Especially with Governments initiative on digital health, we have been able to see a lot of momentum in the Healthcare Industry in the past few years.Organization is being tested like never before, though the after-effects of Covid-19 is still unfolding across the globe.While Social distancing and work from home has become the new normal, Corporate leaders are striving to ensure that their businesses continue with minimal disruption.Get Magazine: is a Solution Provider having exclusive focus on offering Enterprise IT Solutions to the Healthcare Industry.The portal will exclusively handle the hospitals RFQ enabling the vendor to bid electronically mentioning the specification and other product details proposed.Currently, we are piloting this project in a multi-speciality hospital and soon will be launched for our other customers as well.TelemedicineWhile there are numerous products available in the market for Telemedicine, very few is integrated with the hospital management system starting from online appointment system, payment gateway integration until patient virtual check in and check out.Patient receives his encounter details on his registered WhatsApp Number.Cloud ComputingOver a period of time, maintaining IT Infrastructure on-prim can be a costlier in a Hospital environment.Having said that, hospital environment is complex with various applications & equipment’s and its related software used across the length and breadth of the hospital.