Death of a StatesmanMy crash happened at the 24 Hours of LeMons season opener: the Shine Country Classic at Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama.What I initially mistook for something jamming into place on the Nash was Grassroots Motorsports Mazda Miata slamming into the Nash s rear.Everything I do, both for work and for fun, was expressly forbidden, so this diagnosis and treatment resulted in a lot of mind-numbingly dull involuntary sick leave.They also seem to embrace cutting edge technologies and the work of research hospitals.Another issue is that concussions have too few injury-specific symptoms, which sometimes leads to a misdiagnosis.Everything Still SucksCleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden nailed the worst part of getting a concussion on the Brownscast a while ago: the uncertainty.
Click to Open Overlay GalleryGawker founder Nick Denton speaks to the media in St. Petersburg, Florida on March 18, 2016.The move comes as Gawker appeals a $140 million judgment against it for posting excerpts of a Hulk Hogan sex tape.Chapter 11 bankruptcy is also known as reorganization bankruptcy: businesses reorganize their budgets in order to create a plan for paying off creditors over time, which usually involves cutting costs to funnel money toward debt payments.Since Gawker is known for its low overhead, with most of its money going toward maintaining its sites and paying its writers, that could mean layoffs or, worse, closing down some of its sites, in order to stick to a repayment plan.The memo cites Gawker Media s tech-themed sites as assets that would fortify our position in consumer tech and gaming.With additional reporting by Jennifer Chaussee, Madison Kotack, and Gregory Barber.
YouTube is launching a new suite of products for advertisers under the umbrella name of YouTube Director.Collectively, these products are supposed to make it easier for businesses particularly the smaller ones that don t have their own production capabilities and aren t going to hire an ad agency to shoot and edit video ads that can run then on YouTube.For example, YouTube says Woody Lovell Jr., owner of the The Barber Shop Club in Los Angeles, used the app to shoot and edit the video below:Mr. Lovell Jr. shot and edited a video ad by himself, uploaded it to YouTube, and worked with an AdWords expert to run a campaign.As a result, Woody s business saw an increase in potential customers being able to remember and recognize his ad: his video drove a 73% increase in ad recall among target customers on YouTube, and a 56% lift in brand awareness.If businesses don t want to make the ads themselves, YouTube has created a program where it sends professionals to do the shooting and editing, at no extra cost to the business — they just have to spend at least $150 on YouTube ads.This onsite service is currently available in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington D.C. Or, if they re trying to promote an app, businesses can just provide the logo, screenshots and other assets, and YouTube will automatically use them to create a video ad.
An electric haircut of the future scanned from the August 1923 issue of Practical Electrics magazine Tech-enthusiasts of the 1920s were obsessed with turning everything electric.It was still an incredibly new idea to use electricity in the barber s chair.An electric haircut of the future scanned from the August 1923 issue of Practical Electrics magazine For Americans, the 1920s was the decade that turned the country electric.Whether it was that newfangled radio technology or a barber s clippers, electricity stormed into American life during the Roaring Twenties.And while we often think that technology adoption is fast today, it s helpful to remember that other generations went through their own periods of rapid growth.The smartphone has sure changed lives here in the 21st century, but it s nothing compared with how electricity changed America in the 1920s.
A hilarious mom is poking fun at celebrity parents by recreating their Instagram photos with an added dose of reality.Celeste Barber is an Australian actor, writer and comedian, who has two sons under the age of 6 and two teenage stepdaughters.As such, she knows a thing or two about parenting exhaustion ... and how to find humor in it.Barber reenacts celebrity Instagram pics, magazine photos and product ads to highlight how far they fall from her reality as a mom and normal person.I just wanted to make people laugh, the mom told The Huffington Post.I like to make fun of myself.
Tech-enthusiasts of the 1920s were obsessed with turning everything electric.They wanted electric mixing bowls, electric dishwashers, and even electric haircuts.It may seem like an obvious idea today, but back in the 1920s, an electric haircut was straight out of science fiction.The cover of the August 1923 issue of Practical Electrics magazine included the barber of the future, complete with his electric scissors.It was still an incredibly new idea to use electricity in the barber s chair.But by the mid-1920s early adopters were figuring out how to apply electricity to personal grooming.
