T-Mobile on Tuesday added more than a dozen new services to its Binge On program as the disruptive wireless provider continues to wage war on the competition and the industry as a whole.Partners joining Binge On, in no particular order, include Google Play Music, NBC, Spotify, Tidal, Great Big Story, Kisew, Ligonier Ministries, Noggin, Qello Concerts, Radio Disney, Univision, Univision Noticias and Toon Goggles.Obviously, some of the new partners will have a greater impact than others.Binge On is a controversial program in which data streamed over your cellular connection from participating partners isn t counted against your monthly data allotment.You may have noticed that Google Play Music, Radio Disney, Spotify and Tidal already take part in T-Mobile s Music Freedom program.In announcing the expansion, T-Mobile revealed that its customers have now streamed more than 377 million hours of video via Binge On and are watching up to twice as much content from participating providers.
Twitter Inc. is sticking with its signature 140-character limit, but the allotment will start to feel a bit longer soon.The changes, to be rolled out gradually over the coming months, are part of efforts by Chief Executive Jack Dorsey to broaden Twitter s appeal at a time when the growth of its user base has stalled.Twitter also is now making it possible for users to retweet, or share, their own tweets, a capability that would let users recirculate a thought that might have gotten lost in the mix or add another comment to it later.As more people jump into the conversation, you can say even less and that s just wrong, said Mr. Dorsey.In response to various media reports at the time, Mr. Dorsey tweeted a screenshot of text—1,317 characters with space—explaining that Twitter could be much more powerful if the screenshot text could be searched or highlighted.Mr. Dorsey appeared to have changed his mind when he appeared on the Today show in March, saying the 140-character limit was here to stay.
Pepins, with ex-minister Peter Norman as chairman, wants through its digital platform help the man on the street to invest in companies. There is a need to make available a spread more widely said Pepins CEO Kent Söderström. Read more: Paradox warns Exchange: Will have better and worse quarter It is usually privileged clients of the adviser in charge of a transaction can subscribe. Here we enable the public to be involved in a completely different way - while also getting an early notice of allotment. It is complex to offer a digital payment solution that caters drawings in fairly large transactions, he said. Stall investment company owns 15.1 percent, while Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester recently bought shares equivalent to 4.9 percent of the company.
MicrosoftAs E3 Expo approaches, it s looking likely that we re going to see another console war break out.Earlier this week, Kotaku reported that Microsoft plans to release a more graphically powerful version of its Xbox One, which currently has the delightful code name Scorpio.It s just that Sony and Microsoft now seem willing to accept that risk and push forward with more frequent, incremental console upgrades, dealing with those issues as they come up.Of course, Sony and Microsoft would eventually start producing games that only functioned on the new systems, but the key difference is that they wouldn t have to do that until the new machines had already established a broad user base.As more and more gaming content goes digital, you have an even stronger incentive to stay with the same platform because of the sheer monetary value you ll have built up in digital purchases tied to your account.Both Sony and Microsoft now give players a monthly allotment of free game downloads, often very popular titles, if they subscribe to their premium online services PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold.
Planning to visit the U.S. soon and not sure what you're going to do about cellphone service?T-Mobile is hoping you'll subscribe to its newly announced 'Tourist Plan,' a $30/month subscription option that grants travelers access to the carrier's U.S. service for three weeks.During those three weeks, subscribers will get unlimited data, including a couple gigs of high-speed, a bunch of minutes, and more.The T-Mobile Tourist Plan is designed to give travelers an easy way to get service while they re in the U.S. without having to buy a cheap prepaid phone or use a subsidiary carrier with poor coverage.For that reason, it may not be the best option for those planning to stay longer than three weeks.As well, you ll max out at 2G data speeds once you use up the 4G LTE allotment.
