It can dance, walk, play football and do kung-fu – but only when commanded via its companion app.UBTech Alpha 1 Pro – Design and FeaturesThe Alpha 1 Pro comes fully assembled and with minimal accessories in the box – just a mains charger and a Mini USB cable.Or perhaps the scheming love-child of Honda Asimo.Alpha s probably about as big as you re expecting – certainly as I was expecting.There s an awful lot of white plastic here, broken up only by the black plastic and silver metal of those 16 servos at all the joints.
GizChina regulars will know that it isn t going to be a phone, courtesy the impending legal hassles.Anyway, US citizens will still be interested in what Xiaomi will soon have to offer in the country.According to sources in China, it is going to be Xiaomi s own MIUI-powered TV box, which will turn any dumb TV smart.The Xiaomi TV box is sold in a few different versions in the company s homeland of China.However, expect one version to go official in the US — perhaps the most powerful of the lot.This version costs 399 Yuan in China, so a price tag of around the $70 mark is what US folks can expect to pay.Xiaomi already sells some accessories and gadgets in the US.However, this is probably the first time Xiaomi will be launching a device as standalone as the TV box.Will the Apple TV finally face some competition?
ZTE are really doing the whole teaser thing this time around for the Axon 7, with the latest being a short video showing the phone and hinting at a VR launch.ZTE have been teasing the release of their Axon 7 phone on the 26th May with previous leaks telling us to expect high-end audio performance, and an ad in The Wall Street Journal giving us a small peak at the phone.In a video release today, ZTE have shown the Axon 7 again but this time giving us a good look at the screen of the phone, which partially obscuring the dual front facing speakers a feature other Axon phones also have .Buy ZTE and Nubia phones and accessories at!Freezing the video at the point the phone is shown we can make out that the colour of the Axon 7 is more of a light gold when compared to previous versions, and that the screen has those much talked about black borders all around.In fact it s plain to see black borders on either side of the screen with much larger black bands above and below the display.The final hint in the video is the image of a VR headset, which is likely a simple unit that can be used in conjunction with the Axon 7 leaks in China have suggested a 2K display has been chosen for a better VR experience .In unofficial leaks we have seen that the Axon 7 will feature a 5.5-inch QHD display, 4GB RAM, Snapdragon 820 chipset, rear fingerprint scanner and a 20 mega-pixel main camera.
One of the world renowned intelligent camera makers, the chinese Yi Technology are making yet another step towards being the global player by officially entering the important European market.The official distribution will be available first for the Central Europe region with Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, but that s just beggining of the expansion plans.The Yi brand belongs for some time already under the Xiaomi consortium and their products found the way to over 3.5 million customers worldwide.With the Central European cooperation with the Lion Mobile company they are planning to offer to the european customer the local service, support and warranty, but also the full localisation of their products including the voice control apps.Their most important product is currently probably the Yi Action cam with features like 2K resolution recording, 240 fps slow motion and vast array of optional accessories for all the possible action usage – sport, underwater, skiing, motobike etc.Similar sale success is expected from the upcoming Yi Car Das camera meant for the drivers and offering stable performance in any weather and condition along the bonus ADAS function Advanced driver assistance systems for better safety.Another product to look forward to is the Yi IP Cam for securing your homes and potentially also used as a nany cam to watch over the children.
How to use USB connector on Galaxy S7 and S7 EdgeOne of the most useful accessories you get along with the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge inside the box is the USB connector or on-the-go adapter.Data transfer seamlesslyUnlike the traditional way of transferring data – such as contacts, music files, videos, photos and more that is sent to a computer and then uploading it to a phone – Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge provide users an easy way to transfer data.You would see a new window appear on the phone, allowing you to select files you want to transfer.Connect keyboards to your S7The on-the-go adapter allows connecting your S7 with a keyboard to offer PC-like typing experience.Flash drive filesUsing the adapter you can also read and share PowerPoint, Excel, PDF and other file formats from USB flash drives.Just use the on-the-go adapter to charge your S7 using the battery power from another phone.
iOS 9.3.2 update bricks 9.7in iPad Pro AppleThe latest iOS 9.3.2 update that was aimed at addressing a bunch of bug issues seems to be causing problems for owners of the 9.7in iPad Pro who noticed the issue soon after installing the over-the-air update.According to the Apple support site, error 56 could be due to a hardware issue, for which users are advised to ensure their iOS device is running on the latest version of iTunes; check for issues with third-party security software; make sure the USB cable, computer and network are reliable.Even after doing all these, if you still see the error, you must contact Apple support.Those unable to restore their device through iTunes should contact Apple support."Apple rolled out the iOS 9.3.2 for compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners recently to fix bugs and improve the security of the iOS devices.A few of the notable fixes are for issues such as Bluetooth accessories experiencing audio quality issues when paired to iPhone SE, dictionary definition failing, typing email addresses when using the Japanese Kana keyboard in Mail and Messages and issue with VoiceOver using the Alexa voice and MDM servers from installing custom B2B apps.