I'm a web developer one of a million, I'm sure who's looking to start taking on my own clients.I've been doing a lot of research on the business side and feel that I'm as ready as I'll ever be to be self employed.My only problem is, as a developer, I've been stuck behind a screen for over a decade and I haven't ever had to try and find clients of my own before.My background, I'm currently a senior developer at a job that is killing me slowly with boredom.I've worked at some recognizable companies, had some nicely featured work, and even wrote a programming book.I'm currently thinking my best approach will be to target comparable businesses.
The HoloLens is arguably one of the coolest augmented reality headsets around, however, the integral Holographic Processing Unit HPU that actually powers it has been shrouded in mystery – that is until now.The Register reports a Microsoft devices engineer named Nick Barber ran a presentation detailing exactly what makes the HPU tick.It turns out the chip is none other than a TSMC – who also manufactures iPhone-processors – made 28nm Tensilica chip containing 24 DSP cores, 8MB of static RAM, 1GB of DDR3 RAM all packed into a 12mm-squared package.Now those specs might not sound super impressive, but the HPU has around 65 million logic gates and can handle roughly a trillion calculations per second.Although, the HoloLens also has a separate CPU and GPU they're really only around to launch apps and display holograms.Meanwhile, the 24-core chip handles the bulk of processing tasks including real-time information feeding in from the cameras and sensors.
She had to spend that cash on school supplies for her classroom.And although kids are constantly asked to participate in school fund-raisers, none of the resulting money goes back to the teachers.It all leads up to a daylong fun run, where kids run or walk laps around a track based on how many donations they brought in.The program was so successful in Donnell s local Phoenix area that, three years ago, he partnered with Jeremy Barnhart, APEX s current vice president of franchise development, to take it national.APEX s success represents a new truism in business: Where parents and children are involved, a franchise concept will evolve.There are children s food franchises and brands focused on expectant mothers.
Michael B Jordan as Justice Young in NBA 2K17Creed star Michael B Jordan's next role will be in the career mode of Visual Concepts' upcoming basketball sim NBA 2K17.He will play Justice Young, a rising star in NBA and friend of the player's created character, who will guide the player through their journey."NBA 2K17 was the perfect platform to connect with a new, unique audience and challenge myself to expand my abilities as an actor," said Jordan in a statement."I'm humbled at the opportunity to help influence a franchise that I've been a passionate fan of since its first release."In a blog post on Facebook, the 2K17 team revealed that stand-up comedian Hannibal Buress will play Ice the Barber and Veep's Matt Walsh will play the player's college coach Hemsley Adson.
Lionel Barber, the editor of the Financial Times, has criticised the UK government's "incredibly inept" campaign to remain in theSpeaking at the FT Weekend Live Festival in London on Saturday, Barber was succinct in his views on former Prime Minister David Cameron and his colleagues' contribution to the Project Fear, the Daily Mail was absolutely right," said
kesko's president and ceo Mikko Helander said the Economy in an interview, that too much work remains to be done, because you have to pay for too much salary.the salary of the magnitude of this is not due, but a different page costs and taxes.Story: Director Helanderin barber suggested well I cut the end of the year, could pay him 10 euros "christmas money".Ethical work, kesko's manager did not, of course, I couldn't pay this off the books.He asked the economic department, how much do we need to get more sales, so the barber would get 10 euro more net salary.the economic department was told: Barbershop calculate employee taxes, employer contributions and vat after it is 28,75 euro.
Squire, a company that launched last week at Y Combinator s Summer 16 Demo Day, makes software for barbershops.Not salons or beauty parlors or wherever else you get your hair cut…just barbershops.So what makes a barbershop so unique that it warrants its own software platform?Plus, a lot of barbershops rent their seats out to a barber who is an independent contractor – this makes the back-end organization a little different than a typical salon.The entire men s grooming industry will bring in over $20 billion this year, and barbershops worldwide are obviously a huge part of that.So to support these unique use cases and try to grab a piece of that $20B total customer spend, Squire built a platform for both the customer and the barbershop owner.
Stripe, the startup that competes against the likes of PayPal s Braintree and WePay to provide payment services to digital businesses, is taking the wraps off its newest product to set it apart from the rest of the pack.Stripe is launching Instant Payouts, a service tailored specifically for marketplaces to pay their contractors within minutes to a contractor s existing Visa or MasterCard debit card.Stripe s actually been offering and testing Instant Payouts as a limited service with a few customers already: ride service Lyft, helper marketplace and barber service goPanache, where it has helped them provide a better service to workers, along with a more competitive edge against other rival marketplacees.Lyft, which launched the service last October, actually touted last week that it s paid out some $500 million to drivers through the scheme so far.Now, Stripe is opening Instant Payouts as a product for any marketplace starting first in the U.S. that already uses Stripe s Connect basic payments API.As with Connect, to use the Instant Payouts option, companies add in a few lines of code.
