the Bank of Finland governor Erkki Liikanenthe scholar graduates in the Finnish macro-economics an economist is a shortage, the Bank of Finland's board stated its position.long-term situation facing the board, according to domestic economic policy analysis and preparatory work quality.One of the macro-economics tasks is to help decision-makers to perceive different policy options to the effect.the Bank of Finland, in 2008 started the financial crisis has shown how important the economy and the financial markets understanding the functioning of the economy as a whole in terms of stability.International recruitment has eased the skills shortage.
An exhaustive analysis of pixels and resolutions has found some bizarre inconsistencies with the 1080p browser output of streaming kingpin Netflix, with stats suggesting its 1080p output isn't actually 1080p when using some underground niche browsers like, er, Chrome and Firefox.The official stats are buried within a Netflix support page, which says that Chrome, Firefox and Opera can only support HD video up to 720p via HTML5 -- while Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge can push out 1080p resolution should your internet be fast enough.It's almost as is Microsoft has bunged an enormous amount of money at Netflix to buy some tech superiority to boast about, eh?Although perhaps it's not all an enormous conspiracy, as users of Safari through Mac OS X 10.10.3 or higher should also get full 1080p video as long as their roadside BT cabinet isn't too congested on the evening in question.That said, if you're broadcasting browser tabs to a TV, you're not really doing streaming right.A Roku or Chromecast or [Chinese clone of choice] ought to be able to handle 1080p streams if your internet pipe's fat enough, so it's only going to inconvenience pixel counters hooking up PCs and laptops through cables and full-screening the web player.
Recent satellite images show that North Korea had restarted a reactor in the nuclear energy area, which is used to produce plutonium for the country nuclear weapons programme, told the Guardian.North korea to observe us 38 North -a process said in the previous analysis of January 18. the day that the country seems to be preparing to restart Yongbyongin reactor.according to the Organization, North Korea has dismantled the spot of spent fuel rods, which are used for the plutonium in the manufacture of the country's nuclear arsenal.Images of January 22. day look water the clouds are likely warm to rise the reactor cooling for water removal from the tube, which gives shows that the reactor is very likely to be in operation , the agency report says.the Picture is, however, impossible to estimate what power level the reactor.the Report said that the reactor operators had been out of use in late 2015.
Finnish Dispelix has risen to as high as 50 most promising startups in the crowd as the only Finnish companies.the Company produced a new generation of virtual displays.a Us data analysis company Quid list of 50 most promising startup companies.the Top 50 was formed 50 000 startups among the artificial intelligence assisted.Quid drew attention, in particular, are the founders of the company worked together in the past, whether the industry as such, to which also many other company focuses on and whether the company collected the money quickly.the most Promising enterprises 50 juokon Quid screened 50 000 companies in the artificial intelligence.
Finnish companies have offered hundreds of millions of euros of work in the USA next year launched icebreaker in the process."the Work is an opportune chance for the finns.we are already Planning now 80 and we will build 60 percent of the world's icebreaker", Finpro arctic shipping and offshore growth program director Ulla Lainio will tell.the Finnish company delegation to visit the past and the other week in the united states in the shipyards, who will participate in the icebreakers the first phase of the analysis work."the Tender crack of starts the beginning of next year.the Breakers will be built in some of the United states of the five aspirant dock", trip with Lainio will tell.
During I / O as told Google about the latest updates to the service Fire Base. It has invested in making Fire Base into a complete platform for developing Android, iOS and the web. Previously Firebase only offered a few services such as real-time database and user authentication but has now extended the service significantly. You can also review any crashes in applications in the same analytical tools, and you can quickly detect and fix bugs or other potential problems. Other news in Fire Base pipes eg console that has been updated with a new look and is now working together with Google's other services much better. It has officially moved to and it has also changed the pricing plan for Fire Base, which includes a new free plan that covers many of the features introduced today.
Done right, your editorial calendar will help you manage ideas, streamline content production and promotion, align content with key touch points along the buyer s journey, and craft content that addresses key customer pain points while providing the fuel for marketing and sales to nurture prospects and turn leads into customers.If you choose to utilize an existing template, eliminate extraneous fields that you won t use; they re only a distraction.Here s a look at a few essential elements most businesses will use for an effective editorial calendar:Title or topic: You may not have a finalized title for every piece of content that goes into production, but you should have a general topic or working title.Product or service offering: If your company sells multiple products or services, aligning each content asset with the related offering in your editorial calendar results in more relevant content.In either case, it s helpful to document writers and editors responsible for each content asset for historical analysis over time.This field allows for quick reference and filtering when you re looking for ideas or assets relevant to an upcoming promotion or event and also helps you get more traction out of ideas – rather than disappearing into the black hole of a months-old email thread, you can rediscover ideas you can use today that would have gone unutilized otherwise.
