Chinese City Offers Rent Subsidies, Cash Rewards to Blockchain Businesses – CointelegraphWhat happened: Fuzhou, the capital of China’s southeastern Fujian Province, plans to offer rent subsidies and cash rewards to blockchain businesses in a bid to boost the city’s tech industry.Blockchain companies could qualify for subsidies that reduce their rent by as much as RMB 600,000 (around $86,800) annually, for three years.The same amount will be offered as a cash reward to award-winning projects that make scientific and technological progress, or those that transform the city.Companies that set up blockchain research centers or labs could see cash rewards up to RMB 2 million.Traditional companies that create blockchain applications will be eligible for a 20% subsidy on the cost of development.
In December 2017 the Republican-led Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal the popular 2015 rules, which prevent broadband providers from blocking or slowing access to the internet, or charging for faster access.That all changed when FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, a Republican, took charge of the agency in 2017."Today's figures show that investment in our nation's broadband networks rose in 2018 for a second straight year, with an estimated increase of $3 billion.""Verizon, Comcast and Charter invested less in their networks after the net neutrality rules were repealed," said Gigi Sohn, an adviser to former Chairman Wheeler."As a result, a fire department has no recourse when Verizon throttles its broadband, and AT, T-Mobile and Sprint can sell precise geolocation information for its customers to data brokers who then sell them to bounty hunters without consequence," Sohn said, referring to news last year that Verizon slowed the Santa Clara Fire Department's service to a crawl while first responders were fighting wildfires in California and allegations that major wireless carriers have been selling customer location data.We've assembled this FAQ to put everything in plain English.
You’ll soon be able to get some of your favorite childhood Star Wars games like Star Wars: X-Wing, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and Star Wars: Podracer, on modern platforms as well as a few on their original consoles.The re-releases of these games will be brought to you by Limited Run Games, a company that specializes in small-batch physical releases of classic or hard-to-find titles.The deal was announced during the company's press conference and then reaffirmed in a Tweet on the company's Twitter account, though it's still not clear when they'll come out.Unfortunately, for both better and worse, these games aren’t remasters – i.e.they’ll still have the original graphics and character models.That will help these games maintain their historical accuracy, but might mean that they don’t hold up very well, especially since some source back to the early 90s.
When you want to know how to choose the best travel rewards credit card, the good news is that you have multiple options.The best travel rewards credit card can offer you travel rewards such as airlines miles, hotel points and other travel rewards.Here’s how a travel rewards card works: for every dollar you spend with a travel rewards card, you earn travel rewards that you can redeem for airline travel, hotel stays or other travel rewards.The best travel rewards credit cards often include signup bonuses, which may offer bonus points or bonus miles if you spend a certain amount of money in the first few months of having your best travel rewards credit card.Many of the top travel rewards credit cards, including the best credit card for international travel, do not charge a foreign transaction fee, which can help you with international travel.Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards: Here are the best Travel Rewards Credit Cards of 2019
"You know, the ones 'securely' stored so that no one can steal them :)" he wrote.Apple patched the flaw that KeySteal was exploiting at the end of March.Initially, Henze refused to share details of his hack with Apple, telling media outlets that it was because the company does not have a bug bounty program for macOS.Apple's keychain is essentially a native macOS password manager.Even if you don't use it as your primary password organizer, there's probably still sensitive stuff in there: The keychain is so seamlessly integrated into macOS that you may have saved some login credentials there without realizing it.Most attackers focus on finding bugs that give them fundamental access to the kernel, the control program at the heart of an operating system.
Impressive indie is an emergent gameplay goldmineThe RPG Greetings, traveller, and welcome to The Register Plays Games, henceforth known as The RPG, a column that will run on the last Friday of each month.Moments earlier, a dozen or so reavers broke through the gates and drew out the leader of the Dust Bandits, knocked him unconscious and ran off with him slung over their strongest shoulder.The 30,000-cat bounty on his head will do nicely.They must have heard the clamour of battle – always ripe for pickings.I can't do anything with the injuries my characters have sustained so I hurry them home (we've bought a lovely piece of real estate in a nearby city) for R Then I begin hatching our rescue plan.
For a cybersecurity company, Bugcrowd relies much more on people than it does on technology.For as long as humans are writing software, developers and programmers are going to make mistakes, said Casey Ellis, the company’s founder and chief technology officer in an interview TechCrunch from his San Francisco headquarters.“Cybersecurity is fundamentally a people problem,” he said.“Humans are actually the root of the problem,” he said.And when humans made coding mistakes that turn into bugs or vulnerabilities that be exploited, that’s where Bugcrowd comes in — by trying to mitigate the fallout before they can be maliciously exploited.Founded in 2011, Bugcrowd is one of the largest bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure companies on the internet today.
