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Dodgy doppelganger not the first, won’t be the last Logowatch  Adolf Hitler killed himself in 1945 having been responsible for the death of millions as the leader of Germany's Nazi party. He had a small rectangular mustache.…
The company said it will be launching its "Korean-spec" e-scooter, which is fitted with an app-controlled helmet lock, to meet local requirements.
Proposed rules could force Apple and Google to allow alternative payment options, an issue at the center of the lawsuits pitting them against Epic.
Netflix has introduced a new feature in its mobile apps that enable users to quickly scroll through comedy video clips, react to the content, add the specials and movies to their playlist, and share the clips with other people. The feature uses a TikTok-like vertical video style, appealing to mobile users who typically consume short-form videos. The new Netflix feature … Continue reading
You can check your CPU temperature by downloading a third-party app, like HWMonitor for PCs and XRG for Macs.
The folks at Kaliber Gaming, part of IOGear, revealed the Kaliber Gaming KeyMander 2 Mobile Keyboard/Mouse Adapter for Mobile Devices to the public today. This is just the latest in a line of “gaming control adapters” sold by the company. This piece of equipment allows you, the gamer, to use a keyboard and mouse on any iPhone, iPad, or Apple … Continue reading
Here, in today’s post, you can find how to choose the right iPhone app developer for your project, questions to ask, and factors to consider.If the person you’re planning to hire has been on the field for quite some time, then it’s a significant advantage for you.Experienced developers can quickly bring your vision to life, following the best practices in the industry.Today’s tech-savvy users never think twice before they uninstall a poor app that has usability issues.So, look for developers who focus on the aesthetics along with the technical features of your app.MonetizingIf you’re looking to earn money from your iPhone app, then look for developers who have expertise in working with monetizing features.
By now we’ve seen that once a new social media format becomes popular, every app wants to copy it. We saw it happen after everyone and their mothers copied Snapchat’s ephemeral Stories, and now we’re seeing it happen with TikTok-style short videos (which themselves are just copies of OG Vines). Sometimes though, these features even leave the realm of social media platforms. Case in point: even Netflix is copying TikTok now. The company today officially unveiled a feature called Fast Laughs — first spotted late last year — which essentially lets you quickly swipe through clips from comedies on the… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Netflix