in the Bedroom, smartphones and tablets interfere with children's sleep, although they were even closed, told the Telegraph.scientists from King's College London and Cardiff university went through 11 studies, involving more than 125 000 children to determine the effect of technology on sleep.the researchers found that smartphone or tablet use before bed doubles your risk of the fact that the night's sleep interrupted.Similarly, the use of equipment raised the possibility that the child is particularly sleepy the next day.a Particularly important observation was that a mere equipment for the presence of disrupted significantly sleep.Even almost as much, as if the equipment had been used.
Broadcasts from the International Space Station ISS more often than not come from a fixed location aboard the orbiting satellite, with the astronauts usually the center of attention.A fabulous new 18-minute video from NASA, however, makes the space station itself the star of the show, taking viewers on a fascinating tour of its myriad of modules and facilities – all presented in ultra-high definition.Described by NASA as larger than a six-bedroom house, the space station has been permanently crewed since 2000.However, don t expect to see any astronauts in the video – the entire crew, which can consist of up to ten people, all remain well out of shot throughout.The gentle fisheye-lens flythrough, which comes with a hypnotically soothing soundtrack, begins in the space station s seven-window Cupola observatory module, the place where astronauts come to ponder life, the universe, and everything.Or simply to grab a few jaw-dropping shots of Earth.
When I moved out of my shared two-bedroom apartment to embrace life sans roommates, I called it adulthood.On some level, I d accepted the fact that living by myself in Manhattan would mean giving up quite a bit of space, and theoretically, I was fine with it.Maybe not, but the New York real estate market could certainly put a price tag on a closet – or rather, a closet-sized apartment without a closet of its own .Having heard tell of clever ways of utilizing even the smallest of spaces by way of good design, I decided that aesthetics were a potential solution to my absolute lack of room.So I turned to online interior design firm Laurel & Wolf to help me make use of every square inch because really, there weren t enough square feet to speak of .If the mark of success for a technology company is accessibility — and it certainly was for Warby Parker — then Laurel & Wolf has won.
When he's not trying to advance self-driving car technology or explore space, Elon Musk likes to spend time working on progressing renewable energy, and he's been showing off two new products for the home in Los Angeles.The first is made by SolarCity, one of many firms Musk has an interest in he's currently trying to take it over with Tesla : solar roof panels that look like normal slates, are cheap to install and can power your home gadgets without costing the Earth.Musk's announcements were light on details including costs and a launch date but apparently a roof kitted out with these new tiles of which there are several types would save you money when compared with fitting a normal roof and having to pay for electricity separately.During the show, which you can see in full on Vimeo, we also got a look at Tesla's new Powerpack 2 battery for the home.These fridge-sized packs are designed to store all that power coming from the Sun and keep it available through the night and cloudy days.Each Powerwall 2 features two 14 kWh lithium-ion battery packs double the capacity of the previous version and is capable of holding enough electricity to power a standard four-bedroom house for an entire day.
It was remarkable for the ideas that drove its development and for the breadth of its impact—starting in the 1960s and accelerating through the '70s and '80s, PLATO terminals became omnipresent throughout schools, universities, and offices around the world.The level of variety on display wasn't a match for the bedroom coding revolution that followed in the 1980s, but PLATO games still had much to offer.Some offered stripped-down renditions of popular sports or close replications of famous board games like Battleship and Boggle.Even with liberal use of the powerful "Sleep" magic spell one of 16 total spells in the game , it was easier said than done.It had a town area from which you could access shops and guilds as well as a wilderness area and four huge dungeons you could explore either solo or with a party of other players.And a game called Spasim intended to be pronounced "space sim" but more commonly said as "spasm" let you fly a futuristic spacecraft.
Tesla s new Powerwall 2 is part of Tesla Energy, the company s new comprehensive approach to green, all-electric power delivery.The updated home energy storage product is similar to the last one, in that it s a large, rectangular now with more rectangularity device designed to live on a wall in your home likely in the garage or somewhere similar – but the big differences are on the inside.The Powerwall 2.0 has more than twice the energy storage capacity of the original version with 14 kWh capacity.Over double the capacity means double the ability to keep your home humming with guilt-free electric power, culled from the new solar roof offering for private homes that Tesla also unveiled today.Musk said that the Powerwall 2 has enough power to charge lights, sockets and refrigerator for a standard 4 bedroom home for an entire day.The new flatter design and more angular look, and will be available for $5,500 per unit.
So you want to make the move from bedroom DJ to floor-filling superstar?You re not going to get far without a pair of headphones to listen back over your masterful mixes and marvel over your creative genius.Pioneer DJ has got you covered with the HDJ-700s, a chunky pair of cans designed specifically with vinyl spinners in mind.But are they any good for the rest of us non-musical geniuses?I ve been listening in to a pair for the past week to find out.The HDJ-700s might be designed with DJs in mind, but let s face it - most of us aren t going to be the next Skrillex.
