Prepare to get hot, bothered and... hungry.We happily present to you: Hot Dudes And Hummus, a delicious Instagram account that follows the footsteps of feeds like Hot Dudes Reading, Hot Dudes With Kittens and Hot Dudes In Bed.The account features smokin hot guys eating hummus in restaurants, outdoors, on top of cars and best of all in bathing suits.Male Hummus eaters can submit their photos via email or DM in order to be featured on the account, which calls itself Israel s yummiest tag.No doubt about that.Keep scrolling to see a few pictures of the sexy trend you didn t know you needed.
But the company will soon have another challenger, in the form of Uber, which has announced it will be bringing its autonomous cars to the roads of Pittsburgh in the coming weeks.This collaboration and the creation of the Uber Advanced Technologies Center represent an important investment in building for the long term of Uber.Pittsburgh is a natural test bed for Uber s new venture, given that it s where the company chose to base its new R facility, and the city s mayor reckons it can help improve road conditions in the region.From the first steel mills to the laboratories at Pitt and Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh has a long history of innovation, said Mayor William Peduto.We re excited that Uber has chosen the Steel City as they explore new technologies that can improve people s lives — through increased road safety, less congestion, and more efficient and smarter cities.But with Google going full-steam ahead with its robotic car plans, General Motors investing heavily in self-driving car tech, and international companies such as Chinese Internet giant Baidu recently announcing an autonomous automobile arm in Silicon Valley, the battle really is heating up to get self-driving automobiles on American roads.
Its primary demographic is young people with too much money and a deep, existential, bordering-on-bonkers affinity for technology.People in suits going to either finance jobs or job interviews; people in hoodies going to their job as CEO of something; this one guy I saw in a bathing suit at 7:15 in the morning.That s saying something, too: hoverboards came and went, there are countless versions of the self-balancing unicycle, and you can Razor your way around town for a lot less than a grand.Boosted is smart to not go after exciting, woah-brah kinds of updates.The company wants you to be able to roll out of bed, throw on your shoes, blearily press down the trigger with your index finger, and let your board drag you to work the same way a BART train or Uber Pool might.And increasingly, it s a board they can get on as well.
Nintendo is best known as a gaming company, but you could soon be seeing the familiar logo on everything from restaurants to healthcare devices.It probably doesn't mean that Nintendo is planning to port Zelda to PC, but rather that the company may increasingly look at PC software development - probably of the 'boring' kind, given the existing Articles 2 11 and 12 account for "Information processing and providing services using computer networks, etc."The sleep tracker was put to bed in February, but the proposed additions to the Articles of Incorporation could indicate there are still related plans.Its much-vaunted step into mobile gaming is underway, with Miitomo out now and Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem planned, while feature length animated movies could be in cinemas by 2019.Eating establishments could even tie in here, particularly in Japan where game-branded restaurants such as the Final Fantasy-themed Eorzea Café are common.Despite helping create the modern video game industry, Nintendo itself has rarely defined itself as a games company; rather, it's a company that happens to make games.
For now though, it s neighboring Argentina that looks to be moving faster to capture surging demand, rather than the normally investor-friendly Chile.This bickering and this back and forth in Chile is detrimental to production, said Chris Berry, president of research firm House Mountain Partners LLC and editor of the Disruptive Discoveries newsletter.In April, SQM said it will seek to block an expansion project by rival Albemarle in Chile, citing concern that the operation will have a bearing on its own environmental procedures.Corfo had announced a 27-year contract with the Baton Rouge-based Albemarle in February to expand production in exchange for a royalty of about 40 percent of sales.Admiralty Resources NL is in the pre-production phase at the Salar de Rincon, Galaxy Resources Ltd. is developing the Sal de Vida salt-bed project and Lithium Americas Corp. is working with SQM on the Cauchari venture, according to a presentation from the Argentine government.SQM agreed to pay $25 million to Lithium Americas for 50 percent of that project, which will begin construction in 2017.Prices for lithium carbonate at 99.5 percent purity in China more than tripled in the last 12 months to 168,000 yuan about $26,000 per ton from 49,000 yuan, according to Asian Metal.In 2015, Chile produced about 35 percent of global lithium output totaling 200,000 tons, according to estimates from consultancy Stormcrow Capital Ltd.It s not as if Chile doesn t recognize the potential for lithium.
