Clarifai, a leading AI lifecycle platform provider for managing unstructured image, video, text and audio data expands its product offerings in Q1 2021.Over the last three months, Clarifai has significantly advanced its portfolio of AI products and services.The portfolio works seamlessly together on its end-to-end platform to help its customers use AI to increase revenue, decrease expenses and minimize risk.“We have seen accelerated growth in Q1 as more and more enterprise and public sector organizations adopt AI,”  said Dr. Matt Zeiler, founder and CEO of Clarifai.“I’m incredibly proud of the suite of products, models and workflows that we built to support our Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and automated data labeling capabilities.”Clarifai’s new product lineup includes the following:Scribe Label: A data labeling platform or fully managed data labeling service that uses AI automation to speed productivity of high-quality training datasets by 100x with 10x less data needed.It searches for visually similar images and custom concepts in images, video and textual data and includes an intuitive user interface for bulk operations, sorting, and filtering data.Spacetime allows for deeper search into multilingual text inputs, including custom concept search and text similarity search.Enlight Train: A rich suite of pre-trained models used to train and produce highly accurate custom models with support for a variety of different training types such as transfer learning and deep training.Neural networks can be built in minutes as complexities are abstracted away, exposing only the “key” essentials.Armada Predict: A tool that  analyzes unstructured image, video and text data using multiple prediction types to gain insights with fast time-to-accuracy.
VOX Network Solutions (VOX) announced today that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named VOX Network Solutions, a leading IT solutions and managed service provider, to the Elite 150 category in its 2021 Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list.Released annually, the list recognizes the leading North American solution providers that have demonstrated innovative and forward-thinking approaches to managed services.Their services help end users improve operational efficiencies and navigate the ongoing complexities of IT solutions, while maximizing their return on IT investments.CRN once again recognizes VOX for their extensive managed services portfolio, with achievements in both the Enterprise and Midmarket spaces.This announcement aligns with the recent recognition from Avaya, where VOX was named for the 2nd consecutive year as their 2020 Overall U.S.It is a testimate to our people, inspiring and enabling them to make a difference through superior teamwork, robust methods and amazing technologies.VOX’s decision to expand to a cloud and managed service provider is validated with this acknowledgement from CRN,” said VOX Network Solution’s VP of Sales & Marketing Ron Kingsford.
Veritone, Inc. (NASDAQ: VERI), a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and solutions, announced it will hold a virtual Investor Day and Technology Expo on May 14, 2021 at 9:00 am PT/12:00 pm ET.SAVE THE DATEVeritone Virtual Investor Day and Technology ExpoFriday, May 14, 2021Beginning at 9:00 am PT/12:00 pm ETRSVP hereThe company will discuss new business strategies as well as the overall vision.Experts will demonstrate new technologies publicly for the first time.Customers and partners will provide testimonials.Management will hold live question and answer sessions.
Combination of Cofense’s Phishing Intelligence from over 26 million human reporters and Cyberfish’s AI-based protection technology will eliminate the need for legacy email security solutionsCofense®, the leading provider of phishing detection and response (PDR) solutions, today announced the acquisition of Cyberfish, provider of next-generation phishing protection powered by Computer Vision and advanced Machine Learning (ML) technology.By integrating innovative machine learning capabilities from Cyberfish with Cofense’s detection and response technology, Cofense will bring to market a holistic, advanced automation solution for email protection, detection, and response.With the acceleration of digital transformation and migration to cloud email services from Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, organizations are rethinking their email security architecture and technology stack.For customers investigating a move away from legacy email security providers like Proofpoint, Mimecast, Symantec and Cisco, Cofense will help expedite this transition.Cofense’s unparalleled phishing intelligence, already deployed in thousands of enterprises around the world, will be also used to train and evolve Cyberfish’s machine-learning algorithms to block malicious emails in real-time.“Together, Cofense and Cyberfish will offer a one-stop shop for an organization’s email security needs, eliminating the need for many expensive and slow-to-deploy legacy solutions,” said Rohyt Belani, Cofense CEO and Co-founder.“With organizations increasingly working to consolidate technology vendors, we are laying the groundwork to support our customers in this endeavor and maintain the high quality they expect in whatever solutions they adopt.This includes our ongoing commitment to the MSP ecosystem Cyberfish has developed.
