The recent outbreak of Covid-19 has changed the way of life on a global level.The rapid increase in the number of cases across the world and the alarming number of deaths has scared each one of us.One of the major changes that has occurred in our lifestyles is the mandatory wearing of masks, gloves, and protective clothing.So, we are all taking precautionary measures, right?These measures are taken to reduce exposure to the dust, pollution, or virus germs that can be found on surfaces and the world outside.But, according to experts, a better way to reduce exposure and help slow the spread of this disease is to wear a face shield.Shields are found to be more effective than face masks in protecting the wearer against the virus and other germs.Why Do Many People Prefer Face Shields to Face Masks?The primary reason one would prefer to wear a face shield as opposed to a face mask is that face masks cause itching and irritation.
The fashion trends have immensely grown over the past few years.They are always changing and the new style statement for the woman of 2020 is not so simple.The woman of today is the woman of substance.She is always on the go, multi-tasker, clear about her goals, leads a healthy lifestyle, has amazing fashion sense, is an influencer for others and knows which style suits her.Another important aspect to note over here is that now there is no fashion code one has the liberty to choose their own style and fashion.Below are the 10 trends we have come across which can make you look like a boss chick and transform your look completely.1) Shoes worn over pantsNow you can easily slide those attractive stilettoes of yours even if you are going to office or just going for a casual hangout with friends.Carry bling clutch with it if you are going for a night out or a party.