Good afternoon!Dealzmodo daily deals is back in action to bring you word of some great deals and savings, unearthed from all corners of the web.Top of today's offerings is big discount on a clever Samsung smartwatch.Coming via eGlobal Central, this deal knocks a healthy £82 off the previously listed price of £245 for the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch, bringing the wrist computer down to £162.99 .The round-dialled device packs loads of functionality and customisability and is geared towards sporty users – read all the details and pick up the deal over at EGC.TV & videoGamingHeadphones & audioiPads & tabletsCameras & accessoriesComputingWearablesGadgets & other
As we already reported before Elephone keeps expanding their product lines not just with phones, but with various useful accessories and gadgets.Another piece to the mosaic is the Elephone Anycharger, which looks like pretty nifty universal charging adapter for the adventurous customer.Elephone Anycharger is a multi functional charging adapter with full metal body and 3 different color options, at least judging by the released pictures.There are 3 full sized USB ports available for the charging purposes and one of them supports even the Qualcomm QC2.0 fast charging.Thanks to one universal DC charging port it s usable as a charger even for most of the notebooks and laptops.We have a official introduction video for you, first published on the company Youtube channel.Price for the Elephone Anycharger is yet unknown and the same for the actual release date, so for now we can just just watch the video and wait.
Wearables have the potential to change consumer and business technology, but how much do you know about them?Wearable technology has emerged from the darkened room of enthusiasts to the mainstream in recent years, with gadgets like the Apple Watch and Moto 360 becoming not just accessories, but fashion items too.Many of the biggest names in technology are working on smartwatches, smart glasses and smart clothing to help us lead healthier and more productive lives – and to create new categories of products to sell to consumers and businesses as smartphone adoption rises.Apple Watch 1 897x1000 Wearables are fast becoming the most creative area of technology, but there are serious technical issues to solve too, such as connectivity, functionality and privacy.The future of wearables seems to be only limited by the imagination.Maybe in the future we ll all wear networked clothing and browse the internet by moving our eyes?
Apple Inc. offered a preview of a new flagship store opening on Saturday in San Francisco s Union Square.It features 42-foot-high sliding glass doors and new specialty areas that will showcase different accessories and activities enabled by Apple products.Apple also created an outdoor public space adjacent to the store with free Wi-Fi, seating, and regular musical performances.The new store is aimed at reigniting excitement around the Apple brand as the company comes off its first decline in quarterly sales in 13 years.
After seemingly forgetting to mention it during the I/O keynote on Wednesday, Google has now confirmed it is bringing Android apps to the Chrome OS.The news, which was leaked earlier today, will bring the million plus apps from the Google Play Store to the increasingly-popular Chromebook range.In a blog post on Thursday, Google told developers, they ll be able to expand the reach of their apps later this year.The company has explained some of the benefits for Chrome OS users, some of which include multitasking within a full desktop browser, easy file sharing between Chrome and Android and compatibility with keyboard and mouse accessories, as well as touch.Chrome OS users will also receive Android notifications on their Chromebooks.The firm estimates more than 2 million Chromebooks were sold, compared with 1.8 million Macs.
Trust me, I know from travel.I ve conquered the Cabot Trail, wandered the Rocky Mountains, drank my way across Portugal and Ireland, scrambled up the side of an active volcano in Nicaragua and suffered through Giardia while surrounded by beauty and poverty in Costa Rica.Every other week, we ll talk about the latest in navigation tools, iOS accessories, camping gear, backpacks, compact cameras, technical clothing—pretty much anything I can find to make your travels that much easier, no matter whether you prefer vacationing at five-star resorts or dirtbagging in the back of your car at a national park.If you need to ask someone in the Pyrenees for the name of their veterinarian s haberdasher, I m your man.Try as I might, I wasn t able to fully explain that I d likely ruptured a disc in my lower back, despite the incredible patience of staff at the Clinica Universidad de Navarra.One month s access will set you back $13.
It was only a few months ago that we slapped a five-star rating on the Asus ZenBook UX305 and now the company is back with the Asus ZenBook UX306.Well, the most immediately noticeable changes are the addition of a USB Type-C port and backlit keys, but you can expect beefier specs too, as under the hood you're looking at an Intel Core i5 6200U or Core i7 6500U processor and up to 16GB of RAM, which will hopefully be enough to address our concerns about the graphics capabilities of the UX305.The ZenBook UX306 is launching with a choice of 256GB or 512GB of solid state storage and has a 13.3-inch anti-glare screen in either 1080 x 1920 or 3200 x 1800 resolution, which is largely in line with the UX305.Familiar good looksThe stylish aluminum build looks largely similar and at 324 x 226 x 13.9mm and 1.19kg the dimensions and weight aren't much changed either.Other features include a full USB 3.0 port for all those accessories that aren't USB-C-ready , 802.11ac Wi-Fi and the promise of up to 12 hours of battery life, plus the company's IceCool technology built in, to prevent the palm rest heating up.The big remaining questions are what it will cost and when you'll actually be able to buy it, but sadly Asus hasn't answered either of them yet.