ARM has acquired Apical, a U.K. designer of embedded computer vision technology, and plans to incorporate that technology into future ARM microprocessor and system-on-chip designs, it said Wednesday.The move will open up new opportunities for designers of autonomous vehicles and security systems, among other connected things, according to ARM CEO Simon Segars.That technology also turned up in Samsung Electronics' new laptop, the ATIV Book 9.Assertive Camera is another of Apical's developments: It's a range of software packages and silicon-based image signal processors for reducing image noise, managing color and shooting high dynamic range images.ARM makes its money by designing chips that others manufacture, or licensing its chip modules for others to incorporate in their own designs.Putting image analysis and interpretation capabilities in hardware could accelerate and simplify the design of a whole host of products, including self-driving cars and security systems.
Business leaders who have opted to wait out a tech jobs hiring crunch to fill or add positions in their organization may want to consider getting off the sidelines.When a talent shortage article is published, it s likely that some people in the audience will roll their eyes and think that they each know a half-dozen talented IT professionals who are either under-employed or unemployed.Analysis of U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics by corporate advisory and strategy firm CEB shows that by 2020, the U.S. could have 1.4 million open computing jobs.Eóin O Toole, co-founder and managing partner of recruiter Arete Partners, notes that when employers turn up their noses at night school and online certificate programs, they exacerbate the problem.That may mean encouraging people with backgrounds not typical of those in science, technology, engineering and math.Programs aimed at adults are bringing people into STEM careers from seemingly unlikely backgrounds.
This is believed to be the second year in a row that the government has blocked access to the internet in the days leading up to and during the exams.Doug Madory, Dyn's internet analysis director, told Voactive: "There was certainly a lot of skepticism about this explanation last summer, but the outages did coincide with exams and nothing emerged to dispute the explanation."A leaked email by Iraqi ISP, obtained by Lebanon based technology and human rights group SMEX, specified the timings of the outages.As an anonymous source explained: "What happens usually is that some teachers would be giving the exams questions to students who pay money, then those students would sell online questions all over country.In 2014, Uzbekistan enforced a nationwide internet outage to curb cheating.Internet freedom activist group Access Now's senior global advocacy manager Deji Olukotun said: "We see this, especially in such a destabilized country as Iraq, as really terrible.
To fulfill the artistic impulse to connect with and replicate that old-time flair, Alien Skin s Exposure X $149 is available as a standalone photo filter or plug-in to Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, offering myriad presets and variations.Exposure X stylizes a scene for a distinctive look by simulating both old and modern films with 15 categories of color and 12 categories of black and white in familiar brands like Agfa, Kodak, Fuji, and others.The Autochrome filter harks back to a color process developed in 1907, which combined layers of dyed potato starch grains on glass plates.Alien Skin applies scientific analysis to older and discontinued films, microscopically analyzing film grain to deliver characteristic looks.As of this version, Exposure X doubles as an organizer, letting you import images directly from your camera card and view images in their existing folders and locations without importing them into the app.No matter how many edits you apply to an image nothing will permanently change unless you export and save it as a new file.
Amid the clamour over genetically modified crops, there s an underlying point that s still being missed: nobody really knows what constitutes a genetically modified crop.A new report from the National Academies of Sciences attempts to synthesise more than 900 existing research studies on GM crops into a single analysis.Attempts to determine what is and isn t a GM crop have yet to come up with any clear definition of where to draw the line.Many of the resulting hybrids like broccoli or bananas have been around for so long that they rarely trip the GM alarm.It s this blurred distinction that the report s authors cite when making their ultimate recommendation to evaluate GM crops as individual products, not as a technological process.The truth is that food safety for any crop needs to be monitored at every point in the supply chain — in the field, in the packing plants, and in our kitchens and restaurants.
A study from researchers at NASA s Jet Propulsion Laboratory looks at the chemical composition of those lunar oceans in comparison to our own.This similarity in the proportions already has researchers pointing out that it could mean oceans on Europa could play a similar role to Earth s oceans in spawning life.The cycling of oxygen and hydrogen in Europa s ocean will be a major driver for Europa s ocean chemistry and any life there, just as it is on Earth, lead author Steve Vance of JPL noted in a statement.Of course, as exciting as these findings are, they re only a piece of the puzzle.Currently, the researchers are trying to figure out just how oxygen and hydrogen, along with other elements, including nitrogen and carbon, interact in the alien waters.Once they know that, they ll be able to get a much better idea of just what the similarity they ve found between our own and Europa s oceans means.