In addition to the new Solar Roof, Elon Musk has announced the arrival of the Powerwall 2, an update to Tesla s original Powerwall offering.The Powerwall 2 is a vital component for powering your home using the sun, particularly with one of the new solar roofs.This residential home battery will power a two bedroom home, including its lights and appliances, for a full day.The Powerwall 2 is basically a large rechargeable li-ion battery, one that harvests the energy from solar panels and stores it for night time, rainy days, and any other times you may need it.The Powerwall 2 offers 14kWh capacity with peak 7kW power and 5kW continuous.The so-called round trip efficiency is 91.8-percent for the DC Powerwall and 89-percent for the AC Powerwall.
Just like her father, Oracle founder Larry Ellison, Oscar-nominated producer Megan Ellison is turning out to be quite the real estate mogul.According to property records, she has listed for sale a five-bedroom home in Los Angeles' Mount Olympus neighborhood.She bought the home — which happens to be next-door to a much larger estate she also owns — for $5.25 million in April 2015.She's now hoping to get $5.9 million in what would be quite the profitable sale, assuming she didn't perform extensive renovations on the home.This wouldn't be the first time Ellison successfully flipped a home in Los Angeles.In 2013, she netted $14.15 million in a three-home sale in the Bird Streets neighborhood above the Sunset Strip.According to Variety, she also recently found a buyer for a home she had purchased for $13.5 million and listed for $14.995 million just a few months later.The home that's currently on the market has 5,240 square feet of space and gorgeous city views.
Sex is an important part of the evening known as date night, but it doesn t have to happen at the end of the date.In fact, there are a bunch of benefits to getting down before you even head out the door.Not only does it put you in a good mood for the rest of the evening, but as Megan Cahn explains on A Cup of Jo, you don t have to worry about ruining sexy times by overindulging in other ways:But sometimes, after too much wine and trying one too many dishes off the menu why do we always order so many apps?, when we get home passing out is all we feel like doing.The other night, though, something came over us and we ended up in the bedroom before we even left the house for dinner.
The message is becoming increasingly clear: Rents indeed are falling around the Bay Area.New data from the Axiometrics research firm show rents dropping in San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland.The Oakland piece is a new twist; according to other surveys, Oakland rents have remained on the rise, though at a far slower rate than over the past year or two.Here s what Axiometrics has to say about average rents falling into negative-rent-growth territory :There were slight month-over-month declines between August and September 2016, as well: Rents dropped from $2,800 to $2,718 in San Jose off 2.9 percent ; from $3,301 to $3,226 in San Francisco off 2.3 percent ; and from $2,413 to $2,378 in Oakland down 1.5 percent .Now compare our region s scenario to the nation s: The average national rent stood at just $1,290 in September 2016, up year over year by 2.6 percent from $1,258, according to Axiometrics.The Axiometrics study follows one by Abodo, the apartment search website.It showed rents dropping 7 percent between September and October in San Jose from $2,455 to $2,293 for a one-bedroom apartment, and falling 6 percent in San Francisco from $3,698 to $3,483 .However, it showed rents still climbing in Oakland — by 5 percent, from $2,256 to $2,358 for a one-bedroom.According to a third-quarter report by Novato-based RealFacts, the average San Jose apartment now rents for $2,500, up 0.6 percent from the third quarter of 2015, while the average San Francisco rent fell year over year by 3.4 percent to $3,499.In Oakland, the average rent is $2,927, according to RealFacts — up 2.8 percent on a year-over-year basis.One last thought: Even though the runaway market is finally starting to cool off, most middle class folks still struggle to afford an apartment here.Photo at top: A new crane rises up in downtown San Jose on May 18, 2015 for a seven-story apartment complex under construction at 51 N. 6th Street.Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group Tags: Abodo, Axiometrics, Bay area rents, falling rents, Oakland, RealFacts, san francisco, San Jose
Ever wonder where you could afford to live if your choices extended around the world?You could travel all around, in real life or via the internet, gathering data until you were exhausted.Or you could log on to The Earth Awaits You, enter your monthly budget, set some parameters and see what comes up, as reported by Fast Company.The monthly budget range scale runs from $0 to $20,000.If you don t change any other parameters but set the monthly budget range to $0 to $1,000 for one-bedroom city center housing for two people with a modest lifestyle, 73 cities come up, the cheapest in Maduri, India, where, of the total estimated monthly cost of $456 of which $165 would cover housing, $180 for food, and $111 for other.At the high-end of the low-end test search, Kiev, Ukraine comes $985 a month.
He had switched off his car headlights and scanned the scene as he crept away from his home in Kampala and towards his office.Shaka was charged with being Tom Voltaire Okwalinga, the name given to an anonymous Facebook profile more commonly known by Ugandans as TVO, a widely-read government dissenter.Below this message was a yellow handwritten note reading: "Please pass to Robert Shaka".But he can also come across as a quiet guy who got caught up in a paranoid government's obsession with a controversial online character.News teams trawl the page for leads as it breaks stories before the mainstream media and laugh when it routinely humiliates government spokespeople.The state has already arrested other people for being TVO, but has released them all due to lack of evidence.