Apple's WWDC 2019 presentation kicks off a weeklong conference Monday at 10 a.m. PT in San Jose, California.In the background of all that anticipation is a lurking question about HomePod, HomeKit and the Siri-powered smart home.Common complaints include the lack of support for third-party music services and far fewer smart home integrations.Siri on HomePod isn't at the top of the voice assistant podium, either, as she had trouble competing with Google Assistant and Alexa in our testing and can't differentiate between multiple users' voices.It's doubtful we'll see a bounty of updates to either, since this conference is typically MacOS and iOS-focused.This is something both Google and Amazon already include in their smart speakers, and something Apple would be wise to quickly adopt.
Mindgeek left him totally unsatisfied, he saysAn irate infosec researcher has accused Pornhub owners Mindgeek of out-of-scoping what he described as "critical" vulns in a cartoon pornography-themed mobile games site.John Sawyer, a mobile app security specialist, had a poke around some of the APKs (Android application package) listed on Nutaku, a highly NSFW Mindgeek site dedicated to free browser games featuring lots of – well, there's no other way to put this – bonking Japanese-style cartoon characters.In a Reddit AMA (ask me anything), a Nutaku functionary described the site as "a distribution platform much like GooglePlay, Steam, the AppStore" for adult-themed apps, though it was the APK for Nutaku itself that Sawyer was examining.Sawyer was not impressed with what he found, telling The Register that he uncovered a slack handful of remote code execution (RCE) vulns, weak password hashing, sending login credentials over plain HTTP (no S), credentials ending up in logfiles and more.Even so, Sawyer said, Mindgeek didn't take them seriously – to the point where some of the bugs were declared out of scope of its bounty scheme after submission and so not eligible for a payout.
This month Disney castmember previews began, and while no phones were allowed inside the newest land, photos of merch and food and other items people left the park with can be found across social media (on Instagram especially).The second, more ambitious headline attraction called Rise of the Resistance will be opening later in 2019 in phase two, but no specific date has been announced yet for that launch.Disney says no reservations will be required for the Disney World version opening in August, but capacity will be limited.Where is it and when can I go?Oga's Cantina: Drink with bounty huntersVisitors to the local watering hole can order beer, wine and themed cocktails.
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Matthew Marre was indicted [PDF] and arrested last month for allegedly obtaining "confidential phone record information ... by making false and fraudulent statements and representations" when he called a hotline run by the different mobile networks, and asked for the GPS location of specific cellphones – all of which belonged to people that were wanted for skipping bail.What is remarkable is that Marre was seemingly able to get the information at all.The police are required to follow a "legal court process compelling the companies to assist law enforcement" i.e.When Marre was interviewed following the bush-tracking incident, he told a police officer that he was the owner of "Colorado PSC LLC" and had been contracted by a bail bond company to track the man in question.We haven't been able to find a limited liability company called "Colorado PSC" but it is possible that Marre simply implied he was a police officer by saying he was from "Colorado PSC" and was given the information by the mobile operator.Either way, Marre was apparently able to get hold of information that should been restricted only to law enforcement officers in an emergency situation – and was able to do so repeatedly with three of the four mobile operators, suggesting at the very least that those companies have lax data protection systems in place.
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Whether you’re a fan, a media person or, like me, a mix of both, this spring’s incredible bounty of entertainment both on the large and small screen was a truly magical moment.Two of the world’s most fanatically adored entertainment properties, Game of Thrones and Marvel’s four-phase Infinity Stones arc both ended their near decade-long spans of groundbreaking storytelling at almost the same moment.I told him that if he could make the first movie work, the second movie would be fucking incredible.”Perhaps an unnecessary bit of foreshadowing for a film that has already become the biggest movie of all time in the U.S., but a telling one from a great storyteller nonetheless.The film is expertly paced, beginning with a jaw-dropping scene showing the consequences of Thanos’ finger snap (a rather silly comic book device that somehow seemed less so on the screen) that ended half the universe.Sure, time-traveling storylines always do, and each of us could pick out moments that seemed to go over the top.
On this week’s interview episode, Nilay is joined by Federal Communications Commissioner Geoffrey Starks and Verge policy reporter Makena Kelly, on the heels of the agency’s recent announcement that it would likely approve the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint.Commissioner Starks couldn’t say much about the proposed merger deal, but he had plenty to say regarding a host of other issues the FCC has the jurisdiction to chase.Should Chinese telecommunications companies be allowed to operate in US networks?How could the agency ensure that carriers like AT and Verizon aren’t selling customer location data to third parties where it could get in the hands of criminals and bounty hunters?Below, is an excerpt of Starks discussing the national security and economic risks that come with allowing companies like Huawei access to US communications networks:Last week Brendan Carr, a Republican commissioner, called for national security agencies to investigate the Chinese telecommunications companies that are already operating on our networks.