Starbreeze announced today that it has started a joint venture with Imax to produce the Imax experience to the company VR headsets Star WR. In addition, it will come Starbreeze developing VR experiences and games that will go to feast at Imax cinemas. More specifically, that will result from this cooperation, we will see in the future, but it seems that Starbreeze not just want that Star WR will be a game accessories, without a solid entertainment device.
When the first Apple stores opened in 2001, people stood in round-the-block lines to be the first inside, and the first to experience Apple s iconic design language given form and space—an iPod reproduced in bricks and mortar.The company is trying to give the impression that these are not just places to hand over money in exchange for pieces of beautifully designed pieces of glass and aluminum, but spaces to come and hang out.The sparkly, reflective, terrazzo floors bounce natural light around the store, which should keep the indoor trees happy, and cut electricity usage.They can be heated, like a fancy bathroom, or chilled, which the company thinks is going to be the more frequent scenario.Apple s iconic Geniuses who had to deal with 1 million appointments in San Francisco alone last year will be supplemented with new Creative Pros, who ll give demonstrations of more things we can spend our money on, from camera lenses to drones to music downloads.Alongside the grove is the Avenue where new accessories are on display; the Forum, where a giant video wall will facilitate everything from game night to workshops with invited creative types; and the Boardroom, where small business, start-ups, and app developers can share wisdom.
But Google just made a big promise that developers will be be getting their hands on a device this fall with a consumer version due in 2017.Although Project Ara has been on Google s mind for years now, it s been hampered by hardware delays.After a year, Project Ara didn t have much to show for all its talk of the future, but it certainly inspired the smartphone old guard to run with the idea.But where those attempts are the cozy consumer version of what a modular smartphone can be, Project Ara is the rugged frontier: a patchwork of hardware with a number of different modules that anyone can decide how to mix and match.A Wired exclusive on the reasons why it took Google so damn long was that the half-dozen modular connectors really needed to not suck.Ara chief Richard Woolridge spits out crazy edit-video-while-you-computer-vision use cases, but says the spec boils down to this: It can handle anything.
Although Project Ara has been on Google s mind for years now, it s been hampered by hardware delays.After a year, Project Ara didn t have much to show for all its talk of the future, but it certainly inspired the smartphone old guard to run with the idea.This year s LG G5 adopted the modular phone principle with a removable magic slot, and the upcoming Moto X and iPhone 7 are rumoured to have some kind of modular features.But where those attempts are the cozy consumer version of what a modular smartphone can be, Project Ara is the rugged frontier: a patchwork of hardware with a number of different modules that anyone can decide how to mix and match.A Wired exclusive on the reasons why it took Google so damn long was that the half-dozen modular connectors really needed to not suck.Ara chief Richard Woolridge spits out crazy edit-video-while-you-computer-vision use cases, but says the spec boils down to this: It can handle anything.
Nagra SD is the most serious alternative to taltioitaessa studio quality sound harsh field conditions. What does it cost: Approximately 900 Euros sold with accessories Hi-Fi briefcase version costs approximately EUR 1 500 Special features: Depending on the user's individual needs Nagra SD recording can be equipped with different microphones. Vermin, the first work of fiction filmmaker David Cronenberg, a novel two main characters surrounded himself with laptops, cameras and lenses. The impressive techno top of the mountain jököttää Swiss NAGRAN digital recorder, a kind of old people and the State Administration of speeches called dictaphones. Its sturdy metal body affects at least at first glance bullet sustainable, and the device switches, buttons and other namiskuukkelit are so tanakkaa act that can tolerate harsh conditions and yet starker processing. Nagra SD, however, the core area of ​​expertise is faithful sound recording and impact resistance.
Apple bilintegreringssystem Carplay has reached at least a few models from most manufacturers, but still shines by its absence of one of the world's largest luxury car manufacturer BMW. A price list for accessories to the next generation of the X5 M and X6 M as a time lay out on BMW's German website shows that Carplay probably comes as an option for them in the fall, writes 9 to 5 Mac. The price list has been shared at the forum, and shows that Carplay costs 300 euros. Is it time to upgrade your computer, phone or tablet? Sell ​​your gadget quickly and easily with MacWorld service. Two of these are real villains that gives gamers and overclocking enthusiasts plenty to drool over.
We're all going to die, Spurs will never win the league, and Apple will release a new iPhone - some things never change.Oh, and don t forget the salt.Obviously, we can expect to see an all-metal build, similar in design to that of the existing iPhone 7 Plus, so don t expect any wacky triangle or pentagram shapes come launch day.The iPhone 6s Plus 5.5in 1080p display bests its iPhone 6s brother, but it would still be nice to see a higher resolution, as long as battery life isn t sacrificed.It s the one thing that s practically guaranteed come launch day, and if we don t see a chart or graph showing off XX% increases in speed and graphics power, we ll eat our smartphones.Highlights include the ability to finally hide default Apple app like Stocks, along with auto-transcribed voicemail messages and Apple Home - a one-stop-shop for controlling everything from your IoT-connected lightbulbs to your smart door handles.