the British brexit-vote could cost the country's economy tens of billions of euros.That the third research institute of CEBR's business leader survey participated companies have either postponed or cancelled investment to Britain after the vote.most of the arguments were plans to amend the pounds weakness or inflation in the expected to accelerate the.the Research estimates that the lost investment, the total value could rise to up to 75 billion.
British Prime Minister David Cameron and President Jean Claude Juncker were pointing to each other brexit-the result of the vote in Brussels on Tuesday. Commission President Jean Claude Juncker torppasi Cameron claims held after the working dinner of the Heads at a news conference during the night between Tuesday and Wednesday. Juncker believes that scapegoats are found in London, not Brussels. Sipilä said the timetable for receiving the heads of understanding. Sipilä pointed out that, even if all they want as a close relationship with the British, brexit half-promises are not guaranteed to be fulfilled. The meeting Sipilä your photos with emotion, because it was Cameron's jäähyväiskokous.
Italian banks are being organized by the EUR as much as 150 billion utility, writes The Wall Street Journal. According to the newspaper the EU Commission issued on Sunday authorized Italy to grant state guarantees to safeguard the liquidity of banks. This is the first time since the British Brexit-vote, the EU member state has to support the banking system. During the last week of Italian ready had problems in the banking system has been subjected to further problems, and bank shares have become cheaper. Italian new liquidity program, the state offers totaling up to € 150 billion in deposits, the source tells the WSJ for. Only financially sound banks would be entitled to receive liquidity support, says the WSJ.
All Swiss debt securities, interest income fell to negative territory yesterday on Friday, tells the Financial Times. This means that investors are now willing to pay more than they will eventually get back to the payments and reimbursements of capital Swiss bonds. Yesterday minus interest decreased for the first time also matures only in 2064 the debt paper. Swiss 10-year bond yield interest rate is currently -0.66 per cent. All in all, the bonds of several countries, interest income has fallen significantly this week as a result of the British brexit-vote.
the British brexit-after the vote of the pacific peaceful development of the stock market snapped last week at the end of the slide to the united states S 500 -stock index fell on Friday to 2.5 percent.the Helsinki stock exchange general index OMX-was on Monday afternoon a two percent decline in 8313,24 Europe, the Euro Stoxx 50 index was 2.0 percent decline in germany's DAX index up 1.9 percent decline, and in London the FTSE 100 index 1.5% slide magazine interviewed by strategists admit they have the situation confused.the Last time 2014 in October was the kind of atmosphere that the market will fall, and we don't really understand why.
the European common defence could take a leap forward british brexit-decision.the German and French defense ministers are considering a far-reaching defence cooperation and the new command centre in Brussels and, possibly, a european military academy, the founders or, respectively, the European forces into national military schools.Le figaro, according to the defence ministers write that the deteriorating security environment due to it is high time to strengthen the solidarity and the European defense capability to Europe's borders and citizens can be better protected .the Uk has opposed the EU's common defence organisation and the parallel system, the creation of the North Atlantic defense alliance Nato.the German and French defense ministers said that taking into account the british departure from the EU, now has 27 member states to's time to take forward European defense union, which is in fact the Schengen area for the defense.
German chancellor Angela Merkel said that Britain can get concessions from the EU-citizens, labour migration and to maintain the same swath of the European internal market, told the Reuters news agency.Merkel said other countries were to require otherwise."If I started to make concessions to freedom of movement, the next another country came and said: I also don't want to I saw a lot of workers from bulgaria and romania", Merkel said."And then would come the third country and extremism in Europe and soon we shut down again, our borders, and we would have no freedom and no more Europe", Merkel kärja.Merkel, according to the British the opportunity to get access to the internal market depends on whether to approve the country freedom of movement.