Onclave Networks, a global cybersecurity leader that specializes in securing operational technology (OT/IoT) through private networks, has joined forces with Loko AI to deliver Zero Trust to their higher levels of data security and network protection initiatives.Starting as a direct response to the Route 91 Festival Shooting in Las Vegas, Loko AI discovered a huge gap in surveillance and monitoring technology, especially around real-time incident detection.In response to this need, Loko AI launched Caretaker, a real-time Autonomous Surveillance platform that makes Video Management Systems obsolete.“We built Caretaker to augment humans to make them more efficient at their jobs and to give them a far greater situational awareness than ever before.You will never again waste precious resources and man-hours sitting in front of a computer screen waiting for a security, safety or operational incident to happen.Caretaker is game-changing and now delivers Zero Trust+ network protection provided by Onclave,” said Joseph Zaki, Founder and CEO of Loko AI.“We’re really excited to be working with Onclave to deliver Zero Trust to our customers who require higher levels of data security and network protection,” Joseph continues.
The Sitetracker Platform will empower SQUAN’s decision making with accurate and reliable dataSitetracker, the global standard for managing high-volume projects for turnkey network infrastructure providers like SAC Wireless, TEP, Hylan, and Advantage Engineers, is proud to announce its partnership with SQUAN, an industry leader in design/build services for telecommunications network infrastructure with offerings in fiber, engineering, wireless, and power.SQUAN has grown from a regional company to become one of the top-performing and innovative national engineering and construction companies delivering specialized telecommunications network design and deployment for both wireline and wireless network operators, developers, and other organizations such as municipalities and utilities.With a mindful view on the inevitability of smart cities, SQUAN has made four acquisitions in the past six years in order to position itself as a highly diversified technology infrastructure services partner across platforms.Keith Pennachio, the company’s Chief Strategy Officer and EVP remarks, “SQUAN has evolved significantly over the past six years.Through both strategic acquisitions as well as organic growth, today’s SQUAN places greater emphasis on our turnkey services offering.” Pennachio continues, “SQUAN’s adoption of Sitetracker’s Project and Asset Management Platform is an evolutionary move for the organization as the company works to further unify its business verticals and underpin service offerings with a true best-in-class program management platform.”With Sitetracker, SQUAN will gain increased visibility into projects in motion, in order to adjust its strategy and assert greater control over its processes, workflow, and data to enable real-time management decisions.The company plans to further leverage its new technology partnership with Sitetracker in its strategic expansion into utility-based and other smart city verticals.“While supporting SQUAN, we have seen firsthand the great effort and care they put into delivering for their customers,” explains Giuseppe Incitti, Sitetracker’s CEO.“We believe SQUAN is well-positioned to achieve its corporate goals, and we are excited to make strategic contributions as they continue to grow and execute.
Adds Singapore cloud region, offers 24/7/365 support for customers around the globeFivetran, the leader in automated data integration, today announced the opening of a new office and cloud region in Singapore, continuing the company’s expansion in the Asia-Pacific region.The Singapore opening follows the launch of its APAC HQ in Sydney in May 2020, and enables Fivetran to provide 24/7/365 customer support across all regions.The new office extends staff across several key departments, including sales, marketing, partnerships and customer support, allowing Fivetran to better serve customers and partners in whatever regions they do business.With the launch of this new cloud region in Singapore — adding to cloud regions in the United States, Canada, the European Union, the United Kingdom and Australia — Fivetran provides a global, highly available service infrastructure for customers requiring locally delivered data pipelines in accordance with data residency and data sovereignty laws.The new region enables Fivetran to comply with the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA), a law that governs the collection, use and disclosure of personal data by all private organizations.If a Singapore business is not PDPA-compliant, the Personal Data Protection Commission may impose a financial penalty of up to $1 million, as well as other sanctions.Fivetran is a cloud data integration service that manages data pipelines for enterprises and midsize organizations, automating the delivery of data to leading cloud data stores.Organizations no longer need to devote valuable engineering resources to building and maintaining data pipelines.This frees businesses to refocus on revenue-impacting data analysis.“Fivetran has taken a methodical approach to its growth, ensuring that we have the resources and infrastructure in place to support our customers in each region before we enter that market,” said T.J. Chandler, APAC Managing Director at Fivetran.
