Grand Theft Auto V hasn t run out of gas yet.Take-Two released its financial results for the fiscal year 2016 today, posting a GAAP generally accepted accounting practices net revenue of $1.414 billion, up 31 percent from the previous year.Non-GAAP revenue was slightly down for the year $1.561 billion compared to $1.669 billion the previous year and quarter $342.5 million compared to $427.7 million for fiscal fourth quarter 2015 .These non-GAAP numbers were better than expectations from within the company.Fiscal 2016 marked the third consecutive year of stronger-than-expected Non-GAAP revenues and profits for Take-Two, said Strauss Zelnick, chairman and chief executive officer of Take-Two, in a press release sent to GamesBeat.Our results were driven by the continued extraordinary performance of Grand Theft Auto V, ongoing momentum in our NBA 2K and WWE 2K series, the successful launch of XCOM 2, and our highest-ever revenue from recurrent consumer spending.Battleborn, which launched earlier this month, will also be a part of fiscal 2017.The report also noted that Rockstar Games, developer of Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption, is working on a new project that the company will announce soon.
View photosMoreFitbit Blaze watches are displayed during the 2016 CES trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada January 6, 2016.REUTERS/Steve Marcus Reuters - Fitbit users could soon make payments with a flick of the wrist, as the maker of the simple yet hugely popular fitness bands races to pack in more features in its products.NFC has featured prominently in some mobile devices and is used in the Apple Watch as well as payment services such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Wallet.For Fitbit, which dominates the wearable devices market, the deal could help it catch up on a technology that is becoming increasingly popular with users and retailers.Fitbit retained its strong grasp on the wearables market in the first quarter, accounting for nearly a quarter of it, according to an IDC report released on Monday.Reporting by Narottam Medhora in Bengaluru; Editing by Sayantani Ghosh and Saumyadeb Chakrabarty
Speaking at the Financial Regulation Summit in Washington DC, White warned the industry that their policies and procedures were not up to scratch and without them they faced the same fate as the Bangladeshi bank that recently lost $81m through a cyber attack."As we go out there now, we are pointing that out."The SEC is "very pro-active" in assessing how open those acting in the financial sector are to a cyberattack, she said, adding: "we can't do enough in this sector."She noted that companies are increasingly using non-Generally Accepted Accounting Principles GAAP to report their figures – an approach which enables them to keep what can be very large expenses out of public reporting.She also warned that the SEC was closely watching "fintech" – startups targeting the financial markets – name-checking in particular blockchain, automated investment advice and marketplace lending.It's not known whether the new crowdfunding rules will help revive the many startups across the country – but particularly in and around Silicon Valley – who are struggling to find funding through VC routes, or whether the rules will just sit on the books awaiting the next tech boom.
Game publisher Take-Two Interactive may not have released a huge number of major titles last year, but the company still posted better-than-expected earnings results, thanks to the continuing success of Grand Theft Auto V and the launch of XCOM 2.For the fiscal year 2016, Take-Two s GAAP generally accepted accounting practices net revenue was $1.414 billion, an increase of 31 percent from the previous year.The publisher s non-GAAP figures were down slightly this year, but they still managed to beat expectations.Revenue for Q4 dropped to $342.5 million from $427.7 million, and for the whole year it was down to $1.561 billion from $1.669 billion.Profit for the year dropped from $219.2 million to £218.3 million.Our results were driven by the continued extraordinary performance of Grand Theft Auto V, ongoing momentum in our NBA 2K and WWE 2K series, the successful launch of XCOM 2, and our highest-ever revenue from recurrent consumer spending.
The National Audit Office auditor's annual summary deals with senior management practices, as well as other inspections raised key issues and conclusions, VTV said. In the opinion of this case should not be paying a premium virastopäälliköille Advisory Board for the work. Based on our audit, it is recommended that with regard to the use of a taxi would be used for the travel policy intended by judgment, in particular in the center of Helsinki for journeys with public transport is very comprehensive. Shortcomings were mainly mobile bills attachments. In a number of accounting units of senior officials' declaration of interests were not up to date. 26 of the State Civil Servants Act, according to the senior management must ensure that the declaration of interests are constantly updated.
