Lake Erie may be the warmest and shallowest of North America's Great Lakes, but it's more beast than beauty.The world's 12th largest lake is notoriously stormy and has been known to pound boats, break walls, and beaches with waves reaching 25 feet.His work captures Lake Erie at its most turbulent, creating mesmerizing images that show the grace and power of the natural world.Sandford shares some of his photos with us.Follow him on Instagram and Facebook for more.His camera gear is protected in water-housing equipment from Aquatech Imaging Solutions.
First, there was the Bob Marley blackface feature, and now, there s the alleged skin-lightening filter.A number of Snapchat users have recently lambasted the popular social media app for filters that seem to make users complexions seem whiter.Particularly problematic, some users note, is the association of words like pretty and beauty with— panda @pandaprince ss March 9, 2016For Coachella, Snapchat debuted a flower crown filter that does indeed whitewash the entire photo or video in question, but Snapchatters are also taking issue with beautify, a filter that makes the skin lighter, the face slimmer, the eyes wider, and blemishes disappear.But the effects were a bit less noticeable on a colleague, who said that her own change was fairly subtle.The filter evened out her skin tone and added pink and yellow hues to her complexion.
This guide is going to show you some of the ways to generate sales leads like never before through inbound marketing and more.Podcasting is getting huge, and through a well planned podcast, you can help promote your services on the Internet.For example, in an online discussion someone may talk about finding the best golf courses.It s not closing on 100 million registered users, with a significant portion of them posting at least once a month.A vacation rentals company will be able to use the color and beauty of their natural surroundings in their images, but accountancy firms and sellers of insurance may well struggle with the visuals.And that s where this guide can no longer help you.
I personally would recommend hipchat to any business or company because of its ease and the various team communication advantages it presents.Unlike others Hipchat goes a step further so that even the people in a particular group will not be notified when only one person in the group is addressed in the group chat room.For instance Sarah alone will be notified when you send the message @Sarah, whatsup?CampfireCampfire is almost the opposite of Slack in its openness to everyone and a person s choice of either of the two should depend really on the kind of business or company that he runs or the kind of transactions he engages in.Campfire has all the beauty of any other IM chat messaging app but its striking uniqueness is in its password protection for chat rooms and the fact that it can actually be used without an app.KIKKIK is a remarkable app that is laced with the capability of sending unlimited messages, pictures, video, voice recording and almost any kind of content to recipients around the world.
I was focused on making money.I cut corners on our website s development and seriously limited our advertising spend.Related Article: Don't Let It Happen to You: Top 4 Mistakes That Kill eCommerce BusinessesSpend Money on the Components That Your Customers Interact WithIf you re going to create a website using a free, do-it-yourself website builder, you re going to run into problems.Related Article: Sales Ahead: 30 Tactics Proven to Increase E-commerce Conversion INFOGRAPHIC The Value of Search Engine OptimizationThe best sources of reliable, cost-effective traffic to a site are Google, Bing and Yahoo.The reason is simple.Forget the sale for a moment; the opportunity to make a sale will elude you if you can t grab the target market s attention.The beauty of a blog is that it s easy to post content that s trending and creative, without needing to code a new page for a website.
MoreGirls-who-codeWhen it comes to entering a male-dominated field like tech, there's a lot standing in a girl's way.The videos focus on three main topics that, according to misguided popular opinion, keep girls from being successful coders: boobs, beauty and menstruation.There are already a ton of inspirational videos about why girls should code, Reshma Saujani, founder and CEO of Girls Who Code, said in a release."We wanted to try something different ... Our hope is these videos will spark a much-needed conversation about the messages we send our young women, and what we can do to create a more inclusive, well-rounded image of a programmer."Girls are constantly shamed for being "too sensitive" and their bodies labeled "too distracting" to men in school or the workplace.According to Adweek, the campaign may also move to television, depending on donated media.