Metrion Biosciences Limited (Metrion), the specialist ion channel CRO and drug discovery company, today announced that it has secured £2.7m in new equity financing, including £2.25m from lead investor Gresham House Ventures.The funding will be used to expand Metrion’s laboratories in Cambridge, UK, invest in specialist equipment, develop its cell line library, and add GLP cardiac safety services.The financing will also enable the expansion of the Company’s business development activities.Metrion Biosciences’ ion channel expertise includes an industry leading panel of in vitro cardiac ion channel safety assays, translational native cell and phenotypic assays for neurological and cardiotoxicity testing, and a range of other ion channel screening services such as cell line development and optimisation.Metrion Biosciences is able to provide tailored assay formats, data analysis and reporting solutions, effective project management and quality assured data packages.Dr Keith McCullagh, Chairman, Metrion Biosciences, said: “This new investment, led by Gresham House Ventures, is a key part of Metrion’s strategic development, enabling the Company to expand its laboratories in Cambridge, UK, provide enhanced services to customers, and invest more extensively in US business development.We thank Gresham House for the confidence they have shown in the Metrion team and we are delighted to welcome Maya Ward, who brings substantial experience of healthcare finance and investment, to Metrion’s board of directors.”Gresham House Ventures is a growth equity investor specialising in software and digitally driven businesses in the healthcare, consumer and services sectors.Maya Ward, Associate Director, Gresham House Ventures, commented: “Metrion commands an impressive reputation in the ion channel contract research space.With more attention on the healthcare sector than ever before, we are excited to be backing a high calibre team of experts, who are providing a highly specialist service into a structurally growing market.
Sarcos Robotics, a leader in highly dexterous mobile industrial robotic systems, develops robotic systems to enable the workforce of the future with solutions that enhance productivity, reduce occupational injuries, and equalize employment opportunities for the jobs around the world that do not lend themselves to automationMerger expected to provide the company with up to $496 million of proceeds before expenses to fund business plans, facilitate potential bolt-on acquisitions, and enhance capabilities$220 million PIPE with participation from funds and accounts managed by BlackRock, Millennium Management LLC, Palantir Technologies Inc., Caterpillar Venture Capital Inc., Schlumberger, Michael F. Price, JAWS Estates Capital, LLC, Sarcos Chairman and CEO Ben Wolff, and founders of Rotor Acquisition Corp.Combined company to be named Sarcos Technologies and Robotics Corporation and expected to trade on Nasdaq under the new ticker symbol “STRC” with transaction anticipated to close in Q3 2021Sarcos Robotics (“Sarcos” or the “Company”), a leader in the development of robots that augment humans to enhance productivity and safety, today announced that it will become publicly listed through a merger transaction with Rotor Acquisition Corp. (NYSE: ROT.U, ROT, and ROT WS) (“Rotor”), a publicly-traded special purpose acquisition company.Upon closing, the combined company’s common stock is expected to trade on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol STRC.The transaction represents an enterprise value of $1.3 billion for the combined company, plus a potential earnout of an additional $281 million based on the combined company’s future share trading price.