British acts including Adele accounted for one in six of all albums sold worldwide last year.Photograph: Philipp Schmidli/Getty ImagesResurgent sales of music on vinyl generated more income for UK artists than YouTube last year, with British acts including Adele and Ed Sheeran accounting for a record one in six of all the albums sold worldwide.The BPI, the record labels association that promotes British music, said the surge in popularity of British music was not being matched by proceeds from advertising-funded streaming websites such as YouTube.Both represent relatively small parts of the industry revenues generated by both streaming and sales of recorded music.Total album sales fell by 6.2% as a result, although the fall in the CD market, down 3.9%, was less marked than in recent years.Coldplay - A Head Full of Dreams9.
A free service for accounting and a company that deals with super stable radio signals. They belong to Gothenburg's most interesting startups right now, according Breakits podcast. In the latest episode of Breakits podcast, which was recorded live in Gothenburg tech week, lists Jonas de Lange Gothenburg's most hyped startups right now. IP telephony Rebtel and Skype - but for business. Bokio. A company based on the Chalmers research on extremely stable radio communications.
This IBM TLC PCM occupies the same general space in the memory-storage hierarchy, defined by latency, as Intel/Micron's 3D Point.We can slot this PCM into a latency table we used for XPoint:Unlike its presentation of XPoint, IBM has provided some endurance numbers, saying it lasts for at least 1 million write cycles, which is far better than the 3,000 it quotes for TLC flash.The substance stores bits as differing resistance levels, with eight of them needed for the 3-bit values it stores.It has overcome a resistance drift problem by devising algorithms and signal processing techniques that it enable it to follow the resistance drift, as it were, and still read data.All-in-all it is a convincing demonstration of a storage-class memory technology that could seemingly be productised - except that IBM has no chip manufacturing capability for PCM and no manufacturing partner.Both it and Toshiba have looked into STT-RAM but that doesn't seem promising.
David Sacks, CEO of troubled startup Zenefits, thinks it's unfair that the press has been lumping it into the same category as troubled startup Theranos.He went on a whole Twitter rant about it on Friday, linking to this story in the LA Times about how startups that claim to be "disruptive" are often mostly hype.The reporter, Michael Hiltzik, starts with Theranos, which has become the poster child for highly funded, highly valued startups that have run afoul.Hiltzik points out the company's run-in with regulators that have questioned the accuracy of its one-drop-of-blood blood-testing technology.1/ Articles lumping in Zenefits with Theranos and others without even talking with us are lazy comparisons... — David Sacks @DavidSacks May 20, 2016He then went on to insist that Zenefits' problems, which the company first acknowledged four months ago, should be considered ancient history.The tweetstorm comes a few weeks after Sacks posted a blog with an update about the company.It documented all the ways he changed the company since he took over as CEO on February 8, when founder Parker Conrad resigned.Sacks had been with the company as COO since December 2014.Here's his whole rant:Unlike others, we have fixed our licensing issues.Today we are operating in compliance.Today we are operating in compliance.Unlike others, we reconstituted our board of directors to provide proper oversight and corporate governance.Unlike others, we have stood up a robust compliance organization to prevent these issues from happening again.Unlike others, we proactively commissioned a Big Four accounting firm to audit our licensing and shared the result with regulators.Unlike others, we have made compliance a central part of our culture, values and expertise moving forward.Most of all, we have a real product that works for many thousands of small businesses who express appreciation and gratitude.As a result, our customer base over 20,000 is sticking with us and ARR remains over $60M.In summary, Zenefits today is a different company that has addressed its historical issues and is looking to the future.To his credit, it is hard to clean up a troubled company with more than 1,000 employees whose products are used by 20,000 customers — and do it in the public eye.On the other hand, Zenefits' problems were not exactly the messenger's fault, and it might take more than a couple of months to prove itself a comeback story.NOW WATCH: This startup uses cremated human remains to grow treesLoading video...