Donald Trump made up of millions of the strangest streams. Retirement comes from the fact that Trump will host the television series The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice. Much larger allocation for Trump got access rights after selling Miss Universe in September in Hollywood to the active WME / IMG for. Trump is also the author of the books, at least in part, however, assisted by a ghostwriter. Works are more than ten, but only four, he makes money. Amounts are not told, but these revenues Trump financed the expensive presidential campaign.
Getting started with Apple PayThe beauty of Apple Pay is that it is classically 'Apple'.Simple and elegant, it combines the tech you've already got an iPhone with Touch ID with a one-step payment process, all wrapped up in watertight security safer than traditional chip and PIN.All you need to do is place your iPhone near any NFC card terminal and rest your finger on its Touch ID sensor.The foundations are laid – in a few years we could be looking back at the dawning of yet another Apple revolution.
"In the refinement layer, the robot would repeatedly compare the picture drawn on the canvas with what it was attempting to paint to find the most different area, and then try to make it less different, similar to how a classical painter goes about completing a canvas.""The results of this competition show a significant step in the advancement of robotics and artificial intelligence to create beauty," said founder Andrew Conru.Organizers of Dartmouth College s Turing Tests in Creative Arts announced on Wednesday that there were no winners in their competition for AI algorithms to create human-quality short stories, sonnets and dance-music sets.The contest s organizers expected dozens of entries in each category but received far fewer submissions than they expected -- "a testament to the difficulty of writing sophisticated code that creates another dimension of AI -- creative intelligence," they said.In the poetry contest, there were two entries that each generated two sonnets; in the literature contest, there were three entries that each generated a short story.AI fared better in creating dance-music sets: Two of the eight algorithmic entries submitted fooled about 40 percent of the human voters.
By that definition, we've been using cosmetics since the Ice Age, where red pigment used to adorn the body was found in South African caves.Instagram and Tinder have only enhanced this, creating a false beauty reality, thanks to the popularity of filters and retouching apps.However, technology has helped broaden the mainstream media space empowering women.For the first time, we're seeing girls of all shapes and sizes, who have a variety of different skin tones, who have extreme acne, being given face time.2 Technology is empowering women to see through the bullshit"In the factory we make cosmetics; in the drugstore we sell hope"Charles RevsonBeauty brands like Revlon create this unattainable image of beauty, and sell hope to women that they may achieve it.3D printing is enabling women to bypass premium brands in the hunt for premium results.
Selfie sticks are the sort of thing that many of us find to be very irritating and annoying when people are using them.Typically, a selfie stick is a telescoping pole that the user has to unfurl to use, but the UnReal automated selfie stick makes it easier to be annoying.This selfie stick has batteries inside and has a push button that unfurls the selfie stick for you.Another oddity that the UnReal selfie stick offers is a pair of fans on the handle to give you the windblown hair look.They might help with a breeze to keep you from sweating in the heat though.There is a TV show on Lifetime called UnReal that follows producers behind the scenes on a reality TV show that this product is tired to.
Trust me, I know from travel.I ve conquered the Cabot Trail, wandered the Rocky Mountains, drank my way across Portugal and Ireland, scrambled up the side of an active volcano in Nicaragua and suffered through Giardia while surrounded by beauty and poverty in Costa Rica.Every other week, we ll talk about the latest in navigation tools, iOS accessories, camping gear, backpacks, compact cameras, technical clothing—pretty much anything I can find to make your travels that much easier, no matter whether you prefer vacationing at five-star resorts or dirtbagging in the back of your car at a national park.If you need to ask someone in the Pyrenees for the name of their veterinarian s haberdasher, I m your man.Try as I might, I wasn t able to fully explain that I d likely ruptured a disc in my lower back, despite the incredible patience of staff at the Clinica Universidad de Navarra.One month s access will set you back $13.