Think About Advantages And Disadvantages of GST in India Online GST Return The easiest charge conveyed charge demand on assembling, deal and utilization of merchandise or administrations in India can be GST.We are investigating some merits and negative marks of GST that will legitimately influence the business situation in forthcoming time.Give us a chance to begin with advantages of this Bill presented as want for bounty better expense subculture.GST Returns Some sublime outcomes may be as underneath of GST usage Evacuates numerous tax assessment - As we perceive that administration prevailing to sidestep the receipt in rajya sabha and lok sabha and supply an endorsement by means of President, All set to give you a solitary Tax plan with the goal that it will be additional less troublesome and immaculate.Less Tax questions We could have sizeable decrease in expense questions related with the meaning of items and administrations as GST is uniform duty on every great and administrations.Diminishes Tax on produces There could be a huge decrease of expense on makers as this GST is an admission feature charge which encourages makers be additional forceful in universal and countrywide markets.4 Boost GDP by zero.Nine-1.Five% By few gauges when GST gets completely executed India will get an increase in pretty much nine to 1.5 rate on its GDP.Counteract Tax Leakage With uniform expense state of an item all through the majority of the states it will help with ceasing charge spillage and blast the offers of administration.Credit can be to be had with GST arrangeAll credit may be accessible on from on-line availability with GST people group least complex which may affect little gatherings contrarily as may moreover they will find utilizing machine all the more hard.
A bug discovered in Slack, the workplace messaging app, may have allowed an attacker to intercept files downloaded from inside Slack’s Windows desktop client, according to security researchers.An attacker would introduce a malicious link into a Slack channel that, if clicked, would silently alter the download-location setting of the victim’s client to a file server owned by the attacker.This according to a researcher at Tenable, a US-based cybersecurity firm.The flaw was patched in Slack version 3.4.0, Tenable said.Slack said the issue was reported by Tenable through its bug bounty program at HackerOne: “Slack investigated and found no indication that this vulnerability was ever utilised, nor reports that its users were impacted.As always, users are encouraged to [update] their apps and clients to the last available version.”
AT defended the sale of user location data in a letter made public today, saying that the practice was technically legal because it did not involve the type of data the Federal Communications Commission prohibits carriers from selling without user consent.The FCC is investigating the telecom and fellow carriers T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon for the long-standing practice that only in the past couple of years has come to light after press investigations.All four major carriers claimed they would stop the practice in June 2018 after a security breach exposed sensitive user data, but new revelations about location information acquired by bounty hunters on the black market have undermined the companies’ pledges.The other carriers followed with similar provisions for law enforcement and emergency requests.According to AT’s letter, the type of data it has provided to third parties without user consent is not in violation of federal law, specifically its use of data known as A-GPS.The company is basing this is on a bit of a technicality, saying A-GPS data, which is gathered the company claims for use both by emergency services and for GPS-based services like ride-hailing apps, is not under the same umbrella as the data the FCC prohibits carriers from selling or data stored in what’s known as the National Emergency Address Database (NEAD).
Greetings and welcome to a new edition of Replay, WIRED's videogame news roundup.Also, in the world of esports, Riot Games is backing former NBA star Rick Fox in his dispute with the organization he founded.Keanu Reeves is awesome; and long-haired, bearded Keanu breaking stuff is possibly my favorite genre of film.The world is a messy, chaotic place.Anyway, yes, John Wick's brand of anti-villainous shootouts is making its way to Fortnite, launching alongside the third Wick film, Parabellum, which opens this weekend.The mode, called "Wick's Bounty," will let players fight over gold coins, the assassin currency of the films, while other players will be notified of the location of high-earners to, y'know, assassinate them.
After a lot of rumors and leaks suggesting as much, we now know that Fortnite‘s new event stars the one and only John Wick.Epic has launched another crossover event – this time with John Wick 3: Parabellum – that adds everyone’s favorite assassin to the game and puts him at the center of a new limited-time game mode.That game mode is called Wick’s Bounty, and by playing it, you have the opportunity to unlock some items inspired by the movie.Just like in the movies, the Wick’s Bounty LTM pits a group of bounty hunters against each other.You’ll collect tokens by eliminating other bounty hunters and staying alive for as long as possible.The goal is to earn a certain number of coins and fulfill the contract handed down by The High Table, but keep in mind that as you rack up more of those gold tokens, you’ll become a bigger target for other players.