T-Mobile has been making waves in the wireless industry with its aggressive promotions but to date, only those living in the US have been able to reap the full rewards.That changes next month when John Legere and company will roll out a Tourist Plan for visitors to the states.For $30, those vacationing or otherwise visiting the US will receive unlimited domestic and international texting to 140 countries and destinations, 1,000 minutes of domestic talk within the US, unlimited data and a free SIM card to use.With the unlimited data, only the first 2GB are of the high-speed 4G LTE variety.From there, you ll pay up front and be on your way with a new SIM card and service that lasts for three weeks.It s worth noting that T-Mobile s controversial Binge On feature, which lets customers watch streaming video from a wealth of partner providers without counting against their monthly data allotment, isn t included in the Tourist Plan.
Line has confirmed to me that it hopes to raise $1 billion 113 billion yen in the IPO, offering 35 million shares with an over-allotment of 5.25 million shares and 13 million of that in Japan.The company now has over 200 million users in its core market of Asia, and it will be aiming to use the huge fundraise to take on growth in new markets.Line has been evaluating an IPO since 2014, with the first reports emerging exactly two years to the date of its proposed actual listing.In connection therewith, LINE has submitted certain documentation, including a listing application, to relevant authorities such as the Tokyo Stock Exchange, a company spokesperson at the time told me in an email on July 15, 2014.But on the financial front, times have really changed in the last two years.The NYSE proposed IPO, the company said, will be of a new listing of American Depository Shares representing shares of common stock.
This week, T-Mobile expanded its Binge On streaming program for the sixth time, marking the latest instance it has added video providers in the past seven months.This time around, the Uncarrier has added the video providers PBS and PBS Kids, Dailymotion Games, and more; as with other providers under the program, users can stream videos from these destinations without it counting against their high-speed data allotment.There are about 90 video providers covered under the Binge On program, which addresses one of the biggest issues with mobile video consumption: it is data-heavy and you'll quickly deplete your 4G LTE data allotment by streaming it.There are some catches, namely that videos have quality caps -- you can expect 480p streaming or thereabouts, which isn't great but will look decent enough on phones with average screen quality.T-Mobile didn t detail all of the new providers it added this week, saying only that it includes the aforementioned providers, as well as Azubu and Eyegroove.These join well known services like Netflix, Sling TV, Hulu, HBO NOW, Watch ESPN, YouTube, and dozens more.
Image Source: T-Mobile UstreamFor the past few years, T-Mobile has been making waves with its Un-carrier campaign, successfully separating itself from other carriers while shaking up the entire industry in the process.Quite possibly the biggest Un-carrier move to date was the debut of Binge On, which allows users to stream videos from certain services over their mobile devices, without it counting toward their monthly data allotment.Although T-Mobile has insisted that it is not violating Net Neutrality with Binge On, its zero rating which means the usage of whitelisted services doesn t affect your data plan does create a competitive disadvantage for other services.In such a world, the next Netflix, Hulu, or Pied Piper might never get off the ground because keeping up with ISPs and their policies would leave them chasing their tails.Even worse, if a video provider does nothing, that is, neither opts into or out of participating with Binge On, its video traffic to T-Mobile subscribers who use Binge On will be given reduced bandwidth, but the subscribers will still be charged for the streaming.The researchers discovered one provider that had been incorrectly labeled, and was therefore able to offer high-quality streaming by default.
Verizon Wireless says it has a big announcement coming next week, and rumors suggest the mobile carrier will start offering rollover data and a "safety mode" that lets customers use slower data without paying overage fees once their monthly high-speed data allotments run out.The new plans are described in the above image, which was posted by a Reddit user and allegedly comes from a Verizon test site that occasionally leaks new offerings before they hit the main Verizon website.Verizon didn't confirm or deny the new offerings, but the company vaguely told news sites that "We're going to have some fireworks next week—stay tuned."The "Carryover Data" referenced in the Verizon leak would let customers roll unused data over to their next monthly allotment, similar to rollover plans introduced about 18 months ago by T-Mobile USA and ATVerizon's rumored "Safety Mode" would let customers keep using data at slower speeds after exceeding their monthly limits.Instead of automatically being charged overage fees, they would have the option to either keep using slow speeds for the rest of the month or purchase extra high-speed data.This feature would be included with Verizon's XL 12GB and XXL 18GB plans, and it would cost $5 per month to enable on smaller data plans.