britain's biggest banks are planning to transition from the British to the outside during the first months of the year 2017, told the Guardian.the Bank's plans came in the middle of the growing fears regarding the British brexit negotiations.a Dramatic plan to tell the british banking organisations director Anthony Browne, who vatoittaa that the public and political debate currently taking us in the wrong direction .the British government's assurances that it intends to ensure london's position breixitin after, but the government's intention to restrict freedom of movement to Britain's banking authorities consider that a bad shock.If freedom of movement is restricted, affected banks trade agreements.currently, in the Uk by the bank is authorised to provide unhindered access to financial services for businesses and individuals across the whole of the EU. But other EU countries is increasingly required so-called hard brexit , which would include other music of the British leaving the euro area market.
the Uk does not have any common strategy of the European union for, and the prime minister the cabinet division can delay negotiations up to six months, told the Reuters news agency.the consultant company Deloitte, the ministry prepared the documents reveal chaotic brexit-the situation: Prime minister Theresa May is trying to control key brexit-the questions themselves, while the ministers are divided brexit-question and civil service is in turmoil."the Prime minister is fast gaining a reputation that he makes the decisions and decide the details of independently solving issues - which is not likely to be sustainable", the document says."it May take six months before the vision's main objectives/negotiate the plan while the political situation in the Uk and the EU develops."May's spokesperson, according to the Deloitte memo has nothing to do with the government, and it is not reliable.Deloitte declined to comment immediately on the matter to Reuters.
Pound exchange rate to the Us dollar has been the lowest since October, when the price plummeted to a the Morning pound exchange rate was slightly less than $ 1.20, while in October the rate pushed up to around $ 1.18.nervousness in the market brought, inter alia, prime minister Theresa May's upcoming speech.May is expected to line to the British brexit-goals tomorrow.the british press according to the May going to tilt very brexit's side, i.e. to pull the country completely out of the EU's internal market.
Pret A Manger chain job seekers, one in five of the ten is british, told the chain's HR director Andrea Wareham, according to the BBC.Wareham was talking yesterday to the house of lords economic committee and told that he feared that the Brexit cause the company bad recruitment problems.Warehamin according to domestic job seekers do not consider the companies as an attractive place to work.He told me that 65% of employees come from other EU countries."If I'm supposed to fill all vacancies on our british applicants, I would be able to fill them -- applicants lack", Wareham said committee.Pret a Manger is a popular fast food chain that sells coffee and sandwiches.
the Influential european think tank Bruegel estimates that the British erolasku the European union can only stay 25 billion.This would be a much lower amount than previously proposed 60 billion, told the Financial Times.Comprehensive in its analysis regarding the uk's assets and liabilities Bruegel has come to the conclusion, that the British debt prices varies 25.4 billion to eur 65.1 billion.the Final sum depends on political compromise.Bruegel suggests that approximately 35 billion eur could be more fair payment.Brexit negotiations just erosumma of the magnitude of the rise is the first great battlefield.
the EU has raised the demand of the British brexit-the invoice now already a hundred billion gross in advance, it turns out the Financial Times analysis.the EU brexit-negotiators have corrected the original calculations of how much Britain is asked to back a debt, after several member states had requested it.the British charges include, inter alia, the brexit was post farming payments, as well as the EU's administrative expenses for the years 2019 and the Coming decades, the British net decline will probably be less than a hundred billion in advance the required sum, but it will still increase to the previously estimated 60 billion euros.Risen erolasku sign of the EU in the remaining member countries of the tightening line of brexit negotiations with.France and Poland are, for example, insisted on brexit's post-farmers fees while in Germany there is opposition to it, that the kingdom would be given to the share of the EU funds.
the British brexit-minister David Davis announced on Wednesday that Britain is not going to pay hundred billion irtautuessaan the European union, told Reuters news agency.Davis ' announcement came after the Financial Times wrote of the EU to prepare the required the amount Britain brexit negotiations.”We're not going to pay 100 billion.what we need to do, is to discuss in detail what rights and obligations are,” Davis said of the british tv channel in an interview.He also pointed out that the British government has not seen the so-called erolaskun sum from the EU.the Financial Times reports in his article that the increased erolaskun amount is largely due to French and German pressure, and it indicates also tight linked brexit-the position of the EU.