Seems like the chinese manufacturers are discovering the beauty of proper quality customer support and UHANS is becoming another one of those enlightened.They are going to start offering full 2-year warranty for their products on global scale, which is a step we have to give credit for.UHANS is also planning to improve the speed and quality of the after-sale customer service and they are working on a preinstalled service app for their phones through which the customer will be able to send the feedback, help inquiries and more.No further details released about that yet, but we will dig for more soonish.But not only good news from UHANS today, seems like the UHANS S1 release will be delayed due to some changes of the original Freeme OS into lighter ROM much closer to the stock Android 6.0 Marshmallow.If everything goes as planned we should get the first shipments of UHANS S1 at the end of May.
Let s get this disclaimer out of the way: The Selfie Stick Unreal is promotional product for TV show, and isn t being sold to the public yet .But that doesn t stop it from joining the MacBook selfie stick in the category of products that make you die a little on the inside: LED array beauty lighting?A little excessive, but it can be useful in the dark.That s where I draw the line.The selfie stick was built as promotion for Lifetime s TV series UnREAL by marketing firm Thinkmodo.Read next: Rant: Google does not need 5 chat apps, and Hangouts should be the first to die
The applications for our growth programs are now closed, and we re proud to have 200 of the world s hottest startups ready to show 9,400 tech influencers, investors and journalists the next game-changers.Check out a selection of startups we ve invited to participate below, and be sure to catch them, along with many other great startups, at TNW Conference Europe.DockbitFrom: SpainDockbit turns your software deployments into repeatable, manageable workflows.NeemaaFrom: FranceNeemaa is an ethnic beauty on demand online platform that facilitates the process of finding and booking the beauty/lifestyle service you need, with the nearest available vetted certified professional where and when you want.Everyone stores contact details in their smartphone yet it doesn t stay up to date.It allows illustrators and animators to build interactive apps in Photoshop and get published in major appstores without investments or coding.
GIFThere s precious little in the first actual footage from Disney s live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, but there s a glimpse of Emma Watson as Belle and some mightily familiar sets and music.We also hear voices that sound like Cogsworth Ian McKellan and Lumiere Ewan McGregor .Along with the reminder that this movie takes place in France, but only the candelabra has a French accent.And nothing hits you right in the nostalgia than a shot of that ballroom paired with the iconic music.And the claws going through the family portrait promise a very faithful-to-the-cartoon adaptation.
Slime moulds and fungi might not rank high on anyone s list of favourite organisms, but there is a compelling beauty in their growth patterns.It might just be the solace fans crave to get over all of George RR Martin's indiscriminate killing.As Gizmodo s Maddie Stone wrote last year: Slime mould is a broad term referring to a diverse and ancient group of organisms known for their slimy, vegetative secretions.Many slime moulds are actually comprised of single celled organisms that spend most of their time separate, banding together to form a single, moving slime body when times are tough.By exploiting the latter, scientists have recreated a map of the United States in slime mould, as well as ancient Roman road networks between the 1st and 4th century AD.You can watch the original magnified footage of fungi and slime moulds below, courtesy of photographer Nick Lariontsev.
The outfit is a low-cost, open source, apps-enabled software defined radio SDR platform that can be used to support almost any wireless communication standard UMTS, LTE, GSM, Bluetooth, Zigbee, RFID etc .Because it is powered by a Linux distribution Snappy Ubuntu , applications as diverse as aviation transponders or radio astronomy can be run on the device within minutes.Raspberry Pi for MNOsThe beauty of software-defined solutions is that operators themselves or their clients can either use existing services built as apps or build their own in order to extend existing features using cheap kit.That's right, no need to buy expensive hardware and solutions from established players like Juniper and Cisco if you want to move up gears.Cutting the middlemen means that it's cheaper and easier than ever before.The tiny investment will get EE a 100-unit bundle of the kit which will be given to five UK universities nominated by EE.