But contending with mobile data isn t. Almost without fail, one of international travel s least appealing elements is having to settle for a slow, inconsistent, and wildly expensive mobile connection from a third-party carrier — but if you re a Google Fi subscriber, it s one you won t have to worry about much longer.Leaving home shouldn t mean leaving connectivity behind, Google Fi product manager Tyler Kugler said in a blog post.According to the company, only 20 percent of Americans opt to use cellular data when traveling abroad because of issues like cost and speed.It s not a new concept by any stretch, but Fi is novel in a number of ways.Plans start at $20 a month plus $10 per gigabyte per month, but customers who don t use up their allotment of data are refunded the difference at the end of each billing cycle — if you pay for 3GB but only use 2.5GB, for example, you ll be reimbursed $5 in the form of credit.And Fi prioritizes nearby Wi-Fi connections for data and phone calls, automatically switching to open hot spots nearby when available.
With everyone and her sister seemingly trying to catch em all, T-Mobile is hoping to catch on to the Pokémon Go craze.The wireless service provider announced Thursday that customers will be able to play the game without using up their data allotment.It also plans to award 250 customers $100 that they can use to buy things within the game and five customers trips to anywhere in the U.S. with a guest to hunt Pokémon characters.Customers can claim the unlimited data offer Pokémon Go and other offers through the company s T-Mobile Tuesdays app.This is what T-Mobile Tuesday is all about — thanking customers with hot, new, totally free gifts every week, and right now, nothing is hotter than Pokémon Go John Legere, the company s CEO, said in a statement.T-Mobile is offering customers unlimited data usage for playing Pokémon Go for a year.As part of its upcoming T-Mobile Tuesday promotion, it s also offering customers a free Frosty milkshake from Wendy s, a free Lyft ride worth up to $15 and half of certain accessories, like chargers and battery packs.Since hitting smartphone app stores last week, Pokémon Go has become a runaway success, quickly topping the download and revenue charts and drawing in more daily users than Twitter.An augmented reality game, Pokémon Go involves players catching Pokémon characters in the real world.While T-Mobile customers may cheer the chance to play Pokémon Go without using up their data allotments, federal regulators may look askance at the offer.The Federal Communications Commission has already launched an inquiry into so-called zero rating offers.
Last November, Microsoft advised OneDrive users that some big changes would be coming eventually — that OneDrive storage would be decreasing from 15GB to 5GB, that Office 365 users wouldn t be getting unlimited storage, and the 15GB of camera roll storage would be removed.Microsoft gave its users a chance to opt out of this change; those who missed the memo are now receiving warnings that their OneDrive allotment is about to be slashed.The original announcement didn t sit well with OneDrive users for obvious reasons: not only was it getting rid of the 15GB it had given users, it was also reducing the level to something lower than the 7GB it had offered before the 15GB increase.Those who forgot the change was coming are now getting a warning email.The email reminds users that the data is being slashed -- and for some that has already started, though the change isn't officially supposed to take place until July 27.The email lets the user know whether their current level of stored data is above or below the 5GB threshold.
T-Mobile has announced that on July 19, as part of its T-Mobile Tuesdays campaign, it ll give its subscribers free data for playing Pokemon GO.As with Music Freedom and Binge On, the data used while playing Pokemon GO won t count against one s high-speed data allotment…and this perk will remain available for the next year.In addition, the Uncarrier is offering some perks including a free snack and funds for hitching rides to nearby PokeStops or Gyms.T-Mobile has been keen on giving its subscribers free data, and it has by and large been pretty great.Simple Choice subscribers, for example, can stream Netflix over their mobile broadband connection without it counting against their high-speed data allotment.The same, in this case, will go for Pokemon GO players who use a T-Mobile phone while hunting.
