Tableau's business for itself by throwing its own party across the street.But given that James has boasted about swearing customers to secrecy and lying to people to keep the market guessing about his product plans, it's entirely in character for Domo.For its part, Tableau seems to be taking Domo's audacious move in stride.
Nimble Starts 2017 With Key Wins in CRM and Sales Intelligence G2 Crowd Report SANTA MONICA, Calif.– BUSINESS WIRE –January 19, 2017– Nimble, the pioneer of Social Sales and Marketing CRM, has been named 1 in CRM Customer Satisfaction and High Performer by G2 Crowd in its Winter 2017 CRM Rankings.Smarter Sales Insights and Social Intelligence for your Sales TeamNimble pioneered Smarter Social Sales and Marketing CRM and has since experienced tremendous growth of over 100,000 users registering for the platform and over 10,000 paying customers worldwide.We are grateful for the thousands of Nimble customers who have adopted our product and help us tell our story about how CRM should work for you, everywhere you work, said Nimble CEO, Jon Ferrara.Nimble 1 Rankings Based On Over 4,500 Business Users ReviewsThe G2 Grid report on CRM software is an in-depth report of 148 CRM vendors based on user reviews from over 4,594 business professionals.Nimble was named 1 in Customer Satisfaction and 1 in Social Network Integration ahead of all other CRM vendors including Salesforce, Zoho, and Hubspot CRM.Nimble Also Named Best in CRM Value, Ease of Setup and UseNimble was named a High Performer by receiving a high Customer Satisfaction score and having a large Market Presence.
Android/iPhone/Mac: You have tons of options for notes apps, including heavyweights like Evernote and OneNote.Zoho Notebook takes the same catch-all approach as Evernote and OneNote, but has a few design ideas of its own.Zoho Notebook reminds me of a combination of Paper and Google Keep.You start by creating notebooks that resemble physical notebooks.Inside those notebooks are cards.Those cards can be lists, drawings, maps, images, audio, or web clippings.
Zoho s Notebook free, iPhone, iPad, iMessage, Apple Watch is clearly trying to usurp Evernote in the iOS notebook wars: The app lets you write notes, record audio comments, take pictures and even make sketches.This week, the service goes multiplatform with the introduction of a new companion app for Mac.
Social selling helps you reduce, or even eliminate the need to call prospects cold, helps you save time, makes it easier to find new opportunities, improve your customer relationships and improve customer retention.These tools allow salespeople to focus on building relationships have the highest revenue impact.What s more, 90 percent of top-tier salespeople use social selling tools, compared to just 71 percent of overall sales professionals.Praval Singh, a senior product marketing manager at Zoho, believes that the ability to integrate social selling activity into the big picture of sales operations is pivotal.The Zoho CRM integration with Zoho Social has enabled us to include social selling as part of our sales and marketing strategy, instead of just a random tactic to generate leads, he says.Advancements in business analytics software… allow business users to skip the messy spreadsheets and formulas and view their data in one central, graphical and non-threatening dashboard using visualizations and graphical widgets, Sisense s VP Marketing Saar Bitner recently wrote.
Get paid fasterSend professional invoices to clients and start accepting online payments.It's simple, fast, and convenient.Track expenses betterKnow the ins and outs of your expenses and save money in the future.Track, categorize, and bill them to your clients all from one place.Automated bankingConnect Zoho Books to your bank account and get a real-time update on your cash flow.Monitor transactions and categorize them instantly.Collaborate using Client PortalShare recent transactions, expedite estimate approvals, accept bulk payments and capture customer feedback with the portal.For more information, see the Cloud accounting software videos
So, I was wondering if anyone knows of any unheard of amazing software such as MassPlanner?Also, I was wondering if anyone has any hidden knowledge on advanced social media softwares that would be useful for me as a tech/marketing company owner with over 50 clients (all of which have 5 social media platforms each)?If any of you do have this sought after knowledge, I thank you and return your favor with the aforementioned program, MassPlanner.Look that baby up and it'll change your social game for life!You're welcome, and thank you once again
AWS continues to add yet more software and services to build out its revenues and touchpoints with businesses that already use its cloud infrastructure for storage and to host and administer services and apps.(That name isn’t mentioned today, although other parts of that report have proven to be correct.)In doing this, Amazon is moving into a business area that is already pretty crowded with companies that offer different aspects of cloud-based contact center solutions, including Zoho, Zendesk, Freshdesk, and many more: some of these, including Zendesk, Zoho, and Freshdesk, are actually partnering with Amazon for this service.Taken together, these services are collectively disrupting a lot of the more costly, traditional ways of serving customers both for technical and other kinds of support.Many traditional solutions would not be cloud-based and might incorporate outsourcing or in-house teams, and infrastructure, for a business that is projected to be worth nearly $10 billion by 2019, with some of the current market leaders including Avaya, Cisco and Genesys.As with other AWS solutions (and Amazon as a whole), the company hopes to wedge itself a place in the market with ultra-competitive (read: cheap) pricing: in addition to no up-front costs, there is no long-term contracts to sign and (as you would expect with a cloud service) no infrastructure.
It’s almost impossible to avoid the cloud now, because of the movement of commercial and government services to the web, the multiplication of computing devices and the rapid growth in smartphones.Many of them run from giant cloud server farms such as Amazon’s AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform.Streaming music, video and TV services are gradually replacing DVD players, standalone hi-fis and MP3 players.You’re not obliged to use social networks, and there are alternatives to Google/Microsoft such as DuckDuckGo, ProtonMail and Zoho Workplace.These can include desktop and laptop PCs, smartphones and tablets, television set-top boxes, media servers and games consoles.To those we can add even more devices such as smart TV sets and digital radios, home security systems, electricity meters and thermostats, doorbells, fitness bands and interactive assistants such as Amazon’s Echo and Google Home.
My experience as social media manager has been largely relegated to applications like meetedgar, buffer, etc, but a new client is set up on zoho and wants to know if I can operate strictly off of that.What are the differences between the two systems in terms of scheduling, data, recycling content, etc.
CBR lists the best CRM software’s for businesses, both small or large that require a platform for customer interaction and data management.CRM software is what is used to cover a range of applications designed to help businesses manage business processes, and then consolidating the gathered information into a database to make it easy for businesses to access and manage relationships.Salesforce’s CRM is designed to enable businesses to track all sales activity and also take action from global locations, in order to give businesses the opportunity to get more customers analysing the data.As a fully cloud-based platform, Salesforce offers its CRM software in the cloud so that business users can access all functions without the need to install in-house hardware and computer servers.Salesforce offers a pay-as-you-go model of its CRM software in an aim to generate customer flexibility, while delivering an efficient service with all the features and functions needed.For on-the-go business workers, Zoho CRM offers a mobile edition with instant access to all customer information and sales activities on iPhone and Android devices.
CRMs all have unique challenges in onboarding users.We took a look at the onboarding experience of the top 5 most popular CRMs and analyze what's good and bad about each.