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The Garden Residences CondoThe Garden Residences is located within Singapore's best known, It is also close to educational institutions such as Rosyth School, We offer the best garden residences show flat with affordable price, that you can enjoy a garden home set amidst a lush landscape.In addition we have an abundance of green spaces for plants and their roots on which your children will come!To further expand their tax base, each unit was attached to a three-bedroom property.With these units priced at $100,000–$150's of capital cost were added into the taxable income for 2015/2016 in order that only one year later it would have been more profitable to add them all together on lower costs per square foot by selling off several low market properties where they didn't stand out as luxury condos due not being quite what people thought when first hearing about this concept.As you can see above there are still plenty available here including additional buildings like a 2 bedroom duple The Garden Residences SerangoonThe Garden Residences is a 99-year leasehold development situated in District 19 and is 600m to the upcoming Serangoon North MRT Station (Cross Island Line).Jointly developed by two of Singapore's most reputable developers - Keppel Land & WingTai Asia, the targeted TOP will be in August 2022 or earlier.
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