Safety Mode allows customers to avoid overage fees by throttling data speeds after their monthly data allotment is used up.Rebranded as Always-On Data, Verizon said the new service will be available free of charge to all of its prepaid customers, regardless of which data plan they opted for.The $45 a month plan includes 3GB of 4G LTE data and mobile hot spot functionality, while the $60 a month plan steps up to 6GB of LTE data, mobile hot spot, and unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico.All prepaid plans include unlimited call and text in the U.S., as well as unlimited text to its northern and southern neighbors.Always-On Data will be available to prepaid customers on Sunday, July 17.Verizon also issued price increases to all of its current data plans, a move that received some criticism, though Verizon said the move was not a true price hike since the price per gigabyte decreased.
The latest additions will please those who regularly use the streaming service, though Binge On isn t without a legion of critics.John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile USA, speaks at an event in Los Angeles on Nov. 10, 2015.Binge On is adding to its smorgasbord of data-free viewing and listening choices.T-Mobile announced that streaming from Fox Now, ABC, Apple Music, NatGeo TV, and Ceek VR are the latest additions to the popular program.The new entrants give T-Mobile a total of over 100 providers, which means there s a good chance that a few of your favorite services participate.When you enable Binge On, you can play streaming content from any of those providers without eating into your monthly data allotment on T-Mobile s network.
John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile USA, speaks at an event in Los Angeles on Nov. 10, 2015.Binge On is adding to its smorgasbord of data-free viewing and listening choices.T-Mobile announced that streaming from Fox Now, ABC, Apple Music, NatGeo TV, and Ceek VR are the latest additions to the popular program.The new entrants give T-Mobile a total of over 100 providers, which means there s a good chance that a few of your favorite services participate.When you enable Binge On, you can play streaming content from any of those providers without eating into your monthly data allotment on T-Mobile s network.Recently, researchers at Northeastern University studied Binge On, and found that it regularly drops below a 480p resolution, which is usually a minimum for acceptable quality.
A class action lawsuit brought against Nvidia over a slow RAM partition has resulted in a proposed settlement PDF that could pay $30 to anyone who bought the company s GTX 970 graphics card before its troubles came to light.In early 2015, a group of customers found that the GTX 970—which was advertised to have 4GB of high-speed GDDR5 RAM—experienced performance issues when pushed to the limits of that memory allotment.It then came to light that the graphics card only had 3.5 GB of the high-speed RAM, with the remaining 0.5 GB running roughly 80 percent slower, as Ars Technica reported last year.A year later, that position hasn t changed: according to the motion for preliminary approval of the settlement filed in Northern California District Court last week, Nvidia continues to vigorously deny all of the claims and contentions alleged in this Action.The company, however, considered the risks and potential costs of continued litigation of this action, and decided to work toward a settlement, the motion adds.After a year s worth of negotiations, lawyers representing customers and Nvidia came to an agreement.
AT on Wednesday announced a new set of wireless service plans that effectively do away with surprise data overage charges.Up to this point, running out of data in a given month would automatically trigger an additional 1GB of data added to your account at $15 a pop.For those not paying close attention to their monthly data consumption maybe you forgot to hop on Wi-Fi when binge watching a new show on Netflix , this could easily add up to a significant amount of money in overages.With AT s new Mobile Share Advantage plans, you re data connection will instead be cut down to 128kbps once you ve exceeded your monthly allotment.You ll still have the option to add more high-speed data to your account – it will just no longer be an automatic surprise.AT makes it clear that this feature comes free of charge, a clear shot at Verizon which charges customers on lower tiers $5 a month for the service.
Millions of people use WhatsApp every month, and now FreedomPop is aiming to make sure its customers are able to use the messaging app no matter what.The carrier is providing a zero-rated WhatsApp SIM in the United States, as well as free data to those customers in more than 30 other countries in Southeast Asia and Europe.With it, users can use WhatsApp s service without it eating into their data allotment, of which there are 200MB included in the company s free basic plan.According to FreedomPop, it is the first carrier in the U.S. to offer this feature.Those who get the WhatsApp SIM will get free unlimited WhatsApp usage, 100 voice minutes, and 200MB of data per month.Those who need more of either can upgrade to a paid plan for extra data and/or minutes.