Chairman of the International Accounting Standards Board Chairman Hans Hoogervorst warned in the Financial Times that more and more companies reported their results other than in accordance with the official IFRS accounting standards. Hoogervorst is particularly concerned that, if companies use non-IFRS figures consistent basis for rewards. Based on the company believes that the best sustainable business performance indicators, ie non-IFRS total revenue, non-IFRS operating profit and the company's net cash flow from operations. Nokia's shareholders, it is questionable if earnings guidance is based only alternative put forward by business calculations. Nokia's disease is currently spreading in the business world. IFRS standard is certainly some disadvantages, but if its reporting is a fundamental wrong, you should tell the thing out loud companies.
View photosMoreA man walks past a Toshiba Corp logo displayed on one of its television sets in Tokyo, Japan, November 26, 2015.REUTERS/Toru Hanai/File PhotoTOKYO Reuters - Japan's Toshiba Corp said on Monday it would more than halve its capital base - a move that comes in the wake of a $1.3 billion accounting scandal last year.It will cut its capital to 200 billion yen $1.8 billion from 439.9 billion yen to plug a deficit in its earnings reserves on its balance sheet after posting huge losses, it said.The company also said that it was correcting its earnings results for the year that ended in March.Its operating loss came to 708.7 billion yen, compared with the 719.1 billion yen loss announced earlier this month.It will hold a briefing from 4 p.m. 0700 GMT to explain the corrections.
As Founder and CEO of inDinero, Jessica loves helping entrepreneurs run better businesses.She started inDinero back in 2010 to help entrepreneurs with all their accounting and tax needs after going through the same challenges with her own businesses.Jessica has grown inDinero from zero to multi-million dollar revenues with over 100 full-time employees and has been featured in the Forbes and Inc 30 Under 30 Lists.She is an IRS Enrolled Agent, Ham Radio Operator, and a Private Pilot.Outside of her work, Jessica flies a single-engine airplane, mentors first-time entrepreneurs, and is an active member of Young Presidents Organization YPO .You can follow her on Twitter: @jessicamahShe will be live on April 26 starting 930 AM PT for one and a half hours during which she will answer as many questions as possible.
In a recent study, 60% of business owners that weren t planning on taking any vacation in the next 12 months cited financial hardship.If you're in the consulting game, inevitably, there are months when finding clients is a grind.Couple that with unpaid work like invoicing and accounting, and it can feel like you re burning the candle at both ends.In this step-by-step guide, we ll look at how consultants can automate their lead generation, attract high-value clients, and grow their business with automated drip email marketing.
The simplicity and popularity of contactless will see card payments overtake cash within five years, according to Payment AssocationCard payments will be more popular than cash in the UK within five years, according to a report from industry body The Payments Association, partly thanks to the popularity of contactless transactions.And by 2025, notes and coins will drop to being used for just over one in four 27 percent of payments, the report claimed.Cash outcontactless paymentOverall, the study found 38 billion payments were made in the UK by consumers and businesses during 2015 – the equivalent of more than 72,000 payments every minute.Despite this supposed shift in the balance, cash was still found to be the most popular payment method in 2015, accounting for roughly half 45.1 percent of all payments.Online and mobile banking is also predicted to increase, as more consumers look for a better way to access their finances on the go.However, there were still more than 546 million cheque payments recorded last year, showing that the supposedly dated method of payment still has some fans.
