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To build a Gojek Clone App you can buy a ready-made Gojek clone script and launch your business in just 5 days.
To build a Gojek Clone App you can buy a ready-made Gojek clone script and launch your business in just 5 days.
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No matter where you are, a super app is undeniably convenient and make life a bit simpler!In Southeast Asia, the super-app model is evolving more rapidly than anywhere else in the world.According to the report by Google and Temasek, Southeast Asia's ride-hailing market is expected to reach $20 billion.So if you are Business Owner and Want to Build a Super App for your Business then this is for you,What is Super App and Why to Build a Super App like Gojek?A super app model is nothing more than a single Application with many OnDemand Services that perform different functions and satisfies different needs of the people.For Example, consider the model of the Olympic games.The event consists of different games for different peoples.Super Apps have now emerged as the advancement in technology-related business services and one of the Cost-effective solutions for Business which produces multi-services.Business Model of a Super AppBy targeting every customer through a single application for various needs of the people, super apps are emerging as a cost-effective solution and build a business model that is transforming the lives of peoples in emerging ondemand markets such as Food Ordering and Delivery, Taxi Booking to Ride-Sharing and Ride-Hailing, eLearning, Plumber, Electrician, E-Commerce, Online Payment, Financial activities, Moving, Parcel, logistics, and social networking everything on a single App.Little wonder then that the super app business model is being embraced by unicorns in other emerging markets.The creation of an ecosystem drives the chain of value creation, where a customer is provided with numerous services that effectively conceal his / her exit from use.
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The main reason for this demand is the timely services and doorstep delivery of products.The delivery segment of the app consists of the delivery of food, courier, flowers, groceries, etc.The ride services include taxi, motor, boat ride, and many more.Apart from that, there are also rental services for cars and a boat.On-demand services comprise doctor, tutor, babysitter, maids, and many other services.Its usage is simple.Contact the assigned delivery person in case of product delivery and communicate with the driver in case of ride services.The platform supports the services to be simultaneous.
These multi-services apps are an instant hit amongst users since its launch, mainly due to the prompt services and quality products it offers.Facts showing the growth and success of multiservices app like Gojek:On-demand delivery services of Gojek has over 3 million orders every day.This shows the popularity of the app across the globe.With more than 2 million drivers operating for the ride-sharing service, it is the second-largest carpooling service provider in Indonesia.According to Statista, 70.4% of people preferred to use Gojek for transportation services.In Indonesia alone, the growth of e-commerce apps like Gojek is estimated to have 212.2 million users by 2023.Gojek reports that they process an average of 35 orders every second.In the year 2017, the transaction based on Go-pay constituted 30% of e-transaction in Indonesia.It offers more than 55 payment methods, one-click service, and a global gateway that supports several currencies.Jaromir Glisnik, Chairman of M7 Group S.A., says that they appreciate the quick communication and adaptability features of Go-pay.Go-Ride It offers motorcycle ride services on request.
 Gojek is an Indonesian based app that provides on-demand delivery and multiple services in a single platform.Using an app like Gojek can let them get all the services in one platform.Some facts about certain Gojek appApproximately 2 million drivers are part of the Gojek app.On average, around 1500 people use the Gojek app in a minute.Till date, the Gojek app has been downloaded 130 million times.The estimated value of the Gojek app is $11 billion.Benefits of owning the Gojek clone app: Most of the attributes of the multiservices app are present in the Gojek clone script.Admins can manage multiple services simultaneously.More Revenue: An app like Gojek guarantees more revenue.As it offers multiservices like taxi, bike, and courier services, this app is bound to bring in more revenue and profits than other single-purpose applications.
So business owners can venture into this on-demand multi-services app sector with an App like Gojek.Services offered by Gojek clone appGojek clone provides all the facilities that Gojek offers.Apart from that, there are a few advanced features too.Taxi Booking apps: These services allow users to connect with the ride services they require.Once booked, the assigned driver provides services in the estimated time.Food delivery: Users can order food from various restaurant lists and have it delivered to their doorsteps.Add to cart items allows user to include the items they like.Users can directly check from the cart.Grocery delivery:  Users can order groceries and similar products using these on-demand grocery delivery platforms.
An app like Gojek is an integrated platform that offers delivery and on-demand services to users from a single app.It is the main reason for the extensive use of such applications.Let's look at the various facilities offered by Gojek clone app:Go-PayGo-Pay is the e-wallet that helps to make transactions by sending and receiving money via online as well as offline.It helps to save your database by replacing all your e-wallet apps like G-pay, PayTM, etc.Go-RideIt is a taxi-hailing service present in the Gojek clone app.It allows users to book cars and bikes as per their convenience.The ordered food will be delivered to users at the estimated time.Go-LifeIt consists of on-demand services like massage, beauty, home services, and auto repairs services.Go-Mart It is similar to the On-demand grocery delivery app.Users can order groceries and other related products.