Selected by leading global financial services organizations, SURVEIL-X Suitability is powered by new risk detection capabilities which address complex regulatory requirementsFinancial services organizations that provide investment advice, and which sell life insurance, annuities and other wealth products, are finding that regulators are escalating how closely they monitor advisor behavior.To help these firms reduce compliance risk, NICE Actimize, a NICE (Nasdaq: NICE) business, today announced the introduction of SURVEIL-X Suitability for Wealth and Insurance, a comprehensive AI-powered surveillance and suitability solution that builds on the capabilities of NICE Actimize’s industry-leading SURVEIL-X Holistic Conduct Surveillance platform.Already adopted by a number of leading global FSOs, SURVEIL-X Suitability combines communications surveillance, sales practices and suitability, and Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI) surveillance in a single, integrated cloud-native platform.A growing body of global regulations and recommendations is exerting pressure on financial services organizations to more closely monitor regulated employees; review their investment recommendations, transactions and accounts for suitability and undue risks; and ensure that mandated disclosures are being properly communicated.Among these regulations are FINRA Rules 2111 and 3110; the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) Rule 1300; the SEC’s Regulation Best Interest; the Ontario Securities Commission’s (OSC) Client Focused Reforms; the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Private Banking Sales and Advisory Practices guidance; and the Securities and Futures Commission’s and Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s suitability obligations.“As regulatory complexities grow, it’s placed an enormous burden on compliance organizations and has increased risk exposure,” said Chris Wooten, Executive Vice President, NICE.“As a premier end-to-end, cloud-native solution designed to address these regulatory requirements, SURVEIL-X Suitability provides coverage for a broad range of supervision and surveillance challenges and ensures advisors are providing advice and selling insurance and other investment products consistent with customer suitability profiles.By automating oversight and supervision of sales practices, SURVEIL-X Suitability cuts down on resource drain and costs, while insulating firms from regulatory breaches, fines and reputational damage.”SURVEIL-X Suitability extends the benefits of SURVEIL-X Holistic Conduct Surveillance to wealth management, mutual fund, pension and insurance firms through the expansion of these capabilities:New risk detection models that detect suitability and Best Interest breaches related to life insurance, annuities, account rollovers, and loans on insurance policies.SURVEIL-X Suitability also incorporates Reg BI-centric models that monitor for disclosures and suitable recommendations.Self-development capabilities for firms to easily create, test and deploy custom analytic models, to address unique business needs and new regulatory requirements.
Artificial Intelligence Expert Discusses How to Address Baumol’s Cost Disease in HealthcareAKASA, the only Unified Automation™ company for revenue cycle management in healthcare, announced that its AI Technology Lead, Byung-Hak Kim, Ph.D., is leading a discussion today at 3:10 pm ET on how to address Baumol’s cost disease in healthcare with machine learning.Baumol’s cost disease is the rise of salaries in jobs that have experienced no or low increase of labor productivity, in response to rising wages in other jobs that have experienced higher labor productivity growth.The Baumol effect has been a significant driver of costs in healthcare for decades with no clear path to reversing these effects in our healthcare system.In his talk, Kim presents the recent progress of harnessing state-of-the-art deep learning techniques in automating how medical bills are processed and paid in healthcare revenue cycle management.Making the billing process more efficient allows health systems to redirect investment into patient care while minimizing wasteful spending.These advancements can help health systems and hospitals increase productivity, maximize the value delivered by their administrative staff, and minimize the impact of Baumol’s cost disease on their organization so they can invest more in patient care.Byung-Hak Kim, PhD, has focused on machine learning research and development in real-world applications in the challenging areas of human health, education, and speech.Kim holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Korea University and a doctorate degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering at Texas A University. 