It has a certain Portland, Oregon, quality I don't love.But the Spicy Curry — an electric pedal-assist cargo bike and the creation of a small California company called Yuba — is an excellent thing with excellent potential.What's a cargo bike?Basically, it's the bicycle equivalent of a pickup truck.It's a surprisingly utilitarian creation that provides an alternative, though not a replacement, for a car.An aluminum frame behind the seat allows for a variety of attachments: A wide bed for groceries or equipment, two child seats, saddlebags, or anything else you can tie to it.The Spicy Curry is also an e-bike.A battery and generous pedal-assist motor provide extra boost to whatever power the rider is already producing.There are four torque settings to dial in your preferred level of, well, spiciness.The battery will recharge fully in four to six hours, and it provides a range of up to 45 miles, depending on load, road conditions, and the torque setting.Benjamin Sarrazin, Yuba's CEO and founder, told Business Insider the name is a play on the company's partnership with motor manufacturer Currie Technologies.Yuba makes a variety of cargo bikes, some with electric motors and some without.The Spicy Curry is its top-of-the-range model and costs $4,200.That may sound like a lot for a bicycle, but if the Spicy Curry is used to its full potential — as a daily errand runner — there's an argument for spending that much dough for something that's well built, comfortable, and very, very versatile.And the Yuba Spicy Curry is all of those things.
If you ve ever looked at someone else s life and wondered how they get so many things done in the day, you can finally get an answer.This graphic breaks down how the average American spends each individual hour of the day.The graphic from data analyst and credit scoring company Experian uses data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to compile a detailed look at how Americans spend their time in twenty four separate charts.Each one shows a breakdown of activities like sleeping, eating and drinking, household chores, working and watching TV.For example, unsurprisingly, 95.1% of people are sleeping at 3AM, while television viewing peaks at 9PM with 35% of people tuning in during prime time.However, sleepers also begin peaking around 9PM, which might explain how early risers feel so rested.
Now that the dust has settled around the deal it s clear that Twitter s landmark acquisition of global NFL broadcast rights finally puts that statement to bed as merely a diversion tactic.YouTube has a roster of increasingly-premium own-grown stars, Netflix and Amazon are making their own original drama.One is: what does this mean for Twitter, a company more used to serving 140-character status messages?Toe in the waterArizona Cardinals Carson Palmer drops back during the first half the NFL football NFC Championship game against the Carolina Panthers, Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016, in Charlotte, N.C. AP Photo/Bob Leverone The NFL had already dipped its toe into online streaming waters last year, picking Yahoo to screen a single game, which pulled in 15.2 million viewers and 33.6 million video streams.Video valueAnd don t expect Twitter s 10 NFL showings to be a template for a mass conversion of premium sporting rights.In other words, the rights are not relatively valuable.
Several parents even named their children after the company, an affectionate trend not repeated with today s biggest phone makers.A newly founded Finnish company, HMD, led by a former Nokian, has licensed the Nokia name from what remains of the old company; primarily a telecoms and networking business.But the plan was ambitious from the start: The phones Nokisoft released were sub-par, and app developers did not bother to support the Windows Phone platform in a market dominated by Apple s iOS and Google s Android.If Nokia had adopted this strategy seven or eight years ago, instead of maintaining the hubristic belief in its own now obsolete operating system and then getting into bed with Microsoft, it might have been what Samsung is today: a superpower.Asian smartphone manufacturers – Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo – are eating into the feature phone market that was Nokia s playground.Motorola and BlackBerry, two other once-mighty phone makers, have not been able to trade on the back of their legacies: there s no immediate reason that Nokia should be any different.
