China, the world’s second largest breeding ground for unicorns, will likely see another wave of tech initial public offerings (IPOs) despite slowing economic growth and ongoing tensions with the US.“We believe tech IPOs will be the next big wave, as Chinese unicorns mature,” said Vincent Chan, head of China equity strategy at Credit Suisse, at the Emerging Companies Conference in Beijing on Monday.The wave is pushed in part by the Hong Kong exchange’s efforts last year to reform its listing rules to allow weighted-voting-rights as well as the soon-to-be-launched Shanghai tech board.Chan noted there is strong investor appetite for high-growth, new-economy companies such as those in technology, internet, and biotech.Chan said internet companies may still continue to dominate the tech space, but artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and biotech companies will start catching up.“Emerging companies in China have achieved unprecedented growth and scale over the past two years.
Consider your last online shopping knowledge.Whether it's going beyond customer expectations, earning customer trust or reimaging the supply chain, retailers can benefit by adopting a fresh digital perspective and developing innovative retail IT solutions.The focus will shift to where both the digital and the physical experiences complement each other to create an improved retail experience for the consumer.Consumers’ decisions are being extensively influenced by digital channels in a variety of locations, from in-store displays to augmented reality-equipped stores that allow the user to experience a product before purchasing.QR code-based Payment Solutions: Helping customers avoid long payment queues.This information provides valuable insights for retailers to help them understand consumers, analyze issues in their value chains or consumer journeys, and align products and content to customers’ needs.
Ride-hailing giant Grab has launched AI for SEA, an initiative aimed at promoting the use of artificial intelligence for solving urban challenges in the region.The challenges under the program will focus on three transportation-related problems that are prominent in Southeast Asia: traffic management, computer vision, and safety.The top 50 participants will be offered full-time positions in the company’s data science and AI team.The top five will also receive cash prizes, including S$10,000 (US$7,276) for the overall winner.Grab will choose the winners after the demo day scheduled on the week of July 2.Interested parties may register for the challenge until June 17.
A recent survey of 15,000 Global HR professionals conducted by Frazer Jones and the HR TECH Partnership revealed some interesting results.However, less than 25% of HR professionals have actively adopted digital solutions involving Artificial Intelligence.While budget, training, and lack of support from management are cited as key barriers many simply do not know where to begin or how to increase their understanding.What can you do to actively understand what is happening in this space?Reading about Digital Disruption certainly helps, however, a key issue HR professionals face is to figure out what is hype and what is a reality.Here are some actual actions you can take:Experiment and Use Start-ups/ Scale-Ups: Using digital solutions by start-ups/ scale-ups is relatively a simple process.reduction of the time you are spending around screening CV’s or having an intelligent employee feedback mechanism that proactively gives you a sense check around morale.There is no need for large budgets, organization-wide deployment of unnecessary modules or extensive RFP processes.Participate in a Human Capital Innovation Hub: A relatively new concept is participation in a Human Capital Innovation Hub where an organization sponsors a start-up for approximately 6 months.
During its press conference in Taipei a day before Computex starts, Nvidia announced a new line of laptops that will run its RTX graphics processing units, as well as a new software platform called Studio, with SDKs and drivers to make graphics rendering and other tasks faster.The units are targeted to creative professionals, like video editors, photographers and graphic designers, and meant to compete with the 15-inch MacBook Pro.The series will include seventeen laptops made by Nvidia’s manufacturing partners (including Acer, ASUS, Dell, Gigabyte, HP, MSI and Razer).The laptops will begin retailing in June, with prices starting at $1,599.The 17 laptops will be equipped with Quadro RTX 5000, 4000 or 3000 GPUs or GeForce RTX 2080, 2070 and 2060 GPUs.Nvidia claims they can perform up to seven times faster than the MacBook Pro.
Nvidia is launching its EGX Platform to bring real-time artificial intelligence to the edge of the network.That means AI computing will happen at the edge of the network, where sensors collect data before it is sent to cloud-connected data centers.“There are cameras for seeing the world, microphones for hearing the world, and devices being deployed so machines can detect what is happening in the real world.”But that means there’s an exponential increase in the amount of raw data that has to be analyzed.“We will soon hit a crossover point where there is more computing power at the edge than in data centers,” Boitano said.Nvidia showed the platform at the Computex event in Taiwan.