NEC s business-focused displays are going to have a whole new realm of functionality in the near future, as the Japanese electronics maker has announced that it will be incorporating Raspberry Pi 3s into its displays going forward.It is hoped that these displays will facilitate better connectivity with the internet of things IOT and will be able to offer customizable functionality to third parties.The Raspberry Pi project was initially designed to help children learn to program and to encourage bedroom hardware hacking and experimentation.However, in its third generation, NEC sees the Pi as a very capable piece of kit and wants to include it in its future hardware.The 1.2GHz processor is powerful and NEC hopes that when combined with the micro-PC s varied ports and feature set, the resulting pro displays will really stand out.Our strategic initiative to team up with Raspberry Pi is an example of how we continue to ensure that organizations in any sector have the most advanced technology in place to meet their application needs, said senior VP of marketing at NEC, Stefanie Corinth.
So says Open Exchange CEOOX Summit European politicians are using a bogus terror threat to coerce their populations, says Open-Xchange founder Rafael Laguna.Privacy Shield is a band aid on a wound that won t heal, he said.If only Governments were as keen on reining in their own robber barons, he added.hack illustrated this, he told us in an interview at Open Exchange s Frankfurt summit.It s like walking into your bedroom.
You want your bedroom to be a relaxing retreat that you return to at the end of the day that encourages deep, restful sleep, and shields you from the blinding sun.We ve talked about how to do this before, but this graphic wraps a few of those tips into a simple, easy to follow package.From making sure your bed actually has plenty of room for you and anyone sleeping next to you to decorating lightly in your bedroom for a more serene, relaxing experience, the full graphic is full of tips that ll help you keep your bedroom from straying too much into college dorm territory and stay firmly in the relaxing retreat category.They also make a few suggestions for types of fabrics to make your bed with that ll keep you cool while you sleep, how to handle lighting in your bedroom that ll give you the light you need without keeping you awake, and of course, how to keep everything nice and clean over the long haul.Check it out below, or hit the link below to see it in its natural habitat.Your Guide to a Stress-free Bedroom Amara
Mirror mirror, on the wall.What shade works best with my skin tone in this light?HiMirror is introducing a smart beauty mirror today that analyzes your skin.The company says its mirror is like having a beauty and health consultant in your home every day.The HiMirror recommends what kind of beauty products you should buy based on your skin condition, local weather, and other factors.The device costs $189 for the standard mirror and $259 for the device with multi-ambiance makeup light.The product is a companion for the Smart Body Scale $79 , which provides similar body and weight analysis and corresponding exercise solutions.HiMirror is approximately 11 inches x 16.5 inches, and it is humidity-resistant.It can be easily installed in a bathroom, closet, or bedroom walkway, affixing to a wall or a mirror.An integrated high-resolution camera and proprietary technology offer in-depth complexion analysis.By taking a makeup-free photo, HiMirror detects dark spots, red spots, dark eye circles, wrinkles, pores, fine lines, and other complexion elements.
I walk down the corridor to the missing teenager s bedroom.You can move forward and look around, but there are only ever one or two objects with which you can interact in each area.What s more, nobody talks.The game plays out like a silent film, with startling cuts between scenes that wrench your character out of your control and put her down somewhere else.Released last month by two-person UK studio Variable State, Virginia is billed as a play in its opening credits – a term that suggests both active participation and the passive experience of sitting in a theatre.Burroughs and co-developer Terry Kenny met when working on an unreleased game at artificial intelligence firm DeepMind, before the company was bought by Google in 2014.
6-Pack TaoTronics LED Bulbs, $13 with code RSHKZDMQStill haven t made the transition to LED?Amazon will sell you a 6-pack of highly rated TaoTronics bulbs for just $13 right now with promo code RSHKZDMQ.These put out the brightness equivalent of a 60W incandescent, but with only 9W of electricity each.Plus, many local utility companies offer rebates when you buy these things, so they should pay for themselves in short order.The deal is available for both 5000K daylight bulbs, which are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, and 3000K soft white bulbs which are generally better for relaxation areas like your living room and bedroom.
the Launch of the Galaxy Note 7 is probably the worst in the history of technology and could damage the Samsung brand.It began with the reports of the battery overheating and some cases of severe fires.It went so far that the airlines started to ask passengers to turn off their Note 7 and not charge them during the flight.Samsung responded by recommending customers to replace them with a new revised model in which the batteriproblemet would have been fixed.the Whole 2.5 million phones sold were covered by the exchange program.First, there was a case where an aircraft had to be evacuated after smoke, then a man who woke up in a smoke-filled bedroom.