Image still: Nick LariontsevSlime molds and fungi might not rank high on anyone s list of favorite organisms, but there is a compelling beauty in their growth patterns.As Gizmodo s Maddie Stone wrote last year: Slime mold is a broad term referring to a diverse and ancient group of organisms known for their slimy, vegetative secretions.Many slime molds are actually comprised of single celled organisms that spend most of their time separate, banding together to form a single, moving slime body when times are tough.They can solve mazes, alter their appearance depending on surrounding conditions, and they re surprisingly good at finding the most efficient path to food.By exploiting the latter, scientists have recreated a map of the United States in slime mold, as well as ancient Roman road networks between the 1st and 4th century AD.You can watch the original magnified footage of fungi and slime molds below, courtesy of photographer Nick Lariontsev.
Netflix New Movies June 2016June is going to be a great month for fans of popular TV shows with Netflix subscriptions.Not the most exciting month, but the Netflix original series should help tide you over until July.Check out the full list of additions for June 2016 below:June 1st7 Chinese Brothers 2015 72 Cutest Animals: Season 172 Dangerous Places: Season 1A Walk to Remember 2002 Big Stone Gap 2014 Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere 1990 Breaking the Magician s Code: Magic s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed: Seasons 1-2Cold in July 2014 Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land On The Moon?2001 Cuba: The Forgotten Revolution 2015 Dis Honesty: The Truth About Lies 2015 El Libro de Piedra 1969 Elizabeth: The Golden Age 2007 Extraordinary Tales 2015 The Fear of 13 2015 Gabo: The Creation of Gabriel García Márquez 2015 Gentlemen and Gangsters: Season 1The Good Witch: Season 1The Great Alone 2015 Hadwin s Judgement 2015 J. Edgar 2011 Jaco 2015 Janis: Little Girl Blue 2015 Jurassic Park 1993 Jurassic Park III 2001 Lion Heart 2013 The Lost World: Jurassic Park 1997 Meadowland 2015 The Odd Couple II 1998 Off Camera: Series 1Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages 2015 Pokémon: XY: Kalos Quest: Season 2Portrait of a Serial Monogamist 2015 The Resurrection of Jake the Snake 2015 Rock the Kasbah 2015 Sam Klemke s Time Machine 2015 Second Coming 2014 Tab Hunter Confidential 2015 UFOs: The Best Evidence Ever Caught on Tape 1997 Underdogs 2013 What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi Legacy 2015 Wildlike 2014 June 2ndBeauty & the Beast: Season 3Hibana: SparkPretty Little Liars: Season 6June 3rdBo Burnham: Make HappyJune 6thDarkweb 2015 June 7thEvery Thing Will Be Fine 2015 Jarhead 3: The Siege 2016 June 10thLego Friends: The Power of Friendship: Season 2Voltron: Legendary Defender: Season 1June 11thMe Him Her 2016 Scandal: Season 5June 12thAlready Tomorrow in Hong Kong 2015 June 14thThe League: Season 7June 15thAfter The Spill 2015 Boom Bust Boom 2016 The Giver 2014 In the Shadow of the Moon 2007 Naz & Maalik 2015 Night Owls 2015 Poverty, Inc. 2014 Top Spin 2015 TransFatty Lives 2015 June 16thBeing Mary Jane: Season 3Marvel s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Season 3The Unborn 2009 June 17thAll Hail King Julien: Season 3Orange is the New Black: Season 4June 18thCedar Cove: Season 3Grey s Anatomy: Season 12June 19thBunk d: Season 1I Am Thor 2015 June 20thLife Story: Series 1The Making of Life StoryJune 21stBest Friends Whenever: Season 1June 22ndSin City: A Dame to Kill For 2014 Spotlight 2015 June 24thDragons: Race to the Edge: Season 3The Fundamentals of Caring 2016 Justin Time GO!June 27thCronies 2015 June 29thLife 2015 June 30thA Very Secret Service: Season 1Palio 2015 T ERROR 2015 Check back soon for a full list of the shows being removed from Netflix.