While we must certainly take into account that the nature of certain workplaces and the human roles within them may change, I believe a proactive approach in adapting can make all the difference in withstanding AI’s advent in the workforce.There are multiple AI waves happening simultaneously, though the one that directly affects the workforce is known as “business AI.” This form of artificial intelligence is trained to sort through data sets and use deep-learning algorithms to help make better business decisions and maximize efficiency.Business AI encompasses many of the systems that are threatening jobs — they are single domain, meaning they can only perform a limited amount of tasks, but the tasks they can do are completed with speed and accuracy.So with automation on the rise, how can mid-career workers ride the AI wave to ensure a place for themselves?AI is already capable and will continue to grow even more complex.But until the “general AI” wave comes, AI will likely remain incapable of replicating the “human factor” of working a job.
Brian Bowman, the CEO of Consumer Acquisition, believes that user acquisition as we know it is dead.To be more exact, he believes Facebook and Google third-party adtech is dead, at least compared to the kind of expertise needed by human experts prior to big changes in ad platforms in 2018.Last year, the optimization algorithms for Facebook and Google Universal App Campaigns (UAC) were dramatically improved, leveling the playing field between advertisers both large and small.This technology is so much better that the advantages of third-party software-as-a-service adtech providers has significantly diminished.That means the adtech fees will drop for campaign management and the playing field will be leveled between large and small advertisers.Media buying becomes automated, thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Intel said it will show a number of new products, including its 10-nanometer mobile processor code-named Ice Lake.The big chip maker will make the announcement at the Computex trade show in Taiwan.The Ice Lake chips and the special edition 9th Gen Intel Core i9-9900KS processor — for desktop gaming fans — will be shipping later this year.The company raised the notion that benchmarks will have to be different in the “data-centric era,” as the number of cores and frequency don’t tell users everything they need to know.Intel said it is offering technical innovations across six pillars: process and packaging, architecture, memory, interconnect, security and software.“For every order of magnitude performance potential of a new hardware architecture, there are two orders of magnitude performance enabled by software.
While the public is currently focused on the use of Rekognition by law enforcement and government agencies, there is another issue to consider.Alexa commands “Play music” and “Play messages” began offering personalized results in December 2017, and last fall Amazon introduced Alexa Hunches, one of its first proactive ways to share personalized results.Sources told Bloomberg on Thursday that Amazon’s Lab126 and Alexa team are making a wearable device that detects emotion with voice sentiment analysis, though the source was unable to say whether the device is being developed for commercial use.Former Alexa AI senior project manager Ashwin Ram has also talked about assistants like Alexa having a positive impact on the global loneliness epidemic, while medical and AI researchers like Beyond Verbal are also working on detecting disease from people’s voices.Personalization may also be used to show you reminders, news video, and calendar appointments, as well as events drawn from emails — such as upcoming flights or tickets purchased for a movie, play, or concert.The Hub Max will be Google’s second device with facial recognition and follows the release of Nest Hello last fall.
While you may not think much of it, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) believe the A.I.-powered assistants may be reinforcing negative gender stereotypes while also failing to properly rebuff violent and abusive language, leading to some potentially harmful outcomes.In a paper titled “I’d blush if I could,” researchers from UNESCO explored some of the implicit biases that take place in artificial intelligence research.It positions them as subservient and in a role where they are expected to do what is asked of them.If a user threatens a voice assistant it often produces a silly joke or a dismissive message.Researchers at UNESCO believe that tech companies should be building safeguards into these systems that would help diminish abusive language directed toward the female-sounding voices.The researchers believe by failing to do so, companies run the risk of normalizing behavior such as making violent threats against women.
As technology advances, companies continue to push the boundaries with virtual assistants and conversational AI, striving in most cases to more closely approximate real-life person-to-person interactions.It’s time for companies to stop obsessing over how closely their AI approximates real people and start focusing on the real strengths that this transformative technology can bring to consumers, businesses, and society.In fact, a team of researchers in the UK found that simply attaching an image of eyeballs to a supermarket donation bucket prompted a 48 percent increase in contributions.On the AI side, consider Magic Leap’s Mica, a shockingly lifelike and responsive virtual assistant who makes eye contact, smiles, and even yawns.A company spokesperson says Mica represents Magic Leap’s effort “to see how far we could push systems to create digital human representations.” But to what end?Just because people might toss more spare change into a donation bucket with eyes doesn’t mean personification of lifeless objects or concepts is always a good idea.