Anti-Financial-Crime RegTech Hires BackBay to Support U.S. ExpansionHAWK:AI (Hawk AI GmbH), a global leader in real-time Transaction Screening and Monitoring solutions for financial institutions, has selected BackBay Communications as its U.S. agency of record.BackBay is an integrated financial services public relations, content development, and digital marketing agency with dedicated teams focused on financial technology, asset management, private equity and venture capital, and impact investing.BackBay will develop and deploy an integrated public relations and thought leadership program to highlight HAWK:AI and its Anti-Money-Laundering and Anti-Financial-Crime solutions.The program, centered on sharing HAWK:AI’s news and executive thought leadership, will be focused on building relationships, awareness and credibility with targeted media covering fintech, banking, technology, risk management, compliance, financial institutions, Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence and venture capital.“As we grow our presence in the U.S., we needed to identify a public relations agency that has a fintech focus and knowledge and experience working with banking, payments and compliance issues – we found that in BackBay Communications,” said Tobias Schweiger, HAWK:AI.“We look forward to BackBay helping to raise awareness among U.S. payment institutions, including payment facilitators, marketplaces, acquirers, ISOs, money transmitters/money service businesses (MSBs), and banks and other financial institutions of HAWK:AI’s ability to support their Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) Compliance through real-time transaction monitoring, applying machine learning in combination with classic rule-based approaches.”“We’re very pleased to support HAWK:AI as they grow their U.S. presence,” said Bill Haynes, Founder & CEO, BackBay Communications.“HAWK:AI offers essential services to help banks detect Financial Crime, remain on top of changing regulations, and stay a step ahead of criminals.”BackBay partners with fintech clients – from disruptive startups to large global public corporations – to create and execute communications programs designed to help them accelerate growth, capitalize on new market opportunities and build credibility.To learn more about BackBay’s approach and expertise in fintech communications please click here.
Two-year-old AI startup ranked highest for the AutoML use case among 13 other vendorsAible launches free AI Impact-Double-check (AID) to help enterprises evaluate financial gains from their AI projectsAible continues to be the only enterprise AI company offering a “don’t pay us unless you see payback in one month” guaranteeAible, the pioneer in impact-optimized enterprise AI, has scored highest in the Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) services Use Case in Gartner’s 2021 “Critical Capabilities for Cloud AI Developer Services” report.In Gartner’s evaluation of 13 AutoML providers, Aible scored the highest in the AutoML Use Case.“We believe this recognition reflects our singular focus on generating tangible business impact in just the first month of an AI project,” said Aible founder and CEO Arijit Sengupta.AutoML has become a key enabling technology for forward-looking companies.By fully automating the end-to-end ML workflow, Aible’s industry-leading AutoML enables teams to build successful AI projects across use cases such as sales, marketing, supply chain, operations and more.End-to-end automation takes you from raw data to AI-powered recommendations within your existing enterprise applications—in hours, rather than months or years.Aible has helped leading companies achieve AI impact in one month using their existing people, skills, and systems.With Aible, Merrow Manufacturing, a global manufacturing company with $40 million in annual revenue, identified $3 million in additional sales leads within two hours.The tool (available on the website) enables businesses to see whether they’re getting the full value from their AI solution.
Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd. (hereafter “Ping An” or the “Group”, HKEX: 2318; SSE: 601318) is pleased to announce that Ping An AskBob Doctor’s smart imaging model for diagnosing pelvic and hip injuries is the first of its kind to accurately detect all kinds of trauma-related findings simultaneously in X-ray images.In a research paper published in the international journal Nature Communications, the model is shown to overcome the limitation of other artificial intelligence (AI) systems, which can only detect individual fractures.The model, a deep learning algorithm, can help physicians make faster, more accurate diagnoses and save lives.Hip fractures mainly occur in elderly people and patients with major trauma.Reducing the rate of missed diagnoses, improving the comprehensiveness of the detection, and providing accurate diagnoses is critical.Ping An Health Technology Research Institute, Ping An Smart City, Ping An Good Doctor and the Department of Trauma and Emergency Surgery of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan jointly released the research paper “A scalable physician-level deep learning algorithm detects universal trauma on pelvic radiographs”.The research team gathered the pelvic X-ray data of 1,888 emergency room patients to evaluate the model’s performance in obtain the fracture results and locations.Compared with general clinical diagnoses, the model substantially improves detection accuracy, speeds up the treatment progress, improves the treatment effectiveness on high-risk patients, and reduces the economic cost to patients through earlier detection and treatment.This is the first AI algorithm to detect all fracture types captured on the X-ray images, including, but not limited to, hip fractures, pelvic fractures, femoral fractures, hip dislocation and artificial joint peripheral fractures.As of March, 2021, the AskBob Doctor AI pelvic trauma detection technology has been used in the real-life clinical environment in Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan for nearly eight months.
