Bildelningstjänsten Car2go is available in thirty cities around the world.the Service had previously existed in Stockholm, but was withdrawn in 2016.the company Now has been exposed for what appears to be the first major hijacking of a bildelningstjänst.Exactly how the coup has gone to is not known other than that the cars are reserved via an app through any type of fraud, according to Techcrunch.Police in Chicago have called in a dozen people for questioning, and 100 cars, most of the brand Mercedez-Benz, is still not found.Car2go have until now closed down the service in Chicago.
Bildelningstjänsten Car2go was launched in Stockholm in 2014.Car2go NTL offers a fully automatic rentals of Smart cars in major european cities but are now being forced to leave Stockholm."It is with a heavy heart that today we must inform you that our bildelningstjänst in Stockholm will be shut down," writes the company in a Facebookinlägg.the Company has not passed the of the competition from other operators, which offered a greater variety of size of cars.One of the competitors, Sunfleet regret the fact that Car2go is now disappearing from the streets."We really think it's boring, it needed more bildelningsmöjligheter, not fewer," says Rasmus Trygg, marketing manager at Sunfleet.
Customers were given the news on Friday afternoon.the Competition in Stockholm around the so-called bildelningstjänster have hardened considerably in the past year.Now, the harvests, the competition his first victim.It is German Car2go giving up and leaving Stockholm.In an email to its customers announcing the company's management to bolgets cessation of business in Sweden.On its website, writes the Car2go following.