Hoping to finally put the controversy to bed, Facebook announced Monday that an internal investigation has revealed no evidence of systematic political bias in the selection or prominence of stories included in the Trending Topics feature.However, it admitted in a statement that its investigation could not fully exclude the possibility of isolated improper actions or unintentional bias in the implementation of our guidelines or policies.With that in mind, Facebook said it would minimize risk where human judgment is involved by carrying out refresher training for all reviewers and implementing additional controls and oversight around the review team.Glenn Beck, for one, seemed satisfied that Facebook wasn t wilfully engaging in any dubious practices regarding its Trending Topics feature.The controversy also caught the attention of Senator John Thune, chair of the Senate Commerce Committee, who voiced concern over the allegations.However, following a recent meeting with a Facebook executive, Thune seemed broadly satisfied with the company s actions.
If you re one of the 128.3 million Americans who travel to work every day, chances are that your commute sucks.Dragging yourself out of bed is horrible enough, but couple that with traffic, construction, delays, ill-mannered drivers, poorly-constructed bike lanes, and the fact that your favorite podcast is slowly going downhill—slumping into your office chair is a relief.And yet, Mark Evans has managed to make that collective experience bewitching—beautiful, even.The commute data is accurate down to the neighborhood, so you get a pretty precise portrait of relatively long LA commutes.On the other hand, Evans s commute his pretty simple—he s currently retraining himself as a data scientist, and usually works from an Ann Arbor, Michigan, coffee shop just a few miles down the road from his home.Take a gander at one of those green dots below, in the map of commuters traveling between zero and 100 miles from the Mitten State s Washtenaw County.
In case you were living off the interwebs this weekend, a woman named Candace Payne rocketed to viral fame after buying herself a Chewbacca mask and livestreaming the hysterical joy of trying her purchase – sound effects and all – for the first time.Now, as is tradition with all the best viral videos, Payne s euphoric episode has been autotuned by the geniuses of Schmoyoho, also known as The Gregory Brothers.That is to say, the same minds behind the infamous Double Rainbow and Bed Intruder hide yo kids, hide yo wife!It s another instant classic:Sure to join other seminal works like Beethoven s Symphony No.Not that she needs it; at over 137 million views and counting, her video has already become the most watched Facebook Live video of all time.Just make sure you re not in a quiet place and be prepared for contagious laughter:Read next: This hoverboard with a cereal bowl is the future of transportation
Two months ago, Philips Lighting announced it would soon be releasing a suite of white ambiance light bulbs geared toward allowing users the opportunity to adjust the light s glow.Though the initial report listed a vague spring 2016 as its window of release, a press release published by the company this week shows the next evolution of white ambiance bulb is now available.Setting it to gradually brighten in the morning helps people wake up more naturally while gently dimming it in the evening allows users to comfortably drift to sleep.Accessible via its companion smartphone application or the starter kit-included Philips Hue dimmer switch, adjusting to a different light recipe is completely intuitive.Conversely, the Go to Sleep function dims the lights in the evening which helps owners prepare for bed.Releasing today, the new Philips Hue white ambiance light comes in a starter package that comes standard with two white ambiance bulbs, an Apple HomeKit support bridge, and a dimmer switch, for just $130.
The snow is gone, the flowers have bloomed, and your lawn is probably looking pretty open and bare right about now.What better way to fill the void than with a tasteful monochromatic R2-D2 lawn ornament?ThinkGeek has a new one in its catalog, joining the seemingly endless array of other R2-D2 and Star Wars products.Of course, you could place it inside if you wanted — despite how it looks, the lawn ornament only weighs 6.5lbs.This is one of a few Star Wars products the company has introduced recently — there s a new BB-8 blueprint scarf, for example, and a Stormtrooper Infinity scarf.Also new are a pair of black ceramic travel mugs with the Star Wars logo on one side and the Galactic Empire logo on the other side.