Strategic Cyber Threat Intelligence:It tells analysts how foreign policies, global events and other international and local actions may potentially impact the cyber security of an organization.Focused on performing malware analysis & environment, ingesting atomic, static and behavioural threat indicators.Stakeholders: SOC Analyst, SIEM, Firewall, Endpoints, IDS/IPS3.All these factors of cyberattacks provide context, and the context provides insight into how attackers plan, conduct and sustain major operation and campaigns.Threat Intelligence Lifecycle will consists of six steps resulting in a feedback loop to encourage continuous improvement:  Let’s learn and understand the 6 stages of Threat Intelligence Lifecycle:1.They then will present the results to the organization and stakeholders.And to achieve this, cyber security experts need the knowledge of it.“Threat intelligence is evidence-based knowledge (e.g., context, mechanisms, indicators, implications and action-oriented advice) about existing or emerging menaces or hazards to assets.”– GartnerThere is a difference between recognizing the value and receiving the value.
The new robotic bartender will replace regular alcoholic drinks with vaccine-infused cocktails, serving adults 21 and over, to help speed up the global efforts.Cheers to life!2020 has been a tough year for everyone, but now in 2021, the world is finally starting to see the light, as vaccines have begun rolling in, proving to be highly effective in reducing the spread of the pandemic.The team behind, the robotic interactive bartender, came up with a new campaign to promote both their product and the importance of getting vaccinated.To increase the awareness of the vaccine, the campaign features Cecilia as a bartender that serves them – in a glass cocktail.In the video, mixes the most popular vaccines – tested, tasted, and approved by the “FDA (Funky Drinks Association)”: Pfizerol Spritz, Modertini, Johnson & Tonic, and even the Sputñikolada.The robot is capable of “vaccinating” 120 people per hour, working 24/7, and using contactless technology to reduce the risks of getting infected.To make sense of the concept, the company introduced their “Chief Biomixologist”, Dr. Amy Thomas, who explained: “Cecilia was programmed to guide patients through the available vaccines, inform about the process and side effects, and most importantly – help choose their ideal vaccine-cocktail that fits the patient’s weight, height, and gender.”Especially for April Fools,’s team hopes the new “innovation” will encourage more people to get their shot, or at the very least help put a smile on their face through these difficult times.
Building on its long term commitment to the country, new jobs will be in the fields of R, cyber security, software development and cloud consultingHewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) today announced its plans to recruit 150 experienced technologists in Ireland over the next two years.The company has also named Galway as its European hub for cyber security operations and is establishing a new Hybrid Cloud Practice to help Irish customers accelerate their digital transformation.This strategic investment underscores HPE’s long-term commitment to Ireland and will enable the company to grow its operations and employee base in the country, increase its R, product development and global cyber security services, as well as continuing to make positive contributions to local communities.“This year HPE will celebrate a fifty year legacy of operations in Ireland, so I am delighted to be building on our strong history of investing in Ireland with today’s announcement of new jobs and operations in the country,” said Antonio Neri, President and CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.“Ireland has an incredible technology-focused economy and a highly skilled workforce, and our investment in the country will further develop the country as a critical market for HPE’s global business, as well as benefitting our customers, partners, team members and the citizens of Ireland.”Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Leo Varadkar TD said: “I’m really pleased to see that Hewlett Packard Enterprise is expanding its operations in Ireland by creating 150 highly skilled jobs over the next two years.The jobs will be based at HPE’s sites in Galway and Kildare, but thanks to HPE’s Edge-to-Office initiative the majority of work can be carried out from flexible locations, thus opening up these roles to applicants from anywhere in the country.HPE has also taken the decision to locate global centers of excellence focused on cyber security and software development in Ireland.Ireland is also the EMEA hub for HPE Financial Services (HPEFS), HPE’s fully licensed international bank.