the World's second-largest investment bank, the american Goldman Sachs ceo Lloyd Blankfein warned in a BBC interview british brexit-related job losses."London stop", Blankfein said the BBC.He estimated only their own bank Goldman sachs was transferring approximately 6 500 jobs in the uk outside of brexit."these are enormous issues: we are talking about hundreds of thousands of people and a gigantic impact on gdp", Blankfein said.German Züddeutsche Zeitung assessed the week that only the financial sector will move to 75, 000 jobs out of Britain.the British economic newspaper Financial Times, in turn, calculates that Brexit will britain for a total of 100 billion pounds, or about 118 billion decline.
[…] The risks at stake are profound and represent a fundamental threat to our sovereignty.”Alex Younger, head of MI6, December, 2016“It’s not MI6’s job to warn of internal threats.It’s owned by Peter Thiel, the billionaire co-founder of eBay and PayPal, who became Silicon Valley’s first vocal supporter of Trump.And Cambridge Analytica is one point of focus through which we can see all these relationships in play; it also reveals the elephant in the room as we hurtle into a general election: Britain tying its future to an America that is being remade - in a radical and alarming way - by Trump.But everyone – AggregateIQ, Cambridge Analytica, Leave.EU, Vote Leave – denied it.
the British brexit negotiations came Tuesday on speed bumps, when the European court gave its decision on the EU-Singapore free trade agreement between.the Court decision can make it difficult for the British trade negotiations with the EU, because each of the 27 member states has in practice a veto, if the portfolio investments and the dispute settlement system will be included in the agreement.These two issues, the court rules out the union's exclusive jurisdiction.portfolio investment concerning the delimitation also applies to the exchange of information and notifications, inspections, cooperation, mediation, transparency and rules that apply between the parties to a dispute settlement obligations.the Greens ' Heidi Hautala characterize the decision as a milestone, which will edit all future trade negotiations.Hautala believes that the commission has overestimated the competence of their sneaking trade agreements of all kinds, which is, incidentally, the regulation as you go through the EU.
Britain will publish during the coming week a set of documents, in which it clarified the strategic lines of the EU-the difference in the negotiations.according to Reuters, the British brexit-the department reported the matter on Sunday.the British brexit-minister David Davis said the coming week will be published five documents.some Of them have official positions and part of a mission statement about what the EU and britain's relationship could be in the future.Release intended to reassure companies, investors and citizens, which the EU and Britain the difference in general has brought uncertainty.minister, Davis said the British government wants also to demonstrate that the difference in general has progressed so much that in October the head in accordance with the schedule to discuss the EU and britain's relationship with brexit.
the EU and britain between the brexit negotiations, the third round ended in mutual disappointment, because in Brussels during the negotiations jumiuduttiin familiar point of controversy.the Negotiations after the end of the party spike teased each other openly."the British approach to brexit is a nostalgic, unrealistic and distrust alleviivaama", EU brexit-chief Michael Bernier said Thursday at a press conference, reported The Guardian.Bernierin according to the british requirements are a manifestation of the nostalgic desire to keep the EU a good half of the air, that the land belongs to the the Same press conference participated in the British brexit-minister David Davis comments on these allegations by saying that Bernier mix of nostalgia and the free market, believing in each other.the British trade minister, Liam Fox, in turn, said Friday in a statement that the EU does not get tightened in the uk paid in excess severance payment.
the British brexit negotiations David Davis was nervous when the Sunday Times magazine told the British prime minister Theresa May quietly agreed to the 50 billion euros (54 billion pounds) erolaskuun the EU.Davis said journal data are full of ”garbage” and ”completely untrue”.Davis played EUObserverin, that Britain does not have a legal obligation to shell out for the union, the EU process after the land is divorced from the EU.according to Him, the british can, however, ”moral” and ”political” reasons to bend some sort of eromaksuun.Prime minister Theresa May's spokesman said on Monday that the british do not come out yet with the figures.according to Him, the british are ready to accelerate the negotiations and erolasku links to how britain's future relationship with the EU will be held.