A large-scale analysis of body-camera usage among police officers in the US and the UK has produced some rather unexpected and counter-intuitive results, showing that body-worn cameras have a tendency to increase assaults on police.But — and this is a big 'but' — if officers switched their cameras on and off during their shift i.e.Trouble is, there s a surprising lack of data to support this claim.This would prove to be the difference that made the difference.And now that evidence exists showing that cameras actually increase risk of assaults against officers of the law, more attention should be paid to how these devices are implemented, say the researchers.The researchers say these findings are both preliminary and unexpected, and agree that further scrutiny is most certainly required.
Illustration by Tara JacobyAmidst the clamor over genetically modified crops, there s an underlying point that s still being missed: Nobody really knows what constitutes a genetically modified crop.A new report from the National Academies of Sciences attempts to synthesize more than 900 existing research studies on GM crops into a single analysis.Attempts to determine what is and isn t a GM crop have yet to come up with any clear definition of where to draw the line.Many of the resulting hybrids like broccoli or bananas have been around for so long that they rarely trip the GM alarm.It s this blurred distinction that the report s authors cite when making their ultimate recommendation to evaluate GM crops as individual products, not as a technological process.The truth is that food safety for any crop needs to be monitored at every point in the supply chain—in the field, in the packing plants, and in our kitchens and restaurants.
In machine learning, the ultimate goal is to train a machine or computer to learn and infer like a human, taking into account much more information and making better decisions in exponentially less time than humans are able to do.At present, most unsupervised learning systems still require some human feedback and training after initial data analysis.In contrast, unsupervised learning systems freely analyze patterns in unlabeled data, with no corresponding error or reward linked to a conclusion.Despite significant progress, the underlying processes of unsupervised learning, what s really happening at the level of the artificial neurons, is still a mystery.Risks include building models that fail or don t work in unexpected situations; however, the real gap lies in a lack of explanation by the system for its findings or results, human beings are still the ultimate interpreters.It may be that an unsupervised learning system comes up with a set of conclusions that are nonsensical or seemingly indecipherable by human beings, so finding ways to synthesize analysis with meaning is a significant code that still needs to be cracked.
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New app FindFace claims it might be of use in perfectly innocent scenarios like trying to find the Facebook profile of the guy/girl you took a secret photo of on the bus, but we find that hard to believe.The maker explains: "If you see someone you like, you can photograph them, find their identity, and then send them a friend request.With this algorithm, you can search through a billion photographs in less than a second from a normal computer."Looking Up YourselfYou might be identified as someone you believe to be less attractive, leading to further self-esteem issues.Looking Up Shop AssistantsHas a boyfriend: End result: Nothing happens.Your misadventures with a burning rubbish bin during an anti-capitalist rally in 2005 will be discovered through analysis of old CCTV footage.
View photosMoreAp 747107436006Google's biggest event of the year is about to get under way.The I/O developer conference is set to begin Wednesday with a keynote from Google CEO Sundar Pichai and all signs suggest it will be jam-packed with announcements.One highlight, of course, will be the next version of Android, right now known only as "N." But we're also expecting to hear about wearables and virtual reality, Android Pay and Android Auto.Late-breaking rumors suggest we'll get a look Google's Amazon Echo killer after all.With a new venue — I/O is taking place in Google's backyard in Mountain View — and nearly three full days of sessions and announcements, this year's conference promises to be one of the most eventful yet.Pichai's keynote is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. PT and Mashable's live coverage will kick off at 9 a.m. PT so check back then for the latest news and analysis from Mountain View.
Many tech companies in Silicon Valley like to blame the lack of diversity on what they call the pipeline.Of the people graduating from top engineering programs, 9 percent are black and Latino, but representation at tech firms typically falls around 5 percent, according to the EEOC s recent analysis of the 2014 EEO-1 data the agency collected.Orrick Partner Erin M. Connell at the EEOC teleconference in San Francisco.However, only five percent of the large tech firm employees are from one of these groups.This presents the unlikely scenarios that either major employers in the field are unable to attract four out of nine under-represented minority graduates from top schools or almost half of the minority graduates of top schools do not qualify for the positions for which they were educated.Among leading tech firms in Silicon Valley, 57 percent of executive employees were white, 36 percent were Asian American, 1.6 percent were Hispanic and less than 1 percent were black, according to the EEOC s 2014 data analysis.Although the meeting took place in Washington, D.C., I was able to sit in at the teleconference at the EEOC s San Francisco district office, where Connell participated via the livestream.