Intelligent scientific search platform, SciBiteSearch, enables researchers to quickly find meaningful insights from structured and unstructured public and proprietary biomedical dataSciBite, an Elsevier company and award-winning semantic technology company, today announced the launch of SciBiteSearch.The next-generation scientific search and analytics platform offers powerful interrogation and analysis capabilities across unstructured and structured data, from public and proprietary sources.SciBiteSearch provides scientists with access to domain specific ontology and AI-powered search capabilities, allowing users to connect and build knowledge from their data.“Biopharmaceutical companies depend upon access to and understanding of data to advance R Yet today, many data assets remain siloed,” commented Phil Verdemato, Head of Software Engineering, SciBite.“Compounding this issue, is unlike other industries where it is simply the amount of data that is the problem, it is also the variety of data streams in life sciences that presents a barrier.This makes harmonisation and comparison an uphill battle unless intelligent, purpose-built search tools are in place.The expertly tuned scientific search engine, SciBiteSearch, helps organisations address this and tackle the ‘Find’ aspect within the FAIR guiding principles for data management and stewardship.”SciBiteSearch goes beyond traditional search methods, using knowledge graphs to augment searches and deliver not only items relevant to the query but the structure and relationship between them.
Annual awards honor the best in U.S. cybersecurity, confirming Dasera as a leader in the Cloud Data Lifecycle Security spaceCloud Data Lifecycle Security startup Dasera announced today that it has been recognized as one of five finalists for 2021 SC Media Trust Award in the Best Database Security Solution category.The Trust Award finalists were selected by a panel of expert judges who assessed products delivering enhanced security for protecting corporate databases – safeguarding the mission-critical environments from data loss, data manipulation, and data leakage.Dasera is a data security platform that automates the security, privacy, and compliance of your cloud databases through better visibility, governance, and remediation.By using an innovative AI and machine learning algorithm, Dasera’s query analysis can help you go beyond access control and protect sensitive data throughout its entire lifecycle by understanding how data is used at every point of interaction.“We are delighted to be honored for this prestigious award which confirms our innovative approach to tackle the urgent cybersecurity challenges that today’s enterprises face,” said Ani Chaudhuri, CEO & co-founder of Dasera.“Dasera automatically finds sensitive data, understands how sensitive data is used, and detects risky behaviors, helping to keep companies’ data lifecycles secure and compliant.”“While the world will remember 2020 as the year of the pandemic and working from home, other threats did not diminish.In fact, phishing and ransomware experienced a banner year.Dasera and the other finalists for Trust Awards provided to companies the tools and services needed to respond to the unrelenting threat landscape, even as security teams scrambled to adapt internal security policies,” said Jill Aitoro, editor in chief of SC Media and editorial director at CyberRisk Alliance.Now in its 24th year, SC Awards is recognized as the industry gold standard of accomplishment for cybersecurity organizations, products and people.
Uniphore, an early leader in Conversational Service Automation (CSA), today announced it has raised $140 million in Series D funding, bringing the total funds invested in the company to $210 million.This will also include a focus on video-based AI applications stemming from Uniphore’s acquisition of Emotion Research Labs earlier this year as well as applications in Trust, Security and RPA markets.Also announced today is the appointment of Rob Rueckert, Managing Partner at Sorenson Capital Partners, to the Uniphore Board of Directors.Mr. Rueckert is an experienced technology-focused executive who brings a strong background in both product innovation and growth.Massive OpportunityWith the market for digital transformation accelerating, Uniphore has announced several strategic partners and customers this past year.These wins essentially enable Uniphore solutions to empower and improve hundreds of millions of customer engagements with its innovative artificial intelligence (AI) and automation software.Uniphore’s solutions help organizations manage and analyze contact center engagements, providing a better customer experience, ultimately driving better business results.“Given the rapid digital transformation happening across the enterprise, the need for automated and intelligent solutions to help drive new business models has never been greater.We saw this years ago and have been delivering innovation to areas such as contact centers, to enable better customer experiences.