Shanda Group, a private investment firm founded by Chinese Internet entrepreneurs, amassed an 11.7% stake in LendingClub, according to a regulatory filing.The stake, including shares and options, could make Shanda the largest shareholder in LendingClub, which has been besieged by investors, regulators and industry critics following the abrupt announcement of the forced resignation of its founder and chief executive, Renaud Laplanche, on May 9.It also relies heavily on investors to have faith in the company s loans, which was shaken when LendingClub said it had misdated some loans sold to an investment bank, leading Mr. Laplanche to be asked to resign.The Shanda investment isn t part of that effort to shore up confidence with lenders.Several Chinese companies have delisted from the U.S., seeking better valuations in their home markets amid U.S. investor concern about growth prospects and in some cases accounting practices.In April, Shanda said it bought a nearly 10% stake in asset manager Legg Mason.
View photosMoreA neon Google logo is seen at the new Google office in Toronto, November 13, 2012.The probe reflects an intensifying air of European indignation looming over Google and other U.S. tech companies as they amass huge amounts of cash while reducing their tax bills through complex maneuvers that shield their profits.At the end of last year, the U.S. technology sector had stockpiled $777 billion in cash, accounting for nearly half of the $1.68 trillion held by non-financial companies in the country, according to a study by Moody's Investors Service.European regulators increasingly are pressing companies to pay taxes in the jurisdictions in which they do business.The French government hasn't disclosed how much it believes Google might owe in back taxes, but it made an elaborate show of force in Tuesday's raid.With all signs indicating more cash will be pouring into the technology industry, the sector seems likely to remain in the crosshairs of financially strapped governments seeking more tax revenue.
Google said it will increase the size of ads that run atop search results, enabling two-line titles and longer descriptions.Revenue growth accelerated in recent quarters, but analysts expect it to slow in the months ahead.They re doing this now because they foresee a revenue or profit challenge ahead, said Patrick Moorhead, founder of Moor Insights & Strategy.Bernstein Research analyst Carlos Kirjner has said Google is squeezing the lemon to extract more money from its search business.Google executives said they are redesigning the company s ad offerings as users shift to smartphones, which now account for more than half of Google searches.Marketers generally pay less for each click on an ad on mobile phones, believing they lead to fewer sales.
After all, it's hardly a new concept.Perhaps he's trapped in mid-management between an executive setting his budget and end-users grumbling about the products he buys.In ITSMA's view, ABM helps marketing and sales teams work together to build relationships with the key players in accounts which generate the most revenue.Obviously, B2B marketers have long understood the importance of accounts, but have had to rely on outmoded tools to engage with them: spreadsheets, telephone conversations, random meetings at events, and email chains which may or may not be shared with the sales team .Increasingly, however, marketing automation platforms have honed and launched ABM offerings, to take the pain and strain out of managing relationships with multiple accounts, and increase opportunities for personalization.That assumes, of course, that ABM can be embedded in a marketing automation solution—indeed, Bobowski thinks MA is ABM's natural home.
Silicon Valley is a place where boundaries of race, color, traditions, religions melt, and the multiplicity of cultures strengthens the fabric which has fueled America s economic engine of innovation.GTE did not low-ball my offer even though I could have been had for much less.I replied, No, the other guy politically outsmarted me but I was the more capable candidate.When I started the company, people came out of the woodwork, people without whose help we would not have succeeded.Our first accounting manager, a 27 year old white American took over the checkbook.We felt moral obligation to pay our employees, the banks, and the vendors, with some money coming from our own pockets.
The entrepreneur Sam Nurmi, who recently sold his company Pingdom for nearly half a billion, would shake the accounting industry. Exactly what Dooer has plans for Sam Nurmi has not wanted to reveal, but that it concerns a heavy technology startups that want to automate the accounting process using so-called artificial intelligence has appeared. Now Dooer and Sam Nurmi, however, decided to take the blade from his mouth - at least partially. For Breakit reveals the company now plans to take up the fight with accounts competitors Visma, Fortnox and Wint, rather than simply delivering software to existing accounting firms. The goal is that, by going first, hopefully we can show the way for the industry, like Tesla has done for the rest of the auto industry. We simply have a greater proportion of developers than our competitors agency.