The gig economy has made getting a ride, a place to stay and a babysitter faster.Now those workers can be paid as fast as they can do the work.Stripe, the Internet payments firm, rolled out Tuesday Instant Payouts, which will allow gig-economy workers to receive pay for their work within minutes to their Visa or MasterCard debit cards, TechCrunch reported.The service will likely make on-demand work attractive to many contractors and service providers, who have sometimes struggled with actually getting paid.After all, on-demand platforms such as Uber and Airbnb are not only in the business of attracting customers but also people to provide services.Stripe, which is based in San Francisco, had made Instant Payouts available to just a few firms, such as Lyft, and, a barber service.Lyft, which calls the service Express Pay, launched it 11 months ago.Now, the ride-hailing firm pays 50 percent of its drivers this way, Wired says.Stripe takes 1.5 percent of every payout.Uber has a similar program called Instant Pay with GoBank and PayPal s Braintree offers Venmo Payouts, TechCrunch points out.These behind-the-scenes money services come as more people do on-demand or contract work they find through online platforms, according to Paul Oyer, an economics professor at Stanford University.Above: Lyft s signature mustache Courtesy of Lyft Tags: 1099 economy, contractors, gig economy, instant pay, on-demand, Stripe
How the unknown Luke Cage will be received is uncertain, but the series definitely deserves an audience – this is refreshing beats from superhjältevärlden.Cage Mike Colter works at a local hair salon Pop Barber Shop in Harlem, New York.the story takes place in the present day, at the city's most dark-skinned district, plagued by crime, unemployment, and uncertain the same time presented we of life-affirming music, joy and rhythm.the Season begins without the customary retrospective of how our hero got his super powers, instead we get to follow his bleak past in small flashbacks, a technique that works very well and maintains the tension.Without revealing the secret behind the Cage's strength, we can say that he is as strong as Superman and has a skin that is as effective as a bulletproof vest.
First Contact Entertainment has raised $5 million to make high-end virtual reality games.The Los Angeles company has recruited a team of developers from game companies like Starbreeze, Blizzard, Treyarch and Infinity Ward.The financing will fuel the company s ambitions to create exceptional narrative-driven content that raises the bar for quality in VR gaming with a commitment to push the limits of graphics, gameplay and storytelling.The company is one more example of the record amount of venture capital going into VR startups.The number one problem facing the VR industry right now is the lack of quality VR content with a high replayability factor, said Hess Barber, cofounder and president of First Contact.First Contact seeks to solve that problem by pioneering a variety of innovative VR gaming concepts, including unique game mechanics, DLC and more.First Contact recently recruited two new executives.
First Contact Entertainment: Matt Candler, Josh Ochoa, Hess Barber, Wei Qiao and Jessica Ward.Spelstartupen First Contact Entertainment has pulled in 5 million dollars 43 million .the Company intends to use the money to increase the quality of the virtual reality games, writes Venture Beat.According to founder and ceo Hess Barber aiming for First Contact, which was founded earlier in the year, to be able to offer innovative franchises in the area.It includes, among other things, unique game mechanics, downloadable content, and more, said Hess Barber to the site.Hess Barber had previously the title creative producer at the Swedish Starbreeze Los Angeles office.
Photograph: Katherine Anne Rose for the ObserverProducer Matt Shore delves into the intersection of sex and tech.Guests this week include cyber-sexuality expert Dr Trudy Barber and co-founder of Cam4 VR and virtual reality porn star Ela Darling.Tell us how technology has worked its way into your life.Get in touch via email at [email protected]
It s not easy to stay on top of the best posts and resources out there so we ve created an awesome list of remarkable articles that every CSM should read to stay updated.Read about different, more forward-looking approaches to structure your team.In this article, you can understand how the Data Engine will ensure long-term success by pointing out valuable customer insights from this data and focusing on what counts.Liam compares the reasons he became a loyal happy customer at his barber shop to the challenges faced by SaaS companies, startups or enterprises.The A-List: Customer Success AmityFollow the most influential leaders to stay updated in the world of Customer Success.