The new breakfast of champions might just be 3D-printed.A contraption called the PancakeBot pours batter onto a griddle using 3D printing technology with incredible precision.MayThe4thBeWithYou TheForceAwakens to breakfast with this R2 Pancake by @thePancakeBot — PancakeBot @thePancakeBot May 4, 2016So if you wanted to draw a smiley face in your flapjack, you would draw the eyes and the mouth, wait a minute, and then fill your canvas with batter.I saw pancake versions of Steve Wozniak and Eiffel Tower appear before my eyes.I did not, fortunately, have to lend a hand in cleaning the contraption.pancakebot — Melia Robinson @meliarobin May 23, 2016The PancakeBot is a novelty item that buyers will likely never use enough to get their money's worth it runs $299.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond .Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.More from Tech Insider:Tesla cars have clocked in 100 million Autopilot milesHere's how the US military is beating hackers at their own gameHow a guy who climbs 2,500-foot cliffs without ropes deals with fearScott Disick's big Instagram flub raises an important question: What the heck is teatoxing?Researchers created a robotic hand that is eerily human-like and can learn on its ownNOW WATCH: New Yorkers wait in line for hours to eat these blueberry pancakesLoading video...
An autonomous vehicle startup backed by Ford Motor Co. F 1.22 % Chairman Bill Ford raised $16 million in additional funding with an eye on launching autonomous taxis in Singapore this autumn.NuTonomy Chief Executive Karl Iagnemma said the latest round is going to let us accelerate our progress—more people and more cars.It plans to invest heavily in creating infrastructure for self driving cars, and promises to ease regulatory headaches for auto companies and other firms looking to break ground.We are inviting companies and research institutions to test-bed their technology and concepts here, in real-life, mixed-use traffic conditions, Singapore s Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport Kin Keong Pang said in a statement.NuTonomy is using retrofitted Mitsubishi MSBHY 1.32 % iMiev electric cars and is expected to add Renault Zoe EVs in its autonomous cab service later this year.The firm specializes in developing the brain of the car—how it acts—leveraging others technology for sensing.
We leave the office or factory at the end of the work-day, we turn off the computer, we switch off the TV.In fact, statistics show that two people out of three place their mobile devices on the nightstand next to their bed.We selected a group of users who had opted out of receiving push notifications, and showed them a screen immediately after they sent an instant message that explained to them the benefit of push notifications.As recently as six months before we ran the test, a majority of Facebook users were skeptical about push notifications so they opted out of receiving them.And all of a sudden, people realized that push notifications allowed them to know instantly when a friend had posted a photo of them, or sent them a message, or tagged them in a post.Its power was seen as scary and out of the hands of its users.
The bulb's focus is on providing a bright, natural-looking light which the company claims will help users feel more energised throughout the day.When combined with the routines function introduced in the last Hue app update, the bulbs can be set to automatically brighten throughout the day to give you more energy, and then dim at night to help you sleep.Sleepy lighting and moody lightingScientists are increasingly recognising the effect lighting can have on the human psyche.People are recommended not to use a screen within an hour of going to bed because of the way the blue light can trick the brain into thinking it's earlier in the day and can hence interfere with sleep.In fact, the absence of natural light in winter leads many to suffer from 'Seasonal Affective Disorder' SAD , resulting in low moods during the winter months.The new ambience light is available now as a single bulb for $29.95 £25.95 or as part of a starter kit which includes a wall-mountable dimmer switch for $129.95 £99.95 and works with a number of existing home automation solutions including Amazon's Alexa, Nest and Samsung SmartThings.
It's a safe bet that nearly everyone with a smartphone has used it while laying in bed at least a few times.And there's at least one app that you open up that's always way too bright.This is why some apps have a special "night mode" which gives you a dark background with light text, as opposed to the other way around.If you open it, you're going to have that bright white background.As you'd expect, it essentially inverts the background and text, giving you a screen that's much easier on the eyes.It's likely that they're simply using one platform to test out features, and will simply work on implementing them on both, based on feedback.
Ex PostThe Iller river stretches for 91 miles through southeastern Germany before meeting up with the Danube.This river, like all rivers, is filled with sediment— rocks and pebbles from thousands of years ago that sit on the riverbed and along the bank.At the time Maus, an artist, had no clue that these pebbles would inspire his latest work.Without any help from a human, the robotic arm analyzes each of the 7,000 stones and sorts them according to type and age.At the beginning of every run, the camera takes a photo of the randomly assorted rocks and uses it to map the location of each stone.We all have this inside us—we like to collect, we like to measure, we like to move things, Bartoníček says.