On Wednesday, Seattle-based startup studio Madrona Venture Labs announced it raised $11 million in funding to help build between 8 and 12 startups.Madrona Venture Labs is a startup studio backed by Madrona Venture Group and specializes in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.Mike Fridgen, Managing Director at Madrona Venture Labs, told Business Insider that Seattle is full of top technical talent from Amazon and Microsoft that he hopes to recruit to the startup studio as founders and mentors.According to Fridgen, many of the legacy companies' top executives have made enough money to be financially secure enough to take the leap into entrepreneurship.Amazon, Microsoft, and Boeing all call it their homes, while just about every other major tech company under the sun has set up shop in the city in a big way.The fund will go towards building 8 to 12 companies over the next year.
Google’s intelligent little helper has been powering almost every other smartphone for the past few years, getting better and smarter each day.Despite its dominance on mobile devices, Google shows no signs of slowing down.Aggressive marketing, widespread device integration and new innovations show where Google is placing its eggs.The iconic phrase began letting you for applications and functions within your phone, developing over the years to integrate the search engine and virtual helper we know today.There was no way Google was going to Amazon take the lead in household AI, especially given Google’s unrivalled reservoir of data and information.This gave it the edge despite the smaller list of participating products.
Those who have been more optimistic about the category seemed to pin their hopes on a new trade deal with China.With such hopes fading quickly, it certainly puts a dark cloud over the entire industry.It’s important to remember that the need for compute, and therefore compute semiconductors, isn’t about to slow down — not with the world’s technology community focused on growth areas like artificial intelligence and analytics, high-performance computing, gaming, autonomous vehicles, delivery drones, and 5G.These companies will battle hard for market share, and while it’s been a popular sentiment to discount Intel, I believe there are fundamental reasons that in the end, Intel has the best chance of coming out on top.AMD’s categories of focus include PC, gaming, and datacenter.Nvidia also focuses on PC, gaming, and datacenter, as well as automotive.
Prameya is providing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Training in Hyderabad by real-time Experts with capstone projects and placement assistancePrameya Data Sciences has put together experts from top companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Dell to design a curriculum, embedded with theoretical data science concepts rooted in sound practical, real-world case studies, allowing students to participate in hands-on training.Prameya DS is all about helping you receive the tools you need to master some of the data science problems that are prevalent in the industry.Additionally, here at Prameya DS, you’ll not only gain the skills you need to be a successful data scientist, but also you will build meaningful, life-long connections with your peers and mentors.
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Changes to the ‘Future of Work have been happening rapidly over the last 25 years. However, the next decade is going to see an unprecedented impact because of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technology. Those that have read about it are not sure how soon this will happen and whether it is more myth than reality. The Human Capital Digital Innovation Hub is one of the ways in which corporates are trying to understand the experiment, engage and understand the digital disruption to the workplace and employees. It is a four-way partnership among a sponsor (which is corporate), a participant ( which is the startup), a host (who is an accelerator) and a program manager ( the — The HR TECH Partnership). The participating corporate sometimes has a strategic intent behind participating — example either understanding ‘agile working’ or learning a new impactful technology like Blockchain.
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This turbulence is not well understood nor is it easy to compensate for, particularly for autonomous drones.Drones typically wobble and inch slowly toward a landing until power is finally cut, and they drop the remaining distance to the ground.At Caltech's Center for Autonomous Systems and Technologies (CAST), artificial intelligence experts have teamed up with control experts to develop a system that uses a deep neural network to help autonomous drones "learn" how to land more safely and quickly, while gobbling up less power."This project has the potential to help drones fly more smoothly and safely, especially in the presence of unpredictable wind gusts, and eat up less battery power as drones can land more quickly," says Soon-Jo Chung, Bren Professor of Aerospace in the Division of Engineering and Applied Science (EAS) and research scientist at JPL, which Caltech manages for NASA.A paper describing the Neural Lander will be presented at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) International Conference on Robotics and Automation on May 22.Co-lead authors of the paper are Caltech graduate students Guanya Shi, whose PhD research is jointly supervised by Chung and Yue, as well as Xichen Shi and Michael O'Connell, who are the PhD students in Chung's Aerospace Robotics and Control Group.